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How I Really Dressed for My Day – 07/23/21 – 07/29/21

July 30, 2021

Hello there! And welcome to my weekly rundown of my daily outfits. This is how I really dressed for my days! Summer is chugging along and I’m not planning on purchasing anymore summer clothes, so you’ll be seeing lots of repeats from previous weeks. But I think I am at least combining pieces in a few new ways. Maybe you’ll get a little summer style inspiration from my outfits. And you may even find something I’m wearing on sale!

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Sizing Information

Just for reference, I’m 5’8″ and weigh about 155. I generally wear a size 8 or medium in dresses, tops, jackets and pants (or 29 or 30 in jeans), so that’s what I’m wearing in these looks unless I tell you otherwise. That way you can assume everything I show you is true to size unless I alert you to sizing up or down. I wear a size 9.5 shoe and, again, I’ll just let you know if I sized up or down in a shoe, otherwise it’s true to size.

What I Wore Friday

Friday I took a much needed day off. I visited a few furniture stores. We’re ready to start looking for our next room of furniture, and I’ve promised my husband we’d go with a recliner sofa this time since this will be for the room where we watch television. Then I went to LensCrafters to pick up my new glasses.

Because I had issued a challenge to try the modern jeans and blazer with a tee trends in last week’s video, I decided to dress by example. Ha! Actually I had just gotten in this two button blazer from Talbots and couldn’t wait to wear it. You know I have lots of black blazers by this point. But this one is a winner! It’s made from an Italian luxe knit (and be prepared, the hefty price reflects that) so it has plenty of stretch while still looking very neat and polished. I purchased it on one of those rare days when everything was 50% off (July 11th, to be exact!) and with classic awards credits. It matches my classic black dress I showed in this video, so I thought it would be worth the investment.

What I Wore Friday (3)
two button blazer // blue twist neck tee // similar jeans from Talbots (my Kut from the Kloth are sold out) // black ReNew sport sandals // earrings // necklace in black drusy // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your order)

I also purchased the Italian luxe knit straight leg pants and the Cambridge straight leg pants and haven’t decided which to return yet. They both fit true to size and like a glove. Beautifully!

Anyhoo! I wore the two button blazer on this day with Kut from the Kloth jeans purchased in the #NSale and no longer available and my blue twist neck tee. I finished the look off with my black ReNew sport sandals.

Well, I feel like I used a lot of words sharing about the blazer and slacks purchase. But I really felt sharp in this outfit. It was in the high 80s that day, but because I was in the air conditioning all day, I felt great in this blazer and tee. And it was just a fun outfit to wear – casual but chic. Like I said!

What I Wore Saturday

I don’t actually have a photo for Saturday. I was a hot mess. I met some friends from church for a walk in a nearby park. It was hot! I wore this, but this photo is not from that day. It’s from this post on what to wear hiking. I wish some of this were on sale, but alas it is not. Anyhow this outfit served me well.

Hiking Shoes
Women’s Vista Trekking Shorts // Beach Cruiser Summer Shirt // Oboz Sapphire Waterproof Hiking Shoes // Women’s Smartwool Cable Sock // Adult’s Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure Hat // Non-Polarized Gadget Reader Sunglasses // L.L.Bean Stowaway Sling Pack // L.L.Bean Original Insulated Water Bottle, 20 oz. // Fitbit

I actually only wore the top and shorts Saturday. And I wore these running shoes. But I have to tell you, those shorts and that breathable shirt really kept me cool. And it was fun to wear something besides my exercise clothes for my walk with friends.

How I Dressed for Sunday

Sunday morning I dressed for church and then in the evening we had a churchwide cookout…in the blazing heat! Anyhow here’s what I wore to church. I’ve absolutely loved wearing these tailored linen pants this summer. And I wear my white linen blazer every chance I get. This blazer is DEEPLY discounted right now, by the way. Ooh! The pants are, too, but they’re more limited in sizes.

What I Wore Sunday
linen pants // white linen blazer // henley tee // wedge espadrilles (similar in the shopping widget below) // dainty necklaces (use code KAYHARMS for 10% off your order) // earrings // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your order) // bracelet (22% off)

I created a column of color underneath my blazer with the almond colored Henley tee and the linen pants. I completed the column with my off white wedge espadrilles (similar in the shopping widget below).

I’m really enjoying these dainty necklaces from Rachelyn. She’s given us a coupon code for 10% off, KAYHARMS. The necklaces are displayed as a set, but they’re sold separately.

We had a cookout that evening at 5:00, right in the heat of the day. I’m going to have to talk to our pastor about that! Ha! (That’s my husband, in case you didn’t know.) Anyhow I decided these lightweight gingham linen pants and shirt would be the ticket. And I was right. This little duo kept me as cool as possible.

What I Wore Sunday night
seersucker lantern pants // seersucker linen shirt // black ReNew sport sandals // earrings

I pulled my hair up in a simple clip because, at this point in the week, I was sorely in need of a haircut and needed to get it up off my neck. I finished the outfit off with my black ReNew sport sandals. Looks like the only jewelry I wore were my hoop earrings. That was smart! It was hot! Did I say that yet???

What I Wore Monday

Monday I just hunkered down and worked in my office most of the day. I basically wore the same thing I’d worn the evening before, but this time shorts and a short sleeved top in the black. So yeah, it’s another pricey outfit. But I’ve definitely enjoyed these Eileen Fisher separates this summer.

linen drawstring shorts (wearing a small) // mandarin collar linen shirt // sandals (more economical option) // earrings (only in silver) // necklace in black drusy // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your order)

Here’s a glimpse at my new glasses, too. I’m wearing these Michael Kors frames from Lens Crafters for everyday wear (as needed) and reading. And I have another pair similar to these by Vogue for computer and reading.

What I Wore Tuesday

Tuesday I edited this week’s YouTube video. But I also got out to get my hair cut in the middle of the day. I’d thought about getting a pedicure, too, so I wore loose fitting pants that could be pushed up. But in the end I just didn’t have time for the pedicure.

What I Wore Tuesday
similar linen pants at a good price // similar leopard print tee // black sport sandals // earrings (only in silver) // necklace in black drusy

I’ve really enjoyed wearing my linen even more this summer than last. And it’s always fun to add a little animal print. My leopard print tee was sold out in the spring, but this one is similar and a great price.

How I Dressed for Wednesday

Wednesday I just worked from home. The main thing that motivates me to get dressed on these days when I don’t go anywhere is that I try to hop on Instagram stories sometime during the day to interact with my followers there. If you’re not already following me on Instagram, I’d love for you to join me there. I share brief daily devotionals (by my daughter Abby), occasional recipes, glimpses of my home and office, fun reels that supplement my YouTube videos or blog posts and fun “get-to-know-you” interactions. You can join me HERE.

What I Wore Wednesday (4)
 stripe linen blend pants // henley tee // yellow citrine platform flip flops // earrings sold out, but more styles available HERE (use code KAYHARMS for 10% off) // gold tone heart beaded stretch bracelet (2 for $35, 3 for $39)

I paired my  stripe linen blend pants with my butter cookie colored henley tee. I thought my yellow citrine platform flip flops looked fun with this duo. I do generally wear shoes in the house. It’s just the way I am. So I like having several pairs of soft sole shoes that feel good for home. Everything in this outfit is very well priced and it’s such a fun, easy and comfortable summer style.

What I Wore Thursday

And Thursday I stayed home and did domestic things. I like these days! But I have to intentionally break away from work to get them in. I baked banana nut bread (and shared the recipe in Instagram stories!), put a brisket in the oven for dinner and did laundry. So comfort was the key.

What I Wore Thursday
crop lantern pants (size down) // edge slide sandal in khaki leather (also at Eileen Fisher in more sizes) (more economical option) // organic linen and cotton shirt (size down) // earrings // necklace // gold tone heart beaded stretch bracelet (2 for $35, 3 for $39)

These crop lantern pants (size down) have definitely been one of my favorite purchases of the summer. Don’t worry; I always wear an apron when I cook. I chose this color duo because it makes me feel peaceful. Ahhh.

Well that’s a wrap! Let me know if you have questions about anything I’ve shown. Today I’m getting out to get that pedicure I’ve been trying to get all week. I’m also ordering some artwork for my office. Other than getting things on the wall, it’s just about complete. And I’m anxious to share it with you in an upcoming post. Have a great day!

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Blessed for My Day

Faith is a mighty powerful thing. But it’s not our big faith that makes a difference. Faith is only powerful when it is directed toward God. God is the one who moves mountains, not our faith.

By faith in Christ as our Savior we are made right with God. We are restored to a right relationship with Him. And when we live by faith in God each day, we honor Him and show the world around us what a mighty and good God He is. Living by faith means we obey Him regardless of our feelings because we take Him at His word. We believe He means what He has said in His Word and that He will do what He has said He will do. How is your faith today?

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith; as it is written, “But the righteous man shall live by faith.” ~ Romans 1:16-17

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9 thoughts on “How I Really Dressed for My Day – 07/23/21 – 07/29/21

  1. I liked both your outfits With the linen pants. The one with the Henley shirt and the one with the linen blazer. They both look cool and comfortable without looking sloppy. As with the lantern pants, still not a fan. Good blessed for the day.

  2. Your glasses look very nice on you! Or should I say that you look very nice with your new glasses in! I like all of your outfits. Seeing you in the linen pants with the leopard print tee reminded me that I can pretty well duplicate that look for one of the three days in the upcoming week, that I will be out for an appointment. So, thank you! I need to wear my linen pants while it’s still blazing hot here. I’m sure y’all are enjoying furnishing your new home. Is your doggie liking the new space? Enjoy the rest of your day!

  3. I love you in the white linen blazer and cream linen pants. It’s my favorite look. Kay, you inspire all of us. Thank you so much for bringing us altogether.

  4. I love the black 2 button blazer on you! I think it hits at such a great place on you. I am 2 inches shorter so I don’t know how it would fit me, but I am interested. You look like a million bucks in that outfit! Although I always think you looked pulled together and stylish. I also really like the Henley tee in butter/ yellow as well as how you styled that whole outfit. The cute yellow flip flops would be something I would do too! Some of the outfits ( I have never been a fan of linen, I just can’t get into how quickly they wrinkle on me) just wouldn’t be something I would invest in. But just seeing how you pair them with different things inspires me to do that too! Thanks.

  5. I love your necklace. Could you share the brand and where you got it? I am so glad I discovered you.