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Transition to Fall Outfit with a Graphic Tee

August 5, 2021

Welcome to Dressed for My Day! While most of us are still basking in the warmth of summer, I’m sharing a fun transition to fall outfit today. So pour yourself something cold to drink and join me for a little early fall fashion inspiration.

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

Transition to Fall OUtfit
No Shadow Watercolor Graphic Tee // Frame Le Sylvie Crop Straight Raw Edge Jeans // Casual Washed Blazer in Jungle Green (another great blazer option) // ReNew Sport Sandals // similar leather cuff bracelets and other jewelry // watch (15% off with code KAYHRMS) // earrings // McGraw hobo bag

This is pretty much how I really live in early fall. As the weather begins to cool but the middays stay warm, I like to layer on comfortable classics with a modern vibe. And I think the mixture of summer favorites, such as a great graphic tee and sporty sandals, and fall essentials, such as my Casual Washed Blazer and modern Crop Straight Raw Edge Jeans, creates an outfit you can wear with confidence and style in those transitional weeks.

Let’s start with that graphic tee (#GIFTED) because I am so excited to introduce this brand to you. It is truly an answer to prayer! No exaggeration.

Graphic Tee for Early Fall

Pam, the mother of the mother and daughters entrepreneurial team at Sadie + Jane, reached out to me just last week to share their line of graphic tees, jewelry and other gifts. This online boutique offers “meaningful jewelry and t-shirts that speak life, bring you joy, and ultimately spark conversations to give you the opportunity to share Jesus along the way!” I love it!

And now that I’ve received three tees from them (you’ll be seeing the others later!), I can attest to the fact that the t-shirts are ultra soft, true to size and quite flattering in their cut. I’d say they’re not tailored, but not boxy either. And they have a lovely, relaxed drape.

Graphic T-Shirt for Early Fall
No Shadow Watercolor Graphic Tee // Frame Le Sylvie Crop Straight Raw Edge Jeans // Casual Washed Blazer in Jungle Green (another great blazer option) // ReNew Sport Sandals // similar leather cuff bracelets and other jewelry // watch (15% off with code KAYHRMS) // earrings // McGraw hobo bag

I love the fall-ish colors of this particular No Shadow watercolor graphic tee, but be sure to check out the rest of their offering, too. I chose this tee also because I love the hope-filled and powerful message of the familiar Christian song, Reckless Love, that it alludes to.

Oh, and why did I say learning about Sadie + Jane was an answer to prayer? Because I’ve been trying for about two years to find a Christian graphic tee shop that I could recommend to my female-over-50 readers and viewers wholeheartedly. Some I found didn’t seem interested in working with an over 50 blogger. Others offered a questionable mixture of products. But Sadie + Jane offers beautiful, hopeful products, reached out to me, and is a small family business started by a mom and her two young daughters. I love that. You can read their story HERE.

Graphic Tee and Jeans for Early Fall
No Shadow Watercolor Graphic Tee // Frame Le Sylvie Crop Straight Raw Edge Jeans // Casual Washed Blazer in Jungle Green (another great blazer option) // ReNew Sport Sandals // similar leather cuff bracelets and other jewelry // watch (15% off with code KAYHRMS) // earrings // McGraw hobo bag

Oh, and great news! If you shop through my links and use my code KAYHARMS, you’ll get 10% off your order at Sadie + Jane. They’re a great resource for graphic tees, but also jewelry, journaling Bibles, tea towels and other accessories.

I picked up these jeans in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. The sale ends Sunday, by the way, and many things are sold out. But these Frame Le Sylvie Crop Straight Raw Edge Jeans are still in stock in most sizes. They are so comfortable! Soft with just the right amount of stretch in the fabric. With the straight leg and raw edge, these are a great pair of premium denim jeans to invest in, especially at the #NSale price. But after Sunday these jeans will go up to well over $200.

At any rate, any pair of modern jeans would fit the bill in this transition to fall outfit.

Transition to Fall Outfit
No Shadow Watercolor Graphic Tee // Frame Le Sylvie Crop Straight Raw Edge Jeans // Casual Washed Blazer in Jungle Green (another great blazer option) // ReNew Sport Sandals // similar leather cuff bracelets and other jewelry // watch (15% off with code KAYHRMS) // earrings // McGraw hobo bag

The t-shirt, with its fitting fall colors, and jeans make a great pre-fall outfit. But add a relaxed fit casual blazer in an autumn hue and WOW. This casual washed blazer in jungle green fits like a soft glove. true to size. The cotton/modal/spandex blend fabric has ample stretch, but the jacket looks and wears like a softly structured blazer. The large side patch pockets help the jacket look modern without adding bulk to the area. And the long length keeps the blazer sporty and fun.

While you may need to think about whether this long blazer will work for your frame, note that it does indeed come in petite, petite plus and plus sizes.


Because this casual washed blazer is not lined (except in the sleeves), it’s a great choice for now and into the cooler season. And even if you have to put it away for the winter (depending on where you live), you can definitely pull it out again next spring. I love the jungle green, but it does come in Talbots’ classic indigo blue (navy), too.

Ooh! Let’s talk about that darling leather cuff bracelet, also from Sadie + Jane. I love the throwback-to-the-70s vibe of this inspirational cuff. I think adding some fun jewelry like this is a great way to create a consistently relaxed, modern aesthetic with a graphic tee outfit. Sadie + Janes’s jewelry features Christian symbols or Bible verse references to serve as conversation starters and tokens of encouragement. My bracelet seems to be sold out, but there are many more like this to choose from HERE.


The only other jewelry I wore was my Nordgreen Native watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off) and my Kendra Scott Veronica hoops. If you watched yesterday’s YouTube video, you know a classic watch and earrings are my go-to jewelry…even for my worst days! But who can have a bad day wearing this fun outfit? Right???

I intentionally wore my black ReNew Sport Sandals because I think I’m going to be wearing them on repeat in the earliest days of fall. That’s the time of year when I continue to enjoy sandals but still want something that alludes to the fall. I think the black strappy sandals really work here, pulling together the black accents in the t-shirt and my black leather strap bracelet. So I also carried my black Tory Burch McGraw hobo bag (shown in the photos above), another nod to the fall season (although I’ve carried it a lot this summer, too!).

Transition to Fall Outfit with a Graphic Tee, Blazer and Jeans
No Shadow Watercolor Graphic Tee // Frame Le Sylvie Crop Straight Raw Edge Jeans // Casual Washed Blazer in Jungle Green (another great blazer option) // ReNew Sport Sandals // similar leather cuff bracelets and other jewelry // watch (15% off with code KAYHRMS) // earrings // McGraw hobo bag

Ooh! One more thing. I really topped this transitional look off with a more autumnal shade of lipstick. While my nails are still summery (because I’m enjoying the last month of summer in pink!), I wore my Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy lipstick in Rebellious Rose, which I have worn in the fall for several years now. Great shade! In fact, Estee Lauder says it’s one of their most popular shades ever because it “flatters all” and they have it in a limited edition pink case HERE or HERE at Nordstrom. (Uhh, I’m ordering one right now because I have about 1/4″ left in my tube.)

Thanks so much for dropping in today. I don’t have a shopping widget because the things I’ve shared are available through several different affiliate programs. But you can shop through all the pink highlighted words in the text and captions. Thank you to Sadie + Jane for gifting me my fun t-shirt! Oh, and for providing you 10% savings with code KAYHARMS.

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22 thoughts on “Transition to Fall Outfit with a Graphic Tee

  1. Hi Kay, another lovely outfit again today!
    Question, I’m wondering about your straight leg jeans. Do they have any stretch in the fabric? They look very comfortable. I can’t find any here in Western Australia that aren’t Heavy duty, 100% cotton denim. Do you have any advice about stretch – elastane or whatever. Is it worth hanging on until they become available here? The weather will be getting hot soon.

    1. Hi Margaret. Thank you. Yes, these jeans are fairly lightweight and do have stretch. I know what you mean about the heavy duty cotton jeans. They can feel cumbersome. These feel much more like many skinny jeans, lighter and with just the right stretch. While I like my jeans to feel like jeans and not polyester pants, I do appreciate some movement and lightness in them. These jeans are actually only 44% cotton but the feel cottony, not like polyester (which they have a good bit of by the way). I like jeans with 1% elastane.

  2. Would you call it fitted or semi fitted? I don’t have the greatest posture so back fit is important to me. I don’t want it to hug the back. I love the jacket.

    Im excited about your tee shirt. I don’t wear graphics often but I love the Christian ones. I’ve been trying to get a Trivia Friday one for ages. That’s a very popular call in show on AFR radio. Anyone here listen?

    1. Sorry I forgot to mention that. I’m wearing a medium. That’s what I got in all three shirts I ordered and they all worked.

  3. love these tee shirts with their insprirational message. If you have to advertise something, who better than to advertise Jesus! Love the song Reckless Love! Thank you Kay!

  4. Kay, this is such a cute fall outfit, and I LOVE this t-shirt. Reckless Love is one of my favorite songs, so I’ve order the shirt and can’t wait for it to arrive! Great casual look!

  5. I am excited about the Graphic Tees with the Inspirational theme. I have just started to wear graphic tees in the spring under blazers and jackets. See I have stepped out and tried some trends lol
    Being a Christian woman I am excited about this line. Can’t wait to see the other graphic tees so I know my choices. Would also like to look at the jewelry. I have an appointment this morning but will try to look at more of the line later today. I have an green Jackets similar to this that I bought from J Jill last fall that you showed so I’m good there.
    Jeremiah 33:3 One of my favorite verses

  6. There is nothing like a graphic tee to me! I love them, wear them all of the time, and I’m reaching that age when Paul asks if you’d still love me! I have a safari jacket in just that shade. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Hi Kay
    Not related to today’s post but going WAY back in your blog, I just wanted to thank you for some recommendations you made in NW Oregon when you travelled there. We loved staying at the Ecola Creek Lodge and lunch at the Coffee Girl Cafe in Astoria was memorable, with that location! I love your occasional travel posts.

    1. Ohhhh???? that does my heart good. Gives me chills. We just love it so much there. I’m so glad you enjoyed it all!!! Thanks for letting me know. ?

  8. I like your outfit today. That is exactly how I like to dress most days. Also, thanks for sharing a new business. I will check it out.
    As always, BFMD gave me much to think about.
    P.S. I am so thankful for your posts: you instruct and you bless others everyday.

  9. What a lovely source Sadie and Jane is for gifts! I also love the olive blazer and was wondering if you have suggestions for lightweight neutral jackets for airline travel. I’m hoping to find a flattering one that has many pockets so I wouldn’t need to carry a purse as one of my carryons. Do you have a travel with style video or article with suggestions? I have late summer and winter trips planned and am at a loss.

  10. Kay, I really like your outfit in this post and am thrilled about having another business to support that sells Christian based graphic tees, jewelry, and other items. I love wearing graphic tees, so I will definitely check them out. I like that the blazer leans more to a casual lifestyle. I hope that today has been better for you!

  11. Kay, may GOD continue to bless you and yours.
    In the photo, several of your photos, I notice the Jean length reaches your ankles yet the length on the site is 27 inch inseam…how is that possible? I am 5”6 with long legs and need at minimum 28 inch inseam would prefer 30 inch to reach ankles. I find it all most impossible to find jeans that have the right length.
    Today is a joyous day to be loved by Christ

    1. Hmm. I’m not sure what to tell you. I’m 5’8” and have even proportions. I need a 29 inch inseam to be a full length skinny or straight jean. And I need a 31-32 inch in a flare or boot cut. But the 27 works fine for a cropped fit. But yes, navigating jean lengths is crazy!