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Black Suit Blazer with Jeans & a Tee

August 12, 2021

Hello and welcome to Dressed for My Day. You would think that I would have remembered that I styled a very similar outfit to today’s blazer with jeans and a tee just three weeks ago. In fact, at first glance, you’d think these outfits were identical. Oh boy. Obviously I’m a little stuck on the blazer, jeans and t-shirt combination. And while we do have more somewhat similar photos in the can for future posts, I assure you I’ll be styling other things for fall, too. Bear with me, sweet friends. I apologize for the repetition, but I think there are a few things we can learn in today’s post. Most notably, you absolutely can create a modern, casual look with a suit blazer.

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Suit Blazer with Jeans and a Tee

Did you catch that I mentioned this black blazer is a suit blazer? As I looked over these photos I decided that is significant because, while you may not want to run out and buy a new oversized, relaxed cut or long blazer, you may have a suit blazer in your wardrobe already. In coming months (yes, I’ll spread it over months!) I’ll be sharing a variety of ways to style my black pant suit. So we’re sort of kicking off that series today, styling just the blazer.

Suit Blazer

At this point I have several black blazers. In the last and similar post, I shared an oversized, relaxed black blazer from Everlane. I’ve also shared a somewhat fitted stretch cotton twill black blazer that Nordstrom no longer carries (so sad…) here and here, among many other posts. And of course I have my Veronica Beard scuba blazer, which is in a class of its own. I showed it, for instance, here and here.

But when I purchased my classic black dress last winter I decided to start watching for the coordinating Italian luxe knit blazer to go on sale. I finally purchased it just a couple of months ago when Talbots ran a Sunday afternoon flash sale with everything at 50% off. I threw in a few Talbots Classic Awards that I’d earned and managed to purchase both the luxe knit blazer and the Italian Luxe Knit Cambridge pants at a pretty sweet price for such quality.

Black Suit Blazer

I’m beyond excited to wear these black coordinates as a suit. The Italian luxe knit truly is luxurious. You definitely get what you pay for here. And I plan to have these pieces in my closet for years and years to come. They both have classic cuts, so I don’t see them ever going out of style. And, of course, I can wear the blazer with my black dress as well.

I didn’t have the blazer when I made this video, but you can see other ways I styled this versatile dress here.

But I think it’s worth noting that a knit blazer fits and wears very differently than the other blazers I’ve shown. You probably know this if you’ve tried on a variety of blazers yourself.

Black Luxe Knit Suit Blazer

A knit blazer fits to your curves and forms to your body more than a cotton twill, wool or even scuba jacket does. It feels and wears more fluid, a little more graceful. But it also looks a bit more dressy than jackets made from the other fabrics. That might cause us to think it won’t blend well with casual garments like jeans. But actually the juxtaposition works nicely, at least in today’s fashion environment.

Suit Blazer with Jeans and a Tee

So if you’re considering purchasing a blazer, don’t hesitate to consider one that has a coordinating pair of pants, skirt or even a dress. That’s actually a great option because of the built-in versatility. And while, for instance, this blazer is a bit pricey, the price per wear will come down because I’ll be wearing it more frequently (with the other pieces) and potentially for more years (because it has classic lines). Whereas I may only wear the relaxed fit blazer from Everlane for a couple of seasons, due to it’s more trendy silhouette. (But then I paid a lot less for that jacket!)

Straight Leg Jeans with Sport Sandals

Finally, it’s smart to consider your body shape and proportions when choosing a blazer. A blazer that hits anywhere right about the bend in the leg up to just below the hip is usually at least somewhat flattering on most all women. Unless you have unusually long legs, that length will at least preserve the right proportions. But here are some other considerations when shopping for the best length of jacket for you:

  • Horizontal lines broaden. And where your jacket ends creates a horizontal line. So optimally you don’t want the jacket to end at your broadest part.
  • There is probably more than one length of jacket that will look aesthetically pleasing on you. So don’t assume you can only wear one.
  • Wide, peaked or large lapels draw focus upward and also balance larger hips.
  • Be aware of pocket placement as pockets draw focus and, potentially, add bulk.
Blazer and Jeans

So yes, in today’s look I accessorized my jeans + tee + blazer look pretty much the same way I did a few weeks ago. (What was I thinking?!?) But I think I did add a little more bling in my jewelry, while still keeping it pretty classy. I could have also worn white sneakers here or black loafers. Both would have looked modern, casual and sharp. But I’m loving these ReNew sport sandals for now and early fall. They’re very on trend, but also extremely comfortable and easy to wear. And even if it’s gauche to wear them with blazers next year (’cause who knows?), I can always wear them with shorts and a tee next summer.

Suit Blazer with a Tee and Jeans
Italian luxe knit blazer (currently 25% off) // Frame crop straight raw edge jeans (wearing a 30) (more affordable option with 25% off) // white v-neck tee (TTS) // ReNew sport sandals (TTS) // Elisa multi strand necklace in black drusy // Veronica hoop earrings // stretch beaded bracelet with heart (buy more save more) // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your order) // shoulder bag (more economical option) // sunglasses

So I hope that, even though I messed up a little and restyled a similar look, you gained a little style inspiration from today’s post. And banking on the fact that some of my readers prefer more fitted and polished clothing instead of the relaxed and oversized fit. Ha! So maybe there’s something for everyone here.

Thank you for stopping in, dear reader. I appreciate you!

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By the way, I included the black suit pants and dress I have in the shopping widget above. In fact, there are two styles of pants that coordinate with the blazer – one with front pockets and one without. I also included an easy knit blazer from Talbots in the shopping widget. It doesn’t coordinate with the pants, but it is a knit blazer with a fairly fitted form but a little more relaxed. Finally, I included another Italian luxe knit blazer that has one button instead of two. So lots of choices!

And remember, while it’s not the 50% savings I scored, Talbots is offering 25% off your order today.

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Blessed for My Day

Once I start worrying about something my concerns can pick up speed and intensity like a rolling ball of snow grows in mass and weight. I think they call that “snow balling.” Ha! Yes, that is what my unchecked worries do. They snow ball out of control.

But if I intentionally bring those worries to God I can throw that runaway snow ball against the wall of God’s character, promises and ways, watching it dissipate like powder. However, for me, it’s not enough to simply tell God about my worry. I then have to turn my focus to praising Him for who He is, how He has worked in the past and what He has promised me in His Word. That’s when my anxiety truly calms and my soul is at peace again.

When my anxious thoughts multiply within me,
Your consolations delight my soul. ~ Psalm 94:19

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13 thoughts on “Black Suit Blazer with Jeans & a Tee

  1. Goodness! No need to apologize … we often wear the exact same thing in real life, right? You looked very nice and classy today, as always. I do like that those sport sandals have a matching, dark sole. I think it makes them a slight bit dressier, and therefore more versatile. I have a similar pair with black straps and a while sole, and find they are very, very sporty.

  2. I wish you well with these tests Kay. Hope you find out soon so it can be addressed!
    On this blazer and jeans look- love it! Once our horrid heat and humidity vanish this fall, I’ll be wearing something just like this! It’s me
    Thank you- love your posts!

  3. I love these shoes! I don’t think you can get a more perfect outfit. In my small hometown, you could go anywhere in this outfit. I could throw on a white sweater and black boots and go right into Winter with this look.

  4. I enjoy your blog and almost always gain new ideas. Thank you so much for all the work you put into it.
    Your devotionals are also so meaningful.
    I hope you get your lab results soon and feel much better soon!

  5. I enjoy seeing the different ways that we can style our jeans since I have lots of them and often wear denim. While I am not a blazer woman, I still learned something from this post. Unless I have all of your posts visible at the same time, I would not really notice any duplication, so don’t worry about it. Good luck waiting for he results of your blood work! I have also had a bleed through and had to go back in the office. Fabulous BFMD!

  6. Thanks so much for this post and all your posts and videos! I always learn something. You provide so much value to your readers. And it’s always helpful to be reminded of a good thing (e.g., wearing a blazer with jeans).
    Please take good care of yourself. Wishing you the very best!

  7. Since jeans are our office “uniform”, I like seeing elevated jeans outfits. Your previous post inspired me to buy a blazer. I’m planning on a jeans and blazer look this weekend to try it out.
    Psalms are so comforting and strengthening! Thank you!

  8. Great you have gotten the blood work done! We all appreciate you so very much! As I watch all the new looks for fall….you have all us ladies on trend! Thank you so much!

  9. I jumped on that Talbots sale too and purchased both the blazer and matching slacks. My eye is now hoping to catch that matching black dress at a fabulous price as well. I already have several black blazers and a zillion black slacks but the opportunity to buy a suit of seperates is a great deal for investment pieces. I plan to take them on all my travels. I love when you show how to wear a suit jacket with skirts and dresses…now, that’s where I really need help as I often feel dowdy when I wear a dress and blazer.

  10. Love your style! I’m curious if you know a trick to get notifications about Talbots sales. I get their emails but don’t sign on every day. Will their app send you notifications? I’m getting that blazer when it’s 50percent off.

    1. Hi Debra, I definitely try to apprise you of all Talbots sales here. But the best time to watch them for those big 40-50% off sales is on Sunday afternoons. They (as well as a few other stores) frequently run unadvertised flash sales on Sunday afternoons through midnight. That’s when I got my suit. Otherwise, the emails are the only notifications I know of. You might could also follow them on Facebook??? But once again, that depends on you getting on to Facebook to see what’s going on. The best advice is simply to check in on Sunday afternoons.