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Summer Bucket List and What to Wear While You Enjoy the Season

July 6, 2023

I was getting a little bogged down with doing all the usual things and decided to take a new approach today. I guess we’re almost halfway through the season, but in fact this is about the time I start needing a little inspiration…both for my style and for getting out and enjoying whatever season we are in. So today I’m sharing a summer bucket list for adult women along with a little style inspiration for what to wear while you enjoy what’s left of the season. Let’s have some fun!

Summer 2023 Bucket List

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I decided to reach back into my archives for this post. So you may see some outfits that are no longer available. And you’ll undoubtedly notice a variety of hairstyles. Ha! I never move my sofa, but I frequently change my hairstyle! Anyhow, I’ll link you back to all original blog posts in the captions of the photos so you can check them out for additional details if you’d like. And I will link clothes that are still available.

Let’s check out my summer bucket list and what to wear while you enjoy the season!

1. Take a road trip.

We thoroughly enjoyed our road trip to Maine. In fact, I enjoyed the three days we took to drive there and the four we took to come home just as much as I did our week in Maine.

travel dress
Dress // Sandals // Hoop Earrings // Rattan Satchel – See the original post HERE.

We took backroads and state highways about 75% of the time. So worth it! But you don’t have to take an overnight trip. Just get in the car and scout out some new areas of your own state. As long as the AC is working in your automobile, this could be a cool getaway!

2. Rock or Swing a While on the Porch

Do you have a big front or back porch you could rock away the afternoon on? Make yourself something cool to drink and bring out the electric fan if you need to. Ha!

Linen Dress for a Hot and Humid Day
See the original post HERE.

Then just sit and sway and listen to the birds. Don’t worry, I’ll suggest more activities. But for this item on our summer bucket list try to resist the urge to accomplish anything. Instead just take it easy.

3. Read a book. Or ten.

I find I have more time to read in the summer. Or maybe I just take the time. I’m on my third book of the summer right now. I finished A Novel Proposal by Denise Hunter and really enjoyed it. It’s light – think Hallmark movies (of which she has written several!). But I thought it was fun.

A Novel Proposal by Denise Hunter
A Novel Proposal by Denise Hunter // earrings // Wren progressive glasses by Peepers

And now I’m finishing up Nancy Thayer’s All the Days of Summer. It’s definitely a little scandalous for my taste, but I’m enjoying the window into a different way of thinking and living.

Summer Reading List 2023
Nancy Thayer’s All the Days of Summer // market tote

4. Explore your own downtown.

Take an early morning to go downtown before anyone else is there. Get a coffee or other beverage at a local coffee shop and just stroll, looking in windows and enjoying the sidewalk to yourself.

Kinsale Italian linen pants
Kinsale Italian performance linen pants in rosemary || Patrick white heritage jersey // sandals // earrings // necklace // tote

5. Plant some flowers. Or have your husband do it like I did. Ha!

I love to pick out flowers for my husband to plant. And fortunately he truly has the green thumb in the family. In fact, James worked for a well known billionaire on his home gardening staff while he was in seminary. So he really learned a lot about home landscaping and caring for common yard plants. Comes in handy!

What to Wear to the Farmers' Market
tiered v-neck t-shirt // convertible utility pants // slip on sneakers // gold plated hoop earrings – See the original post HERE.

By the way, that photo is from last year, but the items shown in it are all still available. Great outfit for a casual summer day.

6. Visit a botanical garden.

Visiting a beautiful botanical garden causes us to slow down a little and really take note of the world.

Asticou Azalea Garden
linen pants // ruffle neck tank (gifted) // linen bomber jacket (gifted) // similar sneakers (more economical option) // market tote // crochet trim floppy hat (gifted) // earrings (gifted) – See the original post HERE.

Don’t forget to wear a good sun hat and comfortable walking shoes!

7. Meet a friend for coffee or something cool to drink.

Summer sometimes means we’re crossing paths with our friends like ships in the night, coming and going on vacations and family gatherings. So pause to catch up with a friend when you’re both in town. Friendships are so important.

Joedy Superfine in French Blue
Joedy French blue, superfine // Kinsale pants // bracelet one // bracelet two // earrings // necklace

By the way, don’t wait for a friend to invite you to meet up. You take the initiative! And if you are needing some new friends, make one this summer.

8. Go out for ice cream!

I try to keep my diet pretty healthy most of the time. And during the summer I actually find that to be pretty easy with all the fresh vegetables and fruits that abound. But don’t let the summer get by without indulging in one or two treats, too.

Green Skort and Top
See the original post HERE. (Items no longer available)

9. Take a hike.

I know it’s hot. But if you get out early in the morning or late in the evening, you’ll find that a walk in the woods can be quite cool and invigorating.

What to Wear Hiking this Summer
Eddie Bauer Rainier Waterproof Active Shorts // Mountain Ripstop Short-Sleeve Shirt // Eddie Bauer Canyon waterproof women’s low hiking shoes – See the original post HERE.

Be sure to wear good hiking shoes and moisturizing wicking fabrics. I also suggest insect repellant and good sunscreen at this time of year, too.

Hiking Clothes
See the original post HERE. (Most items no longer available)

A hat with a wide brim and good sunglasses will be essential if it’s sunny, too. Oh, and make sure you take some water along.

10. Host a week (weekend?) of Grandkids Camp.

Did you hear that I’m going to be a Mimi? I’m so excited to be a grandparent. If you have grandkids, consider having them all in for a few days of spoiling camp.

Summer Hospitality with Talbots
See the original post HERE. (Items no longer available)

You could have a grandkids camp t-shirt, play games, go for nature walks, swim a little, make some crafts and eat some s’mores. Fun! And your kids will love having a few days without their kiddos while you spoil enjoy them.

Out of the Office
See the original post HERE.

11. Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

I know, I know. But it’s truly a great sale. And this year I’m pretty amazing at the selection. They do have some wear now items in the sale, but it’s largely a pre-fall sale full of brand new styles. You can preview the sale now and begin building your wish list so that you shop it smart.

Olive Pants from Spanx
sandals // See the post HERE.

Check out my recent post about how to prepare for the sale HERE. And you’ll be able to see the staggered start dates for the sale there, too. Truly, this is one of the highlights of the summer for me. Ha!

12. Wear a dress.

Seriously. In the winter I always bemoan the fact that I can’t wear dresses as much because it’s just so cold. Well, here’s our chance! So no matter what you’re doing, try to wear a dress at least once a week during the summer. That’s my personal goal anyhow. Join me if you’d like!

T-shirt Dress with Denim Jacket
short-sleeve midi dress // sandals // denim jacket // similar earrings // similar sunglasses – See the original post HERE

Simple but pretty dresses like the one above from Walmart make it so easy to make this goal!

13. Invite some friends over for a cool supper.

Last summer I remember having some neighbors over for a cold supper. We had chicken salad on lettuce leaves, corn salad, fresh tomatoes and a grape salad for dessert. We all loved it!

Green Linen Dress for Summer
shirtdress (runs large; wearing SM) // dragonfly earrings, // Lagos white caviar ceramic collar necklace // bracelet no longer available (option) // sandals in natural // raffia clutch (substitute) – See the original post HERE.

Keep summer entertaining easy by purchasing some of the meal ready-made (we got the chicken salad from Chicken Salad Chick) and preparing other dishes ahead of time. Don’t turn on your oven if you can possibly help it.

14. Attend a wedding or other special event in style.

Summer is a time for weddings, reunions and anniversary celebrations. Go in style!

Floral Dress for a Brunch, Shower or Tea
floral silk blend dress // block heel sandals – Use code SARAHFLINT-BAKAYH for $50 off first pair (more economical options: these and these) // bracelet // earrings // longer necklace // similar pearl necklace option // similar bag – See the original post HERE.

Whether you know the event will be dressy or not, you can still show up in a pretty dress. Don’t worry about being over dressed. You be the pacesetter and dress up a little.

Blue Eyelet Dress for a Brunch, Shower or Tea this Spring
eyelet tiered midi dress – also available here (wearing a 10) // gauze wrap // strappy sandals (sized down) // bracelet // earrings // longer necklace // similar pearl necklace option // similar bag – See the original post HERE.

15. Go for a swim!

I don’t swim nearly as often as I used to when I was raising my kids. In fact, I don’t even really have a swimming pool accessible to me at this stage in the game. Hmm. I need to make some new friends. Ha! But I do try to at least get in the water sometime during the summer.

La Blanca Swimsuit
La Blanca Swimsuit

Let’s not allow the summer to slip by without making a splash!

Athena Kaftan from Walker & Wade
Athena kaftan // sandals (more economical option) // hat

16. Hit the course or the court.

Again, it’s hot. But schedule an early morning tee time or a late evening court reservation. It’s time to play!

Cargo Pants for Golf
endless cargo pants (wearing 10) // advantage polo tee (wearing Medium) // sneakers TTS // earrings // salvia pink relaxed cap – See the original post here.

17. Treat yourself to an afternoon tea.

Escape the heat by making reservations for a delightful afternoon tea.

Coastal Grandma at Afternoon Tea
See the original post HERE.

Sometimes you just need to get out of the heat and do something relaxing and special. Treat a friend…or just treat yourself!

Thanks so much for dropping in for my summer bucket list. I hope you got a little inspiration for how to best use the rest of your summer days. And hopefully you also enjoyed seeing some outfit ideas for what to wear. Have a lovely summer day!

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But while I don’t use God’s name perversely, I am guilty of not exalting His name as frequently as I should. In a world that has become callous to hearing the names of Jesus and God slung around with disdain and casual profanity, why not do our part to reverse that trend by exalting and revering His name? Let’s take time each day – beginning today – to speak aloud God’s name with praise and reverence. Let’s tell people of the goodness of God and keep His name holy. 

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9 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List and What to Wear While You Enjoy the Season

  1. Great post, Kay! Wonderful reminders to relax and appreciate the beauty of the season and all of the many ways to refresh mind, body, and soul. Enjoy this day and the rest of summer! I love your tasteful and fun styles. Thank you and bless you!

  2. Fun ideas! I have eight of my grandchildren overnight once a month, they love it! Grandchildren are the best! Congratulations on becoming one! You will LOVE it!

  3. I took care of one of your bucket list items today – a 4-hour lunch with some of my teacher buddies. Four hours!! We had a great time catching up with each other and the time just flew. I’m the only retired one in the bunch and only one of the other three is still at the school where we all taught together, but educators, current or retired, love to talk shop! It was a marvelous time!

  4. Hi Kay,
    I have appreciated you suggesting reading a book/s this summer–early enough that it got me ordering one and in the meantime re-reading THE WISH BOOK CHRISTMAS. I have really enjoyed that book and the Pre-quill to it: IF I WERE YOU by Lynn Austin.
    So this spring and summer I’ve been reading several more of hers. I’m presently on the 4th of her books since the middle of May, and will be getting a few more you’ve mentioned by other authors too.
    This has been so good for me and, with the recovering from hip surgery, my down time is very pleasantly spent. So thank you so much for spurring us/me on to enjoying a good book! God bless you. J

  5. I like your bucket list. Perhaps cooler weather will allow me to participate in more of them. I have enjoyed Lisa Wingate’s books especially her “Tending Roses” series. I also enjoyed Amanda Cox’s “ The Secret Keepers of Old Depot Grocery”.

  6. Terrific post, Kay! I’m so glad you enjoyed A Novel Proposal. Thank you for the mention. <3

  7. Kay,
    I really liked this post. Helped me to remember to take full advantage of the summer. I am pretty good about scheduling vacation time in the summer. However, as a working woman, I so often find my day to day filled to over flowing with the “chores”- but I need to schedule time for the “little joys of life.”
    I greatly enjoy your posts! Helps me to be inspired and motivated each day starting with how I dress!
    Thanks, Tammie