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Come Hiking with Me!

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June 28, 2021

Happy Monday! Did you do anything fun this weekend? I admit, I just worked most of the weekend. But the good news is that I won’t have to work as much the first few days of this week now. I had a sponsored post and video to prep, so those are done as long as – fingers crossed! – the sponsors approve. But today, let’s play! I’m sharing the sweetest hiking clothes and accessories I found recently at L.L.Bean. So please, come hiking with me!

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Come Hiking with Me!
Women’s Vista Trekking Shorts // Beach Cruiser Summer Shirt // Oboz Sapphire Waterproof Hiking Shoes // Women’s Smartwool Cable Sock // Adult’s Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure Hat // Non-Polarized Gadget Reader Sunglasses // L.L.Bean Stowaway Sling Pack // L.L.Bean Original Insulated Water Bottle, 20 oz. // Fitbit

James and I fell in love with hiking when we moved to Arizona. I mean, you can’t live in Arizona and not hike. Right? And once the bug bit, we stretched out beyond Arizona to hit the trails. We’ve hiked in Colorado, Washington, Oregon and New Mexico, too. And I backpacked a section of the Appalachian Trail a few years back with a friend and my aunt. Shoot, now that I think about it, I’ve hike a few trails in New England, Canada and Okinawa, Japan, too. But most recently we’ve been enjoying going off the beaten path here in our new home state of Ohio.

Hiking in Ohio

Hiking is a great way to get exercise because it involves elevation climbs, changing terrain and thinking. Yes, when you have to think about your footing you’re actually exercising your brain while it is oxygen stressed, and experts say that may help prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia.

I love hiking because it’s something you can do most anywhere you travel. It’s low cost, once you have the right gear. And you can make it work for you, taking along a picnic in your pack if you’d like, packing in a tent and sleeping bag if you’re game or taking a quick jaunt over easy terrain if that’s more your cup of tea. Simply look for information about the trails in your area online. You can check for difficulty levels, facilities (including wheelchair access) and park hours.

Hiking Clothes

I’m not a prima donna on the trails, but I do like to wear coordinated hiking clothes. Like any other day, I just feel better if I “get dressed for my day” when I’m hitting the trails. But it’s not just about wearing pretty colors or even comfortable clothing. You’ll want to wear pieces that are breathable, moisture wicking, rip resistant, quick drying and lightweight, at the least. And it’s nice if your clothing has multiple pockets and sun protection qualities, too.

I found everything I need for this hiking adventure at L.L. Bean. In fact, you can even check out L.L.Bean’s Get Outside Guide for all sorts of information about hiking and other outdoor activities and adventures. There, you’ll learn how to choose your hiking boots, how to get started hiking and how to layer your clothing, among other things. They also have trail guides for all 50 states and a list of great trails with waterfalls.

Hiking clothes
Vista Trekking Shorts // Beach Cruiser Summer Shirt

These Vista Trekking Shorts are made from a UPF 40+ fabric which protects you from 97% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. They feature multiple pockets, including zipper pockets, and have a wonderful mesh waistband that is extra moisture wicking right where you need it. They’re lightweight and comfortable at your true size. I’m wearing an 8. The Vista Trekking Shorts come in black, dusty olive and sandstone, but I’m wearing the granite.

Hiking clothing
Vista Trekking Shorts // Beach Cruiser Summer Shirt

I selected this Beach Cruiser Summer Shirt in sunlit coral because the colors reminded me of a robin, one of my favorite birds. When I’m hiking I like to wear the colors found in nature, but they don’t have to be just granite grey or stone brown. Plus, this Beach Cruiser Summer Shirt features a stretch blend of 61% nylon, 35% Tencel lyocell and 4% spandex, so it’s rip resistant, moisture wicking, lightweight, breathable and fast drying. It fits true to size and comes in two other color combinations…that remind me of blue jays and hummingbirds. Ha! Did I mention that this shirt is silky soft? I mean amazingly soft.

HIking shirt
Beach Cruiser Summer Shirt

My Adult’s Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure Hat is lightweight and fits perfectly. It features UPF 50+ sun protection as well as generous coverage to keep your head, face and neck protected.

Even though I carried over 40 pounds in my backpack on the Appalachian Trail, I generally “let” James carry the pack when we hike. But I’d been looking for a small shoulder sling that I could carry for short hikes so I could have my own water, snacks and other essentials handy. This L.L.Bean Stowaway Sling Pack fit the bill perfectly. I like that it has a strap you can secure around your midsection for added stability when necessary.

Hiking Pack
L.L.Bean Stowaway Sling Pack // Adult’s Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure Hat

This is actually James’ Fitbit I’m wearing in these photos. But you better believe I’d remember to wear mine if I were really hiking. I love the way you accumulate so many steps while hiking without even realizing it. You’re having too much fun exploring to care!

I also picked up some Non-Polarized Gadget Reader Sunglasses from L.L.Bean. These are bifocal readers and they’re perfect for reading gadgets such as your phone or Fitbit because they feature non polarized lenses. And I got a 20 ounce L.L.Bean Original Insulated Water Bottle that is perfect for the trail or my office.

L.L.Bean Stowaway Sling Pack // Beach Cruiser Summer Shirt // Fitbit

Finally, I bit the bullet and purchased new hiking shoes. I have Goretex hiking boots I wore on the AT, but I’d been wanting something more lightweight for day hikes. These Oboz Sapphire Waterproof Hiking Shoes have an amazing removable arch supporting insole and a grippy outsole for dependable traction. They’re made specifically for a woman’s foot, and they fit true to size. I’m wearing them with the Women’s Smartwool Cable Socks. Pro tip: always wear wool socks when hiking. They’ll keep your feet dry and temperature regulated. You can also wear silk sock liners if you prefer. But these Women’s Smartwool Cable Sock are 70% Merino wool, 29% nylon, 1% elastane, so they give you the benefit of both wool and silk in one sock.

Hiking Shoes

Thank you so much for joining me on the trail today. It was fun to get out and take these photos. Now I’m ready to really get out there and hike! If you’ve not done much hiking, I encourage you to try it. Really, it’s just walking. But I’ve found that hiking gives me an added sense of accomplishment and makes me feel like I’ve really engaged with the world around me.

Let me know if you have any questions about the gear I’ve shared. I was so impressed with L.L.Bean’s supplies and clothing. Have a great day. And take a hike!

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Blessed for My Day

Are you easily offended? At first, I think no. Surely I am not quick to get my feelings hurt. But honestly, it’s not always the big offenses that register so easily on my radar. I’m more likely to point out a misspoken word, a tardy arrival, a poorly used phrase…the little mistakes. My mom was an English teacher for a while, so she taught me to diagram sentences when I was quite young. Plus I have a degree in journalism. So I’m quick to spot grammar mistakes or misspelled words. And often I’m far too hasty to point them out.

There’s nothing to be gained from policing other people’s actions, words or behavior. I suppose it feeds something…pride maybe? But God doesn’t encourage us to nourish our pride; He warns that it leads to destruction. So I’m praying for God to help me to see other people and their “little offenses” the way He does…with grace and kindness and forbearance and patience. Besides, I make more than my own fair share of mistakes. If I want grace shown to me, I need to be more generous in offering it to others. In fact, giving grace has got to be one of the most endearing things we can do. One of the most Christlike, too.

Good sense makes one slow to anger,
    and it is his glory to overlook an offense. ~ Proverbs 19:11

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23 thoughts on “Come Hiking with Me!

  1. Hi Kay,
    I just love finding these in my mail each morning! Loving clothes, it is right up my alley and the Christian focus is uplifting. Have you considered putting a link to an informative site so that folks who do not know Christ might learn more about Him? Or maybe a suggestion for another site with devotions?
    Just a thought the Lord put on my mind this morning during my devotional.
    LIC, Margie

    1. Hi Margaret. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the emails and blog posts. And I love your idea. I actually already have a hidden page on the blog where I share the gospel and a prayer of acceptance, so maybe I’ll start sharing that link more often. Thanks for the suggestion. ?

  2. Great post Kay! I love to be outdoors. I’m a birder so hiking just dovetails right into my “sport” of choice. Birdwatching can include scrambling over challenging terrain to get a better look at something interesting! Thanks for the reminder that we can look pulled together anywhere, any time with a little planning. Happy Trails!

    1. Wonderful! We have begun enjoying birds more in recent years too. We had put a bird feeder in our backyard and we’re enjoying blue birds, cardinals and yellow finches as well as others. Then a raccoon started feasting at the bird feeder! So we’ve removed it for now. But I think we can put it back out during the days and just remove it at night. Any thoughts?

      1. It’s a constant battle with the squirrels here! I gave up and just fill the feeder part way regularly and enjoy the squirrels trying to steal the seed. Friends who live in the mountains have an ongoing dilemma with bears so I feel pretty lucky with just squirrels.

        1. Squirrels don’t like safflower seed but not sure about raccoons. There are also some rodent ‘slinging’ bird feeders available that actually provide some entertainment.

  3. Good morning Kay,
    What a fun post. I’m always looking for biking, hiking, camping clothing. I am going to up my game for our next camping trip. I usually don’t coordinate my clothes because we are camping. However this year will be different. I’m heading over to LL Bean . Have a great day

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post Cyndi. James and I enjoy camping too but we haven’t done any in recent years. We need to get back out there!

  4. Good Morning Kay!
    You need to check out Turkey Run State Park in Indiana. It has great hiking trails and beautiful scenery!!!
    It would be a great get away for you and James. Have a great day!!!

  5. I write my comment, get ready to submit and it just disappears. Anyone have that happen?
    You look great in hiking clothes. Thor is a really pretty color.
    My husband never took offense at his singing because that’s what he did for a living. But please don’t criticize his smoked ribs. LOL

    1. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing. Hmm. I don’t know what’s going on with your comments disappearing. We’ll have to see if anyone else is having that problem. Thanks for letting me know.

  6. Cute clothes for hiking. I am not into hiking but glad you and James enjoy it so much. I do like to take a walk every day . It is peaceful And I reflect on God and nature, Also being good for my bones. I was reflecting on your BFMFF today. I had a hurtful slight this weekend and I enjoyed reading the verse . I asked God for his wisdom. Have a great day.

    1. Thanks for sharing Sherry. It can certainly be difficult to overlook an offense. I trust God will lead your humble heart. ?

    2. Great post … I want to hear more about your adventures & gear used on the AT! My sister & I want to section hike the AT.

  7. Good Morning Kay….I always enjoy receiving your posts! My husband and I hike every Wednesday with a group of friends almost year round….good exercise and fun conversations on the trail. The two of us just returned from a four day 40 mile hike on the Rogue River Trail in Oregon. We went with another couple who have been dear friends for more than 50 years and we made new friends with our fellow hikers. It was a so wonderful trip and we are thankful that we were able to accomplish it….we are in our early 70’s! I found you on Pinterest last year when I was looking for some hiking clothes outfits. You looked so cute! Thanks again for your inspiring posts!

  8. Fun outfit for hiking. I walk a lot and do a little hiking and L.L. Bean has just what I like for outdoor activities. Great post.

  9. I have a friend who hiked the Pacific, Appalachian and Continental Divide trails. He did not use hiking boots. He just wore tennis shoes. They are lighter and dry easier when going through streams. I thought that was interesting! Those look like great tennis shoes in the post. Unfortunately, I’m a size five.

    This post inspires me to hike more, so thanks!

  10. You can come and walk up and down my driveway the next time you’re in Georgia. It’s a hike, straight up. I don’t do it as often as I should. I’m always afraid I’ll fall and break something. I won’t even go to the mailbox. It’s straight up to. We had to buy a four wheel drive vehicle just so we could get up to our house. Which is less than halfway up the hill.

  11. Liked the look of your hiking clothes but when I clicked on the link to the shoes, socks and hat all I got were error messages. I could link to the other items listed with jo trouble.
    I have hiked since high school days but am a bit curtailed these days due to spinal surgery. The thing I always loved was the smell especially if it had recently rained. The other thing I enjoyed was the peace and quiet. Nature can be very soothing.n

    1. Hi Kenzie. I’m sorry you’re having trouble with the links. They’re all working for me. So maybe clear your browser and try again? Otherwise, everything is from LLBean, so you can also put the information into their search engine. I called them by their product names.