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What to Wear Hiking This Summer

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May 25, 2023
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When our family moved to Arizona in 2005, I quickly developed a love for hiking and eventually backpacking. Since then I’ve hiked trails from the Pacific Northwest to the Appalachian trail and all in between. In fact, I’ve done my share of hiking in Canada and even Okinawa, Japan. Since summer is a great time to hit the trails, I thought I’d share what to wear hiking this summer…and it’s all from Kohl’s!

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

SALE ALERT: Good news! Everything I’m sharing with you today is significantly marked down. But hurry! These are temporary markdowns and with summer fast approaching these seasonal hiking clothes at these prices probably will go fast.

Of course my goal when I select what to wear hiking is not necessarily to look fashionable. Ha! It’s all about comfort and mobility for me. I do like to look and feel put together wherever I am. That’s just how I’m wired. But when I get out to explore it’s much more about functionality than fashion.

What to Wear Hiking this Summer

I love that I can find reliable, trustworthy and recognizable brands that I enjoy wearing at Kohl’s. They’ve truly become my one-stop source for outdoor clothing. The styles I’m sharing today are all from Eddie Bauer, a brand that has been outfitting generations for outdoor exploration and activities for over 100 years. So I can shop this selection at Kohl’s with confidence that I’ll be appropriately dressed for my outdoor excursions.

Eddie Bauer Rainier Waterproof Active Shorts
Eddie Bauer Rainier Waterproof Active Shorts

In fact, you’ll find close to 200 styles of Eddie Bauer clothing, shoes and outerwear for men and women at Kohl’s. Plus they have Eddie Bauer bedding and decorative items, too.

Above I’m wearing the Eddie Bauer Rainier Waterproof Active Shorts. You better believe I’ll be taking these with me to Acadia National Park in Maine, next month. They fit true to size and they bend and move with me beautifully. I paired them with the Eddie Bauer Mountain Ripstop Short-Sleeve Shirt in white, but it also comes in a nice, woodsy eucalyptus green. It fits true to size for a very generous fit.

Mountain Ripstop Short-Sleeve Shirt
Mountain Ripstop Short-Sleeve Shirt

The Mountain Ripstop Short-Sleeve Shirt features moisture-wicking, ripstop fabric which keeps you cool and drier in warm, humid weather. And I love that this hiking shirt has a little pocket on the side (shown below) for my reading or sunglasses.

Shirt with Place for Glasses
Mountain Ripstop Short-Sleeve Shirt

I should also mention that the Rainier Waterproof Active Shorts are also available in five other colors. But you also may be interested in their Rainier Bermuda length shorts or Rainier joggers. Oh, and they have Rainier capris, too. But don’t worry; I’ve got a shopping widget below full of great selections to wear hiking this summer.

What to Wear Hiking this Summer

In fact, I did also order the Rainier Active Classic Skort. I often opt to wear skorts when hiking because they do look a little more feminine and they provide just as much mobility and functionality.

Rainier Active Skort
Adidas baseball hat

I’m wearing the Rainier Classic Active Skort in pumice, but it’s also available in black and navy. Of course it features built-in shorts (3.5″ inseam), but it also has two front zip pockets and two back zip pockets. It’s a pull-on style skort with an adjustable elastic waistband.

Rainier Classic Active Skort
Rainier Classic Active Skort

The fabric of the Rainier Classic Active Skort is lightweight with durable two-way stretch construction. It provides water repellency and UPF sun protection. The skort runs true to size. On this day I just topped the skort with the Nine West rib tank I shared previously with a skirt in this post. The tank comes in a lot of fun colors and it’s stretchy and comfortable in a soft cotton blend.

Tank Top

Now let’s talk about these hiking shoes.

Eddie Bauer Canyon waterproof low hiking shoes
Eddie Bauer Canyon waterproof women’s low hiking shoes

The Eddie Bauer Canyon waterproof women’s low hiking shoes definitely are not the most flattering shoe I’ll wear this summer. But they’re a great choice to wear hiking this summer because they are very comfortable, provide nice stability and are indeed waterproof. They come in three different colorways and run true to size, especially if you’re adding wool hiking socks.

similar Fitbit

And if you’re hitting the trail and exploring nature, you might as well count your steps, too. My Fitbit is several years old, but you’ll find a nice selection of Fitbits at Kohl’s. A good Fitbit will motive you to move more and keep you accountable to your goals.

Get Outside this Summer

What about you? Will you get outside and do a little hiking this summer? I hope these outfits provided you with a little inspiration. Hiking is so much more enjoyable when you are properly clothed in moisture-wicking garments that move and bend with you. And of course good, well-tested shoes are crucial, too.

Get Outside this Summer

I’ve put together a shopping widget with these items as well as others that serve you well for your outdoor adventures this summer and beyond. And don’t forget, everything I’ve shared her today is temporarily marked down. Happy trails!

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What to Wear Hiking this Summer

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12 thoughts on “What to Wear Hiking This Summer

  1. Good morning Kay…..
    I have bought many skorts and I really like them. You can dress them up or go hiking in them as you did. A great piece to have in one’s closet!

    I want to give a “shout out” to James for these AMAZING Photos!! The color he catches is amazing. Great photographer!


    1. Thanks so much, Holly. I’ll pass that on to him. He is a huge asset to this blog and YouTube channel for sure.

  2. Hi Kay:

    Just wondering what size you ordered in the Eddie Bauer hiking shorts. I am a similar height and weight. Hiking shorts are tricky, you want something that fits well but not form fitting so there is room to move. Thanks for the post-I am an active 65 year old and while I like to look fashionable, I also like to hike, run, sail, paddle board, etc. and it is nice to see a post like this for our other activities!


    1. HI Susan, I have the 10s and they’re nicely roomy on me. I’m probably a little between sizes right now. So I might could have worn the 8s, but they might have been snug. I’d rather them be a little loose, but not so loose that they chafe.

  3. Hiking is the best! We’re planning some hiking trips this summer and your post makes me so excited. I wear the Eddie Bauer First Ascent shorts or long pants – depending on the weather. They’re the perfect weight, allow for lots of movement and are so comfortable. I really like the look of the low cut hiking shoes, but personally always wear ankle boots for hiking. They’re not as stylish but they’ve saved my ankles more than once on uneven trails!

    1. I definitely recommend hiking boots if you’re going to be on rocky terrain, as I generally was in Arizona. And I wore good hiking boots when I backpacked for days on end. But where we hike now it is quite mild, so I enjoy the lighter weight of the hiking shoe. But you’re so right; you need good boots/shoes that works for your terrain and physical needs.

  4. It’s nice to know Eddie Bauer clothes are available through Kohl’s!

    The most important thing to “wear” is tick repellant. Tick borne diseases are on the rise. I know 3 people struggling with the effects right now :(. Please be careful, Kay!

  5. I especially loved this post, Kay! I too love to hike, and know from experience that you’ll LOVE Acadia Ntl Park! Your hiking clothing suggestions are spot on, and having very recently tried on many of these items (and buying a few) at the Eddie Bauer outlet near me, I was excited to get a few deals at Kohls. Sadly, every single one was out of stock in my size. It must be a sign that I have enough option for hiking clothes!

    1. Oh my. That’s odd. But I’m glad you’re well outfitted for the summer! I know we are going to love Acadia. I went once before, but it rained the whole two days we are there. So I figure with one full week in the area surely we will get at least one or two glorious days to explore the park. 🙂

  6. Timely post! I have the EB capris, which I like for hiking because I like my knees covered in case I slip. I’ve had pretty good luck with them, although the fit is a little funky in the back. LLB and REI have some good alternatives. As you show, layers are important as is a full water bottle! I have hiking books but like the looks of this lighter option that you’ve chosen. Thanks for the recommendation.