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Fall Trends I’m Seeing in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview

July 4, 2023

Well the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview opened yesterday on their website, and it was all consuming for the latter part of my day. I’d say I was on the website at least 8 hours looking through every single offering for women, from clothing to accessories to shoes to beauty products. The verdict? I’m extremely impressed. And as good as the selections are, I’m even more excited about the fall trends I saw represented in the sale. Give me just a few minutes on this 4th of July holiday to share a few highlights.

fall 2023 Trends in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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Fall Trend: Button-Up Shirts

The classic button-up shirt has been having a moment for the last year or so, and this trend has been extended. I saw an overwhelming number of button-up shirts in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview, including new offerings from favorite brands like Frank & Eileen and Rails.

In fact, one of my favorite purchases from last year’s NSale is back for an encore. I love this lightweight, seersucker button-up shirt from Rails and wore it frequently last fall through winter.

Rails Plaid Shirt

I’ve already got this Frank striped button-up shirt from Frank & Eileen in my Wish List. They rarely if ever go on sale, so that’s a great price for that trending shirt. But I also have in my Wish List the Nordstrom brand striped oversized cotton poplin shirt in white and purple samba stripe. It’s at a much lower price point and looks very promising.

Here’s a selection of the button-up shirts I found in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview below. You can click through to those and see them now. But of course we can’t actually shop the #NSale until it begins next week (with staggered start dates depending on your Nordy Club status – see the calendar below). But now is the time to start a Wish List and fill it with your favs. Yoi can cull before you shop.

Fall Trend: Matching Sets

I’ve actually been very excited about the matching sets trend, but I haven’t participated much so far. This spring and summer we’ve seen matching shorts sets, athleisure sets and suits. And I’m seeing even more coordinating separates in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview.

Matching Sets Loungewear
Lounge Set from Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I’m seeing coordinating lounge sets, like the Barefoot Dreams set above, available in three luxurious neutrals…to casual coordinating sets, like the Frank and Eileen French terry drawstring skirt and matching funnel neck capelet below…

funnel neck capelet
Frank and Eileen French terry drawstring skirt and matching funnel neck capelet

…to matching suits, like the Glen plaid one button blazer and coordinating high waist pleat front pants from the Nordstrom brand below.

Glen plaid one button blazer and coordinating high waist pleat front pants from the Nordstrom brand

I love coordinating sets. I think they look so smart. I definitely want to try to participate in this style trend a little more this fall. What about you?

Fall Trend: Denim Skirts

Another closet classic, denim skirts have really been trending this past year. And I saw several great ones in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview. Of course, there are shorter ones, like this Free People mini skirt, but I’m more interested in the longer ones, which are really on trend.

fall 2023 Trends in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (1)fall 2023 Trends in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (1)
the Tulie Denim Skirt by Joe’s

The Tulie Denim Skirt by Joe’s above is very similar to the Rails Highland skirt that I recently got, but it’s available at a better price. I have a feeling this is a great looking skirt. And yes, the longer midi length (and even maxi length) is the most on trend length, and the deconstructed jeans style is very on point.

Fall Trend: Red

The color red is set to be the biggest color of the season. And we’re talking deep, fiery red. I’m seeing lots of it in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview (see the oxblood red casual duo from Frank & Eileen up above), and I’m definitely investing in a few pieces for my fall and winter wardrobe.

water-resistant faux leather trench coat from Avec Les Filles

I’ve got my eye on this stunning water-resistant faux leather trench coat from Avec Les Filles (also available in black and camel). I love the length and that thin tie belt, so chic. Perfect for wearing over neutrals.

I’ve gathered some of my other favorite red items in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview below. Add a few to your Wish List!

Fall Trend: Trench Coats

Oh. My. Word. You are not going to believe all the trench coats in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview. They were big this spring and the trend continues, now in longer lengths, deeper colors and a variety of fabrications.

Of course there’s the beautiful red water-resistant faux leather trench coat above. That one comes in black and camel, too. But we’re also seeing more traditional cotton twill coats in taupe, tan, black, navy, etc.

Modern Trench Coat by Bernardo

The Modern Trench Coat by Bernardo above is a good representation of the beautiful blend of classic and modern that we’re seeing in this particular coat. If you haven’t purchased one of these classics yet, I really encourage you to consider shopping the sale for one. I found them at all price points and a variety of style aesthetics and colors.

Here are the ones I love in the sale.

Fall Trend: Dresses

I’m definitely wearing more dresses than I had in a while. And no wonder; it’s the rage! Dresses are really trending, and we can expect to see even more of them in the fall. I love that, don’t you? And in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview I’m seeing so many beautiful dresses, both casual and dressy.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview
Maggy London Floral Ruffle Faux Wrap Dress in Plus Sizes and in Misses Sizes

I think the Maggy London dress above is just gorgeous and checks all the boxes: v-neck, cinched waistline, flattering handkerchief hem, loose fitting elbow length sleeves and just enough ruffle to look feminine and on trend but not childish. That dress is also available in Misses Sizes, but I’m so glad to report that there are a lot of plus size options in the sale this year…in every category!

Here are some of the other pretty dresses I eyed in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview. SO many!

That’s a Wrap!

I think we’ll stop there for today with six fall trends that I saw clearly represented in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview. I’ll share more later. But hey, it’s a holiday! So let’s move on to something fun and celebratory.

I’ll share about the sale a little here as it opens up starting next Tuesday. But if you want my extensive #NSale coverage, be sure to subscribe to my #NSale NSiders Newsletter. If you’re already a subscriber to my daily or weekly email, just click on “update your preferences” at the bottom of your most recent email. Follow the prompts and select “Nordstrom Anniversary Sale” as an additional option. If you’re not a subscriber yet, you’ll have to subscribe to my daily or weekly email first (you can do that below) and then selection the “Nordstrom Anniversary Sale” as an additional option.

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And if you’d like more information on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, check out my previous blog post, The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: How to Prepare for It. Thanks so much for dropping in. Have a Happy Independence Day!

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10 thoughts on “Fall Trends I’m Seeing in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview

  1. Excellent verse today.

    I love trench coats and I know I see them at 2nd hand stores. Now is the time to snap them up!

    1. I found a barely used trench coat at Poshmark that I wore throughout last spring. I love it and the style is different to the very straight coats now being offered. It is certainly worth a look at the ‘pre-loved’ clothing market.

    1. I’m seeing lots of both. So I’m going to say yes. I think this will be a long trend so, while they may go out of favor eventually, I think we’ll still be seeing those as well as lug sole boots for a while. We’re still embracing practicality and wearability this year and lug soles are both.

  2. Amen to praying for revival!

    Thank you for your work on the sale. It was overwhelming to me! I actually did put the Frank and Eileen striped shirt on my wish list and am thinking about it. They are actually having a sale on their website. They are certainly pricey! I’m curious to try them out and see how much better quality they are.

    Thanks again!

  3. Yes, and AMEN on that prayer! That is our heart cry as well !!! Loving all the pretties, thanks Kay, for your time on this!

  4. Thanks for this helpful preview. I put a few blouses on my wish list from your selections, Kay. Thanks for the guidance.

  5. I have a red trench coat I’m looking forward to wearing this Fall. Glad it will be in style. You mentioned in your blog Wednesday that you bought new mattresses. Do you have any recommendations?
    There are so many brands and price points it gets overwhelming ! Thanks!

    1. We purchased our at Original Mattress Factory. They’re manufactured in 11 plants in the east and ship directly to you from those manufacturing sites, cutting out the middleman. They never have sales, just good, fair prices and full disclosures. We were very impressed.