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What to Wear On the Course and Court

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March 13, 2023

We’ve returned to winter weather here in Cincinnati, but the daffodils outside my window assure me Spring is fast upon us. And perhaps you’re already enjoying warmer weather when you get out to play. So today I’m sharing a couple of outfits I photographed to wear on the course and court this spring. But we also have style boards with additional ideas.

what to wear on the course and the court this spring

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I play a little golf. And I always say I may not be very good at the game, but I’m going to look good while I’m working at it. I also know, however, that it’s important to feel comfortable and look “course appropriate” as you play the links. These Fairway golf pants from Athleta check all the boxes.

what to wear on the course and the court this spring
golf pants (wearing 10) // seamless tee (wearing M) // jacket (wearing M) // sneakers TTS // sunglasses // earrings

My golf pants are in dress blue, but they area also available in black. I used the fit guide to determine that I need a 10, and they fit perfectly.

Golf Pants

The Fairway golf pants feature 88% Recycled Polyester/12% Spandex fabric that offers soft compression and all over stretch. They have a slight bootcut silhouette at the ankle, and they have two front zip pockets and a small waistband pocket for golf tees. They’re very comfortable.

Golf Pants and Tee

I always wear a top with a polo collar on the golf course, but I wanted to show a couple of different tops in today’s post. So here I’m wearing a very comfortable, soft, seamless tee from Athleta. This tee comes in a wide range of colors and is perfect for so many outdoor activities, as well as your usual workouts.

Westerly Jacket from Athleta

Of course a good jacket is also a necessity at this time of year. I want one that keeps the chill off if it’s windy or cool, but doesn’t get in the way of the game. This Westerly Jacket from Athleta is cheerful and very functional. For instance, it has a two-way zipper for added mobility. And the jacket features zip pockets, an internal cinch cord and a high collar for additional wind protection if needed.

On the Golf Course
Disregard the pearls. Ha! I forgot to remove them after shooting photos of dresses.
On the Golf Course
golf pants (wearing 10) // seamless tee (wearing M) // jacket (wearing M) // sneakers TTS // sunglasses // earrings

For another option, I’m wearing Athleta’s endless cargo pants, also in navy. While the Fairway golf pants have a little pocket for carrying tees, you can actually carry an extra ball to the tee box in the cargo pockets of these lightweight pants. They also feel a little more structured and forgiving, but you can still move with ease in them.

Cargo Pants for Golf
endless cargo pants (wearing 10) // advantage polo tee (wearing Medium) // sneakers TTS // earrings // salvia pink relaxed cap

I’m wearing a 10 in the endless cargo pants, too, and they come in two other colors.

Cargo Pants

I topped these pants with Athleta’s advantage polo tee (wearing Medium), which also comes in black and mauve. And they have other polo tops, too. I have the Momentum polo tee also, which features a zipper at the neckline rather than buttons. It’s a closer fit so I think I sized up to a large in that one.

Polo Top for the Golf Course

And I never hit the fairway without a good hat to shade my eyes from the glare of the sun and protect my face from its harsh rays. This salvia pink relaxed cap, also from Athleta, feels pretty but also comfortable. More importantly, it gets the job done.

Jacket for Golf
endless cargo pants (wearing 10) // advantage polo tee (wearing Medium) // sneakers TTS // earrings // salvia pink relaxed cap // insulated jacket

It may not look like it, but the Flurry Force Insulated Primloft Jacket is actually a little warmer; perfect for those cold, early morning tee times. Because it fits close to the body and features a quilted front panel, this lightweight jacket really keeps me warm on my walks right now. But it’s perfect for the golf course because it won’t get in the way of teeing off. And the thumb grips will make the close fitting (but very forgiving) sleeves move with you.

What to Wear What to Wear on the Golf Courseon the Golf Course
endless cargo pants (wearing 10) // advantage polo tee (wearing Medium) // sneakers TTS // earrings // salvia pink relaxed cap // insulated jacket

In all of these photos I’m wearing my J.Crew New Balance sneakers. I actually need to order new golf shoes, and I found us some great ones in the shopping widget at the end of the post. But I’d definitely wear these sneakers to the course and back. They’re very comfortable and run true to size.

Below I’ve got more ideas for what to wear on the course and court this spring.

Style Inspiration Boards for What to Wear on the Course & Court This Spring

Do you play pickleball? I know so many women do now. I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks like fun.

What to Wear on the Court & Course Style Board 3
pullover // smartwatch band // sunnies // dress // water bottle // headband // sneakers // pickleball paddle

My Fairway Golf Pants are not just great for golf. You’ll look and feel ready for a brisk walk with a friend in these, too. Here’s another outfit with these comfortable activewear pants below, perfect for infinite laps around the city park or your neighborhood.

What to Wear on the Court & Course Style Board 2
Shop Here: Fairway Golf Pant (same as shown above) // top // jacket // shoes // socks // bag // sunnies // hat

Do you have a mean serve? We’ve put together a fun outfit for your best day on the court below.

What to Wear on the Court and Course Style Board 1
Shop here: skort // sleeveless polo // jacket // shoes // visor // bra // bag // water bottle

And I’ve gathered additional options below to wear on the course and the court this spring. I believe all of these are different from the ones above. You can shop the items above through the highlighted words in the text and in the captions of the images. Just click on the images below to check out the additional options we found for you. Remember, many of them come in additional color combinations, too.

I hope you’ve found some great style inspiration and options for what to wear on the course and court this spring. Let me know if you have any questions. Have a great week!

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