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Out of the Office with Kohl’s Casual Summer Fashions

June 24, 2022

Hardly a day goes by that I don’t get at least one automated “out of the office” email reply from a reader when I send out my daily emails. Of course I don’t mind those at all. Instead I’m always a little curious about what my sweet readers are doing on their day out of the office. And I certainly hope it’s something fun and relaxing. And that’s what inspired today’s Out of the Office outfits that I’ve styled with casual fashions from Kohl’s. See if you would enjoy wearing one of these four summer outfits from Kohl’s on your day away from work.

Out of the Office

First up I styled a fun outfit for hanging out with your grandkids at the park. You’ll look like the cool grandma in these Sonoma Goods for Life convertible utility pants and sweet “Out of the Office” t-shirt. My convertible utility pants are in a versatile blue-ish dark grey, but they come in other shades, too. They fit true to size (I’m wearing an 8) and the fabric is lightweight with a little stretch. Perfect for a hot summer day out of the office!

Out of the Office
“Out of the Office” t-shirt // convertible utility pants // slip on sneakers // gold plated hoop earrings

I grabbed this “Out of the Office” t-shirt because it perfectly conveyed the vibes I wanted to create in this everyday collection. The soft t-shirt runs a little small; I sized up to a large. It’s available in a lot of other fun prints, too.

Convertible Utility Pants

I love the tapered straight leg silhouette of these trending convertible utility pants. And I think the ankle length looks great with my taupe Sonoma Goods for Life slip on sneakers. These shoes feature a breathable textile upper and a durable textured sole, and they are super comfortable. They fit a little roomy true to size, but they stay on my feet nicely and feel great. They come in six other nice colors, too.

Sneakers from Kohl's

Of course the price point is great on all of these casual fashions from Kohl’s. They have been one of my family’s go-to sources for quality fashions and home goods at affordable prices for years. And today through this weekend you can take 20% off your purchase at Kohl’s with coupon code SHOP20.

What to Wear to the Farmers' Market
tiered v-neck t-shirt // convertible utility pants // slip on sneakers // gold plated hoop earrings

My next outfit for your day out of the office is comprised of those same versatile convertible utility pants and a feminine yellow tiered v-neck t-shirt. I love this cheerful outfit for a warm summer morning at the farmers’ market or produce stand.

Tiered T-Shirt

This slightly full and flowy tiered v-neck t-shirt fits true to size; I’m wearing a medium. It comes in six other fun solids, too.

If I’m not intentional about creating outfits like these every now and again, I can get carried away posting work outfit and special occasion styles. But we need comfortable and stylish clothes for our more mundane everyday activities. In fact, maybe it’s in having something fresh and pretty to wear that these simple tasks become less ordinary and more delightful.

What to Wear to the Produce Stand

I’d enjoy wearing this simple but feminine combination to the local produce stand to select something yummy and fresh for dinner or to the garden nursery to buy some pretty flowers to plant. And then I’d go home and get to work! Not in the office, mind you. But doing the things that make my home more cheerful and inviting.

Of course another delightful way to spend a day out of the office is window shopping with good cup of coffee in hand. I thought this multi green stripe pintuck linen dress looked sweet for an afternoon strolling through downtown.

Linen Dress for an Afternoon of Window Shopping
pintuck linen dress // Skechers On-the-Go sandals // gold plated hoop earrings // similar necklace

The pintuck linen dress comes in a variety of other colors and prints and solids, and it fits true to size. I’m wearing a medium. It’s very lightweight but not especially sheer.

Linen Pintuck Dress

For this outfit and the next I wore my Skechers On-the-Go sandals. They fit comfortably true to size and the memory foam footbed makes them so comfortable for hours of strolling. I also appreciate that these On-the-Go sandals are lightweight, so they don’t feel heavy on your feet like some similar sandals do. I chose mine in the natural shade, but they also come in black.

Pintuck Linen Dress

I generally choose not to wear much jewelry when it’s hot outside. So I added only gold-plated hoop earrings and a dainty necklace, which is no longer available. But I found this double strand delicate butterfly necklace that would be perfect for casual summer outfits. Or you also might consider this layered necklace. I’ll include several nice options in the shopping widget below.

Whether you’re getting things done or celebrating what’s already done on your day out of the office, this next outfit will have you feeling cheerful and cool.

Getting Things Done Out of the Office
popover v-neck utility tank // Utility capris // Skechers On-the-Go sandals // gold plated hoop earrings // similar necklace

Sonoma Goods for Life calls these utility capris. But these lightweight utility pants wear and look more like an ankle length pant. They run true to size (wearing an 8) and they come in several fun and basic colors. Mine are the olive green, and I thought this color would pair nicely with my dusty blue popover v-neck utility tank.

popover v-neck utility tank

Did you know that front pleats in pants are trending again? It may take some getting used to for me, but I figured casual everyday pants would be a good place to start adapting. Sonoma Goods for Life calls these high-rise pants, but I think they fit a little lower than midrise. Still they are comfortable and lightweight for a warm summer day out of the office.

My popover v-neck utility tank runs true to size, but fits very roomy. I might could have even sized down to a small. The utility tank comes in a great collection of colors and neutrals. You could also wear it untucked, but I felt like the ankle length pants would look disproportionate without a gentle front tuck.

Getting Things Done Out of the Office

Don’t forget that Kohl’s is offering 20% off your purchase this weekend with code SHOP20. And you can collect $10 Kohl’s Cash for every $25 spent, too. I’ve gathered up these everyday fashions and a few of my favorite home items in the shopping widget below. I’m grateful to Kohl’s for sponsoring today’s post because I know so many of my readers love shopping there. But all of the opinions I’ve shared about my Kohl’s fashions are genuine and mine.

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34 thoughts on “Out of the Office with Kohl’s Casual Summer Fashions

  1. Hello
    I have wanted to get over to Kohls for a while now. The slip on sneaker looks comfy. We saw Top Gun a few weeks ago. I loved it. Thought it was very exciting.

    1. Hi Maribeth. I just ordered similar slip in sneakers from a well known brand that is supposed to be super comfortable. They were about four times the price. But the Kohl’s Sonoma Goods for Life sneakers feel twice as comfortable and look just as good. 😉

  2. Kohls is one of my go to stores and has been for a long time. They fit my budget AND style and generally everything is well made so my cost per wear is excellent! I have Kohls items that I’ve worn for years! I am excited about this collaboration!

    1. Great to hear, Diane. Thanks so much for letting me know. It was a pleasure working with Kohl’s on this post.

  3. Hi Kay,
    Kohl’s has always been such a fun store to browse & shop for home goods and casual wear and clothing for the grandkids. I always go with a friend and we make a day of it with lunch out. Thank you for the post. Top Gun is great as well as Downton Abby. Im looking forward to seeing the new Elvis movie next!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing. I’m glad this is a retailer you enjoy. We saw Downton Abbey and really enjoyed it too. I’m reading Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris right now in anticipation of that movie.

  4. I’m so happy to see a more budget friendly store featured! While I love the higher end places like Talbots, with the economy as it is right now I’m needing to pinch my pennies a bit more.

  5. Hi Kay,
    Love today’s post. I enjoyed yesterday’s post too but today’s works great for a camping trip too. We are up glamping in Leland Michigan this week and doing some site seeing. I like to dress for my day even when we are camping. The Kohl’s outfits you styled will look perfect for a weekend of camping. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Thanks so much for creating a Kohl’s post! I love their clothes and their price points are perfect for my budget.

  7. I want to add that I appreciated the theme of this post. Casual but put together and not frumpy is sometimes a challenge for me. These outfits fit the bill. Thanks!

    1. Thank you. It really resonated with me, too. Sometimes on ordinary days I really I don’t have anything to wear because I’ve put so much effort and money into nicer things. But this is where most of us live!

  8. Loved the post today! Kohl’s is one of my favorites! It’s hot here in Atlanta & your outfits looked perfect for summer! ! Thanks for all your work putting these together and the variety!

  9. I also like Kohls and have bought several things online and in the store. The staff has always been so helpful and patient (to this older lady, ha,ha) Thanks for reminding me to check them out.
    Thank you for the BFMD. I’ve just been reading Ps. 22 and when I read your words, it was really comforting to me. (I’ve been praying for a family member who has been going astray, so I’m trusting God to work in their life.)
    You are an inspirational lady. Thank you for all you do for us.

    1. I ‘m so glad you enjoyed the post. I’ll definitely be sharing more from Kohl’s in the coming months.

  10. I’m confused ~~ how can there be “tapered straight ” leg pants? Aren’t they 2 different leg types?🤔

    1. They call it tapered, but it’s really a straight leg silhouette in my estimation. It’s a convertible pant in that there is a button in the back of the leg that you button that bottom tab to and create a more tapered silhouette. But it’s so far away on my calf that there is no way I could do that. So I’m not really sure it’s meant to be worn that way or just an ornamentation. So it really is more of a straight leg. Sorry for the confusion. I feel like Sonoma Goods for Life misnamed a few of these pieces, but I tried to clarify how they really fit and work in real life. For instance, the pants they call high waisted really did not sit high on the waist at all. Good question!

  11. I am thrilled that you did a post featuring items from Kohl’s. I have been a cardholder for 15+ years. I am going to check out several of the tops that you shared to go with pants that are in my closet. I love the dress, but I have a few very nasty skin cancer scars below one knee that I can’t put any coverup on, so I avoid wearing anything above my knees when I’m out in public. Larry actually commented on how bad the scar looks. I needed the BFMD! Have a great day!

  12. Although I like the Nordstroms and Talbots clothes etc., they are sometimes overpriced even with discounts. For most of America right now, Kohls, Penneys and Dillard’s is more affordable. I do enjoy your posts.

  13. Love the Kohls outfits! But what really spoke to me today was the devotional. I have been reminded that praising God, and thanking Him for the answer while I wait, is NOT easy. But it’s what He wants us to do. The great leaders of the Bible also had to wait for God’s answers – Abraham waited until he was 100 to have the child of the promise. That’s a long time! You provided a timely reminder that God is pleased when we wait for His answers with faith and praise. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Kay,
    Kohls’s has great prices. The basics (as you have shown) are all stylish and comfortable for everyday summer wear. I like that you mention having something “fresh and pretty to wear.” That has a way of lifting my spirits as I tend to put on my usual go-to’s no matter how many clothes I have!
    I have bought the Sonoma brand pants/jeans/tops and find them to be quite nice. They have a “Kohl’s Cash” promotion every so often that gives 10.00 certificates for discounts when you spend 50.00 or more.
    I still have my favorites like Nordstrom and a few others for my “investment” pieces as I build my classic wardrobe.
    Just a shopper… no way associated with Kohl’s.
    Thanks for your post.

    1. I’m so glad to hear you enjoy shopping Kohl’s. I was so pleased when they reached out to sponsor a post. Thanks so much for sharing the feedback.

  15. Over the years, I have purchased Kohl’s tshirts for everyday wear. They last and last! I was thrilled to see Sephora is about to open in my local store. And don’t forget Kohl’s is an Amazon returns location. They even pack to for you! Happy weekend Kay!

    1. Yes, I think the addition of Sephora at so many Kohl’s is such a great thing. Thanks for sharing. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post.

  16. I found your blog about a year ago and want to say thank you for taking the work out of shopping and dressing for me!
    I’m in the market for casual summer tops (bought 2 utility tanks from this post), I loved your white t-shirt review, and my favorite bit of advice is your ‘add a collar add class’
    So again, thank you for all you do!

    1. That’s so kind, Kathleen. Thank you for the feedback and encouragement. I love what I do, but especially because of women like you. Have a great weekend!

  17. When my kids were little, Kohl’s was our go-to store for all our clothing, shoes, bedding, etc. A favorite store year-round! All the outfits above are super cute, but I’m eyeing those Skecher On-the-Go sandals! Thanks for this and all of your posts.