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How to Create Chic Coastal Grandmother Outfits

June 20, 2022

You don’t need grandkids or a house near a beach to be a “coastal grandmother.” In fact, you probably have everything you need in your closet. So if you’ve heard about this style craze that’s resonating with women from 20 to 40 to 60 and beyond, and you want to try it on for size, carry a pitcher of lemonade out to your back porch where you just put that vase filled with hydrangeas and let me fill you in.

how to create Chick Coastal Grandmother Outfits

Coined by Tik Tok phenom, Lex Nicoleta, just this past March, the coastal grandmother style aesthetic reflects the lifestyles and clothing choices portrayed by middle aged women (aka grandmothers) such as the characters played by Meryl Streep in It’s Complicated, Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give, Diane Lane in Nights in Rodanthe and Vanessa Redgrave in Letters to Juliet, among others. Additional icons of the coastal grandmother aesthetic include home cook Ina Garten and homemaking guru Martha Stewart. If you’ve seen (and can still remember) any of those movies or you’re familiar with those quintessential homemakers, you may be getting the coastal vibes by now. But if not, hang with me.

The coastal grandmother doesn’t have to be a grandmother or even a seasoned woman. I’m not sure, but Nicoleta, who not only evidently trademarked the term but also professes to live the life, looks like she’s maybe in her young 30s. In fact, a lot of younger women seem drawn to this casual chic fashion aesthetic. But Nicoleta has done more than define the style of clothes hanging in the coastal grandmother’s closet (or armoire). She’s elaborated on her choice in furniture, food and pursuits. The style essence is really just a reflection of this woman’s full and satisfying life.

Coastal Grandmother Chic
Meryl Streep in It’s Complicated and Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give // Shutterfly

Let’s see if you fit the bill…even if just in your wildest dreams! How would you like to…spend your mornings collecting shells on the beach, cutting fresh flowers and hydrangeas from your garden, walking into town to buy fresh fish for your evening meal and delivering the aforementioned hydrangeas to a sick neighbor? And then maybe you would like to…knit a little, read a beautiful home decor magazine, volunteer at the church rummage sale and shell peas on your roomy back porch while listening to “This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)” by Natalie Cole. Then your grown kids might gather at your home for a special dinner featuring your signature dishes. That is if it’s not your book club night.

Sounds a little idealistic doesn’t it? And that’s just as it should be. Nicoletta says the coastal grandmother visual elements are aspirational. A coastal grandmother is “a successful woman who creates a beautiful life for herself” by “embodying elements of coastal living and homemaking,” Nicoletta told BuzzFeed News in a recent article. If that picture resonates with you, then you might enjoy putting together outfits that reflect this trending style.

the coastal grandmother style board x Dressed for My Day
button up gauze shirt // organic cotton sweater top // cotton and flax beach wrap scarf // wide brimmed sun hat // ceramic vase set // linen cropped drawstring pants // large straw market tote // Birkenstocks // slip on sneakers // linen hemstitch dinner napkins // Celebrate with Babs Cookbook

The coastal grandmother style is comprised of simple elements thrown together in a somewhat careless but comfortable manner. The individual pieces are often classic or even preppy, but they’re worn with a nod to the natural and relaxed style aesthetics. When I examine the outfits, for instance, worn by the leading ladies in the movies I mentioned above, they are…

  • classic but without the structure
  • romantic but without the frills
  • bohemian but without too much color
  • masculine but still soft
  • sophisticated but always a little casual.
Coastal Grandma

Today I’m sharing an outfit I wore recently when we visited an historic resort in French Lick, Indiana. The West Baden Springs Hotel is definitely the kind of place where the coastal grandmother would take her grown daughters for a relaxing mother-daughter getaway. And they would certainly enjoy the afternoon tea and tour that we experienced on that Wednesday afternoon. It felt completely appropriate to wear my linen pants and linen sweater in muted flax tones that day.

Coastal Grandmother outfit in muted tones
organic linen cotton sweater // lantern linen ankle pants // Edge leather slide sandal (no longer in this color) similar sandal in same color and brand and heeled option in same brand (more economical options of same brand) (more economical brand option) // necklace // earrings // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% discount) // camera bag (reduced price!!!)

The coastal grandmother’s summer closet is comprised of things such as:

  • linen pants, shirts, skirts and dresses
  • slightly oversized, plain button up shirts in cotton, gauze or linen
  • loose fitting cotton trousers and chinos
  • pullover cotton sweaters
  • chunky knit cardigans
  • comfortable sandals, loafers, flats & sneakers
  • a straw hat and/or a cotton bucket hat
  • wraps appropriate for the season in gauze, cotton or linen
  • comfortable jeans (but not skinny)
  • soft, muted tones of colors
  • rich neutrals
  • impactful but minimal jewelry, often heirloom pieces
Coastal Grandma Outfit in soft neutrals

Personally, I love the coastal grandmother vibe and I could wear it every day…if I truly lived that lifestyle. But, alas, I don’t. So I save my coastal grandmother outfits for those days when I do have the opportunity to go through the hours at a more leisurely pace, paying greater attention to the niceties of life, savoring a cup of fresh brewed tea or a glass of wine with cheese.

Coastal Grandma

When I want to create a coastal grandmother aesthetic (although I didn’t know that was what I was doing until just recently, of course!), I pull the pieces from my closet that feel special and feminine, but also relaxed and natural. I often gravitate to neutrals, but you can certainly wear color for this style essence, too. Just keep them muted and solid.

Of course the coastal grandmother outfit I’m sharing today from my afternoon tea and tour is slightly elevated. But when I look back through my archives I find other examples of this very now style aesthetic. Just this spring I shared this look complete with linen skirt and straw hat and fisherman sandals. True coastal grandmother.

Summer Linen Skirt
See the original post for more details.

And a couple of summers ago I shared this comfortable but chic coastal grandmother outfit as something you might wear to a book club, an activity dear to this style icon’s heart. This outfit includes some bright colored linen pants. But the linen fabric, relaxed fit and surrounding neutrals make them oh so coastal grandmother chic.

See the original post for details. (Items no longer available, but these linen pants are a similar color)

This mostly linen outfit from last year would definitely resonate with the coastal grandmother.

Linen Up for Summer
See the original post for more details. These pants that I have this year are very similar and I LOVE them. And this similar top would help you create the look.

J.Jill fashions are very on point with the coastal grandmother style essence. You might check out how I styled their clothing for my own trip to the coast in this spring blog post.

Beach Capsule Wardrobe with J.Jill
See the original post for details.

And here’s how I think a coastal grandmother might wear shorts in the summer…

Linen Button Up Shirt
See the original post for details.

or maybe like this…

Denim Shorts with a Linen Shirt & Tank
See the original post for details.

or this outfit created again from J.Jill.

Shorts from J.Jill
See the original post for details.

Speaking of brands that the coastal grandmother would shop, you might check out these for more inspiration and wardrobe building:

  • J.Jill – true beach living inspiration, soft fabrics and relaxed, earthy styles
  • Chico’s – more color, but still on trend with both elevated and casual styles
  • Eileen Fisher – the matriarch of coastal grandmother style, more expensive but buildable and classic
  • Garnet Hill – relaxed styles in muted shades, soft fabrics and feminine silhouettes
  • Jenni Kayne – high quality and a little pricey, but more youthful and modern
  • Everlane – more urban, but still lots of relaxed styles in muted solids
  • Madewell – more youthful, natural fabrics and relaxed fits
  • J.Crew – preppy, classic clothes in natural fabrics and modern silhouettes
  • Talbots – just focus on their more relaxed fits and softer hues, steering clear of the super tailored pieces
  • L.L.Bean – especially for their utility pants, simple tops, comfortable shoes & hats
the coastal grandmother style board 2
cotton linen shirt // necklace // bracelet // button front crop tank // linen skirt // bucket hat // slide sandals // 100% cotton muslin throw blanket // straw crossbody

In fact, I’ve created a style board on Pinterest filled with inspiration and some shoppable pieces. You can check it out HERE. And be sure to follow the board so that my pins will continue to pop up in your Pinterest feed as you’re browsing.

Chic Coastal Grandmother Outfit for Afternoon Tea

My outfit that I wore to tea at the West Baden Springs Hotel is all from Eileen Fisher. You just can’t beat EF for the quality and finer touches. And I find these pieces to be buildable. For instance, my linen cotton blend sweater is from last year, as are my sandals (similar but not in this color and these in similar color). I know that not everyone will like the lantern style of my linen pants, but they are definitely on trend for the coastal grandmother and they’re delightful to wear.

But you don’t have to shop Eileen Fisher or any of the other higher price point brands I mentioned above to dress in a coastal grandma fashion aesthetic. I found similar pieces at Macy’s, Dillard’s, and even J. Crew Factory and Amazon. I’ve filled a couple of style widgets below with lots of fashions for the coastal grandma, and they’re at a full range of prices.

Coastal Grandma at Afternoon Tea

And don’t forget to add some of the non-fashion related details of the coastal grandma’s lifestyle to your life as well. It’s as we pause for afternoon tea, arrange some fresh flowers from our garden, cook a hearty meal and set the table for our extended family or visit with neighbors over the fence that we create the lifestyle that is at the heart of this trending style aesthetic. And that is what will make the outfits feel authentic and lovely to wear.

Coastal Grandma outfit for women over 50
organic linen cotton sweater // lantern linen ankle pants // Edge leather slide sandal (no longer in this color) similar sandal in same color and brand and heeled option in same brand (more economical options of same brand) (more economical brand option) // necklace // earrings // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% discount) // camera bag (reduced price!!!)

Thanks so much for visiting with me today. What do you think about the coastal grandmother style aesthetic? Do you enjoy wearing it? Or do you just admire it from afar? Can you think of other brands that are great to shop for the coastal grandma? I’d love to hear from you today.

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And don’t forget to check out and follow my Coast Grandmother Style Inspiration Pinterest board. Have a lovely day!

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30 thoughts on “How to Create Chic Coastal Grandmother Outfits

  1. Hi Kay, and I’m so glad that you touched on this very trending style today! So appealing to me. I’ve actually ordered a few items from LLBean that are in line with the Coastal Grandmother theme. So I would add LLBean to your list of stores who carry this look :), and maybe they were one of the first! I’ve shopped with them forever, and I know that you like them too. Plus their customer service policy has always been above and beyond. Thanks again Kay!

    1. Hahaha! I was just thinking about them and how I should probably add them. Thanks for the reminder, Maia. I’m so glad you liked the post.

  2. I just went on Amazon and searched Coastal Grandmother (a term I had never heard of until last week). The search brought up some really cute clothes aaaand — wait for it — a personal fan!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Marketing genius!! Seriously, though, I do love this look for the relaxed, cool, put together vibe. This real life grandmother is going to have to go ahead and purge some things from my closet to make room for a few coastal grandma pieces. Thanks for another great post, Kay, and for the new inspiration for my Pinterest feed. Now, to put a few movies on my watch list!

    1. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing Melanie. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post and my Pinterest board.

  3. I love wearing the coastal grandmother look. It is such a comfortable style and very soothing to the soul. Thanks for doing a blog on this. Such great ideas.

  4. I love the organic cotton sweater from Dillards by Eileen Fisher. It looks like it runs really large.
    I usually wear a medium, did you get a medium in this or another size. I love this look and love
    anything linen, NIce BFMD.

  5. I loved this article, and your interpretation of this current style trend. I like how you still have some tailoring details and personal touches that prevent what can easily be a pretty boxy look. Even the characters in the movies wearing this style still maintain their body shapes somewhat,

  6. All of your outfits are so nice! While I like the Coastal Grandmother attire and I have a few pieces in my closet that fall into that category, it is not how I dress on a regular basis.

    1. Me neither. But I sure do enjoy it when I do. And I think I may be moving more in that direction as time goes on honestly. Thanks so much for dropping in today, Ginger. It’s always nice to hear from you!

  7. Kay,
    The coast grandmother look is appealing to me. I just admire it from afar. The look is too oversized for me. My body frame is small and would be overwhelmed by loose or flowing styles.
    Your examples of adding an item(such as pants) that are loose with a somewhat fitted top work better for me. The balance is right.

    Thanks for keeping us up to date on current styles.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Cathlyn. It is always so important to take into consideration our body shape, size and proportions. Wise lady!

  8. I recognize this look, but never heard the term! It is so fun to learn what is trending-one reason I follow you. I have things in my closet to dress this way and I’m going to visit my sister on the East Coast next week!


    1. What fun! You should definitely pack some coastal grandma worthy items. I hadn’t heard of the coined term until just last week myself. I must have been hiding out under a rock! Ha!

  9. Great post Kay! I have only recently heard about coastal grandmother and it is very appealing. So nice to be able to feel relaxed and comfortable in your clothes while still looking stylish. Thanks for always keeping us up to date with trends and giving us ideas for how we can incorporate them into our personal style successfully.

  10. My comment isn’t necessarily about this post.
    I have noticed you are wearing a lot more beige this year. Although you look lovely with your light value coloring and low contrast it seems to contradict something you previously posted about color. You wrote a post in 2018 stating wearing too much oatmeal was aging. (Your link

    As we age we lose pigment in our hair and features. I know I look washed out in all beige especially near my face.
    Do you still believe the oatmeal / beige tones are aging? How do we wear it to avoid that washed out look? Do you wear more makeup to compensate?
    Btw I am all for aging and accepting our appearance. I just don’t want to look less than my best.

    1. Hi Jen, I apologize in taking so long to get to your comment. I’ve been chewing on it! Yes, I did make that statement in 2018, when I had just been blogging less than a month. Hahaha! And while I do still think it is important for us older women to adjust our wardrobe as we age and our coloring changes, I’ve altered my opinion about that a bit. I think we can also add color with makeup, jewelry and even hair color. Of course, I’ve opted to go grey, but I did get some highlights for this reason. And I do wear makeup on a regular basis. My goal with my makeup is always just add back in the coloring that I may have lost with age. So I wouldn’t say I wear MORE makeup when I wear these neutrals, but I definitely do add some color with blush, lipstick and eyeshadow.

      Also I’ve just really come to love neutrals. And while I do take a little flack for wearing them sometimes, I adhere to the thought that we should wear what makes us happy and what feels authentic to our style. So I still love wearing grey and black and even beige and tan. And I wear a lot of it. I actually think that some neutrals, depending on the tones, can be very flattering on older women because they look soft…and we are soft (meaning our coloring has softened). I guess I’ve either learned a few things since 2018 or I’ve just grown a bit in my own feelings about how I want to dress. I hope that answered your question. It was a very good question, and I appreciate you presenting it.

      1. Thanks for the detailed answer. At least you know your posts are rememberable!

        You had some great series and posts in your first few years such as dressed for my day my way and the women of Hallmark Christmas movies. Your writing skills and BFMD set you apart from other bloggers.

        Any chance your web developers will bring back next post as an option? It is helpful when reviewing older posts of a past series. I find the search function to be hit or miss.

  11. What a fun and interesting post! I had no idea what ‘coastal grandma’ was until last week either! I’ve been wearing a lot of what you described here for years, and now that part of my style actually has a name! Lol! I don’t care to wear things (even linen) that is too loose, voluminous or boxy; but prefer things to skim my body. I’m definitely into lighter weight natural fabrics, neutrals, and solid muted shades. I also prefer my jewelry to resemble sea glass or stones, or look like wood. I also like things that are woven or textured. I’ve never quite fit into the casual/bohemian/romantic style essence. Like I said, apparently all this time I’ve been partly coastal grandma! What a delight to actually have a name to describe that style.

  12. I loved this post, Kay! I’ve been waiting for you to do a post/video about this style! Let’s continue this into the fall and winter! I’d love to see how to carry this aesthetic into the rest of my seasonal wardrobes! It really resonates with me. You might add Land’s End to the list of brands that have items that fit this style.

  13. This is exactly the style I like. Comfortable, casual, classy. You and Cindy Hattersley are two of my favorites!

    1. Hahaha! I thought of Cindy as I was writing this post. She is definitely very coastal grandmother chic!

  14. I love the coastal grandmother style a lot. It looks relaxed and refreshing at the same time. I also like your lantern pants that you have showed in other posts. I wish I could find a pair that would fit me as a petite who is 5 feet. I would definitely wear them because I love that silhouette; i’m glad you showed them again with this new style.

  15. Lovely looks! You expressed the best definition of “Coastal Grandmother style” of all the bloggers I follow! Excellent job, Kay! I love the linen pieces and soft colors you put together. I have a beautiful basket purse from Longaberger that I need to dust off and use! Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. Love all your posts! You inspire me to be the best I can be. Thankful for your Christian testimony.
    Love your daughter’s wedding pictures. I could be a Coastal Grandma. I am a great-grandma.
    God has blessed me!
    Thank you, Kay!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing, Sue. I especially appreciate your kindness and gracious words. Indeed God has blessed us all richly.

  17. Thank you for the informative post and for sharing your faith. We need godly women sharing on social media.