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Talbots Fall Try-On Session

August 25, 2020

I spent a couple of hours at Talbots yesterday trying on their newest collection. In fact, I took advantage of their offer for private shopping appointments, so my customer specialist had put a number of things in my fitting room that I might not would have tried otherwise. Today I’m sharing my finds with you.

Talbots just introduced their new fall line this week, and, honestly, I’m a little underwhelmed. I do like the colors and I found some wardrobe essentials that will work nicely for me this fall. But I had to pick through things in order to decide on pieces I really wanted to try on.

And maybe my lack of enthusiasm is due in part to the daunting feeling I have about fall in general. I just don’t think I’ll be dressing up much, so I’m looking for more super casual pieces. And a lot of what I’m seeing at Talbots feels a little overdone and fussy.

Anyhoo! I’m not doing a very good job of creating enthusiasm for this post, am I? Hahaha! Let’s see if I can salvage it by simply moving on and letting you judge for yourself. I’ve got a lot to show you.

By the way, Talbots is offering 25% off full price items PLUS an extra 15% off if you use your Talbots credit card.


I’m 5’8″ and weigh about 155 right now. I have an X or hourglass shape and fairly even proportions. I generally wear smalls or mediums in shirts, tops, dresses, coats, etc. I almost always take an 8 in pants, jeans, skirts or dresses.

I’ll let you know if things run true to size and what size I’m wearing in the photos. But if you have any additional questions about fit, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.

My Try-Ons

black denim jeggings (TTS 8) // I’m still on the hunt for the perfect black skinny jeans. I do appreciate the dark wash of these. And they fit true to size. But they’re not very soft at all. I may circle back around simply because I like the look of them, but for now I passed. And with a wash they may feel much better, too.

leopard print shirt and black jeans
black denim jeggings (TTS 8) // leopard print shirt (wearing medium)

leopard print shirt (wearing medium) // I really do not need more leopard print, but I can never resist trying it on. This shirt fit really well and the cotton is oh so soft and lightweight. It’s a nice pick for adding a little animal print to your wardrobe.

side button crewneck sweater in chestnut (wearing a medium) // I think this sweater looks pretty with the jeans and leopard print shirt. And the shirt is light weight enough to handle it. It’s a lightweight sweater, too.

brown sweater
black denim jeggings (TTS 8) // leopard print shirt (wearing medium) // side button crewneck sweater in chestnut (wearing a medium)

Pardon the bare feet at this point. I will get shoes on my feet eventually!

elbow sleeve perfect shirt (wearing size 8) // I would have loved for this elbow sleeve perfect shirt to work for me (although I don’t need it), but the sleeves were a little snug on me in the 8. I can’t remember why we didn’t try the 10; they probably didn’t have one. But if your arms are thick like mine, size up. I did love the stretchy lightweight cotton and the tailored silhouette.

white shirt and plaid blazer
black denim jeggings (TTS 8) // elbow sleeve perfect shirt (wearing size 8) // Aberdeen knit blazer (wearing a 6) // leopard Lucy chain link loafers

leopard Lucy chain link loafers (TTS) // When I first tried these on they just didn’t fit at all. Later, after I’d tried on everything, I realized she had brought me the wrong size. So when I tried my usual 9.5 I discovered they do fit true to size. However, I didn’t find them to be very comfortable.

Aberdeen knit blazer (wearing a 6) // This blazer has nice stretch to it. I’m surprised she pulled the 6 for me, but it ended up fitting nicely. So definitely size down. It would be great with black jeans and a t-shirt even. Dress it up or down.

high waist ponte jeggings in black (TTS 8) // poplin relaxed tunic (wearing medium)

high waist ponte jeggings in black (TTS 8) (above) //My stylist had set this out for me; I probably wouldn’t have tried them myself. But I did like them. They fit very nicely true to size and are quite comfortable. They have a zip and button front closure and pockets like jeans, but they’re made from ponte knit fabric. Very polished look, but comfortable enough to feel casual.

poplin relaxed tunic (wearing medium) // The stylist brought me this tunic when the short sleeve shirt didn’t work. But I don’t need another tunic. However, this one is especially nice. I like that it’s more tapered and fitted than the oversized one I bought in the spring.

soft merino v-neck sweater in harvest sun (wearing medium) // Essex ankle pants in geo hearts (wearing size 8) // Stella suede buckle mules in indigo blue // short basketweave necklace

soft merino v-neck sweater in harvest sun (wearing medium) // These are not really my colors or my style. But I do love the look of this outfit. The sweater is lightweight and fairly soft.

Essex ankle pants in geo hearts (wearing size 8) // These are cute pants for someone else. But even though they “fit me,” they’re just too snug in the legs for me. They fit me more like leggings than pants, and I don’t think they’re supposed to. If you have thinner legs, these would be worth a try. Very snazzy!

Stella suede buckle mules in indigo blue // At this point I was wearing the too-small mules, too. But I did like that they stayed on my feet. Good thing I put my glasses on and checked the size before I left. I ended up getting the right size and bringing these home with me. I think they’ll be nice to wear with jeans this fall.

red cords and shirt
Talbots Chatham Ankle pants in red pop// scenic France classic cotton shirt // Stella suede buckle mules in indigo blue

Talbots Chatham Ankle pants in red pop// I’ve loved Talbots’ Chatham pants for years. But I’m not really looking for anything like this for my wardrobe right now since we’re not getting out as much. But looking at these pictures, I like these red Chatham Ankle pants even more than I thought. Such a pretty true red.

scenic France classic cotton shirt // It’s always odd to me how some of these classic cottons shirts work for me and others don’t. It’s always the sleeves that get me. This one fit okay…but not great. The leopard one and another one you’ll see shortly were the most generous in the arms.

Talbots Chatham Ankle pants in red pop (TTS 8) // embroidered French lady roll cuff tee (wearing small) // Stella suede buckle mules in indigo blue // suede trim diamond quilted vest in indigo blue (wearing small)

embroidered French lady roll cuff tee (wearing small) // I had seen this little embroidered novelty t-shirt in the catalog and thought it was darling. Turns out it’s also soft and has a pretty tailored silhouette. I’m wearing a small, so I sized down on this one.

suede trim diamond quilted vest in indigo blue (wearing small) // This fairly thin quited vest also runs a tad on the large side. But purchase according to what you plan to wear under it. I don’t really get the “suede trim” part of the name. I don’t recall seeing any suede, nor do I see any in the photos online. It comes in several interesting colors. I’m wearing it in coral pink below.

denim jeggings in Bergen wash (TTS 8) // dots & stripes cotton bateau neck tee (wearing small) // suede trim diamond quilted vest in coral pink // Stella suede buckle mules in indigo blue

denim jeggings in Bergen wash (TTS 8) // I think Talbots denim jeggings are some of the best fitting jeans. They have a true high waist (but not too high!) and a generous fit. These are very soft, but definitely feel like real denim, too. That’s always important to me.

dots & stripes cotton bateau neck tee (wearing small) // Talbots has lots of striped tees in this “Parisienne” collection. This one features some polka dots, too.

denim jeggings in Bergen wash (TTS 8) // cotton bateau neck tee in indigo blue (wearing medium) // twill safari jacket in shiraz // Stella suede buckle mules in indigo blue (TTS)

twill safari jacket in shiraz // I came home with this casual jacket. I think it will look nice with blue denim, black, khaki and even white jeans. It’s such a pretty color, adding some true autumnal depth to a wardrobe. But it also comes in indigo blue. The small would have fit except for the arms were just a tad snug, so I opted for the medium.

cotton bateau neck tee in indigo blue (wearing medium) // I also purchased this simple navy tee. I decided it looks really nice under the shiraz twill safari jacket. Plus it just won’t hurt to have a basic navy tee in my wardrobe. It runs true to size, but it does have some stretch, too.

denim jeggings in Bergen wash (TTS 8) // garden paisley tie-neck top (wearing medium) // Stella suede buckle mules in indigo blue (TTS)

garden paisley tie-neck top (wearing medium) // This is a silky top made of 100% rayon. It’s pleasantly thin, but not see-through at all. You can also wear it tucked in, so it’s quite versatile.

For the most part I photographed tops untucked so you could see how long they are or if they have borders. But I would probably give most of these a front tuck.

ponte leggings in indigo blue // meadow floral tie-neck top // Stella suede buckle mules in indigo blue (TTS) // short basketweave necklace

meadow floral tie-neck top // The Talbots sales associate and I agreed that this pretty, silky top is just plain happy. The colors are bright, but also deep and autumnal. I’m pretty sure I’m wearing a medium.

ponte leggings in indigo blue // dobby stripe classic cotton shirt // Stella suede buckle mules in indigo blue (TTS) // short basketweave necklace

dobby stripe classic cotton shirt // I debated getting this simple cotton shirt. It fit so nicely, generous in the sleeves and oh so soft. In the end, I left it behind. But I may change my mind on this one later. I’m wearing a medium. It’s lightweight enough to fit nicely under the sweater below.

ponte leggings in indigo blue // dobby stripe classic cotton shirt // Stella suede buckle mules in indigo blue (TTS) // embroidered hearts crewneck sweater

embroidered hearts crewneck sweater // This fun sweater is 80% Cotton, 12% Acrylic, 5% Nylon, 3% Wool, so it’s very soft and has a lot of stretch in it, too. I’m wearing a medium.

dobby stripe classic cotton shirt // denim jeggings rinse wash (TTS 8) // Stella suede buckle mules in indigo blue (TTS) // twill safari jacket in shiraz // quilted Napa shoulder bag in dark rum

denim jeggings rinse wash (TTS 8) // I brought home these darker wash jeans. The jeans I’ve purchased in the NSale have all had a light wash, so I figured these would fill a hole in my wardrobe. Again, they fit nicely and feel so good on.

quilted Napa shoulder bag in dark rum // Isn’t this leather handbag darling? It also comes in black. It feels soft and luxurious.

half zip mock neck pullover // on the move colorblock leggings

half zip mock neck pullover // This will make a great top for cool morning or evening power walks. But you’d look nice enough to run into the grocery store, too. I’m wearing a medium.

on the move colorblock leggings // I have a pair of the Tech Stretch leggings and love them. They are very stretchy. But these on the move colorblock leggings have a snugger fit. They’re not bad. They’re a great legging and feel pretty warm. But I just wanted you to know that they’re not the same leggings as the Tech Stretch.

band collar jean jacket (wearing medium) // I wanted to like this denim jacket (below), but alas I did not. It looks boxy and awkward. I tried this on toward the end of my time at Talbots, so I might should have sized down. But I just wasn’t interested enough to bother. Anyone have it and love it?

stretch corduroy straight leg pants in classic red // authentic Talbots tee bayeux stripe // Stella suede buckle mules in indigo blue (TTS) // band collar jean jacket (wearing medium)

stretch corduroy straight leg pants in classic red // I think these red cords are pretty and would make a nice addition to a fall wardrobe. Unfortunately Talbots cords always run a tad snug on me and, with the few pounds I’ve gained during the pandemic (yeah, we’ll blame that!) they’re just too tight in my size 8. And I’m just not going up because I’m determined to lose those pesky pounds!

authentic Talbots tee bayeux stripe // This is a thick tee with beautiful colored stripes. It has an “Authentic Talbots Tee” label on the lower left front corner of the shirt – kinda a trendy touch. It fits true to size.

Well there you have it! That’s a wrap. There are a number of things in the catalog that I would have liked to have tried, but either they don’t carry them in the stores or they don’t have them yet. For instance, I’m quite curious about these red, blue and black Aberdeen knit blazers, these Trouville stripe cotton v-neck tees, this tie-neck Sabrina sweater (especially in rosewood) and this classic houndstooth blazer.

Oh, quick. Let me tell you about a couple of things I tried and did not like. The double breasted corduroy blazer just looks too boxy and big. Unless you’re going to button it, it’s a no. I also didn’t find these modern ankle jeans with the side trim ribbon to be flattering at all. The way the ribbon hugs your curves just doesn’t help matters.

Thanks so much for dropping in today. I’ll just be working on tomorrow’s video all day, so if you have questions about anything I’ve shown here, just ask in the comments and I’ll try to get back to you quickly.

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Don’t forget, Talbots is offering 25% off full price items PLUS an extra 15% off if you use your Talbots credit card.

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21 thoughts on “Talbots Fall Try-On Session

  1. My favorite is the leopard print shirt and side button sweater combo. So sharp together! I am like you -I will have very few places/occasions to go out this fall. So shopping is limited to casual looks for sure. I wear scrubs at work so no need for work clothing. It seems to be the year to invest in boots and “athleisure” looks. I do need some new winter shoes and boots so am looking in that direction.

  2. Good info! I got my Talbots catalog yesterday and looked through it. You said it perfectly, too fussy and most of it, especially the colors, didn’t seem fallish at all! I did put the jeggings with the buttons up the ankle and the other style denim jacket in my cart. Hoping for more than the 25% off sale! The sweaters didn’t even seem to be what I call fallish, but I do realize not everyone lives in a climate like I do here in Northeast Pa! And like you, fall will be all about casual for me, especially since fall soccer is cancelled for the grandkids. We’ll really miss those early morning soccer games, where the air is crisp and cool, and I can bring my blanket and a Pumpkin Spice hot coffee……

  3. I was on the hunt for a black skinny jean and found a great pair at JcPenney last week. a.n.a brand was a great fit and very soft.

  4. I have to agree, Talbots just seems to be a bit off from their normal this season. When I look through the catalog, there isn’t a cohesiveness to the entire collection in my opinion. It feels as though they mixed early Fall with early Spring which lends to confusion. I do like many of their athleisure pieces though. I don’t need many clothes this Fall so probably won’t buy too much. I needed some tall black boots and took advantage of a pair from the Nordstrom Anniv. Sale! I’m excited for the video tomorrow! Thanks Kay! ?

  5. Didn’t see any straight leg pants , boot cut, or anything in pants for those of us who are not wearing ankle pants. I’m your height and weight but 78 years old. Any further suggestions.

    1. Hi Annette. I just couldn’t try on everything and since Talbots holds things off the floor after you’ve tried them on (because of COVID-19) I didn’t want to try on things I wasn’t personally looking for. I already own Talbots straight let and full leg jeans and love them. I’d suggest you check out these straight leg jeans and these boot cut jeans

  6. Thank you for the thorough review, Kay. I did purchase a few tops during the summer sale but being retired and stuck inside, I’ll sit this one out. I need to update shoes and boots this season, though. Looking forward to your video. The “looking chic” video hit it out of the park for me!

  7. Thank you. I love your dressing room reviews. I’ve been eyeing the Aberdeen Knit Blazer in Breton Blue. It’s a shame they didn’t have it available for you to try! I don’t go anywhere and don’t “need” it, but that blue looks gorgeous.

    1. I’d definitely try it. I did see things in that color and it’s a pretty blue. I find their jackets to run a tad large so you might want to size down one.

  8. Thanks for taking us into your fitting room at Talbots. The Shiraz Safari jacket is a nice completer piece to add to anyone’s fall wardrobe. I pretty much feel the same wardrobe angst as everyone else right now. However, I did pick up that lovely floral peasant dress you modeled earlier in the year. It was perfect for an outdoor picnic and concert at a winery for our anniversary.

  9. Quite the negative review overall- did you ever hear- if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at al! Better to just state the facts- Talbots quality construction and consistent fit and quality fabrics! What more can one ask for?

    1. Christine, I’m sorry if you felt my review was negative. However, since I do make a commission when readers click through my affiliate links and make a purchase I feel like I owe them an honest review of items. There were actually a few other pieces I tried on but just didn’t photograph or mention because I couldn’t recommend them. But I needed to give an honest review of the items I did show. It is important to me that my readers trust that I’m being honest and not just trying to push merchandise. That is my job here.

      That said, as I mentioned, I came home with about $400+ worth of merchandise I bought with my money. So my review certainly was not totally negative. I’ve shopped Talbots for over 30 years and I do still love the brand. I even worked for Talbots for a year and my daughter worked there even longer. So I am very loyal to the brand.

      1. Thank you Kay for setting your boundaries on other peoples’s comments. I did’t take your post as a negative. It helps to have an honest review of fashion. Those of us who regularly follow you know you love and trust Talbots, as most of us do. This is an off season for them perhaps, the stores are struggling to maneuver through Covid too. Keep looking UP!

        1. Hi Nancy. Thanks for the encouragement. It’s a tightrope some days! Ha! I too haven been thinking today (even before I received the comment you’re referring to) that it’s undoubtedly been a different sort of season for Talbots and other retailers and/or brands. Plus we’re buying differently these days too.

          1. I love you Kay! You are so brave to put yourself out there for all of us and then to have negative comments. Thank you for all you do! Keep doing what you do!

  10. I really appreciate you sharing your Talbot’s try-on. I have no patience for in store shopping (even if COVID wasn’t an issue), so I’m happy to hear how you find things fitting. I snagged the Shiraz Safari jacket while it was still available in my size. Score!

  11. WOW! Love these outfits Kay…..I think the mustard sweater with the black dot pants are so cute on you… do look good, I think, in that color. The leopard outfit is super cute also, I really like the black jeans.


  12. Thank you for sharing all those outfit try ons. That certainly consumed a lot of your day . Your honest reviews are one reason why I read your blog. It certainly helps me decide on whether to purchase or skip it.Plus who doesn’t read the reviews on Talbots website or for that matter any other brand website before purchasing an item. Sometime reviews are not positive, but I certainly do hope they are truthful. I have been a loyal Talbots shopper for years and to be honest sometimes their seasonal lineup doesn’t always resonate with me. Sometimes the quality is not there either. Bottom line everyone makes their own decisions. Please do not be discouraged by one person’s comments. You keep doing what you do. We appreciate you.

  13. I had received the newest Talbot’s catalog and had much the same reaction you did. There are some good basics in there…and I love some of the tees…but I think it is such a crazy year. I look at things and wonder…where will I wear that? I know it must have been extraordinarily hard on the designers for the fall and winter (and probably spring too) seasons coming up. How many of their clientele are actually going to work versus working from home? But the quality in the things I have purchased from Talbot’s continues to be GREAT!

  14. Thank you . This was very helpful. A review means telling what you like and what you didn’t. Thats not a negative. It’s an honest review. Seems like Talbott other are looking the same every year.