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What to Wear Instead of Jeans this Winter

February 5, 2020

About this time of year I start itching for spring and summer fashions. You, too? I absolutely love fall and winter clothes. And I enjoy wearing jeans more in the cold months than I do when it heats up, too. But, as I put my sights on Spring, I start tiring of denim and longing for variety. While I can’t make the sun come out for you today, I can provide {or remind you of} a few other options that you can wear until it’s time to shelf your jeans. Let’s talk about what to wear instead of jeans this winter.

Instead of Jeans Wear Joggers

Even if you need to layer in a pair of Cuddle Duds, you’ll look oh so stylish if you wear these side stripe joggers instead of jeans this winter. In fact, I’m wearing these on the plane today as I fly to Florida. But I’m topping them with my denim jacket that I always travel with.

Joggers Instead of Jeans
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These side stripe joggers are amazingly comfortable and I love the look, too. But really you can pull off a similar street vibe with any joggers that fit you well. Just add some stylish sneakers and layer on neutrals up top. You can wear a blazer (similar) like I am here, a denim jacket or even a cardigan.

Black Blazer with Joggers

The above photo was taken last year on my way to a gals night out. I can’t find these joggers (similar) since my move across the country, but I’m sure they’re packed away somewhere!

Instead of Jeans Wear Cargo Pants

If the weather is even fairly temperate where you are, you can probably wear cotton cargo pants instead of jeans. Even though we rarely get out of the 40s during the day here in Cincinnati, I comfortably wore my blue cargo pants just last week.

Instead of Jeans Wear Cargo Pants
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When wearing colored pants, I think it’s a great idea to go for a tonal or tone on tone look. I layered on my soft flannel shirt (still available and on clearance!) and an old green cashmere sweater.

Instead of Jeans Wear Cargo Pants
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On another recent day, I wore the same blue cargo pants with my chambray shirt and brown sweater. It was nice to wear something besides jeans! These cargo pants are also available in thyme green and flax beige.

Instead of Jeans Wear Plaid Pants

Of course, you can also pull out those plaid pants you bought for fall and winter. I tend to save mine for Sundays, but I don’t need to. You can dress them down for a more casual vibe with a soft sweater. Here I just replaced the cargo pants above with my plaid ankle pants.

Instead of Jeans wear Plaid Pants
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I styled the next plaid pants for Christmas, but they would absolutely work for a more off season look, too. I’d just top them with a chambray shirt or tunic.

Black Shirttail Tee
Change this Christmas look to a more off season casual look with a cream sweater and black flats. Or wear these plaid pants with a chambray tunic and sneakers.

Instead of Jeans Wear Cords

Don’t forget those corduroy pants! They’re a lot like jeans, yes. But they definitely have a different feel and vibe. And no doubt, you have them in colors other than blue.

Fall Fuchsia Cashmere Sweater + Corduroys

You can wear your cords with a solid sweater in a contrasting color and a splash of leopard print, like above. Or wear them tonally like I did below.

Hostess Outfit
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Again, you can pull out that chambray shirt to pair with your cords.

corduroy jeggings

Or pair your cords with a favorite plaid shirt and a colorful puffer vest.

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Instead of Jeans Wear Commuter Pants

I’ve recently fallen in love with some call commuter pants. These are really just upscale hiking pants. They’re just a little sleeker looking than the pants I generally hike in, but these pants are absolutely meant for getting you from point A to point B in comfort and style.

Warm Work-from-Home Outfit for Winter
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You can style these athleisure type pants down with a simple sweatshirt and tee or up with a blazer, like I did here.

Do You Suffer from Impostor Syndrome
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Instead of Jeans Wear a Skirt with Tights

Plaid Wool Skirt and Chambray Shirt

Of course you can absolutely swap out your jeans for a pretty skirt. Just add tights and flats, boots or booties. I remember I wore this plaid skirt to run errands before my son’s late October wedding and I felt casual and warm.

Plaid Wool Skirt and Denim Jacket
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Instead of Jeans Wear Comfortable Solid Colored Pants

I only make this last suggestion because my black pants are absolutely every bit as comfortable as my jeans. I truly do not relegate these to Sunday only.

Ivory Cardigan
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First up, these black pants from Christopher and Banks made my winter travel capsule simply because they are elegant enough to wear to dinner out, a concert or even a celebration or funeral, but also comfortable enough to travel in. You can dress them up or down depending on your footwear and accessories.

But you know I also love and highly recommend my black pants from Nic + Zoe. I wear them frequently to church, but I also wear them shopping because they’re easy to get on and off.

Classic Work Look with a Dark Floral Print Blouse
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I could easily pair my black slacks with a sweater and boots like I did in this post last year.

Bright Colorful Sweater for Winter to Spring
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Instead of Jeans Wear Leggings

I’ve chosen not to pull my leggings out this winter, but they’re definitely still in style.


Just be sure to wear leggings that are thick enough to prevent a lot of bulging or, ahem, other issues. And it’s probably best to wear something long enough up to to provide full coverage in the front and back.

Well there you have it! You don’t have to get stuck in a jeans rut this winter. We actually have plenty of options to wear in the winter besides jeans. Which is your favorite that you’re wearing? I’d love to hear from you today!

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What to wear instead of Jeans this winter

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7 thoughts on “What to Wear Instead of Jeans this Winter

  1. Another informative post Kay! I know that you will enjoy the time with your parents and a change of scenery and temperatures. I am on the lookout for a pair of athleisure pants in my price range to wear in place of jeans and fleece pants.

  2. I have the opposite problem of being tired of jeans. I work full time and get dressed all week. By the weekend I am ready for jeans or joggers! I still enjoyed the post. Have a safe trip and enjoy the time to visit with family. I am playing hookie today and am headed into NYC with my bestie to see a Broadway play! I’m old school, I still dressed up?

  3. I wear anything from elastic waist knit pants to dress pants. First I think about the occasion. Then the weather. Elastic waist knits are comforyable when I’m sick so I keep a pair of two around. I have some thin summer in seersucker and lightweight cotton with drawstring waist. I tried to wear a pair of light weight painters pants, love all those pockets, around shopping the other day but although the temp said 70, there was a cold wind. So weather is really important here on the coast. A sunny day can be deceiving. I do love seeing the ways you have taken pants that are not jeans and kicked them up a notch.

  4. Just a few minutes down from St. Augustine beach is Washington Oaks State Park, the beach has beautiful rocks and across is the gardens. The roses aren’t blooming but it is such a peaceful place to picnic and take a walk. Enjoy your time with family!

  5. I wore jeans for work for almost 38 years, so I got really tired of blue jeans, but got colored jeans. I have several colors and have built mini capsules around them. I have burgundy, dark green, grey, brown, tan, and of course black. That kept me from getting too tired of the blue ones