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2 Fall Classics 4 Ways with Talbots

October 19, 2020

Happy Monday! I hope fall is in the air where you live. We are enjoying the vibrant hues of autumn coupled with true sweater weather. And that makes sharing today’s post all the more fun since it’s filled with cool weather favorites. But I’m focusing on how all those fun autumnal hues and textures play so nicely with two closet staples: a chambray or denim shirt and corduroy pants. Check out how I styled these two fall classics four ways with selections from Talbots.

Two Fall Classics

I may not go so far as to say that every woman’s closet should contain a denim button up shirt and corduroy pants. But these two classics certainly help me create multiple interesting, casual and modern outfits throughout fall and winter.

2 Fall classics worn 4 ways with Talbots
button front denim shirt // stretch corduroy jeggings // classic hoop earrings // fall flowers statement necklace // leopard print driving moccasins

I’m wearing Talbots’ stretch corduroy jeggings in twig, which is selling fast apparently. And no wonder. This dark caramel brown is such a classic autumn color and so versatile. I did size up to a 10 from my usual 8, but I often do that with corduroy pants for some reason.

The 91% Cotton, 7% Polyester, 2% Spandex composition does give the corduroy jeggings nice stretch. And the 29″ inseam is perfect for my 5’8″ frame. The stretch corduroy jeggings also come in petite sizes and they have a few colors available in Talbots’ curvy fit in both misses and petite sizing.

denim button up shirt

Talbots’ button front denim shirt is a true classic, featuring 100% cotton and a slightly tapered fit. I appreciate that the shirt is both substantial and lightweight enough to be worn alone or coupled with other pieces.

I’m wearing my TTS medium in the button front denim shirt, and this fall classic is available in petite, plus and petite plus sizes, too. I appreciate Talbots’ efforts toward size inclusivity and that they use models with varying body shapes to demonstrate their clothing.

Talbots Classics

Oh, let’s talk about that beautiful fall flowers statement necklace. I count on Talbots to offer beautiful, high quality jewelry – both classics and modern statement pieces – that works with multiple garments in their collection. This fall flowers statement necklace also looks beautiful worn over my tortoiseshell Audrey cashmere sweater or under my Italian flannel blazer of the same color.

Style Tip: Leave your denim shirt untucked and loose for a casual look, but bookend this streamlined silhouette with pretty jewelry worn close to the face and interesting shoes.

Topped with a Classic Pullover Sweater

Add a Pullover Sweater
button front denim shirt // stretch corduroy jeggings // classic hoop earrings // ribknit v-neck sweater // leopard print driving moccasins // indigo bangle // woodland toile square scarf // dark denim crossbody bag

For my next look I simply loosened up the collar of my denim shirt, tucked it into my corduroy jeggings and added a ribknit v-neck sweater in toasted coconut.

v-neck sweater

I’m wearing a TTS medium in the ribknit v-neck sweater. I love this toasted coconut that reads as a true soft camel for its classic versatility. But this v-neck sweater comes in five other beautiful shades that would work just as nicely in most wardrobes. It is perfectly suited for wearing alone, too.

Style Tip: To add a little interest to your pants, shirt and sweater outfit, turn up or roll up your sleeve cuffs. You could also pop the collar or even tie the sweater loosely around your neck.

v-neck sweater

I’ve been shopping Talbots since I was in college, and I’ve long depended on their classic but modern closet essentials to serve as the foundations of my closet. I appreciate the attention to detail I generally find in their garments, such as the variations in stitching featured in this otherwise simple v-neck sweater. Those are the kinds of details that will set your look apart without looking fussy or outdated in following years.

Tucked and Belted

For my next look I simply tucked my denim shirt and belted my corduroy jeggings with a reversible brown (black on the other side) leather belt. I’m wearing a size medium in the reversible leather belt.

button front denim shirt // stretch corduroy jeggings // classic hoop earrings // reversible leather belt // leopard print driving moccasins // indigo bangle // golden apricot enamel bangle // woodland toile square scarf // dark denim crossbody bag

I simply folded the woodland toile square scarf on the diagonal, draped it around my neck and knotted it for a very casual vibe. I like the way the golden colors in the design coordinate with my twig colored corduroy jeggings.

Crossbody bag

This denim blue double gusset crossbody bag is delightfully roomy enough for all of my essentials. And it keeps me hands-free, which I’m appreciating all the more these days. The crossbody bag is made of soft pebbled leather and has ample interior pockets.

denim shirt

Style Tip: Mixing prints continues to be on trend. An easy way to try this on point style hack is to wear a pretty print scarf and add some animal print somewhere in the outfit.

Topped with a Flyaway Cardigan

I think I’ve saved my favorite look for last. This olive night green flyaway cardigan is a pure delight. The color is so rich and rustic, and the wool blend texture is soft and easy on the skin.

Green Cardigan
flyaway cardigan // button front denim shirt // stretch corduroy jeggings // classic hoop earrings // reversible leather belt // leopard print driving moccasins // indigo bangle // golden apricot enamel bangle // woodland toile square scarf // dark denim crossbody bag

I’m wearing a size medium in the flyaway cardigan, and it’s also available in petite and plus sizes. The cardigan comes in several other pretty autumnal shades, too. In fact, I also bought the chambray heather.


I kept my jewelry fairly modest and classic for these last three looks. Above you’ll see my classic enamel bangles in indigo and golden apricot. I have these classic bangles in about five or six colors now, and I love how they mix and match beautifully throughout the year. I’m also wearing my classic hoop earrings, which I wear almost daily.

Did you notice that my leopard print calf hair driving moccasins worked beautifully with all four looks? Yeah, maybe I should have called this post “3 Fall Classics” because leopard print flats can certainly function as classic pieces in our wardrobes.

leopard print flats

I’m wearing my true to size 9.5 in the leopard print calf hair driving moccasins. They fit well, but I do need to break them in a bit more. I’m confident that they will soon become favorites; I generally find Talbots’ shoes to fit true to size, feature quality construction and serve me well.

Style Tip: When choosing a cardigan to wear as a third piece, look for one that doesn’t add bulk or weight to your overall look or at key areas, such as your hips. This flyaway cardigan checks all the boxes because it is lightweight, excludes unnecessary hardware, has a beautiful drape and the pockets are perfectly placed.

Final Look
flyaway cardigan // button front denim shirt // stretch corduroy jeggings // classic hoop earrings // reversible leather belt // leopard print driving moccasins // indigo bangle // golden apricot enamel bangle // woodland toile square scarf // dark denim crossbody bag

I’m so grateful to Talbots for sponsoring today’s post. For years now their clothing has taken up more space in my closet than that of any other brand. And because their garments feature high quality and versatility, they tend to stay in my wardrobe for years.

Today Talbots is kicking off their Friends & Family event with 40% off your entire purchase. If you’re not already registered in Talbots’ Classic Awards program, today would be a great day to join. It’s absolutely free and you’ll enjoy rewards for shopping as well as a birthday month one-day shopping discount.

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20 thoughts on “2 Fall Classics 4 Ways with Talbots

  1. Such a cute outfit and love it with the scarf!

    Congrats on your first Talbots sponsor post (I think that’s what you called it).

    Love the leopard flats.


  2. Hi Kay, curious about the chambray shirt which appears to be long enough to wear with leggings? Wondering if it was difficult to tuck since it’s on the longer side?

    1. Hi Lori. It’s a standard length button up shirt. I don’t have a problem tucking it in. I wore it yesterday tucked into my jeans with my brown flannel blazer over it. Hope that helps. ?

  3. I love the way you styled the scarf! I have become a “scarf person” in the last several years and enjoy seeing different ways to wear scarves and to tie them. Congrats on this sponsored post!

    1. Thanks so much, Bev. Yes, I love wearing scarves too. I’d rather add my color there and wear more neutrals. Thanks so much for sharing. ?

  4. I always enjoy your posts featuring items from Talbots because their items make up the bulk of my wardrobe too! Their items are always quality, and at a reasonable price, which is important to me. I just purchased the denim shirt last weekend, but haven’t worn it yet. I’m really excited about all the ways I can wear this shirt almost year-round. Love your blog Kay!

    1. Thanks so much Lori. I appreciate you! I know you’ll enjoy the shirt. Sooo versatile! I wore it yesterday with jeans and a belt and then topped it with the tortoiseshell colored Italian flannel blazer. ????

  5. I love your blog and also love Talbots! I have a navy and red striped (horizontally) sweater from them I’ve had for years and it still looks new tho I’ve worn it many times! Since Iv3 added a little “bulk” with Covid-19, I will wear it with a vest this winter, lol! Talbots is so Classic? Congratulations on your partnership!

  6. Congratulations Kay on your first ( and hopefully many more ) post sponsored by Talbots. I am a long time Talbots shopper too. And, I have always loved the way you showcase their pieces and outfits so effortlessly. Thanks for the added style tips within the post too. Love your twig jeggings for a rich look of Fall.

    1. Thank you so much Chyra. I know so many of my readers love shopping Talbots. And I’m very grateful for the opportunity for a sponsored post…and more! Thanks so much for sharing. ?

  7. Congratulations, Kay, on your first sponsored Talbots post! And over 1,000 in our Facebook group!! Cheering you on for even greater success and continue to be inspired by your daily posts. You’ve helped me push my boundaries on what I think I can wear, be more creative in putting outfits together and given me a daily bright spot to fight against Covid fatigue. Thank you, thank YOU.

    1. Ahh, thanks so much for those kind and encouraging words, Lael. I needed that today. It’s a rainy day here and I have a bit of the Monday blues. So I’m very grateful for your kindness as well as that of other readers. ?

  8. Years and years ago, I ilved in Pensacola (1995-1997) and I went into a Talbots and asked if I could be added to the subscription list for their catalog. They said I had to have their credit card to receive the catalog. I had to apply. I did not make the salary needed or have the best credit (I had been laid off right before this move). Needless to say I didn’t get the credit card or the catalog. I can still picture that stand alone shop and the snooty saleswoman. I had to do this all in person and I walked out in tears. I was trying to figure out clothes to wear to job hunt.
    I finally bought a Talbots white t-shirt this year. That’s how long I’ve felt like they shamed me!
    Oh my word. I have no idea why I’m telling y’all this except that I hope Talbot’s isn’t as non-inclusive as they were back then. It’s like when I walked in the Junior League of Charleston’s house back in 1991 and asked how to apply and they asked me if I knew anyone who was a member. When I said no, they said, too bad. Ugh.
    So I joined the General Federaion of Women’s Clubs’ Charleston Junior Woman’s Club (and still have friends from that group) and then the Junior League of Pensacola and Memphis. Funny enough I’m now a sustainer in the Charleston league. I persevere, obviously. hahahaha
    I do like the shirt I bought from Talbots though. LOL, and I keep looking at their other selections, maybe one day I’ll buy more.

    1. Oh Robin, I’m so sorry to hear about your experience. Moments like that have a lot of sticking power, don’t they? I know they do for me. And especially when shame is part of the equation. That nasty emotion is so blasted sticky. I just hate it that this happened to you.

      However, I have a feeling you had a misinformed sales person working with you that day. I worked at Talbots for a while myself and I know that’s not been the policy. All you needed to do was register for their Classic Awards program, which is completely free, doesn’t require a credit check and even gives you the opportunity to accumulate rewards to use toward future purchases. I have no idea why the salesperson told you otherwise. Maybe she was new??? Who knows! Anyhow I do hope you’ll consider giving Talbots another chance. I think you had a very unfortunate experience. ❤️❤️❤️

  9. You nailed it Kay!!! Gorgeous color combos. Autumn is my favorite season. I have been working a lot more lately (thank you Lord) and haven’t commented as much as I used too. However, I do read your blog even if I miss a day, I go back to read it. I enjoy it especially after a long day at work.