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Simple Spring Style

March 12, 2020

Welcome to Dressed for My Day! Just the fact that the sun is lingering in the sky a little longer in the evenings assures me that spring is on the way. Are you ready? I certainly am. And while I’m looking forward to slipping into sweet floral dresses, my crisp white linen blazer and eventually flirty sandals, I’m most looking forward to very simple spring style…favorite jeans paired with a cotton shirt and sneakers.

Simple Spring Style

Today I’m teaming up with a new set of 50+ lifestyle bloggers (new to me, that is!) to share our takes on spring style. I’m so thrilled that these smart and beautiful women included me in this collaboration. When you take a minute to visit their websites you’ll see that these are some savvy women, several of them sitting at the helm of successful design businesses.

Honestly, I felt a little intimidated by their sophisticated styles as I started putting this post together. And that’s when I decided I’d be best off just to stay in my lane and keep things simple. You’ll get bold splashes of rich style when you visit these ladies, so I really do hope you’ll sit a minute longer today and drop by their spaces.

But first, let’s talk about the beauty of simple spring style.

simple Spring Style
Mott & Bow slim boyfriend jeans // classic cotton madras shirt // Ecco Soft 7 Sneaker // palm necklace // pavé round mini pendant necklace // similar hoop earrings

simply…what I love about spring

Simple spring style is all about the very things we love most about this fair season. Styling spring ought to grow from the activities and interests we naturally gravitate toward this time of year. What do you appreciate most about spring?

I love all the new things that spring forth. New baby animals, new sprouts of green grass, new leaves and colorful blossoms on once barren limbs.

spring fashion

I also love the way spring awakens with the voices of children once again playing outside. For years I’ve lived next door to school playgrounds, and now I’m just across the street from soccer fields and tennis courts. The sounds of laughter, squeals of victory and pings of balls being volleyed about relax me, make me smile.

spring style

Of course, I also love the colors of spring. We don’t have to be told that vibrant yellow is trending, that blue is the color of the year, that pink is pretty or that green looks good on almost everyone. These are the very colors springing forth from the earth at this time of year, begging to be collected and gathered into lush bouquets so we can admire them while we eat our breakfast. And these are the colors I pull from my closet and paint on my nails and dab onto my lips and wear on my feet!

blue sneakers

Spring also means clean. Why is it that we put off house-cleaning as long as possible the rest of the year, but somehow we crave, not only the result, the but labor itself come spring? Maybe it’s the fresh air that feeds this vigor and causes us to roll up our sleeves, fill basins with sudsy water, strip drapes from their hardware and push back the furniture.


My appetite changes in the spring, too. Suddenly I crave light, fruity salads rather than rich, hearty soups. I swap out root vegetables for greens like asparagus and peas and spinach. I begin filling my table with things like lemon risotto, quiche Lorraine, cool chicken salad and cold ham served with deviled eggs. What do you like to eat in the spring?

cotton shirt

But maybe the thing I love the most about spring is that it is the season of growth. It’s a time to dig deep and plant tiny seeds with big hope. It’s a time to cultivate and prune and water and expect. Ah, yes. Expectations. They grow like dandelions in the fertile soil of spring. What are you hoping to grow this spring? Maybe a budding romance, a backyard garden, a small business, a fresh hobby, a delightful new interest, a promising friendship.


Finally, spring is a sacred season. Of course, every season bears the mark of our Maker. But spring is the season when we breathe deep the gift of grace, revel in the reality of the resurrection and rededicate ourselves to living worthy of the promise of His return.

Simple Spring style
Mott & Bow slim boyfriend jeans // classic cotton madras shirt // Ecco Soft 7 Sneaker // palm necklace // pavé round mini pendant necklace // similar hoop earrings

Ah, I’m almost giddy with expectation at this point! Do I have you lusting for spring yet? Well, dear gal, those sweet days are soon approaching. And this is what I’ll be wearing more days than not. Simple spring style. Favorite jeans, a cotton shirt in the colors of the season, these easy going sneakers and minimal jewelry.

Mott & Bow slim boyfriend jeans // classic cotton madras shirt // Ecco Soft 7 Sneaker // palm necklace // pavé round mini pendant necklace // similar hoop earrings

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Well if I’ve whet your appetite for spring, why not spend a little more time anticipating this glorious season? I’d like to invite you to visit the 7 other style bloggers who have linked up with me today for our celebration of Spring Fashion.

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I’m so honored that you spent some time with me today. Thank you. And I wish you a very early spring!

I’m generally grateful for the change of seasons. The time change, on the other hand, has set me back considerably! Hahaha! We didn’t participate in Daylight Savings Time in Arizona, so I’ve had to get used to this drastic change again. So changes are not always welcome, are they?

In fact, they say that even anticipated and welcomed changes are agents of stress in our lives. If you’re grappling with an impending or ongoing change today, I encourage you to cling to that which never changes. God’s character is the same eternally. God’s promises and trustworthy always. And God’s Word never fails. Indeed, our God is faithful from season to season.

Know therefore that the Lord your God is God; he is the faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commandments. ~ Deuteronomy 7:9

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xoxo, Kay
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29 thoughts on “Simple Spring Style

  1. Hi Kay
    I love your style! My style is very casual like yours 90% of the time. I love your fresh clean girl next door style. Thank you so much for joining us. You look like a teenager!!

    1. Hi Cindy, Thanks so much, sweet gal! I’m so grateful that you gals invited me to join you today. Just lovely! I’m on my way now to check out everyone’s spring fashion posts. Have a lovely day!

    1. Hi Rhoda. Thanks so much for stopping in. I’m looking forward to checking out everyone’s spring fashion posts. I’m so grateful to join up with you all today.

  2. Kay, I’m loving your new web design. Especially the darker print in this section! I live on the Gulf coast, so we are seeing beautiful azaleas and the birds are chirping away. I’ve been looking for white sneakers. I sometimes size up a half size in sneakers. What do you think about the Ecco?

    1. Hi Joan. Ahhh, spring on the Gulf sounds wonderful. I noticed in Georgia last week that they had an abundance of Jonquils and other flowers. Buds on the trees, too. But we’re still looking for those first glimpses of spring here.

      I found the Eccos to fit true to my normal shoe size. I did not need to size up. I do wear a very thin no show sock with my sneakers, so no bulk there. These do come in white, too. I know they’re a little pricey, but so far, they are very worth it. I had a gift card to apply toward them so that helped. But I’ve found Ecco shoes to be very durable and walk-worthy.

  3. I love your new website and I especially love todays post! I think everyone is ready for Spring and new beginnings. Have been getting large doses of it here in OK. But being reminded once again with cooler wet weather coming tomorrow that we best not be too anxious! Missed you yesterday and love your outfit today. This is exactly my style for Spring! Stay well and I hope our sleeping patterns iron out soon. I’m grappling with the same issues you are!

    1. Hi Sondra. Thanks so much for reading and sharing. Yes, we’re having lots of wet weather here, too. I savor every moment of sunshine we get! Take care!

  4. I am a jeans, madras shirt, and sneakers kind of a person. Although I love all the seasons, spring is one of my favorites. (Renewal and hope)
    I look forward to checking the other bloggers posts.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing, Suzanne. I’m glad this post resonated with you. This is where we really live, right?! I appreciate you checking out the other posts. Have a great day!

  5. I also love the colors of spring, after the white/brown/gray of winter here in New England. We are not warm yet, but it can’t be far off. So, I may be wearing booties and sweaters, but lighter colors, pastel cardigans with jeans to work… And it is time to eat from the freezer to finish the heartier meals we eat in the winter (think stew, heavy soups, lasagna.) Time to start thinking lighter meals for sure (and grilling which we have started doing, even in the cold.) I will definitely check out the bloggers you mention.

    1. Hi Arna! Yes, I love pulling out the grill in the spring, too. How could I have missed that??? Thanks so much for sharing. Wishing you an early spring!!

  6. The website looks great and you look so cute! I love it all! Also, I received the Thursday boots last weekend and wore them ALL weekend…I love them! Thank you for the recommendation 🙂

    1. Hi Kara! Oh my goodness! I’m so glad you love the boots. Aren’t they just amazing? And the smell??? I made all my family smell my boots. Hahaha! Thanks for the kudos on the website design. I still see a few bugs, but it’s looking good and I think we’ll all enjoy it.

  7. I love today’s beautiful post and your new website design! I almost purchased those blue Ecco sneakers over the weekend at Nordstrom but didn’t because I didn’t know what I’d wear with them. However, you inspired me and I have them in my shopping bag now. I have several colors in that style and enjoy how simple and comfortable they are, plus they fit my narrow feet better than most sneakers. Yes, they’re pricey, but I still am wearing the first pair I bought a few years ago.

    Thank you for all the work you put into your website! I look forward to trading every single email from you.

    1. I really think they’re going to be pretty versatile. I mean we all wear a lot of blue denim, even if blue isn’t one of our wardrobe colors. And blue IS the color of the year. Hahaha! I’m sure I’ll be showing them with other styles in the months to come, too. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I really like your new site! It’s fresh and classy. I also really enjoyed your post today. It was very uplifting and made me smile! (And cute outfit too!) Thanks!!!

  9. Love the new website and the care you put into it to appeal to your followers. I appreciate most your reminder of how to live our best life every day.

  10. Kay you look so lovely today! Fresh and Classy as always!! Those colors are beautiful on you! I’m enjoying seeing all your new friends and reading their fashion post. Beautiful friends!! Have fun on your blog hop today dear friend!! Hugs!!

  11. Oh yes. This is so much better. I can see what I’m saying. I love the casual look of today’s outfit. That is what I wear throughout the Summer. I also like rayon fabric because it can be cooler and still look nice in our heat. It’s 71 right now and looking to stay that way. Winter has left the coast. Forgot to mention, those blue shoes just make that outfit.

    1. Hi Eve. Yes, I think the blue sneakers really bring it all together too. I’m so envious of your warm weather. How wonderful! ?

  12. Hi Kay! First time here and love your casual style! If I didn’t work you would find me dressed like this all the time:) Spring can last a nano second in Atlanta so you have to wear long sleeves quickly because it seems like it goes from 70 to 90 overnight!

    1. Thanks Sherry. I’m glad you like the post. Honestly, this is an extremely casual post for me. You’ll find that my outfits run the full gamut of style, from professional to relaxed. I do work from a home office so I’m pretty much able to wear what I please, but I do love dressing up a bit. I hope you’ll come back. Thanks so much for introducing yourself. ?

  13. Kay, I really like your new blog design! Everything about it is perfect. You look so pretty in the colorful blouse and I love the ECCO sneakers. We have 3 children that live up the road from us, but they are our next door neighbors out here in the country. I smile when I am outside and happen to hear them laughing, playing, riding the 4 wheelers, and just being kids. I also like seeing the color return to nature. I’m so thankful that we are believers and know that no matter what we are dealing with here on earth, He will always be with us and He never changes.