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Spring 2020 Color Trends & the 40+ Woman

February 13, 2020

Welcome to day four of Spring Trends Week 2020 at Dressed for My Day. I returned to Ohio from Florida yesterday, and I have to tell you, Spring seems a long ways off here! But I know it will be upon us before we know it. So let’s talk about the color trends we’ll be seeing in clothing and accessories as the days warm up a bit.

Spring 2020 Colors and the 40+ Woman

Each year the institute releases a forecast of the top 12 colors plus 4 classic shades we can expect to see dominate the spring and summer fashion collections. This year’s collection of colors, according to the institute, represent our desire for familiarity and dependability in an ever-changing world. But the colors are also bright and creative, fueling self-expression and spontaneity.

Classic Blue

The Pantone® Color Institute has slated Classic Blue as the 2020 color of the year. Blue makes us feel peaceful, calm and relaxed.

Classic blue

I’m all for more blue. Aren’t you? I think most people enjoy wearing blue and it’s one of those colors that probably already takes up a lot of space in our wardrobes.

Trend Tip for the 40+ Woman – Blue works beautifully with most skin, hair and eye colors. But if you have silver or white hair, classic blue will look especially beautiful close to your face and hair.

Classic Blue Outfit for Spring
Dress from Talbots (coming soon!) // blue patent leather pumps // white shoulder bag // necklace // earrings

Since tone-on-tone or tonal dressing will continue to be popular this spring and summer, don’t hesitate to wear blue head to toe. Just vary the textures by layering on the blue in denim, chiffon, patent leather, cotton knits and linen.

Other Trending Blues

Pantone® has also named two other blue shades as trending colors this spring and summer. Faded Denim looks pretty much like the iconic fabric for which it’s named and Mosaic Blue is reminiscent of dark aqua tiles you might see in a beautiful mosaic design.

Mosaid Blue and Faded Denim

Trend Tip for the 40+ Woman – Another style trend expected to take off in popularity is wearing denim on denim. I’ll be sharing style tips for this trend in a post in the next couple of weeks. But prepare to layer on shades of blue!

Additional Trending Colors

Additional Pantone Colors for 2020

I’m noticing a trend toward colors that evoke warmth, even heat. But that doesn’t mean you have to be able to wear “warm tones” in order to wear variations on these shades.

Trend Tip for the 40+ Woman – If you want to wear a color that doesn’t especially complement your skin tone, just wear it below the waist or in accessories, such as your handbag, belt or shoes.

Color Trends Spring 2020
Seaview Stripe Sweater // cotton blend ankle pants (available in other colors, too) // quilted leather shoulder bag // light natural raffia mule (other colors available) // layered necklaces // hoop earrings // navy leather strap watch

Trending Neutrals

Pantone® doesn’t just release trending colors; they also clue us into the neutrals that will be popular. And I’m loving the four neutrals the fashion industry is pointing us toward this season.

Camel – or as Pantone has named it, Lark – is such a beautiful, rich neutral. And we’ve already been seeing a lot of it in 2020. So you won’t need to put away that pretty camel colored handbag, pair of pumps, cardigan or or jacket you’ve been enjoying.

Camel Skirt Outfit
Skirt coming to Talbots soon // mock neck puff shoulder sweater // denim jacket // ballet flats // handbag coming to Talbots soon // bracelets // heart locket necklace

Likewise, you can continue to enjoy your navy slacks, blazer or skirt. The grey you’ve enjoyed wearing this winter? Keep at it. Perhaps the biggest shift we’ll see in neutrals is that the whites will get brighter. Look for stark or “Brilliant” whites in clothing and accessories, such as shoes, handbags and belts.

Trend Tip for the 40+ Woman – Neutrals head to toe will continue to trend. So outfits like the one below will look chic and sophisticated on you with little effort. For spring and summer you might want to wear camel, greys or whites layered. Throw in just a splash of pink or other soft pastel for accent.

Soft Neutrals Outfit
High Waist Straight Leg Stretch Twill Ankle Pants // Millie Twill Tea Top (other colors available) // Tory Burch Leather Camera Bag // Caddie Bow Loafer (other colors available) // necklace // earrings

So what do you think of the color trends for Spring 2020? Which colors will you enjoy wearing this spring and summer? Will you add touches of new colors to your wardrobe? Now is a good time to plan how you want to add this season’s trending colors to your wardrobe.

Spring Trends Week

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Spring 2020 Colors and the 40+ Woman

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5 thoughts on “Spring 2020 Color Trends & the 40+ Woman

  1. Hi Kay…..Blue has been my favorite color and the one I go to with fashion as well, So I’m In!! Also love the pinks, corals and oranges.

    Glad you made it home safe. I know you said in your post yesterday you love living in Cincy…..I was born and raised there but I’ll never move back, LOL (I guess never say never). I still have 2 sisters and my Dad live there so I visit a few times a year.


  2. I’m loving these colors trend and happy that I already have some pieces in these colors in my closet. Not sure about the denim on denim. I LOVE blue jeans but denim on denim is not something I’d be wearing, although it does look nice on others.
    Great post, thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Kay! I read your post earlier this morning, but I had to leave for an appointment, so I’m just now where I can comment. Another great post that I am saving for future reference. What I call true blues are a great color for me to wear, so I’m thrilled to know it’s a trendy color for Spring. While I don’t need to wear yellow close to my face, I do have a yellow handbag. While being able to keep some colors in my closet year round, it’s also sort of a bad thing psychologically because it makes part of my closet feel status quo. I’m glad that your flight was good and that you really didn’t mind leaving FL. I hope that you are having a great day!

  4. I love that tropical blue shirt that you show as your cover for this post. Do you know where I can get that. It’s beautiful. I love all blues and that bright red might find its way into my purse collection. I’m not sure about saffron or orange but I’d give thst pretty yellow a try for spring. Denim on denim, I’d try, great post,

    1. Hi Eve. That shirt will be available at Talbots later. Probably next week. It was in their preview catalog. I’m glad you enjoyed the post.