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What to Wear so You Look Slimmer

February 6, 2019

Hello gals. Today I thought we’d talk about dressing our bodies so that we appear our slimmest. Regardless of whether or not you are happy with your weight and size, most of us still want to dress in that way that best flatters our silhouettes. So let’s discover some sure fire ways to dress so we appear slimmer.

What to Wear so You Look Slimmer - Learn how to dress to appear you slimmest.

Add a top layer

One of the easiest ways to appear our slimmest is simply to add a top layer that helps to minimize width or bulging tummies. You can add a draping cardigan like this one or a cinched jacket like this one.

Checking Out Prologue - Target's Newest Style Brand
white t-shirt || black jeans || long sleeve black cardigan || pumps || satchel (similar)

Wear high rise jeans

The best way to keep the dreaded muffin top at bay is to wear pants with a high rise or waistband. Very, very, very few of us are small enough in the waist and hips to wear low riding pants without at least a bit of a bulge above the waistband. And even if you are short waisted and are trying to elongate your torso, you’ll fair better with a higher rise pant. Just wear your top untucked to elongate your body.

Fortunately high rise jeans are back in and looking better than ever. Look for jeans with a 9-10″ rise.

Here are some high rise jeans to choose from at various price points:

Create a column of color or dress monochromatically

You will generally look slimmer when you wear one color throughout, especially if that color is dark or black. But you can also create a column of color underneath a completer piece for an even more slenderizing effect.

black jeans || black t-shirt || black pumps || teal long linen blend cardigan

Wear clothes that fit

Many women make the mistake of thinking that they can hide unwanted pounds by wearing loose fitting clothing. But in fact, oversized clothes add pounds. We actually look more slender when we wear clothes that fit, clothing that is tailored well and pieces that accentuate our curves.

So don’t dismiss fitted waistbands, belts, body hugging tops, skinny jeans or tailored jackets. These pieces create a slimmer silhouette than loose fitted clothing. You might want to read my blog post about how clothes are to fit if you haven’t already.

Wear the proper shapewear

Foundations are important when it comes to creating a slim silhouette. Not only can they hold things in, but they also lift “things” up and smooth things out!

Here are some pieces that need to be in most women’s drawers:

Utilize ruching

Ah, the bliss of ruching! And fortunately for us, ruching is really on trend right now, too. Well placed ruching on a dress or top can camouflage a tummy or hips and create pleasant, more desirable curves.

Fall Floral Dress for Any Occasion
Similar dress by same designer || handbag (similar) || slingback pumps

Wear a v-neck shirt or dress

It’s tempting to hide your neck when you feel a little full in the chest or bosom. Or if you’re just a little fuller figured all over. But actually a v-neck is one of the most flattering necklines on most women. It creates a visually appealing line and actually raises the eyes to the face.

Ruched Wrap Top + Bootcut Jeans
This shirt is a double whammy with a v-neck AND ruching!

Watch your lines

Vertical lines play tricks on the eye, making you look slimmer. While horizontal lines draw attention to width. This doesn’t mean you never wear horizontal lines, but choose these pieces carefully.

If you do wear horizontal lines, you probably don’t want to wear them across the widest part of your body, such as your hips. And you can also fool the eye by sandwiching the vertical lines within a jacket or cardigan, as shown below.

Shopping Talbots
girlfriend chinos || skinny stripe tee || blazer

Tuck or half tuck

Sometimes you’ll actually create a more slenderizing silhouette by tucking your shirt in. Or you can also do a half tuck, either in the front or a little to the side.

Shopping Talbots
I’ve just done a front tuck here. I could add a belt or not.
Shirt || girlfriend chinos

If your shirt is full and just hangs, it will actually make you look full, too. So it’s often better to make your clothes look more fitted and proportional by doing some sort of tuck at the waist. Of course, if you feel like your body proportions just don’t allow for a tuck, then you’ll probably want to stick with tops that hit you at the right place for your proportions and that fit fairly close to the body.

What to Wear to a Christmas Cookie Swap
Here I did a full tuck and added a belt. I don’t look skinny, but if the shirt were untucked I would not have a defined silhouette and the eye would perceive me to be fuller in the waist than I am.

Wear dark wash jeans

Jeans made of a dark wash denim will always make you look slimmer than light washes will. Also, beware of jeans that feature fading in the areas where you are fuller, such as thighs or rear.

Choose fabrics that are more forgiving

Fabrics such as ponte knit are generally very forgiving. Choose fabrics that are thick enough to conceal dimpling and bulges. Heavy knits are generally a great bet.

Donegal Sweater Dress with Riding Boots
Donegal cowlneck sweater dress || black riding boots

Wear heels and/or pointy toes

High heels will elongate the leg and create a more slender silhouette…every time. Whether you’re wearing pants or a dress, heels will always make you look more slender than flats.

Also, pointy toes continue that long line. So, yes, even your shoes affect how wide your hips look! If you can’t wear heels and must wear flats, try to choose pointy toes still.

Powerful Black Dress
I really have pretty thick ankles, but wearing heels with this dress makes my legs look longer and more slender. PLUS notice my dress is ruched and my neckline is a V. AND the dress is solid black! Y’all this whole outfit is an illusion at its best! (Oh and one more trick. I used these large, pretty earrings to draw the gaze up to my face!)

Have you used these tricks, or shall we say “skills,” to create a slimmer appearance? Which do you utilize most often? Have you been surprised at the results?

For more great tips on creating outfits that help us put our best foot forward, you might want to read 7 Ways to Elevate Your Outfit from Simple to Stylish, What to Wear so Your Eyes Pop or 7 Styling Details Essential to Every Outfit.

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10 thoughts on “What to Wear so You Look Slimmer

  1. Thanks Kay! Always love your advice and tips!! AND….they work!! Love you and your blog. It’s always fresh and new and never boring!! Have a blessed day!

  2. You look wonderful. Great tips. I love the longer sleeve on the dress. My favorite flattering tee style has a v-neck and 3/4 sleeves

  3. Great assortment and very inspiring. You always look like a leader for whatever the occasion.Everything looks just right and you make it look so easy. I do follow your advise and switched to only one leopard accessory at a time! Either belt, or shoe or dress etc. I also have rushing dresses. I love your emails so far this year. I can see you do spend a lot of time on your blog and I am learning a lot.

  4. Hi Kay
    How much do I appreciate your advice. I am 53 and I can do with your professional experience in dressing slimmer.
    God bless.

  5. Great tips…..but. Show a woman that has weight issues. Geez of course you look good in these clothes.

    1. Hi Barbara. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and found the tips helpful. I understand and appreciate your point, but this is a personal style blog. The only model I have to use is myself. And while I may not be large, I’m not small either. I wear a size 8, not a 0 or 2. And these tips really do help any woman look her best. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  6. Dear Kay ,
    I enjoyed your post . Most of the “over 50 “ dress suggestions , I disagree with . Simple, clean lines , jackets are wonderful , v necks elongate the the neck , and many other suggestions you touched on .
    Best of the ones I have read .


    1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog. Thank you. God has been very gracious to grow this platform so I will always provide scripture and inner beauty encouragement here. ?