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Let’s Talk Hair for Women Over 50

December 15, 2020

Welcome to Dressed for My Day! Today I’m turning from my usual focus on all things fashion and attempting to share a little about my hairstyle, some struggles I’ve had with my hair, my own hair goals for 2021 and some recommendations I can bring to the table. I don’t claim to be an expert in this area at all, but I can share my experience. Even so, you can expect this to be a fairly short post. Ha! Let’s talk …briefly…about hair for women over 50.

Let's Talk Hair for Women Over 50

When I recently got my hair cut, I asked my stylist a few questions about women over 50 and our hair. I always ask her lots of questions. I suggest you do the same if you have a good hairdresser. In fact, let’s start there…with your hairdresser.

I think we’ll do this in a Q&A format, just to keep me organized and moving along. Here goes!

Q – How do you find a good hairdresser?

I’ve moved a lot, so I’ve had to locate good hairdressers with each move. And maybe that’s a good thing. It’s kept me from getting in a rut or becoming loyal to a stylist who wasn’t doing me any favors. And everywhere I’ve lived I’ve been blessed with wonderful hairstylists who “learn my hair” and serve me well.

Truly, not all hairstylists are the same. I suggest you look for a stylist who stays current, keeps up with the trends, but also knows how to work with your kind of hair. How do you do that?

Every time I’ve moved I’ve looked for women whose hair looks somewhat like mine in texture and whose style I like. I look for someone whose hair looks current and well cared for and nicely colored (if that’s something I want, too). Then I stop that woman (in Target, at church, at the mall, wherever) and ask her who does her hair. In other words, I let the stylist’s work speak for itself and follow up from there. That’s worked for me every time.

Q – Have you experienced thinning of your hair?

Yes, I have. About two and half years ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and prescribed levothyroxine. I didn’t know it at the time, but I now believe that medication caused me to experience significant hair loss. While the hair loss was temporary (as it usually is when taking levothyroxine), it took almost a year and a half for me to feel like my hair had grown back in to close to what it used to be. I’d always had fairly fine hair, but a lot of it. I’m still on the medication, but I don’t seem to be losing hair now.

Graphic t-shirt
You may not be able to tell it, buy my hair loss was fairly significant at the time of this photo. It was never patchy, just thinned. See this post here.

It turns out that all sorts of things can cause hair loss, and it’s not uncommon for women our age to experience it for these reasons. Some of the culprits of hair loss are (but not limited to):

  • genetics – the most common cause of hair loss among aging women is a hereditary condition which usually looks like a thinning along the crown of the scalp.
  • hormonal changes – menopause doesn’t always cause hair loss, but it can.
  • medications and supplements – Hair loss can be a side effect of certain drugs, such as those used for cancer, arthritis, depression, heart problems, gout and high blood pressure…and evidently hypothyroidism.
  • a very stressful event – I think stress also potentially contributed to my hair loss, as it occurred right after my husband suddenly lost his job. But I’ve also heard of many women losing significant hair three to six months after surgery. My daughter experienced this when she was just 21.
  • significant weight loss
  • vitamin deficiency, such as Vitamin B
  • medical conditions – These include but are not limited to hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Hodgkin’s disease, hypopituitarism, Hashimoto disease, systemic lupus erythematosus, Addison’s disease and celiac disease.

If you experience hair loss it’s important to talk with your healthcare provider because it can be a symptom of an undiagnosed issue. So you’ll want to share any other vital information and undergo a series of blood tests potentially.

Q – What can you do about hair loss?

Seeing your healthcare provider is the first step, and hopefully they can provide answers or at least hope. Otherwise, the best advice I can give is to stay calm and carry on. And that’s easier said than done.

When I began to lose hair I didn’t feel calm. I felt a little desperate, honestly. But I do know that stress only exacerbates the situation. So I advise talking with your healthcare professional about increasing your vitamin intake, improving your diet overall, and getting plenty of sleep, all of which are important for hair growth.

Be aware, too, that once your hair stops shedding, it will take months for it to feel like it is filling out again. Thus, carrying on is part of the plan. It’s really the only “work” you can do to help hair grow. I did try some products. I tried Keranique FullerHair Kit, but I don’t know that it helped. Maybe it did? I can’t say definitively. My hair got fuller in time, but I wasn’t especially faithful using the system, so I don’t necessarily credit it with the re-growth.

You can also get a new hair cut and learn to style it in ways that makes your hair appear fuller. That was part of my motive for letting my hair go curly for a while. I figured it would look fuller and it would be better for my hair, too.

Silk Blouse
See this post.

Q – I liked your hair curly. Why did you stop doing your hair that way?

Initially I went with the curly hairstyle because I wanted a more youthful look and I wanted to be able to spend less time on it. You may be surprised to learn that I’m really a very low maintenance woman. Ha! I don’t like spending time on my hair or makeup or nails, etc. So I want all the short cuts!

Drape Collar Knit Blazer
See this post.

But, while I generally liked the looser, curly style, it actually required more work. To achieve that very “natural” look, I had to put in a lot of effort. I had to apply extra lotions and potions to get it moisturized enough to hold curl. I had to “bounce it” with a cotton t-shirt after getting out of the shower with it sopping wet. Then I’d let it dry naturally for a little while. And then I’d finish drying it with a diffuser. But even then I generally had to finish it off with a curling iron.

And the next day I would wake up and it would be matted to my head. Ugh. I’m more of a wake up and go kinda gal. So that exhausted me.

Q – I love your sassy new do. How is it cut?

When I realized the curly thing wasn’t going to work for me, I reverted back to my blunt bob. But that began to feel dated. Not that all bobs are dated. I love a chic bob on many women. But mine was beginning to pull me down. And I needed something fresh and with more body.

As I mentioned in this video, 5 Mistakes that You May Be Making that are Making You Look Older, one of the best ways we could look more vibrant and current is to wear a more relaxed and current hairstyle. Over-styling can make us look older. And I felt like I was looking old.

Work from Home Outfit
See the original post.

My hairstylist tells me that my style is called an updated shag. If you want something like this, Shannon tells me you should ask for long layers or an updated shag. She used shears to cut in the layers and then took a razor to it for more body and lightening up. I love that I can style my hair multiple ways, sweeping it forward or brushing it back from my face. And I can wear it with the bangs down on my forehead or swept back. And it has a lot of body.

Fair Isle Sweater

Q – What products do you use on your hair?

I asked Shannon what is the number one problem she sees women over 50 having with their hair and she immediately replied, “dryness.” We need to add a lot of moisture to our hair ladies. Because of hormone changes, medications we take and greying, our hair is desperate for moisture.

So I’m using the Hair Biology Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner. This line of hair products, available exclusively at Target, is created for the older woman’s unique biology. It combats these four issues specific to women in our stage of life: thinning, dryness, greying and hair quality.

Honestly, I’ve had some issues with one of the pumps, but other than that I’m loving these products.

Q – How do you style your hair?

Maybe I’ll do a video one of these days, but not anytime soon. I’ve got a few things I’ve got to work out first. But meanwhile here are the basic steps.

  • I let it dry naturally while I put on my makeup and get dressed.
  • When it’s almost dry, I spray a little of this Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus at the roots of my hair throughout and then work it through my hair with my hands or a comb.
  • I clip the top two-thirds up on top of my head with a clip and dry the bottom layer while using a large round brush.
  • After drying a layer, I go over my hair with a flat iron to make it straighter, shinier and more sleek. But I pull out and then down with the flat iron, so I don’t lose the body.
  • Then I unclip the next one-third and the next, drying each layer with the round brush and my hair dryer, then straightening with the flat iron. (Yes, I do have a Dyson hairdryer. Don’t hate me. It was a splurge when I was feeling really desperate.)
  • I just use the large round brush to direct my hair out and down, creating body at the roots but pulling it fairly close to my head as I go down. I don’t want a lot of poof in my hair, just body.
  • To finish off I usually work just a few drops of Biosilk Silk Therapy through my hair. This gives it extra shine and that updated blow-away look. Then I spray a little Sebastian Shaper spray in it and crunch a little. This is a very light spray so it doesn’t weigh it down at all. But it does give it a little more texture.
  • I only wash my hair about every four to five days. And I rarely have to do anything to it between washings.
Let's Talk Hair for Women Over 50 (1)

Q – You mentioned hair goals?

I’ve colored my hair off and on for years, but for the most part I’ve just had highlights put in. I’m really a true dark blonde. And, according to Shannon and my previous hairstylist, Marilyn, my tone of grey that is coming in is light and expected to be a pretty silver. We’ll see.

But I have decided to stop coloring it at all. This last time I went to the hairdresser I simply had Shannon highlight it to get some of the yellow out that had gotten in with the last color we applied. She then applied a toner to it to further tone it down. But she believes I won’t have to do anything else to it and the grey should be able to blend in nicely with the rest of my hair as I let it grow.

So that’s my goal. Yes, I’m officially going grey. But to keep the brassiness out, I’m going to use Hair Biology’s Silver and Glowing silver shampoo and silver conditioner every other washing. Shannon thinks that should be sufficient.

More Questions?

Well that’s my effort to answer all the questions I frequently get about my hair. I suppose I really do get more questions about my hair than anything else. And yet I feel less confident about answering these questions than anything else, too. But I do hope I’ve provided a few answers today.

You know, this may sound silly, but hair is kind of a personal thing, isn’t it? First off, we all have very different hair textures and issues. I tease that I didn’t really learn how to style my hair until I was in my mid-forties. But that’s the honest truth. And about the time I figured out how to style it, it started falling out and turning grey. So it’s a struggle to stay confident about our hair.

All that to say, it’s a lot easier for me to make recommendations about clothing than it is hair. And I suppose the best bit of advice I can give is that very first tip I provided: find a good hairstylist. A good one is worth every penny you pay her…and a good Christmas bonus! Yep, don’t forget your stylist this Christmas. I gave Shannon a little extra in her payment and this candle.

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Blessed for My Day

The other day I Instagram messaged another blogger who is Jewish and asked her to share how celebrating Hanukkah made her feel. She had been sharing about the traditions of the Jewish holiday along with photos of her menorah. But she hadn’t shared anything about her own feelings surrounding the celebration. Also I had just watched a Hallmark movie called Love, Lights, Hanukkah! And while I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, I couldn’t grasp from it what the significance of the miracle of the oil has for Jewish people. And I genuinely would like to know.

But the blogger refused to answer my question. She said her feelings about Hanukkah are too personal to share and that she drew a line there. And that got me to thinking about my own feelings about Christmas. How do I feel about the celebration of Christmas? Why do I celebrate it? What’s the significance to me? I’m planning on sharing those things Saturday in an inner beauty post. But what I want to say today is that I have absolutely no problem sharing how Christmas makes me feel. And I hope you don’t either. Christmas is a holiday of good news. Dear friend, let’s not hesitate to share the good news whenever and wherever we can.

And the angel said to them, “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. And this will be a sign for you: you will find a baby wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger.” ~ Luke 2:10-12

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59 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Hair for Women Over 50

  1. Kay….,great hair post. I really like your new hairstyle as I have said before. It frames your face beautifully. My hair has the same cut but a little longer. I too do not have to shampoo my hair but twice a week and sometimes once a week. I will be turning 55 next year and over the last five years I have experimented with my hair as well. I had my hair the length as yours but chose to wear it a little longer so I could wear it up. I will say for me personally if I let my hair grow too long…it ages me (I do not want that). I do not want to be one of those women with really long hair and look young from behind and then turn around and get the look “oh my…what was she thinking”. I too have the Dyson. I just purchased the original Revlon One Step Hairdryer and Volumizer in Holiday Red from Amazon. It is amazing!!! I just bought my daughter one too. Anyway you look fabulous!!!! As far as what CHRISTmas means to me….I will shout from the rooftop that Jesus our One And Only Savior was born. I am so glad he saved this sinner of a girl like me. I will not draw a line at Christmas. I will share all year long what God has done for me. Many Blessings to you sweet Kay.

  2. Good Morning Kay……

    When you talk “Hair” your speaking my language! I have tried growing my hair out but with my narrow small face it isn’t very becoming on me….it’s just too much hair for me. So therefore I have kept my hair short for over 40 years now. And unlike most men, my husband likes my hair short.

    I color and highlight my own hair which I have done most of 30 years, I use Aveda because of my disease and it doesn’t have all the bad ingredients other do, it’s safe to use. And I pull my heights through a cap. I will try the shampoo and conditioner you mentioned from Target, since I still color my hair I hope there is a shampoo for that?

    Thank you for sharing this post….one of my favs???‍♀️


    1. Yes, the Silver shampoo I mentioned and linked to is also the one they recommend for color treated hair. It keeps the color true and the brassy tones out.

  3. You’re exactly right in saying we should investigate medical causes for thinning hair. My hairdresser did me a huge favor by suggesting that when she noticed my thinning hair. I thought it was likely low thyroid-but it turned out I have celiac disease. Getting on a gluten free diet restored my health and I am so thankful to have had an observant hairdresser! I love your new style! I am a nurse and right now it is easiest for me to be able to put my hair up at work to deal with my mask. But post Covid I am getting a new style! Thanks for the reminder to remember our hairdressers with a little gift. It’s on my list for this week.

    1. Most informative post Kay. It comforts me to know I am not alone in my hair concerns. My stylist calls me hair obsessed! From a young age I was taught, your hair is your crowning glory! Keep it neat and clean. Guess maybe I carried it a bit too far. LOL. However, this post has made me feel like I’m just like other women.
      Your new cut is very pretty on you. Your eyes sparkle and your smile brightens! I think with it shorter around your face, your lovely features stand out.
      Christmas is such an emotional time for me. Just to realize the meaning of the birth of Jesus and the significance He has in my life, makes me desire to share with others.
      A blessed Christmas.

    2. Thanks for sharing your experience Deanna. I think it’s important to get a medical evaluation any time we experience changes in our body of any kind. Thanks for reading!

  4. Hi Kay! Thanks for sharing information about your hair. Ten+ years ago, I decided to stop coloring my hair for so many reasons, but mainly I was tired of spending the money. As it turned out, my hair was a pretty silver and I loved it. We moved to the country the Fall of 2016, where we are on well water. We’ve had it tested and the quality is very good, however over the years the silver began to vanish and my hair turned yellow. My awesome hair designer and I have been stumped on how to rid of the yellow. Earlier this year another friend suggested that I start using bottled water to shampoo my hair. Well, with bottled water every time I wash my hair, and using baking soda & purple shampoo once a week, the yellow is slowly fading and the silver is returning. My hair is longer now than it has been in years, and I couldn’t be happier with it. Short hair actually ages my face. When I last had my hair shaped up back in July, I took my my hair designer her Christmas gift. I watched the same Hallmark movie on Sunday. Like you, I am more than happy to tell others what Christmas means to me! Have an awesome day!

    1. That’s so interesting about the water and the color of your hair. That makes me even more committed to using this silver (purple) shampoo occasionally. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great post today, Kay! Thank you for sharing your struggles, your “how to’s”, and the products you use. I just started using the Hair Biology shampoo from Target and really like it ?? I’ve been using a much more expensive shampoo for color treated hair, but the Hair Biology is my choice now. Your hair always looks darling and I do like your new style, but honestly I think you would still be beautiful even if you were bald. Have a blessed day! Thanks for all you do!

  6. I ,too, LOVE this hairstyle on you and am going to ask my hairdresser for this updated shag! I am one person who is always trying different styles especially when i am feeling like the style is getting “old”. So kudos to you for trying new things too. I really appreciate you giving us the product details,Kay, and I am going to try that shampoo and the styling spray. I have tried a lot of styling gels, sprays, etc. but never found any I loved. I used one product, a gel, for about 2 yrs before I thought it no longer was doing what I wanted with the style I had then.
    Love all your posts, by the way and am so grateful that I found your blog!

    1. Yeah products can be so baffling. And again I really think it has to do with the fact that hair is a very individual thing. One product just doesn’t fit all. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi Kay. You definitely need to do a video regarding your hair. I agree that a good stylist is key. A couple years ago my stylist of 20 years retired. She recommended a stylist who is a good bit younger than me and I absolutely love her. She is current with all the hair trends and actually asks me what I would like. Of course, I usually defer to her advice. Like another reader stated, longer hair ages me terribly. It seems to draw my facial features down making me look really tired and old. Gravity doesn’t need any help in that department. Ha. Your hair looks great. Next hair appointment I am going to show my stylist your pic and see if the style will work for me. Hope you won’t mind. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Have a wonderful day and Merry Christmas. BTW, I will share what Christmas means to me to anyone!

    1. Yeah, I loved having long hair for a while and, who knows, I may let it grow out again some day. But I think it was pulling me down. I know some older women with beautiful long hair and they look gorgeous so I guess it really has to do with face shape and features too. ?

  8. Hi Kay, I think one of the keys is to learn to work with what you have. I have naturally really curly hair. For years I struggled to straighten it. It never really worked. Now, I just go with the curls and use plenty of product. You are right – a great hairstylist is key! As always, you look beautiful!

  9. I am going to get my hair cut today and I have been thinking that I need something different. It’s a bob with layers so I am going to ask my stylist about the “updated shag”. I have fine hair. Everyday I seem to struggle with either frizz or it looks flat. It’s about finding the right products, too many and it weighs it down and if I use too fewer or the wrong products, it looks dry and frizzy. Thank you for sharing what works for you. I love your hair right now, so cute!!

    1. Wonderful. You might want to try some of those products I’ve mentioned too. The bio silk really helps with frizz without making your hair go flat. I just apply a few drops.

  10. Hi Kay, great post! I’m using this time of being home more to go grey as well. My stylist says one more cut (coming up next week) and all the color will out of my hair. So far, I’m really liking my grey!

    I’m Jewish and I’m happy to share my feelings about Hanukkah with you. The “miracle of the oil” is kind of a fable and most scholars don’t think it really happened. But the holiday is much more than about that. It is about the Jewish people remaining true to their faith during a time when they were forced to assimilate. The Greeks also defiled the Temple during this time. The Jews eventually fought them and regained control of the Temple and were able to re-dedicate it to its holy use (Hanukkah literally means rededication).

    Personally I view it as a time to rededicate myself to my faith and I love the idea of adding to the light each night of Hanukkah by lighting one more candle. It’s inspiring to see how my consistency builds on itself to burn brighter and brighter in a dark world.


    1. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing Jody. I really do appreciate your reflections. That’s the kind of personal thoughts I was looking for. I think it’s very important to hear from people of other faiths, but I want to know more than the logistics, I want to know what their practices mean to them and why they do them. Bless you.

      1. You’re quite welcome! One other thing you might find interesting……Hanukkah does not appear in the Hebrew Bible (old testament) because it happened after the time of the prophets. But it DOES appear in the Christian Bible new testament. In John 10:22, it says that Jesus was at the temple for the Feast of Dedication (i.e., Hanukkah). Pretty cool, huh?

  11. Great post Kay! I style my hair the same way you do. A few months ago I tried the BioSilk and shampoo that you are using. I have to say that the BioSilk was a total game changer for me. My hair is so shiny and sleek now. And it eliminates the frizz completely. My husband likes to vacation in beach locations and I always hate how my hair looks when we are on vacation. We just visited Santa Barbara and went for early morning walks that would normally cause my hair to balloon out. But NOW, I can vacation without any frizz!!! Keep up your good work. You are very inspiring!
    Best wishes for a wonderful holiday!

    1. I’m so glad to hear the BioSilk is working well for you. It’s one of those few products that I’ve been using for years now and I don’t leave home without it. If I’m traveling and I forget to pack it I go buy some…especially if I’m in a humid place. ?

  12. I, too, have let my gray grow out during this year. I have almost always had short hair because my hair is baby fine and thin, and it has more body when it is short. I am loving my new color. I am more grayish white with some dark dishwater blonde. It looks either more brown or white depending on the light, and seems to photograph as more brown in pictures. I use Pantene Silver Expressions purple shampoo twice a week. It is only available on Amazon. It works wonderfully to keep those sparkles bright. There are also several Facebook groups for people growing out their grays which are very encouraging groups, with lots of pictures posted. It’s interesting to see how much younger everyone looks with their God given color, rather than a darker manufactured color. I do find that I need to step up my makeup colors tho. Enjoy the process, and Merry CHRISTmas!

  13. Thank you so much for being so ‘real’ and honest about your hair issues. I am 40 and have struggled with hormonal and stress related hair thinning over the years. It is nice to know I am not alone in these struggles. I too, only feel that I have been the ‘master’ of my hair only in recent years…finally knowing how to care for and style it with success. It is a happy and long overdue accomplishment!

  14. Hi Kay! I love your new haircut and the way it frames your face in such a flattering way. I noticed that your silver was showing in some of your recent pictures and wondered if you were taking the plunge! I decided to go gray this past spring when I went over two months without a haircut due to COVID. I always knew I would let my silvers shine, but COVID was definitely the impetus to do it now. Since I wear my hair short, the dark brown (turned very brassy lighter brown) color was mostly gone by the end of the summer. It’s definitely a drastic change. I’ve gone from dark brown to primarily white, but I love it! I also recommend the Hair Biology moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

  15. When I retired 2 years ago and moved cross country it was the perfect time to grow out my pixie cut and do away with the blonde highlights and just go gray. Now my hair is shoulder length, stick straight and a great color of mixed grays. You and I share similar coloring and I don’t think we’ll ever be ‘silver’ but instead a light gray/blonde. I use the HB shampoo & conditioner and it helps my hair look gray, not blonde. Like another reader said we try to work with what we have! You may find while the gray is coming in you’ll experience another whole pretty coloring but when the entire growing in process is over, it will be an entirely different shade. It’s a process so don’t give in to coloring!

    1. Yeah, who knows. My parents and their parents all have or had different colors of grey, too. And I think it has changed even more as they’ve aged. So I guess it really is an ever changing thing. ?

  16. I have fine hair hair and when fresh washed it can go big but it goes flat quick. I found a hairdresser who is great with fine hair and wouldn’t you know it! She moved one town over. I have an updated pixie. Ears covered. Messy.
    I usually dry my hair with my head hanging down and then throw it back to finish drying. Shampoo , conditioner. Something for shine, root builder, hair spray tiny bit, spot of purple shampoo. Something for frizz. . I have this rule….no more than seven ingredients in a recipe and no more than seven products on my hair. Seven is a perfect number according to the bible.

  17. As I read your post I was excited about it. I have terrible hair . It is fine and falling out. But I thank the Lord for the hair I have. That might sound crazy but that’s me. I will always praise him for all things!

    1. Indeed, gratitude is such a healing attitude. And God is good to walk us through every season of life. I say we also have to focus on what we do have – pretty eyes, able legs or pretty hands. Thanks for sharing Lynn.

  18. My 6 week appointment for my hair cut and color is today. I have dark brown hair so I have to color it and cannot go
    silver like you are doing. This is fine with me as I have had the same hairdresser for a while now and she is always
    willing to try something fun! I have a long shaggy bob now and I might go a little shorter. I too have let mine grow
    longer so I can put it up, especially in the summer when it is hot. I have let my go straighter and not curling it the past few months. as I have fine, straight hair. Thanks for the styling tips. I am going to ask my
    hairdresser some questions today and see if my hair is cohesive to your styling tips.
    I too will yell from the rooftops that Jesus is my Lord and Savior and so glad to celebrate the His birth.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody!

  19. I love this post! My hair is thinning and graying too. I stopped coloring it almost 2 years ago, but it looks dull. Before Covid, if I had a wedding or big event to attend, I would have my hairdresser but a gloss on it, but that only lasts a few weeks. I will try some of the products you recommended. Thanks again!

  20. Thank you for your informative blog. I’m new here and am enjoying the specifics and details you mention.
    I’ve purchased the Hair Biology products and find the fragrance overwhelming. Does it go away?

    1. Huh. Now that you mention it the products do have a good bit of scent. I guess it hasn’t bothered me. I’ll have to ask my husband if he smells it. But I think it’s a nice scent, just maybe a little strong. And maybe the scent is different in the different variations??? Not sure. Thanks for sharing, Fran. And welcome to this space!

  21. Great hair blog today. How do you “bounce your hair with a cotton t shirt? Also, what is denomination of the church that you attend? Thanks

    1. Ha! It’s kind of hard to explain. You hang your head down and, from below, push the t-shirt up into your hair and push the curls in. You’re trying to create smooth coils of curls.

      We’re Southern Baptist.

  22. I was having trouble with dry, burning, itchy scalp after using hair dye, so I ditched the dye 9 years ago and switched to a sulfate free shampoo (read the label…there should be no sulfate product listed) and my hair and scalp have been transformed. I’ve always used face products for sensitive skin (no fragrance, harsh ingredients)and it occurred to me that my scalp was still my skin, so it required the same care! The thin spots are gone, my hair is thick and soft and shiny, and I get more compliments with gray hair than I ever did with dyed. Don’t be afraid of gray! It’s not the coarse, frizzy hair we’ve been warned about! Using the right products will make it just as manageable as before. And it’s the perfect color….designed just for you!

      1. Hi Jennifer! I first switched to Living Proof, and now use Beauty Counter (my daughter sells it?). Neither products are fragrance free, but the scent comes from the good ingredients. I don’t believe either have an added perfume. My bigger issue was the sulfates…the ingredient that makes those big luxurious bubbles! They can be very drying, and is further irritated by the perfumes and chemicals in shampoos and dyes. My scalp improved instantly, and I’ve not had a problem’s been 9 years! I use BOOM by Cindy Joseph on my face and body…another great line if you’re looking for products that are good for the skin.

  23. Your new hair style is my favorite! Hair Biology products are great and there is also a hair biology thickening treatment that has helped me. I am way older than you, 72, and I went grey at 65. We moved from Ohio (38 years) to Atlanta so I thought it would be a good time to go grey ! Ha! My hair is short & grey now, and there are times I look in the mirror & think who is that old lady! Sorry! So my point is , don’t go grey too early ! Thank you for all the time & hard work you put into your blog.
    Merry Christmas!

  24. Forgive me for asking, but is the Dyson worth the money? I am seeing it everywhere these days, and am so torn…

    1. Hi Jennifer. That’s hard for me to say. It is pricey. I think it does a great job and actually does make my hair a little shinier. And I like the settings on it. But the cord is long and unwieldy. On the other hand the dryer itself is definitely lighter weight than the one I had been using. As I’ve gotten older that has become quite important to me. So obviously there are things I love about it and things I don’t like so much. My biggest problem with it is that because the cord is so long and thick it’s kind of hard to store. I’ve put mine on a closet shelf because it won’t fit on my bathroom cabinet shelf. Did that help at all??? Ha! ?

  25. THanks for the great post today! I too have been blessed with a wonderful hairdresser . I use Bumble & Bumble products and the one of the I love is the Bumble & Bumble Repair Blow Dry. It protects my hair from the heat from my hair dryer so there is no dryness. My hair has been thinning in the front and sides but still thick in the back. I keep it short for that reason. I have mentioned your new cut in prior posts but I must say it again – I love your hair cut! And I think you will look lovely with gray hair! One of these days I will venture to the wild side and let my hair grow gray too. Right now it is mostly gray in the front and sides.

  26. Grateful for this open and reassuring post today, Kay … my hair has always been on the finer/thinner side, so when I noticed an increase in thinning over the past couple of years, it’s really panicked me. Although I really want to focus on inner beauty as I age, losing my hair could definitely challenge me in that regard! More wrinkles, a midlife midline, and slower metabolism I can deal with, but thinning hair? Oh, that’s a tough one! In my case, I think there’s a genetic component, as all of my aunts on my father’s side had very thin hair on top when they got older.

    All that said, yay for grey! I’ve only just started to go grey, and I honestly don’t mind it. The only hair coloring I’ve ever done was highlights, and, like you, I’m a low maintenance gal and would rather not spend too much time or money on “upkeep,” preferring simplicity. For now, I’m choosing to just grey naturally … although I’m reserving the option to highlight again if the desire strikes in the future! ?

  27. I made the decision to go gray 14 months ago and I haven’t regretted it! My hair is in much better shape than it has been in years. I’m going to be 49 on Christmas Eve…I tell people, “Who am I kiddin’? I don’t look 30 anymore” My husband went gray in his 20’s and now he’s going silver. He said “What took you so long?” LOL

  28. I second getting a medical evaluation if you are losing hair. I went to my dermatologist with another problem and casually mentioned a receding hairline. After a biopsy, her nurse called and said I needed to find a rheumatologist. That one comment, about hair loss, led to several autoimmune diagnoses at 61! I, too, have decided to let my short hair go gray but only if it has enough body to look good. Thank you, Kay, for touching on this subject.

  29. Kay, I just love your honesty! Love that you “keep it real”. You are beautiful regardless of you hair style/cut or color because the love of Jesus comes out of you. Thanks for sharing all the hair tips!

  30. I have naturally curly hair and SAME to everything you said! People thinks it’s get up and go but it’s not and then it can never last into the 2nd day so like what’s the point?! ?