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6 Ways to Wear Joggers this Fall

October 12, 2020

Happy Monday! Are you dressed for your day? Or are you, like me, riding the struggle bus this Monday morning? Yeah, I’m a little in the dumps – for no good reason really. So I forced myself to put on my workout clothes so that I’ll get my blood pumping after I finish turning out this post. And I think today’s subject matter is appropriate for a cloudy Monday like we’re having here, too. Let’s talk about ways to wear joggers this fall.

The Jogger Trend

While it may seem like fashion designers single-handedly chart the course of fashion, style trends actually generally follow other cultural cues. And thanks to the shelter-in-place protocol we’ve all been living with this year, athleisure and loungewear are trending high.

I’m still not a proponent of wearing loose-fitting, elastic waistband joggers, leggings or lounge pants every day. They tempt my waistline to grow and sometimes diminish my productivity, too. So I do put on jeans or other pants most days. But at least once or twice I week I do reach for my joggers.

So today I thought I’d share several different ways to style these comfortable and trending pants. I’m also sharing some of the best joggers I’ve found. I don’t own all of these and I’ve not even tried on a few of them. But I’ve consistently heard high praises for the ones I haven’t tried myself. You’ll find an entire shopping widget filled with high rating joggers at the bottom of the post.

Joggers + Pullover Sweater + Blazer + Sneakers

Let’s start with the look I wore Saturday when I darted out to the mall before taping videos. In fact, you’ll also see this look again in an upcoming video on how to style a black blazer.

Ways to Wear Joggers this Fall
cotton v-neck sweater // joggers // black blazer // sneakers or here// no-show socks // necklace // earrings

This is really my favorite look of the six I’m sharing. I’m wearing a cotton v-neck sweater from Everlane, which is reduced by 29% for a limited time. It’s not available in the pink right now, but I also have the black and like the pale grey one. It runs large, so size down one.

I’m wearing the Athleta Balance joggers here, and I think they probably are my favorites of all the ones I’m showing. I’m wearing a medium and they’re quite roomy, but not too big.

Style Key: I think the key to this look is tucking in the sweater in the front if you’re at all comfortable with that. This simple tuck really elevates the look, makes it look more pulled together. And it just looks so much neater. But hey, if that’s not your thing, a simple pullover sweater is still a good way to style your joggers.

Joggers + Simple Pullover + Sneakers

In this next look, mostly from Talbots, I just topped my joggers with a simple 53% Cotton, 35% Polyester, 12% Rayon  pullover. By the way Talbots is still offering 30% off one item, 40% off two and 50% off three. It’s a good time to check out their T by Talbots line.

Ways to Wear Joggers this Fall
pullover (also in blue) // joggers // sneakers or here// no-show socks // earrings

While this look is easy, I want you to see the difference that tucking in this pullover makes. Compare the two photos below.

Ways to Wear Joggers this Fall
pullover (also in blue) // joggers // sneakers or here// no-show socks // earrings

There’s nothing terribly wrong with the first look, but the proportions are so much better in the second look. So again I really recommend tucking in a top like this, especially if it is as long as this one is.

Style Key: Don’t forget to add a little jewelry. Too much will look silly with joggers, in my estimation. But some simple earrings and stacked bracelets or a pendant necklace will complete the outfit nicely.

Grey Joggers + Grey Tee + Black Blazer + Black Wedge Sneakers

I like some things about this look and dislike others. I like the color combination of black and grey throughout. Topping the all grey look with a black blazer and finishing it off with black sneakers is definitely a smart move.

better grey joggers // grey v-neck tee (my fave and just $10 today!) // wedge sneakers (41% off!!) // black blazer // necklace or here // earrings

But what I don’t like is the joggers themselves. I purchased these Zella joggers over two years ago. And while Zella still makes similar ones, I’ll bet the newer version features a higher waist. These are just lower waisted than the trending joggers and, now that I see these photos, the difference is stark.

Style Key: Look for joggers with a high waist and a lean, slenderizing fit. You want them to be comfortable and full, but also to wear close to the body. I prefer them to be a little tapered.

Joggers + Leopard Tee + Cardigan + Wedge Sneakers

I have a problem with this outfit, too. (Can you tell I threw these together to take photos after a long day of taping videos? Hahaha!!) I love, love, love the concept of these look. Really, a long sleeve leopard (or other animal print tee) topped with a slim fitting cardigan is a great topper for joggers.

Ways to Wear Joggers this Fall
leopard print longsleeve t-shirt (less than $15 today!!!) // joggers // similar necklace // earrings // wedge sneakers (41% off!!) // similar cardigan

The problem is the joggers I chose. And I knew it once I had the sneakers on, but I was too exhausted to change. LOL! I should have worn this look with the slimmer fitting joggers that have a cuff at the bottom rather than these Talbots joggers, which are a little shorter on me. Otherwise, I should have just worn low-rise regular sneakers.

Style Key: Don’t be afraid to top your joggers with a cardigan. But choose one that fits slim to the body. Underneath wear a tee that coordinates well with the joggers and cardigan. I love an animal print for this.

Joggers + Long Sleeve Crewneck Tee + Denim Jacket + Leopard Print Sneakers

Obviously where I’m throwing in my leopard print sneakers you could adapt with any other current sneakers as well.

Ways to Wear Joggers this Fall
leopard print sneakers (on sale + take extra 30% off with code NICEONE) // ribbed white long sleeve tee // denim jacket // joggers // similar necklace // earrings

But I do love having a pair of leopard print sneakers to wear with my joggers and jeans. And these leopard print sneakers are marked down and you get to take an extra 30% off with code NICEONE.

Style Key: Top your joggers and a simple tee with your favorite denim jacket for a look that is contemporary and easy on the eyes. To add some interest, step into some colored or print sneakers.

Joggers + Hoodie + Puffer Vest

Well I’m not really seeing a lot of puffer vests available yet, but you probably already have one in your closet with which to duplicate this look. But I did find this one on Amazon and it’s labeled as a best seller. Mine is from Talbots and I’m sure they’ll come out with them again this year.

Ways to Wear Joggers this Fall
joggers // similar hoodie // similar puffer vest and another option// wedge sneakers (41% off!!) // earrings

The main thing I wanted you to see with this look is that a puffer vest (or a denim jacket or blazer, for that matter) is a good way to top a hoodie. And topping your hoodie is a great way to elevate your very casual look when you step out the door.

Style Key: Yes, wear a regular sweat shirt or hoodie with your joggers, but top the look with something more interesting when you step out the door. You could add a blazer, denim jacket or puffer vest. This elevates the look from “just sweats” to more interesting athleisure.

Joggers I Can Recommend

The following shopping widget is made up just of joggers I can highly recommend. I either own them or I’ve tried them or I’ve heard several people I trust recommend them. These and the links above are affiliate links. If you shop through them I potentially earn a commission, but at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting the work I do here by shopping my links.

The following shopping widget contains most of the other items I’ve shared in today’s post. Many are on sale for Columbus Day. If something is not shown in the widget, then shop through the links in the captions of the photos.

Thank you so much for stopping in today. I hope you enjoy your day. I’m feeling better about mine now. Time to go exercise!

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19 thoughts on “6 Ways to Wear Joggers this Fall

  1. Love your outfits and your blog! Enjoy reading everyday and learning! Can you tell me what size you normally get in the banana republic v-neck tshirt? The reviews on it have me a little confused on sizing.
    Thank you!

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Linda. I do have the white and black tees in small, but more recently I purchased the grey and had to have a medium. So I think the sizing changed a little. I would definitely get a medium for me now.

    2. Hi Kay!
      Please just take care of Y O U. We’ll all be here when you are able to share your wonderful posts, but your health is more important than anything else. You’re beautiful inside and out and I absolutely love your emails. But don’t put added or undue pressure on yourself for us. Stress can play a huge part on our health and I don’t want to have you feel pressured to get a post out because you feel obligated to. Keep it fun for you too and if you’re doing too much here… slow down. You’re such a lovely lady, inside and out, and you’ve been a beautiful, joyful addition to my weeks. Thank you so much for all you do.
      Cleveland, OH

      1. Thanks so much Kit. I really feel fine. But you know how it is when you have an undiagnosed thing. It just weighs on you a bit. I’m still working on that appointment! I had to change doctors because mine has left. And that is causing problems. But I don’t think it’s an emergency, just something they definitely needs to be looked into. Anyhow yesterday I just needed to put my feet up and watch Call the Midwives. Ha! So that’s what did. ? Thanks for your kindness. I’m really trying to pace myself, but I thrive off of consistency and resourcing you ladies brings me joy.

  2. Love the pink pullover hoodie, the long sweater and also the puffy vest but find these too much to wear inside without plans to be going out somewhere. Love joggers but usually wear these at home with no plans many days to be going anywhere. All these outfits look great! You give us good ideas. Thanks for all your hard work!

  3. I have that same Bible, Kay! Like you, I’ve been marking in it for many years and it is a treasured possession. I used to bring a smaller Bible to church for convenience, but now I bring it and my marking pens to church so I can add sermon notes along with my inductive study notes. Lord willing, it will be “completed” in my lifetime! ?

  4. My fav is the jean jacket and leopard sneakers Kay. But then the next one I loved also with the vest and leopard top! I had been wanting a pair of joggers and finally found a pair on HSN……then I just came across a pair at Walmart on sale for only $7! Now I have 2 pair and both in black. The ones from HSN are a little more dressier.

    Love how you can dress joggers up or down.


  5. Beautiful pink sweater! I love that look plus the blue jean jacket look are my favorites. You throw together something really well.
    I think I bought one of the first Franklin electronic bibles. I still have it and it still works but it could never replace my marked up, dog chewed one corner off, old Gideon bible. It’s proly an antique like its owner. ?

  6. I hope that as your day has progressed, you have started feeling better! I am so glad you showed us different ways to wear our joggers in a more current and flattering way. I agree that front tucking your top improves the overall look. Thank you for sharing outfits that you aren’t totally happy with, and explaining why. That helps educate us! I hope to add an animal print puffer vest to my closet. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  7. I love all of these looks and can see tweeting a few pieces here and there. My only issue is I have a high waist /short torso and always struggle with tucking and /or finding the right length in bottoms. I do prefer dressing in comfy styles such as these. How would you recommend styling the joggers as sweaters and sweatshirts/blazers should be difficult to pair?

    1. Hi! Actually if you have a high waist short torso you are probably the exception to my “rule .” Instead I would look for mid length sweaters, sweatshirts, etc. and not tuck them. But you still want to make sure your legs don’t look short or squatty so I would consider wearing sneakers I the same color or tone of my pants. Does that make sense?

        1. Hahaha! Well the main thing you want to do is create those pleasing proportions. You want your legs to look longer than your upper portion. ?

  8. The pink and black look is my favorite. The front tuck makes such a difference, I do it as much as I can. I also love the leopard print top and puffer vest. I only get to wear joggers on the weekend because I work full time but I do like to “dress” them up when I do get to wear them.

  9. Kay, look forward to reading all your posts and viewing each Wednesday’s video. Always something that can be used now or tucked away for use later. My “Kay time” is like sharing a cup of tea or coffee with a friend! Now my question about wearing joggers. Many jogger pants seem to end at the ankle (or a bit above) and are teamed with “no show” socks and sneakers. That’s fine until it gets very cool/cold. Do you have any suggestions for pairing legwear with them and not have it look odd or like something is fashionably out of whack? Thanks and enjoy your day!

    1. Hi Pat. Thanks for your kind words. I’m so glad you are enjoying the website and YouTube channel. I would absolutely wear black socks with these joggers with the black wedge sneakers. Even if I were wearing black low top sneakers I would add black socks for cold days. I WILL add black socks. But I do think that will look best with black sneakers, which is why I bought these and some low top ones last year too. Otherwise, I’d probably wear white socks with white sneakers. Hope that helps.

  10. Kay, thanks for being so honest about the looks that you didn’t like as well and the reasons. That is educational, too.

  11. Kay! I’ve been searching for “the perfect pair” of black joggers. I ordered the Baleaf pair from Amazon and LOVE them! Thanks for linking to these and for the wearable ideas!!

  12. Kay, I am enjoying your ideas on dressing stylishly, but casually- I started wearing linen joggers this summer and they were cute and comfortable but needed ironing ! I love all of your ideas for cooler weather, and I usually wear jeans, or pants with a sweater every day, but hadn’t really thought about what to wear with joggers in the cool weather! Thank you…I also like your references to the Bible, it’s so good to know there are still people who do believe and share their thoughts! Loved all the looks and will try some!