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6 Spring Completer Pieces to Layer on Style

March 14, 2022

Hello, and welcome to Dressed for My Day! We’re still “chillin'” in most places today. I’m in Georgia for the week, and even here in the South the temperatures dipped into the 20s this weekend. Hurry up, Spring! Of course it’s not even officially spring yet, so I need to quit my belly-aching. Today I thought I’d quit complaining about the cold weather, “chill out” and share some great spring completer pieces. Spring completer pieces really bring me such joy!

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Spring 2022 Completer Pieces

The Beauty of Completer Pieces

Completer pieces are those garments that, well, complete an outfit. They give it a finished look. How do they do this? Completer pieces…

  • add structure to your outfit.
  • add or change the color scheme of the outfit.
  • shift the focus.
  • set the tone.
  • add visual interest.
  • and even provide warmth

Today I’m sharing 6 completer pieces that are especially suited to spring, but you might think of others. I’ll share a few photos from the archives (please click through the links in the photo captions to the original posts for more details) and a shopping widget for each. And I’ll share a few different ways you can incorporate each completer piece into your wardrobe.

Spring Cardigans

Blue Cardigan
cardigan // similar cardigans // See the original post from last year HERE.

I love a basic, classic button up cardigan. They’re great for keeping on hand just in case. And while some will tell you they are out of style, we call them “classic” for a reason. This button up completer piece is still just as wearable, feminine and wardrobe-worthy as ever. And it’s perfect for throwing on over the trending shirtdresses. I love Talbots and Ann Taylor for these classic sweaters.

with Classic Cardigan
cardigan // similar cardigans // similar dress // See the original post for details.

But there are so many other options when it comes to cardis, too. For instance the long cardigan, otherwise known as a duster, is definitely still having more than a moment. Mine is from several years ago, but I’m still seeing similar styles in the stores. And I’ll include some in the shopping widget below.

Spring Completer Pieces - Cardigans
See the original post HERE for more details. black pants // similar cardigan

And girlfriend or boyfriend cardigans continue to trend this year, too. These slightly boxy button up cardigans often feature a flattering v-neck. and this year we’re seeing them with colorful, contrasting borders in pretty colors as well as neutrals. I’m really enjoying the girlfriend cardigan below from Talbots. It’s available in other color combinations, too. And it runs true to size.

Girlfriend cardigan // ankle jeans // sleeveless shirt // shoes // belt // shoulder bag (similar) // earrings // necklace

Your classic button up cardigan can still look modern and fresh when worn with a casual vibe. Button up just the middle buttons or wear it open. Top off chinos, jeans or even shorts with this cardi. Underneath you can wear a simple tee, a floral silk blouse or a whimsical tank top. This simple black one has proven to be very versatile, but it’s available in many colors. It’s even trending to wear your button up cardigan as a pullover, completely or almost completely buttoned up. I just wear one of these camisoles underneath.

10 Tips for Wearing Leopard Print without Going Wild
classic button up cardigan // See the original post for details.

During the spring I really prefer to look for cardigans with a lot of cotton and/or linen in the fabric. Those natural fibers are just more breathable and easy to wear into the warmer months. I’m loving this relaxed v-neck cardigan from Loft.

Spring Try-On Session 10
Striped everyday v-neck tee // Relaxed V-Neck Cardigan // Paige Cindy High Waist Straight Leg Jeans // Born Inlet Sandals in nude (not from Loft) // split hoop earrings

A truly versatile spring completer piece is one that can elevate a simple jeans outfit but can also soften a dressier look. Choose a cardigan in one of your neutrals that will mix and match with other things in your wardrobe or a colorful one that will add some interest to your simple separates.

Shop Spring Cardigans:

Denim Jackets

In my book, you just can’t beat a traditional denim jacket. Mine is the Levi’s Original Trucker jacket in a Sweet Jane wash, and it’s seen many years. Even though I’ve purchased other denim jackets throughout the years, I have kept this one for over 30 years, returning to it again and again. I prefer the classic details and the relaxed silhouette for true versatility.

Green Maxi Dress
denim jacket // See the original post for further details.

Of course there are many other denim jackets to choose from, including colors and prints. You can also find modern details like raw edges, ruffles and even padded shoulders.

denim jacket // See the original post for details.

You can throw a jean jacket on over anything – from chinos or cargos to dresses or skirts. Your jean jacket will automatically add a casual vibe to your outfit, so put it on after work before heading out for pizza with the family. I especially love denim jackets over pretty floral dresses or skirts.

Shop Denim Jackets:

Utility Jackets

Modern Barn Jacket Outfit
similar barn jacket // See the original post for details.

A utility jacket is a sporty jacket with a utilitarian feel to it. Often made of cotton or other sturdy fabric, these jackets really do ward off the wind, but they also add a sporty vibe to your outfit.

Similar utility jacket // See the post here.

Often called such names as field jacket, safari jacket, chore jacket, barn jacket, military or utility jacket, these sporty coats often feature cinched waists, buttons, snaps, zippers and other such hardware. Some are denim while others are cotton twill. Look for one that fits your personal style aesthetic and body shape.

You can top so many different types of outfits with these get-to-work style jackets, including dresses.

Shop Utility Jackets:


Nothing adds structure to an outfit quite like a fitted blazer. But a blazer also elevates the appeal of any outfit, and you can even use it to add a splash of color to your jeans and white tee.

Linen Blazer not yet available // See the original post for details.

But this year the blazer that’s really trending is the looser fitting relaxed fit blazer. You’ll still want this boxier blazer to fit in the shoulders and sleeves. But then again, you can always roll up the sleeves on this more casual blazer. The relaxed fit blazer I’m wearing below comes in a number of other great colors and black. It fits true to size.

Wearing Ankle Jeans for Spring
Relaxed fit blazer // See the original post for details.

Still, don’t hesitate to wear your more fitted blazers this spring either. Really, any blazer is going to make you look oh so sharp and in the know.

with Blue Blazer
Similar blazer // See the original post for details.

Blazers are available in so many pretty shades for spring, but a classic navy or black blazer are always a smart buy. And a creamy white blazer could be a gorgeous addition to your wardrobe as well. Also trending right now – lots of gold or silver buttons and doublebreasted suits. The only jacket or coat I brought with me to Georgia for the week is my Veronica Beard double breasted Miller dickey blazer. And we’re getting along just splendidly in almost every outfit I’ve worn.

Shop Blazers:


The next completer piece I especially love for spring is the sweatshirt. These days we’re seeing them in pretty colors and patterns, as well as puff sleeves, scalloped edges and other trendy variations.

Transition Into Fall with a Pretty Sweatshirt
Similar sweatshirt // See the original post for details.

I love the versatility of a sweatshirt. You can wear it alone, over a tee or tank, wrapped casually over your shoulders or tied around your waist. How fun is that?

Sweatshirt on Shoulders
Similar sweatshirt // See the original post for details.

I like the sweatshirts at Talbots, Athleta and J.Crew among others. Check out lots of options in the shopping widget below.

Shop Sweatshirts:

Trench Coats

Trench coats have always been classic toppers for spring and fall, but they’re definitely experiencing a resurgence this year. And whether you go with a classic khaki colored trench or one of the new colors or prints, you can count on your trench coat to add class and interest to your outfit.

Taupe Accessories for a Green Dress
Lavinia Jersey Wrap Dress in green emerald (also in other colors and prints) // Ally Bossy Beige Pumps (use code KAYHEELS for $40 off your first pair of heels or KAYFLATS for 10% off your first pair of flats at Ally) // split hoop earrings // gold filigree bangle // slip // pantyhose (wearing A01) (control top option) // classic trench in taupe (40% OFF with code FRIENDS) // washed tan crocodile tote

I love a classic taupe, navy or black trench coat for spring. But this year unique trench coats are really trending. What that means is that traditional trench coats will also look very on trend. But unique style points such as pleats or patterns will look more cutting edge. I would definitely start with a more traditional trench if you’re adding your first one to your wardrobe. But it’s a great year to invest in a second more lively one.

Spring completer Pieces - Trench Coats
Similar trench coat // See the original post for details.

I purchased this beautiful soft pink trench coat several years ago and still enjoy it so much. I also have a couple of short trench jackets. Mine are black and traditional khaki.

Trench Jacket
See the original post for details.

And you can learn some fun ways to tie your trench coat belt in this post.

Shop Trench Coats:

What kinds of spring completer pieces do you favor? And what’s your favorite way to wear the ones you own? I’d love to hear from you today. So scroll down and leave me a comment.

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21 thoughts on “6 Spring Completer Pieces to Layer on Style

    1. Hi Amy! I’m 5’8” and about 148 lbs. I generally wear a 6 in jeans, 8 in pants and 8 in shirts and dresses. I often wear small or medium tops and jackets, depending on the cut. Hope that helps ?

  1. I agree with you on the completer pieces elevating an outfit! And the awesome thing about completer pieces is they generally become workhorses to compliment multiple outfits so you get a lot of wear out of them. I’m loving the pink trench coat and am trying to decide if I need it! Be blessed today!

  2. Kay, I love you in the Kimonos! My favorite is the red one. It looks beautiful on you. I like the other kimonos as well. I am with you when it comes to the denim jackets, love them. I have started to really like the utility jackets but I love the vest type the best.

    1. Yes, I love the vests, too, but haven’t gotten one yet. Very slimming and not as cumbersome as a jacket. Thanks for sharing ?.

  3. Hi, I just purchased a spring print denim jacket. It is in style?? What kind of pants should I wear with it?

    1. Hi Peggy. Enjoy that new purchase! I’d wear a print jacket with a solid white or other neutral tee and jeans or khakis. The key to wearing colorful prints is to keep the other elements in your outfit more classic and toned down. On the other hand, mixing prints continues to be on trend. So, depending on the jacket (since I haven’t seen it of course), you might enjoying boldly mixing it with a black and white gingham print shirt or a navy and white stripe tee for instance.

  4. You and Abby look so pretty together at the shower! I also love the way the hostess has her dining room painted and her rug.

  5. I love blazers and really like trench coats. I coat a really cute pink trench coat last Spring that I can’t wait to wear. I also like cardigans. Can dress up an outfit of jeans and top, etc.
    Glad you are having fun in Georgia. Abigail is so cute and looks so much like her mom. She will make a beautiful bride.
    God is good all the time.

  6. What a beautiful picture of you and Abby! I hope that she didn’t get too cold in her beautiful dress, since I know how chilly it was down here in GA. Fabulous BFMD! It is amazing how much a completer piece can change the look of an outfit. You and Abby definitely have some very exciting things to do this week, and I know you are savoring every moment. This week in GA is going to be a very mixed bag when it comes to the weather.

  7. Hi, Kay. You and Abby look so beautiful in the photo. Glad you all had such a wonderful time at the bridal shower. I’m now back in Raleigh, NC but still feel nostalgia for Atlanta where I lived for more than 30 years. Thanks for all the completer ideas–I love that third clothing piece, especially since I’m cold natured. Have a great time this week.

  8. Great ideas for completer pieces. I’m glad I have been collecting very similar pieces throughout the years. It’s nice when I can shop my closet instead of spending money.

    I loved your BFMD today. I know God is working, it’s just that my life right now has so many moving parts right now that I forget that God has all those balls, I have in the air, sorted out and he won’t drop a single one. His idea of good is definitely not always mine and it’s sometimes hard to be patient for the outcome. But when you see his plans unfold, it’s hard to deny he’s been with me all along, working things out for good! Blessings to you as you spend time with your daughter.

  9. I’m so happy Abigail’s shower was a huge success! You both look absolutely lovely in the pic! Her dress is stunning and your blazer is spot on gorgeous and classy ?
    I have a camel and a black trench coat but I’m telling you that bright pink is already hauting me? it’s so pretty!
    Great post, thanks Kay! ❤ BFMD

  10. Great blog and great clothes. You look great in all and may I say that your daughter is just beautiful!!!

  11. Thanks for all the great Spring inspiration, Kay! I’ve been thinking for a while about adding a Spring/Summer blazer to my wardrobe & finally did it using your Talbots link. I ordered the casual linen blazer in the Gardenia pink with the 40% off. My style essence is similar to yours and you are my favorite to follow. I trust your reviews and advice. I appreciate all of your hard work and your Christian heart.

  12. I love the beautiful bright blue sweater on the paisley / Mandela coloured sheer skirt and blouse outfit. Also the pretty green longer sweater is gorgeous as well with your long flowing blonde hair and winning smile.