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Keep It Simple Sweetie!

April 15, 2020

How are you doing at getting dressed for your days recently? I’ll admit, it’s not easy. And some days I’m perfectly content to wear my workout clothing most of the day and then my pjs for the remainder. Ha! But the outfit I’m sharing today is a sweet example of a comfortable look that is also easy to wear and oh so feminine. This is such a great outfit to wear when you grill out with your loved ones or maybe head to the grocery store for those essentials. Today I’m going to keep it simple sweetie!

1 Beautiful Spring Sweater Worn 3 Ways
4-Way Lightweight Cardigan by Nic + Zoe in geranium // dropped hem slim ankle jeans // the day loafer mule // Reversible Faux Leather Tote // cotton blend v-neck tank (alternative more in stock) // bangles (similar) // hoop earrings // palm necklace sold out (similar option) // cubic zirconia pendant (similar) // sunglasses

I’m well aware that I post a lot of dressier outfits here at Dressed for My Day…more than I really mean to. I’m not sure why that is, but when I start putting things together I just seem to get carried away and gravitate toward more polished looks.

But in real life, like many of you gals, I wear more casual looks like the one I’m sharing here. In fact, that’s exactly why I’m showing this particular outfit. I forced myself to “keep it simple sweetie!”

Keep it simple sweetie

I know I do have a few readers who rarely if ever wear jeans. Hang with me ladies! But today’s post is really for the gals who live in jeans and wait ever so patiently for me to share these simpler outfits.

While the base for this feminine but casual look is the ankle jeans (we’ll get to those shortly), the star is the geranium colored lightweight cardigan that is actually designed to be worn four different ways. And today it’s fully stocked and 40% off. Shazam!

Keep it Simple Sweetie

This sweater is very lightweight and a little shear, so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend wearing it over a print, especially a dark one. But it’s perfect over a simple tank or tee. And while I favor the geranium, it’s also offered in about a dozen other pretty shades. You’ll find links in the widget below, but you’ll need to click through them to see additional colors. For instance, I really like this dusty twilight.

1 Beautiful Spring Sweater Worn 3 Ways

The cardigan is called a four-way cardigan, but I’m only showing three renderings here. I suppose the fourth way to style it would be to twist the ends before fastening them. You’ll see that there are buttons at the base of the sweater on either side of the cardigan where you can attach the ends as I’ve done here.

1 Beautiful Spring Sweater Worn 3 Ways trio
Tie the loose ends// let the ends fall loose // or button the ends closed

I won’t lie, you do have to play with this sweater a bit to achieve the look you want. And I wish it were a tad longer for my 5’8″ frame. I’m wearing a medium comfortably.

Here I simply wore my convertible cardigan over this cotton blend v-neck tank I was gifted last year from Chico’s. But they’re almost sold out. So you might consider this one instead. They’re both marked down considerably. Also, Nic + Zoe does have a selection of tanks, some of which coordinate with the 4-way cardigans. At any rate, I do think this cardigan works best over something light and slender like a tank.

Now let’s talk about these jeans.

ankle jeans

I know they look quite relaxed, but that’s exactly why I went up a size in these dropped hem slim ankle jeans. While I still like my trim skinny jeans and I’m enjoying wearing my wide leg crop jeans, I wanted one pair of jeans that are just plum comfy! And so I’m wearing an 8 whereas I usually wear a 6 in Talbots jeans. I love the relaxed, casual vibe. And they feel almost too comfortable. Yeah, like I have to stay out of the kitchen in these!!! Haha!

leopard convertible bag

I got this reversible faux leather tote in a recent Trunk Club trunk. I needed a black tote, and I love the leopard print option that’s available when you turn it inside out. Plus this tote comes with a sweet detachable pouch for carrying essentials, too.

My shoes are from Everlane. They’re the day loafer mules in caramel, made from luscious Italian leather. You’ll need to go up a half a size in these. They’re oh so comfortable and versatile, plus they’re available in a number of other great shades.

Trench Jacket

We just took these photos Monday and it was freezing! I’m learning that jackets, cardigans and even coats are not just cute toppers for spring outfits in the north…they’re essential!

I topped this Keep It Simple Sweetie outfit with my basic trench jacket. It’s still available in limited sizes, marked down and an additional 30% off today. I’m wearing a small.

Keep It Simple Sweetie
4-Way Lightweight Cardigan by Nic + Zoe in geranium // dropped hem slim ankle jeans // the day loafer mule // Reversible Faux Leather Tote // cotton blend v-neck tank (alternative more in stock) // bangles (similar) // hoop earrings // palm necklace sold out (similar option) // cubic zirconia pendant (similar) // sunglasses // trench jacket

So what do you think? Did I keep it simple sweetie? Do you enjoy seeing simple looks like this? Hahaha! I know many of you do. I do, too! And I’m going to really work I trying to generate even more of these.

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Blessed for My Day

Several years ago when I was going through a very difficult time and seeking some healing for my hurt heart, I remember growing impatient with the process. I didn’t mind grieving the loss I had experienced, but I preferred my grief be a moment in time rather than a season. Unfortunately, wounds of the heart do not heal quickly. And that’s why some people never find complete healing: they give up before the process is complete.

But if you’re going through a season of healing or rebuilding or change right now, I’d like to encourage you to persevere. Keep nurturing the hope within you, be patient for the results you long for and continue to pray through this season. God is at work. You will find healing and relief and victory and renewed joy. But it will take time, too.

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. ~ Romans 12:12

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21 thoughts on “Keep It Simple Sweetie!

  1. I just bought the sweater in geranium and the pink! I have other Nic & Zoe sweaters similar to this and I love the sheer fabric for warmer weather. I don’t like bare arms all the time. I love how you styled it with a white tank (I bought that too!) — it really makes the red pop. Thank you Kay!

  2. Love this outfit! So bright and cheery! And I love the verse you chose for Blessed for My Day. Thank you!

  3. Hi Kay, Love the outfit. I am wondering, do you find the Talbots crop jeans to ‘bag out or loose their shape’ in the knees? I had that experience with a pair recently. Although I loved the fit, the knee area was unsightly after a few hours of wear when sitting..

    1. Hi Lori. Well you can probably see in the photos that they do bag just a little. I’ve worn these several times now and haven’t laundered them yet. So that should give you a picture of how much they change. So yeah, a little. But that could also be because I did size up on these. My other Talbots jeans have not lost shape at all.

    1. This outfit is beautiful on you! I always gravitate to Talbot’s jeggings but you’ve inspired me to try this style.

  4. Thank you for the verse in today’s BFMD post. I will definitely be posting it somewhere in my house!

    This is the type of look I’m wearing for videoconferencing in my house. However, I had to chuckle when you suggested it for going out to get those essentials. When I am going to be in any store these days, I will wear black leggings/athleisure pants and a matching T-shirt or tunic. When I get home I want to be able to peel off everything, including my shoes, and toss everything in the washer before I leave my laundry room. BTW, my shoe of choice is the Crocs Swiftwater sandal and I have it in several colors and they are machine washable! Crazy the new things we are learning!

    Thanks as always for blessing our day!

  5. Really like this outfit! Cute, comfy, stylish and great for everyday!! Thanks for keeping it simple sister!!!

  6. Home run Kay!
    This is a look I think most of us girls would like wearing!
    Just perfect in my opinion!
    Would love to see more looks like this, wonderful post and BFMD ALSO.
    We must all have hope, patience and keep saying our prayers, everyday & especially now.

  7. Good morning. Yes, I’m missing my family. I will not take hugs for granted anymore. Love the simple but very pretty ensemble. The color of tge sweater is so appropriate for spring/summer. Thank you for inspirational message on healing and time.

  8. What a nice simple outfit! Now while all of us that are not deemed essential are stuck at home, I do prefer seeing more simple and comfy outfits. I bet that even the meteorologists that are reporting from their homes are only ‘dressed’ on the top. Nick and Zoe hit the nail on the head when they designed that sweater. You look great in that color. And the BFMD is perfect! I hope you are able to get some fresh air today!

  9. Hi Kay , this outfit would suit me really nicely, just a question on Talbots sizing , you and I seem to be similar height and weight , do you ever go with the Cury fit … thanks

    1. Hi Renee. I’ve only gone with the curvy fit on a couple of pairs of pants from Talbots. Can’t even recall which ones right now…maybe the Chatham. Otherwise when I’ve ordered the curvy I’ve ended up returning them because they were too big in the hips. And yes I consider myself pretty hippy, but the curvy fit generally doesn’t work for me.

  10. This is the type of outfit I wear every day and would love to see more like it! The whole outfit is just perfect – casual but put together. Gorgeous geranium colored cardigan.

  11. My preference is the casual look. Thank you for the great suggestions! I am especially drawn to Geranium tops—vibrant & pretty on everyone! I appreciate your devotional today…very encouraging for such a time as this.

  12. This blog just keeps getting better and better. I love that you can tie that sweater. I would never have thought of that. Beautiful color on a beautiful lady. I could wear this look all over town if we weren’t locked down. It is casual but chic enough to wear to my eye dr, grocery store, library, Walmart, shopping outlets ( we have a large outlet mall here on the coast) restaurant, anywhere I go really but church.
    Thanks Kay. #KISS❤️

  13. Gorgeous color on you Kay !!! The DFMD was outstanding. Thank you for always adding your personal experiences. ~Lisa~

  14. This is my kind of outfit! I am fortunate to work where I can dress in jeans but since I always like to look nice I make sure to wear pretty/classic tops, jackets & cardigans. By the way, when I’m standing in my closet and I’m having trouble choosing something to wear, I have a saying I repeat out loud: keep it simple sweetie. The very same. How funny!