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My 19 Favorite Outfits of 2019

Building a Wardrobe
January 8, 2020

Welcome to Dressed for My Day! As long as it’s January – and it’s a loooooong month, ya know – you can expect to find the occasional “review post” here. I’m continuing to evaluate, not just my work here on the blog, but my personal style and how well I did at building a wardrobe that works for me this past year. (I guess the true test will come as 2020 rolls out and I find out how many pieces from my closet I’m still wearing!) So today I’ve gathered my 19 favorite outfits of 2019 so I can evaluate whether or not I’m staying true to my signature style.

My 19 Favorite Outfits of 2019 and what I love about these looks

But you don’t have to worry about all that. I’m not going to be over analyzing here. Instead, I’ll just share with you what it is about each of these 19 looks that I especially like.

By the way, since I’m reviewing previous posts and mainly sharing style inspiration and evaluation, I’ll simply link back to the previous posts for additional information. Many of the items in these looks are, of course, no longer available. But you’d be surprised at how many are!

One more thing. (I know, I know…!) These are not in order of favorite. I had hard enough time narrowing my list down to 19. And that’s a good problem to have!! But I’ll just share them in the order they posted through 2019.

My Favorite Outfits of 2019…

Fresh Casual Look with Camo Pants

Seriously! What’s not to love about this super casual but oh so interesting outfit? It’s comfortable, current, fun and flattering. If you look back at the post, you’ll see I also added my favorite denim jacket to this contemporary look.

Fresh Casual Look with Camo Pants
Get the scoop on styling fresh, contemporary looks here.

Creating a Column of Color with Spring Hues

I happened upon this look and the other one included in the post quite accidentally. But I’ve duplicated it many times since. In fact, as I type this post I’m wearing a column of color with my grey boyfriend jeans and a grey cashmere sweater. I absolutely love wearing a column of color with a different color or print worn over it.

How to Style a Column of Black Between Spring Colors
Get all the style tips for building a column of color here.

Styling Jeans for a Casual Spring Look

I know that by the time it even begins to look at all like spring here in Ohio, I’m going to be ready to wear this very outfit. Shoot, I wore this long green cardigan (similar) for my anniversary dinner last week. But I’m crazy about this navy and green combo!

Green Cardigan with Jeans and Striped Tee 09
See the variations I did on this look here.

Perfect Spring Get-Away Look

I’m not totally sure if it’s the outfit I like here or the photos. Ha! But I do still love my utility jacket, my white tees, my leopard print belt, my white sneakers and that adorable pink camera bag. We’ll see if I still wear the pink jeans this spring. But I do like the way this outfit pulled together.

Perfect Spring Weekend Get-Away Look
The photos alone make this post worth a visit.

Black and White Gingham Shorts for Summer

I can already tell you I’m not going to be wearing as many shorts this summer. I’m just kinda done with them. That’s why I’m so choosy about the few pairs of shorts I do have and wear. And these black and white ginghams will definitely still be around. I love the way I styled them in this post.

White Denim Jacket tops the outfit
Check out this post.

What to Wear on the 4th of July

This is just one of those examples of keeping it as real as it gets! I mean, this is where we really live, right? And guess what? This shirt is still available!

What to Wear to a Baseball Game or Arena Event

How to Style Summer Chic

Here’s another pair of great, classic shorts that I’ll definitely still wear this summer…when I do wear shorts. And I love the way I dressed them up here with my (very old) leopard print blouse and linen jacket. Perfect for a summer date night!

How to Style Summer Chic
I provided great tips for styling summer chic in this post.

Dressing the Rebellious Style Essence

My love for this look boils down to one thing. And you’ll see it again later. I love combining animal print with graphic tees. For some reason that combination just really pleases my eyes. And I do it a lot!

Dressing the Rebellious Style Essence
Read my style tips for adding a little edge to your look here.

A Fun Fall Look for Now and Later

Well speaking of leopard print and graphic tees… Here we go again! By the way, I think about these black cropped pants all the time. Seriously. What’s up with that? I just love the fit and the look. I cannot wait to wear them again this spring and summer. They’re a wardrobe essential with a modern vibe.

A Fun Fall Look for Now & Later
A Fun Fall Look for Later
Check out these summer to fall looks in this post.

What to Wear to Lunch & a Matinee

I also like the way my leopard print flats worked with this fun spotted pullover sweater and the black t-shirt I was wearing underneath. And I like the look specifically with my girlfriend jeans for a modern, casual vibe. Isn’t this a fun one?

Movie and a Matinee
Check out my style formula for what to wear to lunch and a matinee here.

Styling Colors Tone on Tone

Now here’s the truth about this outfit. I love it! I like everything about it. But I actually ended up returning this jacket, so I never really wore this. But, like the column of color concept above and later in this post, I do like the tone-on-tone look. I think it looks so pulled together and slenderizing.

Styling Fall Colors Tone on Tone in Blue with Blazer
Check out the tips for wearing tone on tone in this post.

Go Wild with Animal Print

It cracks me up that I wrote this post about 10 Tips for Wearing Animal Print Without Going Wild and then I posted this Go Wild with Animal Print post later. Hahaha! But I love the way I combined the animal print tee and belt with the tortoise shell bracelet in this fun and easy summer look. Plus, there’s those pants I can’t wait to wear again!

Go Wild with Animal Print
See more of this outfit here.

What I Wore to Women’s Bible Study

New situations are awkward enough without having to worry about what you’re wearing. So I can tell you I honestly felt so pretty and appropriately dressed in this sweet casual look when I went to my new Bible study for the first time this fall. I love the way this outfit looks soft but pulled together. Oh, and those camo flats! So fun.

What I Wore to Women's Bible Study
See more of the hows and whys of this outfit here.

The Most Modern Way to Wear Your Blazer

I beg to differ with the title of this outfit now. I’ve definitely come up with other modern ways to wear a blazer since then, including this recent look. But I do still love and frequently wear this plaid blazer. And wearing it or any other blazer with a simple white tee is one of my “signature style uniforms.”

The Most Modern Way to Wear Your Blazer
Learn more about the style elements in this look here.

Chic Camel Cashmere Cardigan

You could just stop at “chic.” While it’s quite simple and I’m only wearing this cardigan over a plain tank, I think this is definitely one of the most chic looks I managed to put together this year. And I’ve worn it over and over in real life. Just call me chic! Hahaha!

Chic Camel Cashmere Cardigan
Learn more about this chic look here.

What to Wear to a Casual Christmas Party

I can’t remember for sure if I actually wore this outfit to a casual Christmas party (I think I did???), but I did indeed wear it Christmas Day. Of all my Christmas looks, I think this is my favorite. And both pieces in this look are still available!

Minimal jewelry
You can still shop this look here.

Classic Work Look with a Floral Print Blouse

You gals know how much I enjoy my black blazer, so you know there has to be at least one look of the 19 featuring this favorite jacket. But I also just love the way this look came together with my equally favorite black pants and this darling print blouse. It’s all still available, too!

Classic Work Look with a Dark Floral Print Blouse
Shop this post here.

Fun Casual Winter Outfit

But I also love how this floral print blouse styled up with jeans and my pretty red corduroy blazer. I think the reason I like this blazer and keep it busy in my wardrobe is that it’s a chunky wale, a great color and decidedly casual.

Fun Casual Winter Outfit
See all the details of this outfit here.

Why I’m Loving Neutrals

While I ended up returning these pants because they were a little large on me (wearing a size 8), I still love this look. And I’ll probably end up buying some similar pants again in the future. And truly, I just can’t get enough grey and black this year!

Why I'm Loving Neutrals
Read my reasons for loving neutrals here.

And that’s a wrap! Those are my 19 favorite outfits of 2019. And after going through them like we just did, I think I can confidently say that I learned a great deal about styling my own personal signature style this year. I feel like I struck a nice balance between classic and contemporary. And I pretty much stayed true to my chosen neutrals and signature colors, too. So hooray!

Thanks so much for joining me for today’s review. If you have a favorite, a question or anything else you’d like to share, I always welcome your comments. Have a lovely day!

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Blessed for My Day

Today may we be consciously aware of how the decisions we make will have lasting consequences. Whether the impact is limited to our own lives or trickles into the lives of those around us, every word we speak, every look we give, every choice we make, and every action we take can make a lasting imprint on our own life or the lives of others. Yes, even a single sentence that we carelessly speak into a conversation could change the course of someone’s life, to what degree we do not ever really know.

That isn’t to say that we should simply hold our breath and live in fear of making lasting mistakes. It only means that we should approach each day prayerfully, with Scripture penetrating our hearts and minds and with a sense of holy calling. Let’s live this day aware that we are truly women of influence.

Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil. ~ Ephesians 5:15-16

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16 thoughts on “My 19 Favorite Outfits of 2019

  1. Of all of the outfits you have shown in this post, my favourite is the one with the plaid blazer. I like the simplicity of this outfit with the use of a white tee. Very inspiring. Thanks, Kay!

  2. I like the blazers and the flat shoes: so sharp and so polished!
    Thanks for reminding me how being careless about any interaction can have devastating consequences. Praying before interacting with others will keep my feet on the ground not in my mouth.

  3. Love the red blazer outfit, camel cardigan and, probably my favorite, the blue jeans and green cardigan! Happy New Year to you, Kay.

  4. These all look great! My favorites are the green cardigan outfit (such a beautiful shade of green!!) and the spring getaway look with the olive jacket. Love how it coordinates so beautifully with the pink pants.

  5. Nineteen great outfits Kay! I love your new focus for the blog and will look forward to joining you in styling and restyling from my closet, while making sure I have those key pieces, along with a few new fun ones each season! Now that you’re in Ohio and it’s getting colder (mostly!), how about styling some winter scarves with inside outfits? I’d like some ideas on keeping warm with scarves while wearing a sharp outfit for teaching (BSF) or for church. Thanks!

  6. My favorites are the column of color with the pop of pink and the camel cashmere sweater outfit. I was inspired by the cashmere sweater outfit and purchased something similar after reading that post. It’s been one of my favorite “go-to” sweaters.
    I wanted to say that I’m looking forward to the new direction for your blog. I spent the past two years building my wardrobe with good basics – which has been fun but I don’t need more. Instead, I need to become more comfortable with restyling, mixing and matching. Right now I’m a bit stumped on how to style a burgundy colored sheath dress. My comfort zone is a black sweater (like to cover my arms a bit) but I want to wear the dress throughout the year. Maybe a scarf for added interest?
    I’m so glad I found your blog this past year. It’s the first thing I read each morning. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  7. So many cute outfits and I appreciate hearing WHY they are your favorites! Like you, I have decided I’m over wearing shorts (for me) and kept looking at your black crops, cargo pants, and pink jeans as alternatives with those outfits. I’ve turned my hangers around as I do to start every year so I will see what I wear and what I don’t. Thanks for a great start to every day!

  8. Great BFMD! Since I do not wear shorts out, I hope to add a pair of cropped pants, like your black ones, to my summer wardrobe. And the camel belted sweater outfit is great! I like what you wore to the first Bible study you went to last fall. I imagine it can be challenging, as a pastors wife, to dress in a way that represents your role in the church, but doesn’t intimidate others.

  9. So many of your favorite outfits were favorites of mine- the neutrals outfit, the camel cardigan, the “Joy” outfit, the olive pants and camel cardigan, the black pantsuit and… I guess all of them ?