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The Most Modern Way to Wear Your Blazer

October 4, 2019

Happy Friday! What a great day to examine the details of this casual but chic look. Whether you’re in an office where employees are encouraged to wear jeans on Fridays, you’re heading to lunch with a friend or you’re catching a movie this evening, I have a look you’ll want to try. And while I love a blazer with a silk blouse or dressy sweater, I honestly think this is the most modern way to wear your blazer this fall. Will you give it a try?

The Most Modern Way to Wear Your Blazer
plaid blazer // white t-shirt // jeans // shoes // handbag (similar) // belt // necklace // bracelet // earrings

Any woman can wear a fitted white t-shirt with jeans and a blazer. It’s that perfect combination of casual and classic. Whether your personal style essence is relaxed or classic, elegant or rebellious, creative or romantic, you’ll still look and feel like you in this modern trifecta.

The Most Modern Way to Wear Your Blazer

I’m wearing my favorite high-rise straight-fit ankle jeans with a raw hemline, my favorite white t-shirt and a long plaid blazer. But you can duplicate this look with any blazer, good fitting tee and jeans.

My blazer has recently been restocked somewhat (yay!!!), but I also found some other great options and included them in the shopping widget below. I’m wearing my usual size 8, so it runs true to size. This is a long blazer, but it’s also available in petite sizing.

The Most Modern Way to Wear Your Blazer

I have some sweet styling tips to help you keep this look modern and fresh.

Don’t just wear your blazer…style it! You can pop the collar in the back.

The Most Modern Way to Wear Your Blazer

Add some pretty jewelry. I’m wearing my large teardrop earrings, a tortoise shell bangle and a simple adjustable gold necklace. But you could add a fun brooch to the lapel, too! You could also add a pretty neck scarf.

The Most Modern Way to Wear Your Blazer

Add a belt if your body shape and proportions allow. I like the way my leather belt adds a little interest, definition and shape to this casual look. I coordinated it with my leather satchel (similar) and suede loafers, but these accessories don’t have to match perfectly.

The Most Modern Way to Wear Your Blazer

Cuff your sleeves. I’ve cuffed mine in the manner that supposedly J.Crew is responsible for. Simply unbutton your cuffs, turn your sleeves up one long turn and then turn up that cuff on itself. Leave just a little peeking out as I did. Or you can leave more cuff peeking out and turn that portion down on itself.

Cuffing your sleeves like this or even just pushing them up more casually tricks the eyes and communicates sophistication, self-confidence and enthusiasm.

The Most Modern Way to Wear Your Blazer

Toss your blazer over your shoulders. This styling technique looks sort of carefree and like a second thought. Again, we tend to associate this look with images we’ve seen in the movies and such, so it communicates sophistication and even romance.

The Most Modern Way to Wear Your Blazer
plaid blazer // white t-shirt // jeans // shoes // handbag (similar) // belt // necklace // bracelet // earrings

Or wear your blazer straight and buttoned up! Even if you prefer to wear your blazer in a more classic manner, you’ll look contemporary and effortlessly beautiful in your blazer, tee and jeans!

Everything in today’s post runs true to size. But if you have any questions about fit or styling, please let me know. I love, love, love this look and will be wearing it frequently now that the temperatures have cooled a little here. What about you?

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But we can learn to hold our plans loosely because God holds tomorrow firmly in His hands. Nothing will take Him by surprise or thwart His plans. Of course that can sound scary and uncertain unless we also learn to trust God. We can trust His character, His ways and His Word even when we don’t understand what is happening around us. Do you trust Him with tomorrow?

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16 thoughts on “The Most Modern Way to Wear Your Blazer

  1. Good morning! Our weather here in Missouri finally transitioned to Fall. So excited to try the look you have on today. Love, LOve, LOVE how you look! Thanks for being such a blessing to me every morning in my inbox! Have a great day and weekend! Rhonda

  2. Love this! It’s right up my alley. Again, I love your hair…so sophisticated and flattering to your beautiful face. Kay, I’ve had a lot of difficulty pinning your photos to Pinterest the past few months. I used to be able to tap on the picture I wanted to pin and I could pin it to my board. That doesn’t work anymore and using my options at the top right corner on my iPad doesn’t always work either. So, just have to go to the link at the bottom of your page for Pinterest and click on that which isn’t always my choice for pinning. Don’t know what changed but if you have any suggestions I would appreciate knowing them. Everyone else I follow, I can just tap on the photo I want to pin and Viola! Thanks again. You’re my favorite blogger!

  3. Kay, The colors in the blazer are beautiful and you look great in this outfit! I do not own a blazer, but as I read your post I thought about how it might be the perfect piece for me to add to my closet as the temps are finally about to transition to Fall. I am so hot natured that it has to really get cold for me to wear my heavier jackets and/or cardigans. Hopefully, I can find an economical one to try. I really like the BFMD. Since moving to the country where life is more laid back, I have really had to learn to accept interruptions. If our front door is open or a neighbor sees us out, they will stop for a visit, which usually turns into them staying several hours. You know what? That’s okay because I really don’t have to get a specific chore done on a specific day. God has really helped me to change my thinking, relax more, enjoy the friendships, and take in the simple things. I can honestly say that moving away from a big city in 2016 to a very rural area has been such a blessing. Have a wonderful day!

    1. I’m wearing the 8. Glad you like it. I know last I checked they only had a 10 left, but that could change. Anyhow, I find Talbots blazers run TTS.

  4. I’ve tried this sleeve rolling tip but somehow end up looking a lot less cooler than every other human being who tries it! LOL Maybe I’ll give it one more chance next time I wear a blazer. Thanks for today’s post. Have a great weekend!

    1. Hahaha! I know what you mean. Honestly sometimes I can’t pull it off because the sleeves are too snug. But this one worked well. Plus I think it just takes practice and playing around with it a little. ?

  5. Kay, thank you for giving us such up-dated ways to wear clothes–even what we already have! But I’ve been gradually buying things that you’ve shown us too.
    Also, I especially appreciate you including the “Blessed for my day” post. This is such a good reminder of what is really important for living out my day.
    Thank you so much,