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Chic Camel Cashmere Cardigan

October 7, 2019

Chic camel cashmere cardigan. Say that three times fast! Ha! Y’all. You don’t have to say it three times, but you better believe I’m going to wear this oh so sophisticated but simple sweater more than three times this fall! I’m in love…

Chic Camel Cashmere Cardigan
wrap cashmere cardigan (similar option) // white scoop neck tee // skinny jeans (more economical option) // suede pumps // necklace // bangle // gold moon & star studs // gold hoops // clutch (option)

I had been planning to purchase a classic cashmere pullover sweater this season. But I just hadn’t found one the exact shade of camel that I felt would flatter my skin, hair and eyes. You know camel, while a neutral, can have warm, neutral or cool undertones. I wanted one with more neutral undertones, definitely not warm, but also not so cool that it washed me out. Know what I mean?

Chic Camel Cashmere Cardigan

So when I came upon this camel cashmere cardigan I decided to order it and see. Honestly, I had low expectations and fully planned to return it. But this baby’s staying right here with me!

Chic Camel Cashmere Cardigan

Now for the bad news. This cardigan is almost sold out. I’m wearing a size small, and as of last night all they had left was an extra large. I’m so disappointed. It comes in a pretty dark grey also, but it’s only available in one medium and xx-large. I know there were more sizes available just a couple of days ago!!

Chic Camel Cashmere Cardigan

Not to fear, you can achieve the same look with another camel cashmere cardigan (or not cashmere!) or even a pullover. I think the beauty of wearing a camel sweater is to pair it with low-key wardrobe essentials for a classic, chic look. That’s why I wore mine with some of my favorite high waist ankle skinny jeans (currently marked down 33%) and a white scoop neck t-shirt.

Chic Camel Cashmere Cardigan

I added my camel colored suede pumps (similar) and picked up my leopard print clutch (similar) for a singular splash of interest. Then I kept my accessories simple and classic: gold bangle, necklace and hoop and stud earrings.

Simple. Classic. Soft. Chic. Sophisticated. Lovely.

Need I go on?

Chic Camel Cashmere Cardigan

Because I feel so bad about this particular cashmere cardigan being practically sold out, I scoured the Internet for more options. And I found some lovely ones! Yes, you’ll have to look carefully or try them out to see if they’re the shade that best suits your coloring. But, from what I can see, I’d feel comfortable ordering any of these in the shopping widget below.

Chic Camel Cashmere Cardigan
wrap cashmere cardigan (similar option) // white scoop neck tee // skinny jeans (more economical option) // suede pumps // necklace // bangle // gold moon & star studs // gold hoops // clutch (option)

I especially like this leather buckle fly-away sweater (not cashmere, but beautiful) or this cashmere wrap cardigan or this cashmere relaxed mock neck sweater (use code COLORS for 40% off today only).

If you have questions about sizes, fit or styling, please let me know in the comments below. You can also email me, but when you leave a comment others benefit from the answer, too.

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While I don’t want to sound depressing or discouraging, I also want us to live in the reality that there is little that is certain in this life. But there is one certainty. God is trustworthy. When we don’t understand what He is doing or why, we can trust His character. He is good. When we don’t understand His timing, we can trust that He is working His plan. When we don’t feel good about things, we can trust that He is steadfast.

When you realize how little you know, hold on to what you do know. Hold onto God’s character, His Word, His ways and His promises. He alone is your steadfast rock.

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6 thoughts on “Chic Camel Cashmere Cardigan

  1. Beautiful! I bought a turtle neck camel colored cashmere sweater a couple years ago, but can’t wear it as it is itchy. Are all cashmeres itchy or is it just me?

    1. Huh. Well I don’t know. I don’t find them to be itchy. So I’m not sure if it’s the particular sweater you have or if you are more sensitive to them. I’m sorry to hear that.