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Dressing the Rebellious Style Essence

July 30, 2019

Raise your hands, all you rebels! You know who you are. Come to think of it, we do, too! And you’d have it no other way. You didn’t just discover your rebellious style streak when you took my What’s Your Style Essence Quiz. You’ve known all along that you prefer not to play by the rules.

Dressing the Rebellious Style Essence

Today I thought I’d feature an outfit with your name scribbled all over it. Yep, I’m dressing the rebellious style essence!

Dressing the Rebellious Style Essence

It’s no secret that I’m pretty much a classic dresser myself, but I like to color outside the lines occasionally, too. And sometimes, depending on the venue and occasion, a little rebellion is in order. (Attending a live 80s pop star concert? Chaperoning a fun youth event at church? Visiting your college kids on parents’ weekend? Getting away with the gal pals for a fun road trip?)

Distressed blue jean skirt

My rebellious style essence look begins with this fun and oh-so-comfortable distressed denim skirt from Evy’s Tree. Those gals think of everything, including an elasticized back waistband for comfort and ease of wear. Oh, and this skirt is a great price for the quality.

I’m wearing a medium in the skirt and it fits pleasantly. It has a lot of stretch though, too.

Dressing the Rebellious Style Essence

Honestly, when I wore this outfit to Target the other day I went even edgier and wore these leopard print booties (similar and on sale!) with it. But I didn’t know if you ladies were quite ready for that yet. Hahaha! So I tamed the look a little with my leopard print slides. (Catch that pun??? “Tamed” the look?)

Graphic t-shirt

You can dress rebellious without getting nasty. Just pair your distressed denim skirt with a fun t-shirt that looks modern and hip, but one that still has a sweet sentiment.

My Merci Beaucoup J.Crew t-shirt sold out in the wee hours of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. But have I got a treat for you?! I found this one (even cuter!!) at Amazon for a song!

Dressing the Rebellious Style Essence

Or you could switch to my language of choice and go with this one that says, “Ciao!” Ooh! Here’s another one! (They’re in the widget below, too.) And I love this one for you grandmothers.

Finish off the look with a little bling (like my gold cell phone crossbody case), some big earrings and cool shades.

Dressing the Rebellious Style Essence

Well, wha da ya think? Did this modern classic gal manage to strike a little harmonious discord with this rebellious style essence look? Would you wear an outfit like this? Where and when? I’d love to know. Like I said, I wore it to Target! Hahaha! Yep, I’m wild and crazy like that!

By the way, you’ll notice the skirt isn’t available in the widget below. It’s available only at Evy’s Tree here. Thanks so much to the sweet gals at Evy’s Tree for sending me this distressed denim skirt to style. They inspired a rebellion!! (*wink**wink*)

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Blessed for My Day

Every life has those moments when we discern that one season is ending and another is beginning. Some seasons end abruptly with the death of a spouse or child, the loss of a job or the onset of sickness. But others seasons, most seasons, come and go gently. We simply look around one day and realize things are no longer the same. The children have grown up, the work place has evolved, the neighborhood has mellowed, our bodies have slowed down.

Regardless of whether the change in seasons feels comfortable or unappreciated, the change can be stressful. But one thing we can count on as things in life change: God walks through the changes with us and gives us purpose along the way. And that purpose always includes a call to be a blessing to those we encounter. In the season you are in right now, how are you blessing those around you? Ask God to show you if there is more He would have you do so that He might work through you to bless others.

Now the Lord said to Abram, “Go from your country and your kindred and your father’s house to the land that I will show you. And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you and make your name great, so that you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and him who dishonors you I will curse, and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” ~ Genesis 12:1-3

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14 thoughts on “Dressing the Rebellious Style Essence

  1. Hi Kay. This outfit is me! I especially love the shoes. Blessed for My Day is perfect for me today. I am starting a new position in my job today and although it is not something I wanted, I hope to be a blessing to the people I will work with. They have not had any leadership for over a year now and I know they are looking to me to guide them. It’s a bit stressful but I know that God will help me through?

    1. Oh, I’m so glad these words spoke to you on this transitional day. May God bless you in this new experience and may He help you to be a blessing to those you lead. Best wishes on this new endeavor. God will surely work all things together for good. And you will undoubtedly be blessed more than you even imagine through it. ?

  2. Very fun outfit!!! I’ve worn similar looks and they always make me smile!
    I really appreciate your Blessed for My Day message. I have gone through a number of seasons over the past several years and am heading to a new one when I retire (early!) at the end of this year. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me!!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and I am even more grateful that the blessing spoke to you. As you prepare for retirement I pray that God gives you a fresh vision for the season ahead and renewed vigor to make an impact in your world in a new way. ?

  3. Love your classic rebellious outfit! ? I really like the leopard slides – I’m one of those that might not have been quite ready for the leopard booties. A little at a time … ha ha.

    Sorry for the little movers snafu but at least they got it all even if it’s not all together. Be safe driving.

    1. Thanks so much, Kara!! I really appreciate that. It truly is a great skirt. I even brought it on the road with me. It’s that comfy and easy. ?

  4. Kay, You look so good in this edgy outfit! I really like your shoe selection. As much as I like denim skirts on other ladies, they haven’t worked for me, in the past, so I don’t have one in my closet. I pray that all of your belongings arrive to your new home without any issues, even if they are in two trucks. Great BFMD!

    1. Thanks so much, Ginger. Being in a military town, I’ve heard lots of “moving horror stories.” But right now I just don’t care. Ha! Somehow watching all our stuff get packed into boxes just reminded me that it really is just stuff. The memories and moments and relationships we have with people and the relationship we have with the Lord really are the important things. There is nothing in those trucks that can’t be replaced. Thanks for the well wishes. Now we both just need to chill a little. I know James still didn’t sleep well last night even though he is exhausted. When he manages to get a good night’s sleep I’ll feel better about things. ?

      1. Kay, I too have learned that the memories are within us. A few months after my mom died May 2016, we sold the house that she and my dad had built back in the 70’s, and that we had shared with mom since 1995. As we planned for the Estate Sale, I had to tell myself that we were selling things. The memories will always be with me. Fortunately, it was easier to drive away that final time, than I expected it to be. However, I can’t bring myself to go back on that street when we are in the area. Hopefully, James will sleep better tonight! Safe travels!

  5. I think this is your best outfit yet, in my opinion. You look so natural and comfortable and YOUNG!

  6. Great outfit and thanks for the extra t-shirt selections! Would love to see a pic soon of this or a similar jean skirt outfit with those booties….why not?! We’re up for it! Try us! Praying you and James here to OHIO!!!!