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5 Ways to Wear a Red Suit

January 7, 2020

Okay. So that title could be a little misleading. #truthbetold But today I am sharing the first of five ways to wear a red suit. And I can’t wait to get started! Y’all. I’m in love with these bright red separates. And in case you have a solid signature color suit hanging in your closet or on your wardrobe wish list, I’m going to show you, over time, five different and very modern ways to style this baby so that you get your bang for your buck.

The styling tips I’m going to share in this little series are transferable to any solid signature color suit you might own or buy. For instance, I love this ponte knit blazer and pants, which come in Bright Camelia pink. And in fact you could wear any neutral colored suit separates using these modern style guides, too.

Unfortunately my red blazer is only available in a few sizes at this point, and the pants are completely sold out in the red (but still available in black and navy). But if you happen to luck out and find your size in the red blazer, grab it! It’s available for a fraction of the original price, and it’s so luxurious, comfortable and chic. On the other hand, Talbots does have this zip-front red blazer and these coordinating red Italian luxe knit straight-leg pants. And they’re marked down significantly, too.

Okay! Let’s get started with those styling tips.

5 Ways to Wear a Red Suit

Styling Tip #1 – Don’t be afraid to invest in well-made coordinating suit separates in a signature color. Matched suits are definitely trending, and, as you’ll see in upcoming posts, you can always wear the pieces separately as well. But don’t just opt for trendy colors; choose a color that is already dominant in your wardrobe and a favorite for your coloring.

5 Ways to Wear a Red Suit

I chose this classic suit because it’s a true red (which is one of my signature colors), the pieces are well-made and completely lined and the cut is flattering on my body type. And don’t worry. These lined pants don’t feel bunchy or aggravating inside the legs. The lining is soft and has plenty of give for easy movement.

5 Ways to Wear a Red Suit

Styling Tip #2 – When wearing a bold color like red in your suiting, balance the wow effect with a neutral top underneath. A simple, modern black tee will keep your suit looking current and less fussy.

5 Ways to Wear a Red Suit

Style Tip #3 – Let the color do the talking. In fact, red communicates authority, ability and know-how. That’s why it’s a powerful color to wear when you need to command the room or wrap up the deal. If you want to communicate trustworthiness, wear blue. Or if you want to convey calm and tranquility, wear green. Yellow communicates energy and youthfulness.

5 Ways to Wear a Red Suit

Style Tip #4 – Want to add another pop of color to your one or two-color outfit? Reserve it for your handbag. Either carry a handbag in a third color or tie on a little color with a pretty silk scarf.

5 Ways to Wear a Red Suit

Style Tip #5 – Keep the look simple and understated. One color head to toe is a big statement. So don’t overwhelm by adding fussy jewelry or shoes. Keep everything else pared down.

For jewelry, I kept it simple. I wore my dainty palm leaf necklace, my black stud earrings and a simple gold bangle (similar).

5 Ways to Wear a Red Suit

Style Tip #6 – Wear classic pumps in a favorite neutral for a sophisticated, business-ready look. You could certainly wear nude pumps with this look, but I chose to wear my black suede pumps which coordinate with my tee perfectly and really pull the look together.

5 Ways to Wear a Red Suit

Style Tip #7 – Whether you tuck in your top (like I did) or wear one that falls loose over your waistband, make sure to keep the leg silhouette long and your proportions flattering. If you’re topping your pants with your jacket, you’ll cover that muffin top! So tucking is a great option.

5 Ways to Wear a Red Suit
red stretch crepe long blazer (also in black & navy) wearing 8 (alternative) //stretch crepe wide leg pants (only in black & navy – wearing an 8) // black ribbed crew neck tee // black pumps // palm leaf necklace // black stud earrings // gold bangle (similar) // black satchel (similar) // silk scarf

In future posts I’ll be styling these coordinates four more ways, sometimes together, other times just one of the pieces. But you’ll find that wearing a red suit is not nearly as impractical as first it may appear. And remember, all of these principles apply to suit coordinates of other beautiful signature colors as well.

Let me know what you think of today’s look. I love hearing from you. Even if I don’t respond to every single comment, you can trust that I read them, chuckle when appropriate, take them to heart and hear you. Thank you so very much for spending a few moments at Dressed for My Day today!

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Blessed for My Day

What does it mean to be holy? This I know, we are called to be holy. But the God who has called us to live holy lives knows that we will not live perfect lives. So a call to holiness is not a charge to get our ducks in a row or check all the boxes.

I think living a holy life begins with spending more and more time in the presence of our Holy God. As we spend time in His Word and in prayer and worship, we realize more and more how unlike us He is. He lifts our standards, evokes our worship and humbles us all at the same time. In that posture of humble worship we desire nothing more than to live obedient lives that reflect His character. And that’s when we begin to demonstrate to the world what it means to live holy and set apart.

As obedient children, do not be conformed to the passions of your former ignorance,  but as he who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, since it is written, “You shall be holy, for I am holy.” ~ 1 Peter 1:14-16

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15 thoughts on “5 Ways to Wear a Red Suit

  1. Kay, you look fabulous in red and very classy. I’m looking forward to seeing the four other ways you’re going to style the suit. I do not have a suit like that but I do have quite a few blazers that I mix-and-match to wear to work. Enjoy your day. ~Lisa~

  2. Hi, Kay. I just started reading your blog recently. I really appreciate your focus on holiness in this one. It is something I’ve been studying in God’s word lately, and I want to have a deeper understanding of what it really means in my life and how it should look. As believers, we often try to be “good” people, but holiness is something more. I agree with you that time in the word of God, prayer, and worship are the key to becoming more holy, as He is holy. Thank you for the reminder of this as I start my day. I hope yours is blessed as well.

    1. Thanks so much for introducing yourself, Jennifer. I’m glad you found your way here! And I’m so very glad you are enjoying the daily blessings. Have a wonderful day. ?

  3. You look beautiful in red! Last night on TV, Norah O’Donnell was dressed in a red suit with a red top! You are right there with the celebrities! I used to wear suits all the time, when they were in style (I guess 20 years ago)!!! That was my favorite way to dress! I felt the most pulled together! Thank you for sharing all of your tips and inspiration!

  4. You look GREAT in red! I love that this outfit is simple but has that wow factor! ??

    Love the BFMD today as well. God really speaks to me through these each time. I think sometimes as Christians we think we need to be perfect before we can be holy. But that’s not true. When Jesus said “be holy” it wasn’t a statement that we should “try” to be holy but more of a command – like when God spoke the world into existence. He was saying you ARE holy because of my spirit.

  5. I was going to skip this post because I’m like ” I’ll never buy a suit in a bright colour.” But… after reading your tips and seeing the pics I’m thinking this could definitely be a possibility. Bold move, I like it.

    1. Hahaha! Love it. Thanks for stopping in and thanks so much for sharing. You never know! I wore this the Sunday before Christmas to church and then wore the pants again Christmas Eve.

  6. Lovely! You have shown that a bold color is wearable. I’m not much for suits but each piece can be worn with a variety of other things. (jeans and blazer look, blazer over a dress, and on and on)
    Thanks for the tips,
    P.S. I also enjoy the vignettes from God’s Word. 🙂