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How to Style Summer Chic

June 24, 2019

Happy Monday, gals! Today I’m styling summer chic. Now I’m not naturally an oh-so-chic kinda woman. But I do love to look smooth and sophisticated at least occasionally. So I set out to break the code on summer chic. See if you think I got it right.

How to Style Summer Chic
white shorts (fit TTS) // leopard print top (similar) // gold belt (white alternative) // white linen jacket (similar) // nude sandals (similar) // neutral tote (similar) // gold bangle // white beaded sphere earrings // palm necklace

I’ve included every summer chic element I could possibly get into one outfit in this look. But even if you just pull in one or two of these keys to chic you’d level up your vibe.

How to Style Summer Chic

Summer Chic Key #1 – Anytime you add a little animal print you’ll look a little more sophisticated.

How to Style Summer Chic

Summer Chic Key #2 – Pull your hair up! Even if you just pull it into a pony tail with a little teasing on top, you’ve automatically scaled up.

How to Style Summer Chic

Summer Chic Key #3 – Wear some big stylish sunglasses. Mine are no longer available (and they’re nothing special really), but you might look into these that I recently purchased (after this photo shoot).

Summer Chic Key #4 – Wear all white. Well, add a splash of gold or animal print or beige for texture. But anytime you load on the white during summer you’ll look fresh and vibrant.

How to Style Summer Chic

Summer Chic Key #5 – Add dazzling splashes of gold. You can add a little shine with your belt, shoes, jewelry, handbag or clothing. No you don’t want to over do it, but then again…

Summer Chic Key #6 – Wear nude patent leather sandals. I love brown, black or colored sandals as much as the next gal. But for a really chic look that elongates your leg, choose nude patent leather. Bonus points for wearing heels!

How to Style Summer Chic

Summer Chic Key #7 – Wear bold lipstick. Oh so chic! I’m wearing Rebellious Rose.

Summer Chic Key #8 Accessorize with neutrals and gold. Save the colorful statement jewelry for a more casual look. Level up instead with dainty gold jewelry or pieces that blend in with your overall look.

How to Style Summer Chic

Summer Chic Key #9 – Carry a neutral toned handbag or shoulder bag. And during the summer, straw bags can be oh so chic. Just choose one that doesn’t include colorful accents or trinkets for this upscaled look.

Summer Chic Key #10 – Add a blazer. This topper always, always, always elevates a look. Whether you’re pulling together all the chic keys with your blazer or using it to top jeans and a tee, you’ll automatically look more sophisticated with this tailored jacket.

Summer Chic Key #11 – Linen is such a rich, chic summer fabric. Don’t worry about the wrinkles. They’re to be expected.

How to Style Summer Chic
white shorts (fit TTS) // leopard print top (similar) // gold belt (white alternative) // white linen jacket (similar) // nude sandals (similar) // neutral tote (similar) // gold bangle // white beaded sphere earrings // palm necklace

Summer Chic Key #12 – Don’t forget to spray on a little bit of sophisticated scent. I’m wearing this subtle but lovely fragrance this summer and loving it. I get so many compliments.

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Blessed for My Day

Recently when my daughter and her friend visited us in Arizona, we went hiking in the nearby mountains. But Abby’s friend commented repeatedly throughout the weekend about the fact that we are actually surrounded by mountains on all sides. I think he was a little surprised at the mountains of Arizona.

When I look at these mountains I’m reminded of Psalm 125, which tells me that God surrounds His people the same way the mountains surround Jerusalem. Sometimes I may feel hemmed in by the pressures of life. But in fact, I am surrounded by my God – by His love and power and strength and goodness. He’s got us surrounded…and it’s a good thing.

Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion,
    which cannot be moved, but abides forever.
As the mountains surround Jerusalem,
    so the Lord surrounds his people,
    from this time forth and forevermore. ~ Psalm 125:1-2

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23 thoughts on “How to Style Summer Chic

  1. Love ,love,love leopard! Looks so chic with white. Great look today Kay. Today’s challenge was easy for me, I wear skirts a lot for work.

  2. Looks so sophisticated. I don’t wear shorts in public any more but could easily do this with pants. My J Jill essential white pants will work. Don’t know why I never think of leopard with white but it looks smart. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. It really does look smart. I think I’d seen it on much “cooler” bloggers and just knew I wanted to pull it off. It’s definitely transferable to pants or skirt.

  3. Oh my gosh! Don’t you look outstanding in this chic outfit. I’ve been looking for an inexpensive white jacket this summer and can’t seem to find an affordable piece. Kay, this outfit really takes the cake. Absolutely love it. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

  4. First comment when I opened your email this morning, OMG Kay looks amazing!!! What a great summer chic outfit!! Love, love, love this look!! You certainly nailed it today! The Blessed for Day is perfect too!! Love that verse and I often need to be reminded that God surrounds me every day!! Have a wonderful week!

  5. Kay, this is a beautiful look, I love the way that you styled it. I purchased the leopard top (the one from your link) recently , I wore it this pass weekend to an outdoor event (casual) and received many compliments. So yes, it is very versatile.

    FYI: I follow and enjoy several fashion blogs but yours is the one that I open first each day. My lifestyle, taste and age are most similar to yours. Thank you for all of the time, research and thought that I know you must put into it. Also, I love your writing style ! Ha

    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging and kind words. That means so much to me. You gals make this such a joy to me. I wore that top some this weekend too and just loved it. Thanks for sharing. ?

  6. You do look fabulous, Kay! Your focus has helped me personally a lot. My husband thought maybe you could add in a post with your husband once a month so the men could get some guidance on how to not look frumpy too. Thanks for considering!

  7. Beautiful outfit! So chic and sophisticated but easy to replicate! Your ponytail really ups the “chic-factor”!

  8. Hi Kay,
    I absolutely LOVE your look today!! It’s the best one I’ve seen on you and I read your blog daily!! Don’t get me wrong, I like most of your outfits. This one is just extra good. You have a nice tan too. Is it natural or self tanner?
    Have a great day,

    1. Thanks Debrah. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and liked the look. It’s definitely one of my favorites too. Let’s see. Any tan I have on my legs is from Jergens self tanner and any on my arms is from the sun. I don’t lay out or anything. But I do live in Arizona where you get a good bit of sun just doing life. Thank you so much for commenting. ?

  9. Yes, you definitely got it right. You look glamorous, but in a classy way. I would never have thought of leopard print with white, so I will give that a try.
    I agree with another reader that your blog is the first one I read each day, and I truly look forward to it. The Blessed for My Day writing has helped me grow spiritually.

  10. Kay, this outfit is beautiful on you. The leopard and white is such a crisp, fresh look.. And, your hair pulled back is very polished. To be honest, I’m excited to try to interpret this look from my own closet. Your summer chic pointers are so appreciated.

    Today’s Blessed for My Day resonates so well right now. Thanks for your reflections at the end of your daily posts. Have a Blessed day.