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Styling Jeans for Casual Spring Look

March 6, 2019

Hello and welcome to my blog. Here at Dressed for My Day we’re pairing up with Susanne at Thompson Hill to Style Spring. Here in Arizona it’s definitely feeling like spring. And this is exactly the kind of day I love wearing today’s outfit. I’m styling jeans for a casual spring look.

Green Cardigan with Jeans and Striped Tee

No, you’re not imagining things. If you visited me Monday you saw this same sweater in a dressier look. That post was one of my most popular in a while. But today I’m using this true green boyfriend cardigan to top a truly casual spring look.

Green Cardigan with Jeans and Striped Tee

Granted I did add this pretty silk scarf to my outfit, but otherwise this combination is purely relaxed.

Green Cardigan with Jeans and Striped Tee

If the neck scarf is just too much for you, consider tying a silk scarf to the handle of your handbag. This is a great way to add color and interest without creating too much fuss around your neck.

Green Cardigan with Jeans and Striped Tee

This is the kind of outfit I love to wear when I’m out and about with my husband in Tucson. It’s comfortable and relaxed, but I still look put together and smart. Plus, layers are always a benefit during this changing weather.

Green Cardigan with Jeans and Striped Tee

In Monday’s post I talked about creating a column of color underneath this long, green cardigan. Do you see that I’ve really done the same thing here? Instead of the column of color being black, it’s navy. Sure my 3/4 length sleeve tee is navy and white striped, but the effect is the same.

Green Cardigan with Jeans and Striped Tee 06

However, I didn’t extend the column of color to my feet this time. If you’re shorter (I’m 5’8″) you could create a longer silhouette by carrying the same navy into your shoes. You could go with these same sneakers in navy or wear my navy loafers. These sneakers run a little large, so you might need to size down. But they’re very comfy.

By the way, speaking of height, this boyfriend cardigan is also available in petite sizes.

Green Cardigan with Jeans and Striped Tee

Green Cardigan with Jeans and Striped Tee

In my closet this navy and white striped tee serves as a wardrobe essential. You’ll undoubtedly see it again. I’m wearing a small in this one, so it runs true to size. It’s also available in coral/ivory and summer sage/ivory combinations.

Green Cardigan with Jeans and Striped Tee 09

Green Cardigan with Jeans and Striped Tee
high rise skinny jeans // navy/white cotton bateau neck tee // green boyfriend cardigan // sneakers // scarf // small leather bucket bag

This outfit is really so straight forward. It’s just a tee and jeans. But as I explained in yesterday’s post about creating winning outfits, the secret is in having only one star (the green sweater), a guest star or two (the silk scarf) and plenty of interesting supporting players (the jeans, striped tee, navy bucket bag and sneakers) that work well together to beautifully tell your story.

Let me know if you have any questions about this outfit. I’m so thankful you stopped in. If you’re visiting from Susanne’s blog, welcome! Please take a moment to look around. I’d love for you to look into joining my Dressed for My Day community.

And my regular gals, I hope you’ll take a few minutes to check out Susanne’s spring outfit and styling tips.

Blessed for My Day

Does talking about your relationship with the Lord come easy to you or does it feel awkward? Why is it that we sometimes struggle to express to other people how we’ve experienced God’s goodness and faithfulness? I think it’s purely a device of the enemy. Satan doesn’t want us to genuinely and authentically praise the Lord.

But the best way to get more relaxed and even enthusiastic about sharing our testimony with others is simply to do it. Yep. Just do it. And if we share just a little each day with someone, soon it will feel natural and easy to talk about the One we love. You could even begin with praising the Lord to your dog! Share an answer to prayer, a surprise blessing or a way God has shown you favor or grace recently with someone today. 

And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise. ~ Deuteronomy 6:6-7

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6 thoughts on “Styling Jeans for Casual Spring Look

  1. Navy is one of my neutral colours so I’m so glad that you showcased it here. This is an outfit that I definitely would wear….except for the white sneakers….just not into that trend. Your posts really are resonating with me lately. I now know that I need a pair of navy flats and a sweater in *my* signature colour, either red or turquoise. Another great BFMD, too. Have a great day, Kay!

  2. Kay, love this outfit! I recently did a devotional on a trip with friends about praise. In my preparation, I saw this statement, “the enemy is allergic to praise”. God inhabits the praise of his people. Only makes sense the enemy would flee from it!

  3. Lovely put together casual outfit, Kay! I am looking forward to thinning out my closet and incorporating the functionality you have shared. Thank you!

  4. Is Bisbee the mining town you are talking about? I loved venturing out to the nearby towns when we were stationed there in 1977. And you look beautiful by the way. Glad you had fun modeling too!