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Style Formula: What to Wear to Lunch & a Matinee

September 4, 2019

Happy hump day! What?? Yep, just as I predicted. My days are all messed up! It feels like Tuesday, but it is indeed Wednesday. Well, whatever day it is, I have figured out a great style formula for what to wear to lunch and a matinee. And I’ve calculated everything in!

Style Formula: What to Wear to Lunch & a Matinee
pullover cotton sweater (TTS wearing small) // black v-neck t-shirt (TTS wearing small) // girlfriend jeans medium wash (fit TTS – I’m wearing an 8 for looser fit) // black leather hobo bag (available in other shades) // leopard print calf hair flats // moon & star earrings // gold hoop earrings // tortoise cabachon bangle // classic gold bangle

Calculate in the Early Fall Weather

It’s not even officially fall yet, but I’m itching to wear fall colors and textures all the same. And going to lunch and a matinee gives me good reason, since restaurants and especially movie theaters tend to be chilly.

Style Formula: What to Wear to Lunch & a Matinee

So I’ve created a look that can be layered on…and off, depending on the temperature.

Measure in Practicality

I have a beautiful, graceful friend who wears what she calls her “movie jeans” when she goes to the theater. She claims she’s ruined too many good pieces of clothing with movie theater popcorn grease. Ha! I get it. I have, too.

What to Wear to Lunch & a Matinee

So I’m wearing my faded, slightly distressed girlfriend jeans (currently $25 off the original price) for my lunch and a matinee look. I certainly hope not to get any popcorn grease on them, but if I do, oh well. Plus, these are such comfortable jeans!

Add in Style

Of course I still want to look stylish and pretty for my lunch and matinee date. Whether my husband and I are going to see Overcomer or I’m viewing Downton Abbey with girlfriends, this jeans, t-shirt and pullover sweater combination will calculate perfectly.

jeans + t-shirt + pullover sweater

I’m wearing my new favorite black v-neck t-shirt casually untucked under this fun painted spots pullover sweater. The sweater is 100% soft cotton, so it would also feel and wear great by itself.

Calculate in Comfort

Painted Spots Pullover Sweater

Of course the most charming thing about this style formula is the ability to look comfortable, casual and chic at the same time. If you’re warm in the car, just wear the t-shirt and wrap the sweater either around your waist or neck.

Pullover Sweater and Tee

But if the restaurant or movie theater are chilly, you can easily slip the pullover on. And there’s no need to tuck in the t-shirt. In fact, exposing it under the loose hem of the sweater is part of the charm.

Factor in Accessories

Finally, I kept my accessories simple but coordinated with my Tory Burch black leather hobo, some leopard print flats (this year’s model & sale priced) and classic jewelry.

Movie and a Matinee
pullover cotton sweater (TTS wearing small) // black v-neck t-shirt (TTS wearing small) // girlfriend jeans medium wash (fit TTS – I’m wearing an 8 for looser fit) // black leather hobo bag (available in other shades) // leopard print calf hair flats // moon & star earrings // gold hoop earrings // tortoise cabachon bangle // classic gold bangle

I can’t wait to see both Overcomer and the new Downton Abbey movie (releasing September 20th). What movies have you seen recently that you enjoyed? And what are you planning to see? Does this style formula look like something you would like to wear to lunch and a matinee? I’d love to hear from you today!

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13 thoughts on “Style Formula: What to Wear to Lunch & a Matinee

  1. Love your fashion look today! We went to see Overcomer last night and it was fantastic! The cast are perfect for their roles and the Kendrick movies just keep getting better and better. Take a box of tissues!!

  2. Love this outfit & the sweater looks so cozy! I have to tell you about this wonderful laundry stain remover from Puracy. It’s a natural enzyme formula & is available online & at Target now. This laundry stain spray is AHHH-MAZING!!! It took out old greasy deodorant stains from my teenage son’s t-shirts & has performed like a champ on many other stains! Tell your friend to try it on her greasy stains & see if it can get them out.

    1. Great! Thanks for the scoop Shirley. I’ll have to try that. Fortunately I don’t have popcorn grease stains myself, but you never know!! Ha!

  3. Love the outfit! I’m waiting on an uninvited guest if it ever gets here! I’m very ready for fall but unfortunately here in South Georgia it’s about a month away. I’m ready to pull out all my pumpkins and decorate the front door. I’m also ready for jeans weather. We’re staying safe and hopefully our guest will be gone by tomorrow morning!

  4. This outfit is so simple but so cute! Especially with the leopard flats. It just shows that you can be comfy and still look put together. Like Cathy in Georgia, I’m at least a month away from cooler weather. Maybe even two as I live in Southern California. The key for me is summery clothes in fall colors?

  5. Darling outfit!! Waiting on cooler weather here in Texas, but we always need an extra ‘layer’ in restaurants and theaters!! I recently saw ‘The Art of Racing in the Rain’! I loved the book and the movie was great too! Looking forward to seeing Overcomer! Have a blessed day!!