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Classic Work Look with a Dark Floral Print Blouse

December 11, 2019

Hi gals! I’m interrupting our seasonal programming to bring you a classic work look today. I know we’re all enjoying the red and green of Christmas, but I think you might also fall in love with this beautiful dark floral print blouse. I’m actually showing it two ways this week. And today I’ve set it in a classic black suit.

Classic Work Look with a Dark Floral Print Blouse
black slacks // dark floral print blouse // blazer (more economical option) // suede pumps (economical option) // similar handbag (more economical option) // necklace // earrings // bangle

If you’ve been around Dressed for My Day long, you know I love my black blazer. I especially love pairing it with jeans or even joggers for an ultra chic, casual look. (see more ways to style a black blazer here.) But I gotta love it with my favorite black slacks, too!

Black Blazer with Dark floral Blouse

Pardon the windblown hair. Ha! I could barely stand up straight in the blustery wind the day we shot these photos. But I think I managed to stand straight enough for you to see how sleek and put together this simple work look is.

By the way, if you’re tired of me showing these same straight leg (a-maze-ing) black pants over and over, hold tight! I’m in the process of trying others so I’ll have a few others to recommend. I’m just not going to endorse black pants that I don’t love, though. They’re too integral to your wardrobe to mess around with pants that don’t fit or look good. And I can recommend these by Nic + Zoe heartily.

Classic Work Look with a Dark Floral Print Blouse

In case you’re wondering, no this is not actually a suit that I bought together. In fact, my black blazer and my black slacks are by two different brands. But you don’t need to worry about exactly matching your pieces when you put them together to create this classic look. That’s why this particular work look is so easy to duplicate.

Dark Floral Print blouse

I am a little frustrated that the weather didn’t cooperate so that I could show you how beautifully this v-neck fitted bodice shirt hangs. In fact, besides the colorful print, the semi-fitted silhouette of this shirt is what I love most about this winter work look.

Fitted Bodice Shirt

I encourage you to click on through to the Boden website to see this pretty shirt (and the other print it comes in) so you can see how lovely it really is. It features floaty sleeves with gently gathered cuffs. The shirt zips on the side for easy on and off.

Originally I ordered an 8 in this blouse, and it did fit. But I decided to order the 10 to see if it would work with a little looser fit. I ended up going with the 10, but if you’d prefer a closer fit, just order the smaller of your two sizes. (I assume most of you waffle between sizes like I do. Am I right?)

Winter Work Look

This particular silhouette of blouse is so flattering on most body types because it creates the illusion of a waist line even if you don’t have one. Or it accentuates the small waist you do have! Because it’s made to be left untucked, it works well for short waisted gals. And because it has a bit of an empire waistline, it works well for women with longer torsos and/or less defined waists. Yep, that covers just about all of us!

Right now this feminine, dark floral blouse is 40% off and pretty much fully stocked. You’ll get free standard shipping on orders over $49 and you still have time to get it before Christmas if you’re shopping for a gift. By the way, I always get my packages from Boden in a timely manner and you can return for free, too.

Jewelry for Work Wear

Because I was putting this look together for the office or other more conservative settings, I kept my jewelry very simple. Shoot. I’d probably keep it simple regardless! I’m wearing my classic everyday gold bangle, my adjustable Kendra Scott Olive necklace and my sparkle stud earrings by Kate Spade.

Classic Work Look with a Dark Floral Print Blouse

I think my black suede pumps and black satchel complete this look well. But you could also wear nude pumps and even a red handbag.

I’ll be wearing this look to church, but with my puffer coat over my blazer. And later, when it begins to warm up, I’ll wear it even more. Honestly, this is a year-round office look.

Oh, and I’ll be showing you this pretty blouse in a completely different look tomorrow. So be sure to tune in for part two!

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Blessed for My Day

I had a rough day yesterday. Someone was sharp and discourteous and condescending to me. I wish I were a better sport about such things. It bothers me that it bothered me! But by mid afternoon I was feeling pretty low and worthless. I had been spoken to by a stranger in a way that made me feel stupid, incompetent and pretty worthless.

So today I’m airing those emotions out in the warmth of God’s presence. I’m telling Him how I feel so that He can gently speak truth to me. My feelings are real, but they’re not based on truth. So I’m also allowing God’s Word to soak into my heart and mind. I want it to realign my thinking and work on down into the seat of my emotions. I don’t want my emotions to rule me. I want God’s truth to set me straight...and free.

Do you need a similar alignment today? Spend time in the presence of the One who loves you dearly. Allow Him to heal the hurts. And then welcome the Truth that can truly set you free from the bondage of your emotions.

“Because you are precious in my eyes,
    and honored, and I love you…” ~ Isaiah 43:4a

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xoxo, Kay
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6 thoughts on “Classic Work Look with a Dark Floral Print Blouse

  1. So sorry for your ‘incident’ yesterday. That is NOT pleasant but you know, maybe that person was having a bad day and just took it out on you. At least that’s what I want to think. I would probably start my conversation with God by forgiving that person and praying for them. After all, we KNOW you’re not incompetent or stupid so you have to think that this other person is unhappy….maybe even with their job. It’s hard, I know, not to let what others say affect us so I TRY to look at both sides of the situation. In any case, you’re doing the right thing by ‘taking it to God.’ xoxo

    1. You’re absolutely right Sondra. I certainly need to give the woman grace. I think the bigger issue for me became my own insecurities and doubts. I allowed her negative words and tone to begin a deluge of negativity in my own head. Ha! But today God is helping me put it in perspective and move on. My sense of humor has returned and I am ready to face the day. Thanks so much for your encouragement. ❤️

  2. What a pretty outfit. I’m one of those OCD folks that think my jacket and pants have to be the same brand and same collection or they don’t “go”. You’re showing that’s not the case.

    I also appreciate the break from holiday fashion. It gets a bit overwhelming sometimes.

    I loved the BFMD. I’m so sorry someone treated you badly. Why do people have to do that? I mean if I made a mistake or misunderstood why can they just say that’s wrong and here’s what you need to do to correct it. ?‍♀️ But you’re right … we shouldn’t let it bother us … but Ill be honest – it does me. Oh but the wonderful love and grace of God! ❤️ I hope you have a blessed day today!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, Gina. My black slacks and black jacket are very,very close in color – I will not lie. But the fabric is a little different. So there’s that. By the way, I have more great black pants coming to the blog soon. I’ve found two new pair that I’m photographing today for future posts. And they’re at two different but lower price points. So yay!

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. You gals are such an encouragement to me.:-)