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Jewelry Essentials for Fall & Winter 2021

October 26, 2021

As we move into the cooler months, I find I reach for different pieces of jewelry than I did during summer. Actually, it’s more like I have to scrounge for the right jewelry to accompany my cool weather outfits. Anyone? Some of the pieces of jewelry that are essential during the fall and winter end up in the back of my jewelry box or tucked away in a drawer during the warmer seasons. So now it’s time to make sure we have the jewelry essentials for fall and winter. These are the pieces that will complete our outfits and make us look pulled together and chic.

Jewelry essentials for Fall and Winter 2021

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

I try to help us review our jewelry a couple of times a year, especially as we transition from cooler seasons to warmer months and vice versa. And it just so happens that last year about this time I posted a video about the Jewelry Essentials for Fall & Winter. I watched this video again yesterday, and really I can’t improve on it any right now. I’ll mention a few of the current jewelry trends below. But all in all, I suggest the same pieces and tips I did in that video. So you might want to watch it, too.

Now of course a lot of the jewelry I recommended in that video is not necessarily available anymore. But I’ll fill the shopping widgets below in up-to-date recommendations in case you need to purchase anything new.

What’s trending this fall and winter? Personally I like to keep my jewelry pretty classic. But I do enjoy having jewelry that looks modern, too. This year we’re seeing a lot of…

  • charms (usually just one or two or three on a necklace or bracelet)
  • chunky chains (these have been trending for several years now)
  • pearls, especially in modern configurations
  • return of wrist watches
  • novelty shapes
  • coins
  • celestial representations (not just zodiac, but also stars and moons)
  • personalization (monograms, names)
  • layering
  • color, mixed with metallics and bright and bold
  • cocktail rings, often layered and stacked

Short and Layering Necklaces

Even though we do wear a lot of higher necklines in the fall and winter, I still have a good many v-neck sweaters in my wardrobe. So I do like having a few shorter, dainty necklaces to wear. It’s fun to layer these. Or you can buy necklaces that are already layered together or are sold as a set.

Short Necklaces
drop earrings // adjustable necklace // sweater

The Olive necklace above (now available only in rose gold) is adjustable. I think looking for an adjustable necklace for this time of year is really smart. You can wear it shorter to fit inside a v-neckline, as I did above. Or you can wear it longer to drape over the front of your sweater, like I did below.

Fall and Winter Jewelry
drop earrings // adjustable necklace // Nordgreen Infinity Watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off) – See the original post for more details.

You also can customize a necklace that will work well with your wardrobe. And it really doesn’t cost much if anything more when you customize your Kendra Scott jewelry. I find that I wear my customized Elisa necklace more than anything else in my jewelry box, probably because I specifically customized it to work with the bulk of my wardrobe. So cost per wear it’s a great value.

Suit Blazer
customized Elisa necklace // Native Watch by Nordgreen (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off) // similar bracelets – See the original post for more details.

I also love my Gorjana necklaces. These are designed to be layered or worn by themselves. The Parker chain necklace can also be adjusted to different lengths, as can the compass coin necklace.

Parker chain necklace // Parker bracelet // earrings – See the original post for more details.

I’ve got more pretty short and adjustable necklaces in the shopping widget below.

Longer & Pendant Necklaces

Because we do wear a lot of sweaters, turtlenecks and other plain front, high neck tops during the fall and winter, it’s a good idea to have at least one longer necklace. I like to have a layered necklace set and a long pendant or two.

Long necklace to Wear with a Sweater
 multi strand bracelet // earrings // necklace – See the original post for details.

Again, I favor the Kendra Scott Tassel Bolo necklace above because it’s adjustable. So you can create a variety of looks with it, and you can make it work over different types of sweaters.

Here I am wearing it again below.

Tassel Bolo Necklace for Fall and Winter
multi strand bracelet // earrings // necklace

I also get a lot of compliments on my Kendra Scott Tegan Slider Necklace, shown below. It’s available in gold, too. In fact, many of the pieces I’m sharing in this post are available in multiple medal colors.

similar red cashmere sweater
Kendra Scott Tegan Slider Necklace – See the original post from last year for details

And this year I purchased the Kendra Scott Muriel Pendant necklace in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It’s a Kendra Scott piece that is only available at Nordstrom, from what I can tell. You can choose from three different stones. I have it in black.

8 Ways to Wear a Shirt Jacket (2)
Kendra Scott Muriel Pendant necklace – See the original post for details.

When choosing a longer necklace, choose one that is adjustable or you’ll need to select one that hits exactly at the most flattering place for you. Where is that? Well, I can’t really say for you. But here are some factors to consider:

  • Do you have a long torso? you can wear a longer necklace to create balance.
  • Do you have a tummy? you may want to keep your necklaces shorter so you don’t draw attention to your midsection.
  • Do you have a slimmer waistline? you can wear a longer necklace to accentuate it.
  • Do you have an ample bust? you want to keep your necklaces above the bust and out of your cleavage.
  • Do you have a smaller bust? you may be able to wear a longer necklace beautifully.
Longer Necklace with Sweater
sweater in deep olive green // earrings // necklace

I’ve collected a variety of longer and pendant necklaces for you in the shopping widget below.


I find myself counting on my earrings to add interest and light to my outfits more and more. In fact, frequently I choose to leave off the necklace these days in favor of choosing bolder earrings. And I do suggest that if you wear bold or large or long earrings that you do keep your necklace less “fussy.”

Earrings with a Fall Outfit
Kendra Scott gold hoop earrings // Parker chain necklace // Parker bracelet – See the original post for details.

I purchased the Kendra Scott gold hoop earrings in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, too. And they have fast become my go-to choice. I like them because they’re big enough to have impact, but they’re also simple, clean and classic.

But I still love and frequently wear my Kendra Scott Veronica Hoops, too. I love how the little stones in them provide light up around my face.

Me and Abigail
on me: necklace // earrings // on Abby: necklace // similar earrings – See the original post for details.

I also purchased a couple of other pairs of full-impact earrings recently. I decided if I was going to wear a necklace less frequently, I wanted to have several pair of earrings I could rotate through. And I wanted each pair to be impactful and pretty.

Fall and Winter Jewelry
drop earrings // adjustable necklace // Nordgreen Infinity Watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off) – See the original post for more details.

The Addie earrings above also come in a silver and gold mixture. That’s a great choice if you like to mix medals. The secret to wearing different medal colors together is to have at least one piece that has both colors of medal in it.

Kendra Scott Maggie Hoops // necklace // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your order)

All of the hoops I wear are very lightweight. That’s key, especially as we get older. Our earlobes begin to sag a little with time, so we want to choose earrings that don’t exacerbate the problem, whether they be studs or hoops or drop earrings.


In my opinion, bracelets are more important in the spring and summer when we wear shorter sleeves. But I’m a bracelet kinda gal. So I love adding a bracelet to my outfits. Especially when I opt to leave off a necklace, I think adding a bracelet is a great way to add a little light and sparkle midway on your frame.

Wearing a Bracelet in Fall and Winter
similar earrings // similar bracelet and similar bracelet // tank out of stock // cardigan

But I do think that if we’re going to wear a bracelet with long sleeves there are a few things to consider. You may want to make sure your bracelet is a little more substantial so that it can be noticed. And you’ll definitely want to beware of wearing a bracelet that easily catches on the fine threads of sweaters and such. I reserve my daintier bracelets for summer and spring and pull out the chunkier ones for fall and winter. I especially like bangles for winter because they don’t catch on things.

Crossbody bag
Similar bangles here.

It’s also fun to layer on the thick, chunky bracelets at this time of year. Chico’s has some great bracelets and other jewelry. And they frequently run good sales on their jewelry, too.

Bracelets for Fall
Bracelets no longer available, but you’ll find similar styles here.


While I frequently wear a watch in the spring and summer, they can feel a little hot during those warmer seasons. So I’m even more prone to wear a timepiece during the fall and winter. And wearing a watch is an easy way to elevate your look. It’s such a sophisticated and classic piece of jewelry.

Nordgreen Watch
two-tone Philosopher by Nordgreen (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your purchase)

I love my Nordgreen watches because they have a clean, minimalist aesthetic, and because the bands are all interchangeable. Most recently I selected the black dial Philosopher with a black leather strap. I think it adds so much class to my outfits. Unfortunately I don’t have a great photograph of it yet. But I also still love my Native watch, which was the first one I got.

Instagram Portrait 6
Native watch – See original post for details.

The Nordgreen watches have all been gifted to me. But I’ve taken most of them to jewelers to have the metal bands adjusted, and the jewelers are always very impressed with these Danish watches. They tell me the watches are very high quality.

The Nordgreen watches won’t appear in the shopping widget below, but if you check them out, remember to use code KAYHRMS to get 15% off your purchase. I’ve filled the shopping widget with other classy options.

Pins & Brooches

The final piece of jewelry that I think is especially nice to have in the fall and winter is a pin or brooch. I wear a lot of blazers, and I love adding a fun or beautiful pin to the lapel.

Creating a Column of Black
See the original post for details.

But I also enjoy wearing brooches with my winter coats if they have a lapel.

Winter Classics Outfit with a Column of Black
See the original post for details.

Of course neither of pins are available anymore, but I’ve found some great ones to include in the shopping widget below.

Thanks so much for dropping in today. I hope you got a little style inspiration for the jewelry you can enjoy wearing this fall and winter. I appreciate you spending a little time here and shopping my links…when the fancy strikes! Have a great fall day, sweet friend!

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22 thoughts on “Jewelry Essentials for Fall & Winter 2021

  1. Hi Kay,
    Thank you for another interesting post. I wanted to ask you if statement necklaces are out of style. The bigger, chunkier
    necklaces. It seems like they are but I wanted to know your opinion.

    1. Hi Sue. I think there’s always a place for the statement necklace but they do look a little dated more quickly than other forms of jewelry. Chico’s has some nice ones. But I generally find myself wearing them a lot one year and then tired of them by the next year. Of course that just may be my personal style aesthetic talking. I know some women who wear their statement necklaces for years and continue to look lovely in them.

  2. Great post, Kay! I love all your advice on when to wear certain prices and how. Just a little FYI…it’s metal, not medal. ???

  3. One of my fav accessories! Jewelry! I really like layering bracelets and love wearing the ones made by my granddaughter ❤️. One of my favorite necklaces and I wear ALOT is my Kendra Scott necklace?.

    Happy Tuesday Kay,

  4. Good post about the varied ways to wear and consider what and how to wear different pieces of jewelry.

    Your dear Abby is such a precious addition to your IG posts. Love her kind demeanor and sweet expressions.

    Thank you for sharing this scripture today. I have someone that I need to pray this over, too. Will pray this over your special one, too.

  5. Great post Kay. I have so much jewelry I don’t really need anything unless something is unusual and it strikes my fancy.
    Nice BFMD. My oldest brother that is going through cancer treatment, just excepted the Lord into his life. I am so happy for him, but he told me yesterday not as happy as he is. He told me that he is going to work for the Lord. Hallelujah!
    We should never give up praying for our loved ones.

  6. Hi, great post!!!! Can you comment on how you selected the stone color for your Kendra customized necklace so that it went with your wardrobe? Thanks! Also, statement necklaces…are they “in” for cocktail dresses or evening wear? I think daytime is currently the dainty or minimalistic jewelry. I have a few faves I can’t part with but don’t wear.

    1. Thanks Nancy. Well I just knew I wanted something with black. Obviously I wear a lot of black and I liked the idea of having a pretty all-around necklace that had just a touch of black in it too. This summer I customized one with a light greenish turquoise and I hardly wore it at all. It’s lovely. But it just didn’t work with as many of my outfits. I also have a similar Kendra Scott necklace with an ivory inlay and I wear it a good bit too. So for me a neutral colored stone was a good choice. You certainly can still wear statement necklaces. But I think they do begin to look outdated more quickly and are not generally as versatile.

  7. Great photos today. I bought a Nordgreen watch using your discount and I absolutely love it. It’s gold with black and Brown straps which I haven’t worn yet still wearing the all gold band. If anyone is hesitant to buy I highly recommend, very Classy watch, I wear it every day! Loved your black outfit with the camel coat. That outfit was definitely the best!

  8. I agree the black and camel outfit looks fabulous on you! So pretty! All are very pretty but this is my fav as well.
    I love all the jewelry highlighted in this post. One issue I have with Kendra Scott is that jewelry pics don’t load on my page so I can’t tell what the item looks like when I click on the descriptions. Bummer! Anyone else have that problem?

  9. Just signed up recently and am so enjoying your posts! Even though our style is different (I’m more romantic), I love seeing what is trending without having to dig through a bunch of magazines or seeing what’s trending on someone half my age. 🙂 LOVED that big chunky pearl necklace in your video. I don’t think I could get away with it, but it sure looks lovely on you! I think I’ll be back at the beginning of next month to purchase that Kendra Scott layered necklace. How fun that you can customize it!
    Thanks again Kay,

      1. Thanks, Kay, for the always interesting entries. I can’t imagine how you come up with something every day! But what I was wondering, is does your Kendra Scott jewelry last a short time before it tarnishes? I don’t have any KS jewelry that’s older than about a year because after a while it tarnishes whether it is a necklace or earrings. And I’ve had pieces that I really really liked that I thought were very versatile but they don’t look good for very long. I understand it’s not expensive jewelry but if I like it I want to keep it!

        1. Hmm. Yes, I’ve had some of mine now for at least a couple of years. I have noticed that I need to keep it in my jewelry box if I really want it to last without tarnishing. And I’m pretty careful not to get it wet. But like you I realize it won’t last forever.