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ALL the Shoes I’m Wearing & Loving this Summer

July 28, 2020

Hi gals! I got out to a few of your favorite stores for try-on sessions yesterday, and I have some fun things to show you. But since I got in so late in the afternoon from the stores, I didn’t have time to prepare that post for today. Instead, I’m going to pivot and share what’s on my feet! Today I’m sharing all the shoes I’m wearing and loving this summer.

The Shoes I'm Wearing & Loving This Summer

While I’ve accumulated quite an array of shoes for spring and summer, these are the ones I’m really wearing. I think I set out to share ten with you, but I actually have a couple of bonus pairs to share at the end of the post. So stick around!


I’m definitely enjoying reaching for my powder blue ECCO Soft 7 Sneakers occasionally. They’re certainly not as versatile as the others I’ll share shortly, but they have a sweet place in my wardrobe. I especially like how they add a splash of color to a basic jeans outfit.

blue sneakers
Ecco Soft Sneakers are 60% off and available in yellow & pink at Nordstrom // Ecco Soft Sneakers available in a variety of colors and prices on Amazon

I found these Ecco Soft Sneakers to be true to size (I normally wear a 9.5 and the 9-9.5 fits me perfectly) and to feel great right out of the box.

Ecco Soft Sneakers // Mott & Bow slim boyfriend jeans // classic cotton madras plaid shirt // See the full post here.

I ordered two pairs of white leather sneakers for the summer and have enjoyed them equally. First up my Madewell Sidewalk sneakers. Of course, I meant to return one pair of the two. But I liked them for different reasons, so I ended up keeping both. The Madewell Sidewalk sneakers are not as stark a white as many are. So they look very casual and modern.

black relaxed fit chinos
Madewell Sidewalk sneakers // black relaxed chinos

The Nordstrom website advised sizing down 1/2 size in the Madewell Sidewalk sneakers. I’m wearing the 9 instead of my usual 9.5 and I’m glad I went with the lower size. These sneakers are marked down plus you’ll get an EXTRA 30% OFF with code WHATADEAL.

Simple Black & Grey Summer Outfit
Madewell Sidewalk sneakers // See the original post for more details here.

But I’m also enjoying my Tory Burch Howell Lace-up Sneakers. These are the pricier of the two white leather sneakers, and, unfortunately, they’re not marked down like they were when I purchased them.

Tory Burch Howell Lace-up Sneakers // See the original post here.

The Tory Burch Howell Lace-up Sneakers are also available in all white and white with orange trim. Mine have navy trim, just in case you were wondering if it was navy or black. They fit true to size and are extremely comfortable.

denim shorts
Tory Burch Howell Lace-up Sneakers // See the original post here.

By the way, if you’re looking for no-show socks to wear with you sneakers, I can recommend a few different pairs. I like the Zella No-Show socks for when I need a thinner sock that doesn’t take up much room in my shoe. I like the Bomba Cushioned No-Show Socks for when I need socks that do take up a little more space. And I also like the Bomba No-Show Socks for a mid weight sock.


Let’s start with the sandals I’ve had the longest and work toward the newer ones. I’ve had my metallic flip flop sandals from Talbots for several years, I’m pretty sure. I find them easy to wear and true to size. I also find that they go with almost everything I wear during the summer.

Linen Shirt and White Shorts
Cece braided flip flops // See the original post for more details here.

The Cece braided flip flops are available in silver or gold and are marked down to less than $20 right now. Sizes are going fast.

But I probably wear my gold Gia sandals even more. They’re almost sold out in this year’s rattan buckle version.

Soft Side of Summer
Gia gold slides (older version) // See the previous post for all the details here.

I purchased my leopard print slides last summer and have enjoyed them just as much this summer. These are my go-to sandals when I want to add a little leopard print to a summer outfit. I wear them a lot!

Lantern Top
leopard print slides // Read the original post for other details here.

I like having a pair of casual flip flops to wear around the house, but all out and about. So I need them to be basic enough to go with most everything and polished enough to look nice if I leave the house in them. This year I added the Sperry Adriatic leather flip flops in black. They’re also available in tan and they run true to size.

Sperry Adriatic leather flip flops // Brooklyn Wide Leg Crop Pant

I’ve always enjoyed having a couple of pairs of colored sandals in my spring and summer wardrobe, but last year I had to toss my pink sandals as well as my red ones. So this year I purchased the Keri multi-strap sandals in geranium pink. I’ve definitely enjoyed the splash of color they add to my outfits. They run true to size.

Keri multi-strap sandals // See the original post for all details here.

I also bit the bullet and purchased the famed Tory Burch Miller Flip Flop Sandals this spring. Of course, I didn’t pay full price for them, but they’re not reduced right now. The website says to size up in these, but I completely disagree. I got my usual 9.5 and they’re still a little roomy. Honestly, I think that’s why I haven’t enjoyed these as much as I hoped to. But I do reach for my Tory Burch Miller Flip Flop Sandals when I want a sandal that doesn’t detract from the outfit and that creates a long, uninterrupted leg.

colored tee
Tory Burch Miller Flip Flop Sandals // For outfit details see the original post here.

If you like the look of these nude sandals (of course they come in other colors, too.), but not the price, I suggest you check out these Sam Edelman Canyon Sandals, which are a fraction of the price. Honestly, I don’t think the Miller Flip Flop Sandals are worth the hype. I’ll wear mine, and I like them. But I don’t love them as much as I should for what I paid.

Now here is a pair of shoes I absolutely do love. And they are worth every penny I paid for them.

Eileen Fisher Viv Wedge Sandals

I wear my Eileen Fisher Viv Wedge Sandals very often. Really anytime I wear my linen pants to church I wear them. But I wear these wedge heels with other things, too. They’re so versatile! And comfortable.

Eileen Fisher Viv Wedge Sandals // See the full post for details here.

These shoes were marked down again just this past week, but they’re back at full price again. Ugh. You can get them in tangelo orange for 40% off. Otherwise, they’re full price. But my bet is they’ll go on sale again. So if you like them, “favorite” them in the shopping widget below and you’ll receive a notice when they go on sale. They come in other colors, too, and run true to size.


Well, I promised you a bonus pair…and here they are! Honestly, these are the shoes I’m wearing the most this summer. Hahaha! Unfortunately the ones I own, the waffle thongs, are no longer available. But I do love my Acorn Waffle Spa Thongs, so I’m assuming the Waffle Spa Slides are great slippers, too. I have the pink and wear an x-large. And I did find these Acorn thongs, which are just a little different from mine, on Amazon.

Hiking Shirt and Leggings
Alcorn Waffle Spa Thongs (similar on Amazon) // comparable slides

But here’s what I really want you to see. I think the reason my slippers got gone so fast is because of the stay-at-home orders we all received in the spring. I have a feeling we’re all going to be home more than usual this fall, too. So I think we’re all going to be wanting comfy slippers again. I’m purchasing a pair of these Alcorn fallish mule slippers ASAP yesterday. These slippers have memory foam and they are so comfy and easy to wear.

Below I’m providing a shopping widget with all of the shoes I’ve shared here. Let me know if you have any questions. These are all affiliate links, of course, so if you make a purchase while shopping through them I do potentially earn a commission. Thank you so much!

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9 thoughts on “ALL the Shoes I’m Wearing & Loving this Summer

  1. I truly enjoyed the post today. Thank you for the spiritual inspiration as well. You are a blessing!!

  2. Hi Kay! I liked seeing your favorite footwear! So, some of the stores in your area have open fitting rooms? That’s not the case in my part of GA. Since we haven’t been able to be out and about this summer, I have not been wearing as many of my shoes. Maybe next summer. I have finally figured out that my heels are too skinny to prevent any of the no show socks from sliding down if the heel of the shoe is not close fitting. So, I just put powder in my shoes to help cut down on the sweat. Well, I need to get out and check the trail cameras, feed the deer, and clean out the hummingbird feeders so they can have fresh liquid, so I better run. Have a great day!

    1. Hi Ginger. Yeah I guess procedures are different in different places. The fitting rooms are open here and they go to great measures to make it safe. They clean each fitting room after use and only use about 1/3 of the rooms. And after clothes are tried on they keep them off the floor for 48 hours. And in each of the stores I visited yesterday ( in an outdoor mall that I figured would be less crowded than our big mall) there was only me and maybe one or two other customers at a time. Strange times we live in!

  3. You always look so chic! I like the length of shorts you wear. All the shoes were cute and looked comfy. I don’t know how you wear 3/4 length sleeves or jackets in summer! Our NM summers are around 100 degrees everyday so I’m in shorts & tank tops!

    1. I hear ya! Well, I don’t get outside a whole lot during the day for one thing. And of course, some of these photos were taken in the spring and early summer when it was much cooler. It’s blasted hot now!

  4. Yes, it is strange times and we probably haven’t seen crazy yet. I can’t believe all my favorite looks on one page. I made a file. I have Pinterest & Instagram but having my favs in one file on my desktop is great
    . You really have to wear a shoe to know if it feels right. Sizes vary from style to style and maker. Do they have vanity sizing in shoes?
    Well, that turned into a book.?

  5. I could not justify paying $200 for the Miller sandals, so I tried the Sam Edelman Canyon and I love them. I got them super cheap at a Macy’s last year. I also bought two other pairs of Sam Edelman slides and have been wearing them non-stop. Summer shoes are my favorite, I love them all!!!!