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Cotton Lantern Sleeve Top for Summer

June 2, 2020

Greetings, dear gal! I’m so glad you dropped in for a little fashion inspiration today. I think you’re going to love the silky cotton lantern sleeve top I’m sharing with you today. Especially if you fancy a classic style, but with a modern twist. This unique button up top makes this simple shorts outfit oh so chic!

Lantern Sleeve Cotton top with shorts
7″ chino shorts in cafe (wearing an 8, TTS) // Silky Cotton Lantern Top in black (wearing an 8, TTS) reduced 30% // Gala two-strap genuine calf hair slide sandals // reversible belt (wearing medium) // similar reversible faux leather tote bag // earrings // customized Elisa multi-strand necklace or here not customized // similar sunglasses // similar bracelet

I waited patiently for this Silky Cotton Lantern Top to arrive from Everlane in the height of the stay-at-home orders. And I was not disappointed when it finally arrived. This button up top features an ultra flattering v-neckline and these modern lantern sleeves with just enough poof to look interesting without being childish.

Silky Cotton Lantern Top

But my long wait is good news for you because now that I’m finally getting around to showing it to you, it’s marked down. Woohoo! Everlane rarely runs true sales, but after a while they put items in the “choose what you pay” listings. So now this Silky Cotton Lantern Top is included in that section in all 6 colors plus one stripe pattern. And the black appears to be fully stocked in all sizes. I’m wearing a TTS 8 for a pleasantly loose fit.

Silky Cotton Lantern Top

By the way, I could totally have worn this Silky Cotton Lantern Top untucked, too. It features a wide bottom hem and a beautiful slightly cropped silhouette. But it’s definitely long enough to hide your belly or to tuck into your pants. It’s 100% cotton and oh so soft.

Silky Cotton Lantern Top

This black Silky Cotton Lantern Top is so versatile, but I chose to create a chic black and brown shorts outfit with it. I added a black belt to my cafe colored chino shorts, wore a necklace featuring black drusy stones and carried a reversible faux leather black tote (similar). Then I pulled the black and brown together with my leopard print two-strap slides.

chino shorts

I wish I’d discovered these 7″ chino shorts before they ran out of the white in my size. But they do still have some white shorts in petite, petite plus and plus sizes. And they have other colors in those sizes and the misses sizes. These shorts are so comfortable. And I appreciate the wider leg opening on these since my thighs are a little on the thicker side.

Chino Shorts

I bought these leopard print slides last year, and wore them a lot a lot. I remember I kept waiting for them to go on sale and they just never did. So I finally bit the bullet and paid full price around mid summer. And then I wished I’d bought them earlier! They’re so fun to wear! I’m wearing my true to size 9.5.

black reversible tote

My black and leopard faux leather reversible tote is no longer available, but I found you a similar one at Target. I actually had this bag before, but later gave it away (because I tend to cycle through things as I try them out for the blog). But I can tell you it is every bit as functional and chic as mine. I love having a big tote or two, especially for traveling.

Lantern Top

Finally, my sunglasses are also sold out. but Tory Burch has similar glasses in the cat eye style on sale right now. These have become my go-to sunglasses. So while I love wearing others to match an outfit or a day, these keep me looking and feeling chic day in and day out.

If you have any questions about today’s outfit, please let me know. While the shorts should go back on sale in a day or two, that darling lantern sleeve top is something you need to grab now if you’re interested. Remember, it’s 30% off. I’m telling you, I love this top! Check it out on the website to see what it looks like untucked. I just think it’s so nice to wear something cool, comfortable and classic like this top instead of what everyone else is wearing. Ya know?

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I do not want to get political or controversial in this space. Please help me to protect this little haven of lighthearted, sweet girly talk from that by refraining from any kind of polarizing statements in the comments section, too. But I do want to acknowledge the unrest and hurt and divisiveness visible to all of us in our country right now. Like you, I’m sure, my heart breaks over what I see on the news and in my social media feeds.

But I’ll also tell you honestly that my feelings about everything I see swing back and forth on a pendulum. I grieve, I get angry, I feel sad, I fear a little and I just get frustrated and anxious, too. So I pray. I’m sure you do, too. And when I pray I’m reminded of how Jesus felt in similar situations when He looked out and saw frustration, hurt, disbelief, hopelessness and division among the people He came to save. Jesus felt compassion. Lord, help me to feel compassion for the people around me more than anything else. If we err on the side of compassion, we won’t err at all. Give us compassionate hearts.

Seeing the people, He felt compassion for them, because they were distressed and dispirited like sheep without a shepherd. ~ Matthew 9:36

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xoxo, Kay
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5 thoughts on “Cotton Lantern Sleeve Top for Summer

  1. Thanks Kay!
    The danger is real for some. As I write, my youngest son is literally fighting to protect his business, his workers’ lives, and his own life in Philadelphia, PA, as people riot, loot, and burn all around them. Please pray for them.

  2. Thank you for the small daily inspirational focus on your blog. These words gave me comfort.
    Seeing the people, He felt compassion for them, because they were distressed and dispirited like sheep without a shepherd. ~ Matthew 9:36
    Last night a ‘peaceful march “ ended right behind my house at a park. My town has never even had a protest or march before. It was tense and not without drama.
    Needless to say, I was tense . It’s even scary to talk about it with random people as you may be the source of offense without realizing it. So focusing on compassion and relying on our Lord are of great comfort . Sb
    PS you look so cute in your outfit today, beautiful inside and outside.

    1. Ah, thanks Sarah. Thank you, too, for sharing your heart. I spent some time last night talking with a wise friend and we agreed that the best we can do right now is to listen and to ask God to direct our thoughts. We can lean into Him right now.

  3. What a beautiful outfit on you, Kay! I am definitely praying for our country. It is very sad that bad people are using the peaceful protests to be so very destructive and commit criminal acts. I know that God is in control. If only He could grab some of the bad people by the shirt collar and knock some sense into them, like my parents did to me when I was a youngster. Stay safe!