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How to Style Floral Pants…so you look chic, not childish

June 11, 2020

Have you ever purchased a pair of floral pants because your eye was drawn to the amazing, colorful print, only to later become frustrated because you didn’t know what in the world to wear with them? Or maybe you’ve thought about purchasing some darling floral pants, but decided against it because you were afraid they’d make you look childish or silly. I hear ya! But even if you, like me, are 50+, you absolutely can wear floral pants and look oh so chic. Let me show you how.

how to style floral pants so you look chic not childish

Now, I’m not suggesting that every gal needs to have a pair or three of floral pants in her closet. To each her own! But I personally have always been drawn to pretty floral jeans and pants. I don’t buy every pair I see, of course. And I’ve always limited myself to no more than one or two pairs in my closet because…well, we’ll get to that in a minute.

First, let me share with you my darling summer floral pants, the four ways I’ve styled them and some tips for how you, too, can style floral pants and look chic, not childish or silly.

Floral pants

I really had no plans of buying these Talbots Fruit & Flower Crop Pants when I first saw them, even though I absolutely loved the color combinations at first sight. But when I tried them on I was sold on the fit and the fabulous soft fabric, so I decided to go for it. And just over a week later, I’m not even embarrassed to confess that I’ve already worn them three or four times. I LOVE these floral crop pants.

Style Tip #1 – Keep in mind that floral pants will be more memorable than solid pants. So you’ll want to have a variety of ways to style them and you may be limited in how often you’ll want to wear them to the same place or around the same people. Make sense? Bottom line, just be aware that they are memorable.

Fruit and Floral Crop Pants
Talbots Fruit & Flower Crop Pants // favorite basic white tee // white leather sneakers // earrings // bangles // similar tote

First up I simply styled my Fruit & Flower Crop Pants with my favorite basic white tee and white leather sneakers. I think this is perhaps the easiest, most effortless-looking combination you can create with your floral pants. And you’ll never go wrong with this route either.

floral pants

Style Tip #2 – You can always pair your floral pants of jeans with a basic white or black or grey tee (depending on the colors in your pants) for an effortless look. The t-shirt can be solid or you can choose a graphic tee with coordinating colors in the design. But for the no-risk, no-fail combo, stick with the solid t-shirt.

Next I styled these same Crop Pants with a t-shirt in a coordinating color. Of course, I found this Geranium pink button shoulder tee at Talbots, so I knew the colors would work nicely together. But you do not have to match the color of your t-shirt exactly to those in your pants, especially if you have a variety of shades in your floral print.

colored tee
Fruit & Flower Crop Pants // Geranium pink button shoulder tee // Tory Burch Miller Flip Flops in makeup // handbag sold out (comparable) // earrings // bangles

Style Tip #3 – Choose a solid t-shirt in a solid coordinating color for another easy pairing. Select a tee that is interesting and has a flattering neckline, but avoid tops with too much fuss going on. You have enough “going on” with your pants, so you don’t want another piece of clothing competing with them.

floral pants

By the way, the top I’m wearing comes in several other pretty shades that would work well with these floral pants, too. I think the daisy yellow would be especially pretty with them. I’m wearing a TTS 8 in the floral pants and a size medium top.

Because I added color up top, I chose to wear nude colored sandals. These Tory Burch Miller Flip Flops in makeup are pricey, but now is a great time to purchase them at Nordstrom if you’ve been considering these classics. Now through June 14, Nordy Club members earn 5 points per purchase dollar and Nordstrom Credit Cardholders earn 10 points per purchase dollar. Since these rarely go on sale, bonus point days are the best time to purchase them.

Style Tip #4 – This is perhaps the most important style tip I can offer you. When wearing colorful floral pants, keep your outfit anchored and adult by wearing at least one neutral or classic item in the mix. That could be your top (basic white tee or classic chambray), shoes (neutral color or classic sneakers), handbag (neutral color) or even your jewelry (minimal and solid gold or silver). Just one neutral or classic item will keep you from looking childish, clownish or as though you’re about to float away. Know what I mean?

Next, check out how these floral crop pants work with a classic chambray shirt. By the way, did I mention that my floral pants also come in a curvy fit? For reference, I’m wearing the regular fit.

Fruit & Flower Crop Pants // similar chambray shirt (denim tie hem top) // similar Gold Gia Sandals // earrings // bangles // white and natural stripe clutch option // sunglasses

You absolutely could wear this chambray shirt tucked into the floral crop pants or just with a front tuck. I just tied mine because I do think you don’t want to wear it just hanging down. That would mess up the proportions with these cropped pants. Better yet, Talbots has a denim tie hem top that would be the perfect option. It’s 100% Lyocell and features a flattering v-neck and slanted shorts sleeves.

Style Tip #5 – You can always top your floral pants with a denim or chambray top/shirt for a truly classic look. This is another no-fail combination.

chambray shirt

Since I paired my floral crop pants with a classic top, I chose to wear my gold flip flops to finish off the outfit. I’ve had these for three seasons now, but Talbots came out with these similar Gold Gia Sandals this year. Swoon! My straw clutch is no longer available, but Talbots has this pretty white and natural stripe clutch that is just darling.

Style Tip #6 – If you do choose to wear metallic or colored sandals with your floral print pants, then definitely “anchor” your outfit with a more classic top. (For instance these knotted strap slides in the bright papaya multi would probably pair nicely with my floral crops. But I’d then choose a more neutral top, such as my white tee or chambray shirt.)

Finally, for a feminine date-night look, I topped my floral crop pants with a flirty floral embroidered gauze top. My colorful necklace is no longer available, but this daisy statement necklace would work well here, too.

floral gauze top

Style Tip #7 – If you want to wear a bold statement necklace with your colorful floral pants, make sure you wear a more neutral top to anchor the look.

Style Tip #8 – You can also top your floral pants with a pretty feminine white blouse. Choose from a multitude of styles. You simply want the blouse to be able to “hold its own” against the floral pants.

floral blouse
floral crop pants // floral embroidered gauze top // similar Gold Gia Sandals // white and natural stripe clutch option // similar but all white daisy statement necklace // earrings // bangles

I’m wearing a medium in the floral embroidered gauze top. I’ve enjoyed wearing this pretty top several times already, too. In fact, I went ahead and purchased the navy blouse with white embroidery as well. And I love the yellow option.

Right now Talbots has extended its Friends & Family event with 50% off 3 or more items, 40% off 2 items and 30% off 1 item. You can see more of my Talbots Favorites here.

So what do you think? Which is your favorite look? Do you enjoy wearing floral pants? Or maybe you’ve been holding back because you thought you might come across looking childish or even clownish. Honestly, yes, you can look a little clownish if you over-do it with floral pants. But then again, with a few helpful style tips, you can look absolutely stunning!

Shop the Looks and Floral Pants

I have two different shopping widgets for you today. First up, here’s a shopping widget with the items from today’s looks. If you have any questions about sizes or anything else, please let me know in the comments below.

And I have a shopping widget full of other floral pants I found in various stores. I’m including pants of various silhouettes, price points and color combinations. Enjoy!

Thanks so much for stopping in today. I hope you enjoyed the post. Let me know if you found these style tips helpful. Have a blessed and beautiful day!

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21 thoughts on “How to Style Floral Pants…so you look chic, not childish

  1. Hi Kay! I love wearing floral pants and this gives me more ideas on ways to wear them! I would’ve loved to see a denim jacket popped on over the white t. My favorite look is the chambray shirt! Thanks for the reminder to “stay in our lanes” and be content.

    1. Absolutely yes to the denim jacket. I like that combo too. After showing so many outfits with jackets and cardigans I just decided it was time to pare down to true hot weather looks. A nod to my gals in the hottest areas! ? Thanks for reading and sharing.

  2. Love this look Kay. My favorite is the first look. Simple but chic! We are starting to open up here in New York and boy am I itching to get out into the stores. I’ll take it slow for a while. It’s been a long three months?

  3. Beautiful outfits, Kay. The colors are so summery and classic. So many ways to vary the look. My favorite is the outfit with the pink tee.
    Thankfulness, contentment, and joy all go together. Thanks for helping us remember this at a time when we may be tempted to grumble.
    Have a blessed day, Kay.

    1. Love those pants, and the outfits. ? I am a petite very pear shaped Grammie. I love colorful pants but am always getting told I shouldn’t wear those patterns on the bottom half. Do you have tweaks that I could apply for these outfits?

      1. Hi Robin. I should have mentioned this in the post. If you don’t want to accentuate “the spread” then choose smaller, less bold prints. Choose prints in darker shades, too. These should translate more as solids. Finally, you may want to wear a looser tunic or untucked button up shirt over them. Hope that helps.

  4. I enjoyed both your DFMD and BFMD articles this morning. I recently bought Christopher and Bank denim floral ankle pants. I was happy to see options to wear with them.

    Do you have any advice on the pop up adds on your site? This morning as Im reading your great post, Im getting anything from crepey skin on arms to very heavy thighs. And then several different clothing pop ups from bikinis to jeans and tops. All while trying to read your great info.
    They all have tiny x’s in the upper corner but even if you click it you still get another ad.
    Can anything be done?

    1. Hmm. Thanks for the heads up about the pop ads. I’ll let my ad company know that my readers don’t want to see those. I can’t do anything right away. But I can let them know. Thanks.

  5. Kay, you look fabulous in the floral pants! My favorite is the outfit with the coordinating colored top, with the white tee a close second. I’m wondering if James tells you when he really likes an outfit, when he’s taking pictures of you. I’m glad that you were able to meet a friend for coffee. Have a great day!

    1. Thanks for sharing Ginger. Hmm, James is usually pretty focused on camera stuff. But he’s always been one to compliment me when he thinks I look nice and does so frequently. Really more often than I am comfortable with. ☺️

  6. Oh thank you for showing so many styles for these cute pants! I love floral crops but haven’t had any in yrs. for fear of looking silly at my age. I’m gonna find a pair. And I love your deep chambray shirt! My favs are the date night outfit & the chambray to look! Love those gold sandals too! You are beautiful!

  7. In style or out of style, I wear my florals and striped pants. But my florals are more like a white background with small black and grey roses. They are a quick way to dress for me in the summer.
    But this years crop of beautiful, Colorful pants are amazing, and the cardigans are just as pretty, I prefer blouses to tees because I’m busty but I can and would wear everyone of these looks. Time for new pants for sure. These pants and the pink or the white tee. Wonderful.

  8. I love these pants and the way you’ve styled them! I’m always drawn to floral pants too, but currently have none. I’ll have to remedy that, maybe. 😉

  9. I love them all, you look so good in those pants Kay! My favorites are the chambray top and the white peasant top. You look so pretty in them!

  10. Kay, I had to order the floral pants, though I normally don’t wear prints. I love all the looks. Is the canvas tote that you carry available or a substitute someplace. I like the fringe on it. You are quickly becoming my favorite blogger. Thank you for sharing. Pat

    1. Hi Pat. Thanks. You are kind. The canvas bag was a gift with purchase from JJill. The only thing I knew to link as similar is the canvas bags at Lands’ End. I can’t find anything else like it. Sorry about that. ?

  11. You look great in all of these combos. You did fabulous on creating different looks. My faves are the white embroidered blouse with the bright colored statement necklace that added the pops of color and then the coral or pink shirt really looks good too. I didn’t comment yesterday however you are really doing good on your videos. I look forward to Wednesday.