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Summer Sweatshirt for Chilly Moments

July 2, 2020

Let’s face it. This time of year that’s about all you get: chilly moments. But those sweet, brief lapses in heat do indeed come. Especially if you’re out at night …maybe catching lightening bugs with grandkids or sitting on the lakeshore dock with friends. And when the sleeveless shirt you’ve been wearing all day no longer feels sufficient, it’s time to reach for a soft summer sweatshirt. I’ve got just the one for you!

Summer Sweatshirt
girlfriend denim shorts (another great option) // heathered sweatshirt (this color sold out) // no-show socks // white sneakers // earrings // alternative necklace // sunglasses

I’ve actually slipped my heathered sweatshirt over a sleeveless tank or swapped it in for whatever I was wearing several times recently. This soft 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester sweatshirt is no longer available in the geranium pink I’m wearing, but they still have it fully stocked in the equally pretty coral buff heather.


I’m wearing the sweatshirt in a size medium for a TTS fit.

jean shorts

I’m wearing my heathered sweatshirt with the same denim shorts I wore in Monday’s post. Unfortunately they are almost sold out. (Well, duh. The sale price is pretty amazing!) However, I have a sweet alternative for you!

denim shorts

You know there are going to be some great sales this Independence Day weekend. But Loft has already shot of the fireworks! They’re already offering 40% off these Frayed High Rise Skinny Bermuda Shorts In Medium Vintage Indigo Wash. And they look great! These Frayed High Rise Skinny Bermuda Shorts are still available in most sizes, too. But they’re also available in a darker indigo wash.

denim shorts

We snapped these photos when we were in Columbus visiting our kids this past week. So I was wearing my Tory Burch Howell lace-up sneakers. I don’t generally wear those in blog photos because they are a pricier shoe. But they’re extremely comfortable and my first choice in “real life.” I wear a TTS 9.5 and they come in all white with white trim and orange trim, too.


You can’t see them…’cause that’s the point…but I’m also wearing my favorite no-show socks. These Bombas have a nice thickness to them while providing that no-show appeal.


I didn’t even bring a handbag to style with this sweatshirt outfit. And I kept my jewelry minimal and classic. I’m wearing my classic gold hoops and a favorite Gorjana necklace. My necklace is sold out, but I also enjoyed wearing this Gorjana Super Star Pendant necklace…until I passed it on to my daughter.


You may or may not get a lot of wear out of a summer sweatshirt like this one where you live. But if you’re heading to the mountains, a lake or even the ocean shore this summer, I suggest you pack a similar sweatshirt. I’ve gathered up a few others to choose from in the shopping widget below.

Summer Sweatshirt
girlfriend denim shorts (another great option) // heathered sweatshirt (this color sold out) // no-show socks // white sneakers // earrings // alternative necklace // sunglasses

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Thanks so much for stopping in today. Let me know if you have any questions. I hope you have a lovely summer day…with the occasional breeze!

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Blessed for My Day

Let me ask you a question, dear gal. Do you ever use the words “ought to,” “have to,” “I should better” or “I should have?” Sure, those are pretty average, normal words and you absolutely can use them. But be careful. I’ve found that often when I hear those words in my head or on my lips I’m slipping into a sort of legalism.

Legalism is anything that we think we should do or someone else tells us we need to do in order to be approved. Whether we’re jumping through hoops to get to heaven or we’re checking boxes in order to measure up to someone else’s standards, legalism is always a dead end street. Why? Because we can never do enough or often enough or well enough or consistently enough to make the grade. Don’t fall into that trap, dear sister. Instead, stand firm in the grace of God.

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

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15 thoughts on “Summer Sweatshirt for Chilly Moments

  1. Pretty in pink, Kay! We live in the Alps, so I always have to be prepared for it to cool off, especially in the evenings. Dinnertime is often spent out on the balcony in the summer, but a cool wind comes in about the same time every night and chases us indoors. We even call it the “7:30 wind” because it’s that punctual! lol

  2. I do get chilly Kay and this is an awesome alternative to a jacket or additional sweater. I think you did mention that you are wearing a tank or light shirt underneath so if you did get to warm you could just take your sweatshirt off,,…love that idea. Love the color on you.

  3. You are so right about occasionally needing that extra layer and I love to throw on a sweatshirt. I have several that I can grab and go for those cooler times during the summer.

  4. Thanks Kay! What a beautiful color! It looks well on you. Sometimes, it gets chilly in PA, especially in the mountains close to where I live.
    Thanks for BFMD. You are a wonderful encourager.

  5. Once again, I love the pictures in this post! And what a great outfit! I have several lightweight sweatshirts that I am so anxious to wear once the high humidity vanishes. I am waiting on the arrival of the black denim shorts from Talbots, since my size was not available in the denim. I wanted to try there’s because of how nice you look in them and how much you enjoy wearing them. I am in need of thinner no show socks that will help absorb sweat, but I am going to check out the ones you wear. And I really enjoy you sharing things that you really wear! I’m glad that you enjoyed your golf outing yesterday, even if you didn’t play your best game. There’s always next time. ? Happy Friday Eve!

  6. Hi Kay. Thanks for your beautiful encouraging words of faith! That’s a pretty color on you! But the only time I’d need a sweatshirt in NM is if we were camping in the mountains as it’s still over 100 degrees here! ?

  7. Love the outfits you put together Kay. Just wondering, how do I find some of your previous posts? I’m looking for the posts from the week of May 18,2020 where you styled the slim sage pants. You mentioned you were going to show other ways to style them but I cannot find those posts. Can you help?

    1. Hi MaryAnn. Just click on the header at the top of this post and it should take you to the home page. There you can scroll down and see the last 9 posts or so. At the bottom of the home page you should be able to click on “NEXT PAGE..” to see more of the previous posts and so forth. I did indeed style those pants several ways. And I’ll be showing them next week style yet another way. ?