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My 10 Favorite Summer Pants – All on Sale!

July 24, 2020

Happy Friday, sweet gal. It’s that time in the season when so much goes on sale, so I thought I’d share a few of the pieces I’m wearing and loving that have been reduced in price. When I started making my list of my summer favorites, I discovered that most of them are the pants and shorts I’m wearing. So I decided to pivot and just share my 10 favorite summer pants of 2020. And guess what? ALL of them are on sale!

I actually have a few favorites I’ll mention that aren’t on sale, too. But I did discover that 10 pair of my favorite pants and shorts have been marked down, many as much as 60-70%. And I’m only sharing those that are still pretty much fully stocked. My denim shorts, which I love, are completely sold out, so of course there’s no need in mentioning them.

These are in no particular order. On any given day any of these could top my list. Let’s get started! And we’ll begin with the pair that topped my list yesterday. Ha!

Fruit & Flower Perfect Crop Pants

The reason these Fruit & Flower Perfect Crop Pants topped my list yesterday is because I wore them and remembered how amazingly comfortable they are. Plus they’re just so versatile.

Fruit & Flower Perfect Crop Pants – See the post here for more styling options.

Yesterday I went to lunch with some friends and wore these Fruit & Flower Perfect Crop Pants with a white tank, my white linen button up shirt and sneakers. But you’ll find so many more styling options in this post.

These Crop Pants run true to size, have a little stretch in them, but don’t stretch out with wear. They’re almost fully stocked in regular and petite sizes and they’re marked down to less than $25, but you’ll get even more savings if you also purchase another markdown item at Talbots this weekend.

Tigerstripe Sanctuary Squad Crops

These Tigerstripe Sanctuary Squad Crops are extremely versatile and lightweight. Perfect for summer. But I think they’ll also be great to transition into fall with.

Indigo Blues Beaded Statement Necklace
Tigerstripe Sanctuary Squad Crops || See the full post here.

The Tigerstripe Sanctuary Squad Crops are a little pricey, but they are marked down at Evereve right now. Plus, they’re fully stocked. I find them to run true to size. I’m wearing a 29.

Linen Drawstring Wide-Leg Pants

I’m definitely enjoying all of my linen pants, but these are the only ones of the three I have that are on sale. And I do think you can’t go wrong with alabaster white Linen Drawstring Wide-Leg Pants.

Colorful Summer Ruana
Linen Drawstring Wide-Leg Pants || See the full post here.

I did size up to a 10 or a Chico’s 1.5 in these Linen Drawstring Wide-Leg Pants. But if you are more narrow in the hips you probably wouldn’t need to. They’re a nice length in the misses fit, allowing me to wear them with a 1″ heel. But they’re also available in a few short and tall sizes if you need a different length.

The Linen Drawstring Wide-Leg Pants are marked down about 60%.

Secret Stretch Casual Utility Slim Pants

Of course these should count as three pairs of pants because I bought all three colors. Yep! And I love them. I probably wear the sage leaf the most, followed closely by the camel. But I do like the new opal color as well.

slim utility pants
Secret Stretch Casual Utility Slim Pants || See the full post here.

I’ve styled the Utility Slim Pants in this post, this one and this one. I’m sure there are more out there, too, actually. These Utility Slim Pants are extremely comfortable and run true to size. They’re marked down about 55% and pretty well stocked in all three colors.

No-Stain White Girlfriend Shorts in 9″ Inseam

Yes, my list of favorite summer pants includes summer shorts, too.

You haven’t actually seen me in the No-Stain White Girlfriend Shorts in 9″ Inseam because those photos are in the can. But I’ll be sharing them next week. Meanwhile, these extremely comfortable denim shorts are marked down about 60% so I thought I should go ahead and tell you about them.

No-Stain White Girlfriend Shorts in 9″ Inseam || Post coming next week!

I find these No-Stain White Girlfriend Shorts in 9″ Inseam to run true to size; I have them in an 8 or Chico’s 1. They’re treated with Chico’s Stain-Repel, Bright-White™ technology so they’re supposed to stay bright white for up to 20 washes and repel water-based stains.

7″ Chino Shorts

I’ve really enjoyed my 7″ Chino Shorts in cafe. That particular color has been very versatile in my wardrobe. I’ve worn them with this chambray top, but also solid white and black t-shirts. They run true to size.

Lantern Sleeve Cotton top with shorts
7″ Chino Shorts in cafe || See full post here.

Of course these 7″ Chino Shorts also come in other nice colors. They’re marked down about 55%, but you get more savings if you buy two or more sale items at Talbots this weekend.

Stripe Perfect Crop Pants

My blue and white Stripe Perfect Crop Pants are marked down to less than $25 and are still very well stocked. They’re a great alternative to white pants because they’re still very summery, lightweight and fresh looking.

Seersucker Pants
Stripe Perfect Crop Pants || See the full post here.

The Stripe Perfect Crop Pants also come in curvy fit. However, I’m wearing my usual size in the regular fit. They’re available in petite, petite plus and plus sizes, too.

7″ Relaxed Chino Shorts in bright papaya

While I mostly like to wear shorts in more subdued shades, I am enjoying having one pair of brighter shorts in the line-up. These 7″ Relaxed Chino Shorts are darling in the bright papaya orange, but they come in other colors, too. And most of them are pretty well stocked still.

talbots summer collection
7″ Relaxed Chino Shorts || See the video here.

The 7″ Relaxed Chino Shorts run true to size and they’re marked down to less than $25. In this YouTube video you can see how I styled them several different ways. And in this YouTube video you’ll see how I copied a style from Pinterest using these bright colored shorts.

Hampshire Ankle Pants in White

I’ve undoubtedly worn my white Hampshire Ankle Pants less frequently than any of the other pants or shorts on my list of favorites simply because of the stay-at-home orders. Otherwise, I probably would have worn them about every other week to church or out to eat.

Navy & White Embroidered Top
Hampshire Ankle Pants || See the full post here. || The navy & white embroidered top is also marked way down and still stocked.

The Hampshire Ankle Pants run true to size and are very comfortable. They’re definitely dressier pants, but not fussy or lined. They’re constructed from a pleasantly thick 56% Cotton, 40% Rayon, 4% Spandex blend. You’ll find the plus size options here. These favorite summer pants are marked down about 60% and are available in buttercup yellow and indigo blue, too.

Light Caraway Green Seamed Cotton-Stretch Shorts

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, these Light Caraway Green Seamed Cotton-Stretch Shorts became fast favorite summer pants the minute I put them on. They look sharp but are definitely comfort shorts, as in there is no binding or chaffing at all. Pure bliss to wear!

J.Jill ?Shorts
Light Caraway Green Seamed Cotton-Stretch Shorts || See the full post here.

The Seamed Cotton-Stretch Shorts also come in an off white they call light pebble. Both shades are still available, but sizes are limited. They do come in petite and womens sizes, too. I find them to run true to size.

Marigold Linen Pants

Okay, I’m definitely cheating here a little. But it’s to your advantage…if you’re at all interested in my Eileen Fisher marigold linen pants. I purchased my marigold linen pants at Dillard’s and they are significantly reduced and still fully stocked. I love these pants. They’re amazingly comfortable, cool and fun to wear. I mainly pair them with white or black tops. I think today these may be my favorite summer pants! Translated: I’ll put them on today!

my Eileen Fisher marigold linen pants ||

But when I was out shopping a little Saturday, I discovered that J.Jill has a very similar pair of linen pants. I mean, they are the exact same color. And the quality seems on par with the Eileen Fisher marigold linen pants, too.

The J.Jill linen full leg pants in golden sun ran true to size on me and are a fraction of the price of the Eileen Fisher pants. They’re marked down to less than $60, but you’ll get another 40% off in the cart for a total of $35.99.

Oops! That’s 11!

Well, whataya know! That’s actually eleven favorites. And I do want to mention real quick that I have another pair of favorite pants that aren’t marked down. Be watching for the camo cargo shorts to go on sale eventually. They are definitely among my favorite summer pants.

Let me know if you have any questions about any of the pants I’ve shown here. And let me know if you like this kind of post. I could probably do similar posts on my favorite tops or shoes that are on sale, too.

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Blessed for My Day

One of the ways we can walk in the Spirit is by putting on and putting off certain things. Kinda like slipping out of one pair of pants and into another, God’s Word challenges us to put off attitudes of envy, strife, conceit and anger. Basically it tells us to put off the old self (Ephesians 4:22). Then we’re to have our minds renewed (by the reading and obeying of God’s Word) and “put on the new self, created after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness.” (Ephesians 4:24)

Oh, if it were only as easy as buying a new pair of pants! But then again, maybe it is. Putting on the new self requires intention; it’s a daily choice. It also costs something. We have to put aside selfish desires and choose to sacrifice doing things our own way. And then we have to wear the “new self” well. We walk in a new identity and stay true to the image of Christ. Let’s choose to put off the old and put on the new. The reward will be an inner peace and contentment that nothing else provides.

If we live by the Spirit, let us also keep in step with the Spirit. ~ Galatians 5: 25

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13 thoughts on “My 10 Favorite Summer Pants – All on Sale!

  1. Great post! I really like those flowered crop pants. I need to check them out.
    Thanks for the message from BFMD! I like the example of changing clothes and buying new clothes that you shared. Simple and easily remembered ideas to help me intentionally choose God’s way over my own.
    Have a blessed weekend with your family!

  2. Kay, I love my sage green utility stretch pants so much that I just ordered them in the other 2 colors today! Bad influencer, bad, bad influencer! LOL No, truly, thank you for introducing them on your blog. With the overseas shipping and duty, some people would probably say it’s not worth it, but the pants are already marked down pretty low and I signed up for the newsletter, so that gave me an additional 20% off. In the end, with shipping and taxes added in, I probably paid about $45 per pair, which I think isn’t bad for pants I really like. And I think all 3 colors will transition well into fall.

    1. Wonderful! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the ones you have enough to order more. I think the colors are distinctly different enough that it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing the same pants again. Thanks for letting me know. ?

  3. I enjoyed this post, Kay! I am going to check out the slim utility pants, which I can wear all year if I get them in the right color. Belk has been having a really good sale, so I have been buying tops for the cooler months. Make it a great day and I hope that you & James enjoy your Saturday!

  4. Hi Kay. I’ve been enjoying your blog this past week. I’m 78 and still in good shape. I’m a loyal Chico’s customer finding their clothes fit me best. Size 1.5 in pants and 2 in tops. Talbots and J Jill sizes don’t work for me. Either too small or too big. I’ve given up ordering on line. I’ll wait til I can go in the stores and try on the clothes. You look wonderful in all the pants and shorts you featured today. Unfortunately too young for me.

  5. Noticed you are wearing the sunshine t from Talbot’s. I ordered it as it was on sale, but I thought the quality was not as good as some of my other t’s from Talbot’s. What is your opinion? Enjoy your family!

  6. Kay, that was a fantastic post! I too purchased the sage pants and love them. Now I am considering the floral, linen and pin stripe options you’ve shared. By Pinterest board is full of your posts and ideas. So love the spiritual messages and look forward to them each day!

  7. Kay,
    Hi What is the name of your favorite Kendra Scott hoop earrings ? Looking so forward to your thoughts on clothes with the Nordstrom sale. Thank you !