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Previewing the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

July 25, 2020

Happy Saturday, sweet gal! I hope you’ve had a good week and that you’re looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Yesterday the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview Days began. Yippee!

Previewing the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale online replaces the paper catalog and insures that everyone gets a chance to prepare for this mega pre-fall sale. You can preview this mega pre-fall sale and fill your Wish List with the items you are considering buying.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Updates

Here are some up-to-date bulletins you need to know if you’re shopping the #NSale this year.

  • IF – and that’s a big IFIf you are considering taking out a Nordstrom credit card, now is a great time to do it. Nordstrom cardmembers are first to save big. For a limited time – through August 18 – NEW Nordstrom cardmembers will earn a $60 bonus note to use in the sale.
  • If you already have a Nordstrom card, you can accumulate extra savings right now, too. Just through Sunday, you can earn bonus notes depending on the amount you spend. Spend $100 and get a $20 note, spend $150 and get a $30 note and spend $250 to get a $60 note. Notes will be awarded August 18th. If you want to accumulate these bonus notes, you might want to check out the Nordstrom Clearance Sale first. You could also check out my Shop My Nordstrom Favorites page.
  • Note that my main menu at the top of this page (on the laptop or desktop computer) now has a #NSale tab. If you click on that tab anytime from now through the end of the sale, you’ll find all of my posts about the sale. Yes. There will definitely be more posts!
  • You’ll need a Nordy Club Account (but not necessarily a Nordstrom credit card) to create a Wish List. And of course, when you add items to your Wish List that doesn’t mean they’re held for you. But you can then return to your list to begin shopping fast once you are allowed into the sale. Why? Because items will sell out.

You can learn more about my strategy for shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale here.

My Initial Picks

I spent a good portion of my day yesterday perusing the #NSale preview. The following are simply the items I culled and put into my Wish List during my first run-through. I absolutely will not buy all of this. Like you (I hope), I operate with a budget. Some of the items in the list below would single-handedly wipe out that budget. Ha!

But when I shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale I do tend to look for good deals in higher quality purchases that are on my personal wardrobe wish list (I shared what a personal wardrobe wish list is in this post). At this point, I already have my wish list for my fall and winter wardrobe and I’m ready to shop strictly from that list. So I’m not really looking for trendy items.

What are you looking for in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year? I’d love to be your go-to source for all things #NSale. Let me know how I can help you out!

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25 thoughts on “Previewing the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

  1. I know everyone has different tastes….but do you realize how many of your selected tops have the unflattering Crew neckline, plus long boxy shape or horizontal stripes?
    Definitely not becoming on older ladies or anyone who is trying to appear slimmer. Also. the majority of the colors you chose were so boring… beautiful jewel tones. You can still have your black neutral basics with striking royal blue or magenta tops. I know each year almost every blogger pushes the Nordstrom’s special sale, but I would rather shop carefully without pressure and select clothes that I really love and look amazing on me….not crew neck, boxy tops in colors unbecoming to me.

    1. You’re right Dottie. We all have different taste. The items I’ve shared here are the ones I like to fill holes in my personal wardrobe. They also represent my first glance through the preview, so I’m bound to change my mind about many of them.

      I certainly am not trying to pressure my readers to shop the Nordstrom Sale. But it is a big sale that many readers do enjoy shopping. So I simply am trying to provide help shopping it wisely and intentionally. I will continue to provide other posts featuring other stores and style tips. So you certainly do not need to feel pressured. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.

    2. Also, these photos do not necessarily accurately represent the colors I’ve chosen. The pieces are available in other shades that don’t show up in the widget.

  2. Kay, I loved that you were showing items that you are curating for your own specific wardrobe wants/needs. And not pushing “must haves” for everyone. I look at the Nordy sale the same way—what do I need to replace or fill in to maintain my ongoing wardrobe needs. It’s a great time of year to also evaluate personal style updates so my wardrobe can stay fresh and fun for my tastes. Thanks for sharing—I always look forward to your posts!

    1. Thanks so much Marlene. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Yeah, I certainly don’t want my readers to feel pressured when it comes to this sale. Honestly, marketing tips we get at this time tell us bloggers to create a sense of urgency and FOMO about the sell. And it is a big sale and an opportunity for revenue, just to keep things real. So it’s not always easy striking a balance between promoting a sale with such income potential but also being respectful of my readers. So I try really hard at such times to revert to sharing personal experience and the tips I’m using myself. Anyhow, I’m not even sure if I’m making sense here! But I really do want you gals to know that I try hard to serve you respectfully and wisely while also growing my business. Thanks again for your encouragement. ❤️

  3. I put the Zella joggers on my wishlist because so many people sing the praises of this brand. I figure they would be great to wear while sheltering at home. I almost always add a new style, or color, of Barefoot Dreams sweaters to my wardrobe during the sale. There is a blush color that caught my eye…something soft and pastel to enjoy during the colder months. FYI…I have the green cardigan that I purchased during last years sale and love it. The Kiehl’s hand cream is a must. I am allergic to wool/cashmere so those sweaters/coats never make the list. Not a lot caught my eye this year.

    1. Hi Michele. Yeah, there definitely is not as much in this sale so far that I’m just crazy about. They’ve said it will be about 50% of the inventory of years past. But they’ve also said they’ll be adding more to the sale each day. So we’ll see…??‍♀️

  4. Kay, I like seeing some of the pieces you are interested in during the Nordstrom sale. The only item I need to add to my wardrobe is a long cardigan to wear as a coat, since I hardly ever need to wear a real coat. Oh, I also like the Blondo waterproof snakeskin print sneakers, but I suspect they don’t have arch support. I do not feel pressured to buy something from the Nordy Sale by reading posts from you and the other bloggers I follow. I know what my budget is and what I really need. However I enjoy seeing what y’all like and the styles that we will see during the upcoming seasons. Have a wonderful day!

    1. Great. I’ll let you know about those Blondo sneakers if I get to try them in the store. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. Have a great weekend. ?

  5. Kay, I appreciate how you’ve set us up for success with the Creating a Wardrobe Wishlist post, then how to shop it (Nsale) strategically, and then this post… what you’re seeing that’s interesting. Layers of thought for us gals to consider. When I do make my decisions, based on my needs, I’ll definitely come back and shop through your links. It’s my way if paying you back for such thoughtful content. Have a great weekend!

    1. I’m glad the coverage is working for you, Betsy. Thanks so much for the feedback. And I definitely appreciate you shopping my links. Blessings!

  6. Kay, thanks for the preview and the great balance you strike between informing us about the sale and not being too pushy about marketing. I feel like you promote with just the right touch. I’m pretty well stocked for fall/winter but I’m glad you created a tab so I can keep checking on the sale so easily. Thank you for taking your work seriously and giving us the daily benefit.

    1. Wonderful Lael. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate the feedback. I will definitely continue to have plenty of posts that have nothing to do with the NSale. ?

  7. Kay, I never feel pressure to buy anything you share on your blog. You have taken time (I’m sure a lot of time!) looking through the sale items and shared with us what you are looking at. You aren’t saying we have to buy these items. I really appreciate the thoughtful way you share items on your blog and spend so much time looking for things that will make us 50+ year olds look stylish. I have found many items on your blog that I love and never would have known about except for reading your blog. Of course there are items I’m not interested in, but they are fun to see. You put your heart and soul into your blog and I’m sure I speak for so many of us, you are a dear and such a blessing! Have a blessed relaxing weekend!

    1. Ahh, that’s so kind. Thanks so much for the encouragement, Cyndy. I really appreciate it. I enjoy the opportunity to serve you gals. ?

  8. I checked out the preview sale items and put some of the same items you chose into my wish list. On my list for fall and winter are warm, cozy loungewear items that are classy enough to answer the door without feeling like I’m a slob. Long, dark, and cold days make me want to wear items that are cozy, but put together. I’m planning on at least one Barefoot Dreams cardigan. Do you have any ideas for cozy “home” shoes or slippers?

  9. When it comes to fashion blogs, I follow my Mamas motto. “Take what you need and leave the rest”. That applies to clothes, food or preaching.?
    I don’t buy a lot with a closet full of basics bur I look for the new color or new style I think will last. You have beautiful style so I’m inspired by your choices.

  10. Thanks for another excellent post. It’s helpful that you kind of whittle the selection down some. I scrolled thru the sale preview yesterday and was a bit disappointed in the colors, though. The Leith cardigan in the green color is a possibility, as are a pair of Blondo waterproof boots. We get a lot of rain in the winter here in SC. I love that faux shearling moto jacket but that color is not going to work for me. 🙁 The high waist pants trend is also something I’ll be skipping as a long-legged, short-torso rectangle. I might have to drop a couple of pounds to fit back into my pre-Covid mid-rise pants. LOL.

    1. I hear ya, Michele. I’ve got the COVID weight to lose too! And yes, I was a little disappointed in the colors too. Most things were either very dark or pale, pale blue it seemed to me. But I’m hoping they will add more inventory and it will include some pretty colors. I guess we’re continuing to feel the ripple effects of this pandemic. ? Thanks for sharing! ?

  11. Thank you so much for this post, it was very helpful. I have been missing your weekend inner beauty posts. Are you still doing them?

    1. Hi Susan. I’m glad you found the post helpful. I’ve taken the summer off from the inner beauty posts. I had some other writing I needed to do and I’m getting up to speed on videos. So I just needed a break. I plan to bring them back in September but they will probably be a little different. Thanks so much for asking.