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A Few of Our Favorite Things- March 2024

April 2, 2024

Can you believe it’s the second day of April already? I probably sound like a broken record, but every month just seems to fly by these days. But here we are, fully settled into spring and barreling towards summer like children ready to escape the classroom. Before we get too far into April, however, we need to pause and take another glance at a few of our favorite things in March, 2024. These are the top sellers here at the blog, my YouTube channel and my LTK Shop, as well as some of my personal favorites.

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

A Few of Your Favorite Things in March 2024

First let’s look back over the top sellers for the month. These are the items most often clicked through resulting in sales, actually. Your purchasing information is always safe, so I never know exactly what you order. But, because I also receive comments and emails regularly from readers and viewers telling me about your purchases, I think it’s safe to say these were probably very popular purchases.

Many of your favorites are also mine. But this month I tried not to duplicate as much as I did last month. That said, I’m typing this up late Monday night after my assistant Lucy has run the analytics for me and set up the list. Let’s see what she found to be our top sellers.

Lucy has listed them in least to most popular order.

Smocked Blouse

I’m pleased to see this pretty smocked blouse in our list. It is super soft and feminine, perfect to pair with white pants, white jeans or other denim even.

My Favorite Talbots New Arrivals for April 2024
smocked blouse (TTS; wearing a M) // high waist relaxed jeans (TTS; wearing an 8) // quilted tote // slingback flats (TTS) // earrings from this original blog post

It features a pretty pleated neckline and a tie in the back. The smocked blouse runs true to size.

Embellished Flat

How fun that the embellished ballet flats are next on our list! These little ballet flats are surprisingly comfortable and very on trend. In fact, I’d say they are very trendy. But they also look really pretty and feminine on the foot.

ballet flats available here from this video

I don’t think the photo above really does these sweet shoes justice. I featured them in our Shoes Trends for Spring and Summer video.

Check out the other shoe trends HERE.

Blazer Jacket from Kohl’s

I shared this pretty pink Lauren Conrad unlined blazer in my recent post with two Kohl’s outfits HERE. I’m so pleased to see that many of our readers thought this jacket looked as promising as I do. It’s lightweight and perfect for spring and summer.

graphic tee
graphic tee // Lauren Conrad unlined blazer // earrings // shoulder bag (more economical option at Kohl’s) // jeans not available // sandals from this original blog post

The unlined blazer runs true to size and is available in ivory, too.

Faux Leather Shacket

I shared this faux leather shacket in a recent travel capsule video with Chico’s. It is such a smart looking completer piece.

faux leather shacket (c/o) // pants (c/o) // beige tank (c/o) // striped tank (c/o) // shoulder bag // slingback pumps

The faux leather shacket (c/o) runs true to size and is unlined. It has a loose fit, so it’s very comfortable and quite versatile.

Tory Burch Miller Sandal

How interesting to see the Tory Burch Miller sandals in our list, especially so high up. I’ve had mine for at least three years now; I may be going on year four with them. They’re remarkably sturdy little sandals and quite flattering.

Miller Sandals
My Tory Burch Miller sandals are still serving me well after three years of wear, although I sure do wish I had these more cushioned, softer ones.

I shared the Tory Burch Miller sandals in my recent sandal roundup post. A pretty pair of nude sandals (and these come in other shades) is such a smart investment because they create a pretty, uninterrupted line, elongating the leg. So flattering.

Levi’s Denim Jean

I’m pretty sure I listed these Levi’s jeans in my personal favorites list in February, sparking them to become best sellers in March. And I’ve already heard from several readers that they really like these jeans as much as I do.

Levi’s jeans in Lapis Speed // similar leather belt // Henley ribbed tee // button-up shirt // blazer // earrings // shoulder bag // similar boots from this original blog post

The Levi’s jeans fit true to size for a relaxed fit. And they are extremely comfortable.

Wide Crop Pants

I actually do own these wide crop pants, but I haven’t shown them on the blog or YouTube channel yet. I did record next Wednesday’s video (04/10/24) already, and I’ve included an outfit with them in that video. And I can attest that they are going to be big favorites of mine this summer.

wide crop pants

The wide crop pants are created in the softest 70% Cotton, 27% Rayon, 3% Spandex blend. And the silhouette is just lovely – not too wide, just right.

Southampton Pants

I think this is probably the second or third month the Southampton pants from Talbots have made our favorites list – either yours or mine or both. These pants not only look great, they feel good, too.

Have beautiful flesh toned shoes in your closet to complete your outfits.
Southampton pants in rattan // Johnny collar sweater (c/o) // similar shoe option from this original blog post

I find the Southampton pants to run true to size; I wear a size 10. And they come in several nice colors and neutrals. Really a perfect work pant for the warmer months.

Cropped Linen Jacket

I shared this pretty green cropped linen jacket just this past week. But I had also listed it in my Talbots favorites earlier in the month. I hope many of my readers are enjoying it as much as I am.

White Linen Pants
wide leg linen pants // reversible tank in indigo/white // cropped linen jacket in simply green // sun shower brooch // earrings (c/o) // tote no longer available (alternative) // sandals from this original blog post

I think the cropped linen jacket looks great with white linen pants, but it will also work nicely with denim.

Johnny Collar Sweater

I think it’s cool that two of our top sellers are pullover sweaters. First up, this chic Johnny collar sweater (c/o).

Southampton pants in rattan // Johnny collar sweater (c/o) // jacquard mac coat (c/o) // quilted tote // earrings // necklace (not available – similar option and here in silver) // sunglasses // similar shoe option

Interestingly this is not a cotton sweater, but it feels like one. I think the black Johnny collar sweater (c/o) is very chic, but it also comes in a pretty blue and a bright pink. It fits true to size.

Poplin Shirt

Now here’s a top seller that I adore. I really love this modern short shirt. That’s what Talbots calls it. It’s a slightly cropped length button-up shirt out of the softest, lightweight 100% cotton poplin.

short shirt (TTS) // pullover sweater (TTS) // tote // jeans (TTS) // sandals (similar, more economical) (TTS) // earrings

The wisteria purple looks so pretty paired with the pullover sweater in the same color. But the short shirt also comes in a couple of other colors and white. It runs true to size.

Patch Pocket Sweater

And that leads us to our number one top seller for March, the patch pocket sweater, which I’ve shown in both wisteria purple above and fawn heather below. I’m not sure which I love best!

Southampton pants in black // patch pocket sweater in fawn heather //  earrings // Coffee to Cocktails necklace 

The patch pocket sweater is a 100% Pima cotton sweater and is now available in six different great colors. I think it’s such a smart investment for spring and summer that you can probably wear into fall, too.

A Few of Kay’s Favorite Things in March 2024

And now let me share with you a few of my personal favorites for March 2024. These are items I’ve been wearing, using and loving this past month.

Unlike the top sellers, my favorites are listed in no particular order. I was at a Christian women’s conference all day yesterday (and today), so my assistant Lucy set this blog post up for me. That simply means she put in the photos and links. And then I wrote it up late last night. But I had chosen all of these favorites over the weekend.

Vanilla Bean Scented Candle

My sweet friend Michelle gave me this vanilla bean farmhouse candle from Antique Candle Co. for my birthday in February. I’ve been burning it each morning as I brew my coffee. Funny thing, I don’t normally care for vanilla scented candles, but I LOVE this one. It has such a soft scent, a little more luxurious than your typical vanilla candle.

vanilla bean farmhouse candle

I’ve looked through the other scents offered at Antique Candle Co. and they all look so good. I’ll definitely be getting more of these!

Boll and Branch Quilt Set

I got my Boll and Branch Signature Handstitched Quilt Set when they sponsored a recent YouTube video (the shoe video shown above). We’ve been sleeping under one of their duvets for the past year or so and have loved it. But we really prefer something a little lighter in the spring and summer, so we switched to the Signature Handstitched Quilt Set.

Signature Handstitched Quilt Set (c/o)

We are loving it! It’s super soft and so pretty. Just the right weight for warmer months or climates. Oh, and if you’re interested in anything at Boll and Branch, don’t forget to use code KAY20 for 20% off your order (exclusions apply). I just can’t say enough nice things about them. I am absolutely in love with my Boll and Branch bedding, especially their sheets.

Frank & Eileen Floral Blouse

I just ordered this Liberty print Frank & Eileen blouse a little over a week ago. But the minute I received it and put it on, it became a fast favorite. I’ve worn it at least twice (as in two full days) in the short time I’ve had it. And I’m wearing it tomorrow (today), too!

floral blouse // jeans // belt // sandals // earrings

First, I love Liberty prints. They just have a staying power that other prints don’t. And I love the muted but richly pigmented colors of this one. And finally every Frank & Eileen shirt is amazingly soft and lightweight. It’s pricey, but I’m going to wear this thing to pieces!

Rails Button Down

Speaking of shirts, here’s another one I can’t wear enough. In fact, the plan is to wear it to the women’s conference on Wednesday.

shirt // jeans // belt // jacket (more economical option) // similar sneakers // purse

This stripe and palms Rails button up shirt is equally soft and lightweight. And I just love the little palms detail. It’s not so sheer that I need to wear anything under it. But I’m sure that during the summer I’ll mostly wear it open with a tank underneath. It does come in a short sleeve version, too.

Low Rise Jeans

Honestly, these “low rise jeans” are not really low rise at all. I’m still confused about why ME+EM calls them that. Nor are they baggy, as indicated by the name. They are actually a full but straight leg, high rise jean. And I get SO MANY compliments when I wear these jeans.

shirt // jeans (c/o) // belt

Let’s just call them full length jeans. Yeah, these ME+EM jeans were gifted to me as part of a collaboration, but I’d buy them again on my own dime in a heartbeat. They are extremely comfortable, the perfect length (I’m 5’8″) and very on trend. These are the same jeans in the photo above, too, by the way.

Ruggable Rug

My son and daughter-in-law turned me on to Ruggable when we were at their house for Thanksgiving. I purchased a gift certificate at a discounted price during Cyber Monday and then purchased this rug for our bedroom in January. It came in just in time for our Boll & Branch sponsorship, and I was so glad.

Ruggable Rug

The beauty of a Ruggable rug is that they are machine washable. The bulk of the rug is the padding underneath, which you purchase separately (but they figure it into your purchase unless you designate otherwise). You just remove the rug from the pad and put it in the wash. How amazing! We haven’t cleaned ours yet, of course. But I am definitely enjoying this pretty rug.

Ezra Ceramic Table Lamp

I also purchased these Ezra ceramic table lamps from Pottery Barn at the beginning of the year. They, too, came in just about the time the rug did.

Ezra ceramic table lamps

The coloring on these table lamps is just perfection. Soft and muted, but just enough color. We had been making do with small little dresser lamps forever. So we’re enjoying reading by these large lamps at night.

ME+EM Retro Sneakers

I have several pairs of retro looking sneakers at this point, but my favorites are these ME+EM retro sneakers for sure. They are extremely comfortable and really cool looking.

Retro Sneakers
ME+EM retro sneakers

If all has gone as planned, I’ve worn these today because it’s supposed to rain all day. They run true to the size guides on the website.

Fisherman Sweater

I didn’t really mean for Lucy to include this Jenni Kayne cotton fisherman sweater in this list – a little miscommunication on my part. But no problem! I do indeed love this sweater and wear it so frequently. I feel like I’ve listed it several times already, but it’d a definite favorite.

Modern White Jeans Outfit for Early Spring 2024
oatmeal colored cotton sweater //  white pintuck flare jeans // sand suede booties // Flint X Gracie Tropics silk scarf

I’ve had my Jenni Kayne cotton fisherman sweater for at least a couple of years now, and it’s definitely my number one cotton sweater of many. It runs true to size and washes up beautifully. I know because mine is sitting on the drying rack right now!

Thanks so much for stopping in. Let me know if you purchased any of the top sellers and what you think of them. I always love hearing from you.

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6 thoughts on “A Few of Our Favorite Things- March 2024

  1. Not surprised to see the green linen cropped jacket on the list. I wore mine Easter Sunday to church over a bright print dress from Talbots from last year It has the same green, pinks. purples, and blues and it matches it perfect. Like it was made for the jacket. Striking!

  2. Love the devotional message. I believe all of Genesis actually all the Bible. All very nice items. I love the crop wide leg pants or jeans.

    1. Kay I meant to ask you this. Have you noticed that clothes like linen and cotton seem so crisp when they are new but once you wash them they get wrinkled. I just finished doing a lot of ironing on my slacks. They still don’t look like when I received them. Since you know a lot about fabrics I want to know if you notice that?

  3. I really like the Ruggable rug. How do you wash it? Does a large size rug fit in your washer? Or do you go to the laundromat and use the big washers?

    1. Some sizes can be put in a standard washing machine others will have to go in a larger one. I think I’ll have to take this one to a laundromat.

  4. Kay, Love the rattan pants with the black Johnny collar sweater. Stunning outfit that just stands out and shouts sophistication !!!