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Let’s Shop for Spring & Summer Sandals

March 25, 2024

Is it warm enough to bare your toes where you are? Not so much here, but I know warmer days are coming. I have my pedicure. Yay! So now we just need to shop for spring and summer sandals.

Spring Sandals Let's Shop 2024

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I’ve pulled out my box of spring and summer shoes from the basement, and I’ve already put several pair in my closet that I’ll enjoy wearing again this season. For instance, I’ll still be wearing these tan crisscross sandals and my Tory Burch Miller sandals are still serving me well, although I sure do wish I had these more cushioned, softer ones.

Miller Sandals
My Tory Burch Miller sandals are still serving me well after three years of wear, although I sure do wish I had these more cushioned, softer ones.

Remember, it’s so smart to have a pair of sandals (or two!) in your skin tone. I enjoyed wearing my Marc Fisher Calia Sandals so much last year, I just couldn’t part with them. I really can’t wear flats much, so this heeled sandal gets a lot of wear.

Nude Sandals
Marc Fisher Calia Sandals (now marked down significantly and available in limited sizes)

And I’m already looking forward to wearing my several pairs of Naot sandals I purchased last summer. These Whetus (also limited availability here) got me around London marvelously. Naots are great for walking.

Cropped Utility Pants Outfit
Naot Whetus (also limited availability here)

The Naot Whetus (also limited availability here) are completely adjustable with Velcro, so that’s great for feet that swell with lots of walking.

Perfect Vintage Wide Leg Crop Jeans
Naot Whetus (also limited availability here)

But honestly, my feet felt so comfortable and supported in these sandals, they didn’t swell that much. I also have the gold Naot Dorith sandals and really enjoyed them, too. Having a pair of metallic sandals is so smart. And if you need yours to be good walking sandals with support, these are a good choice. I’ll definitely keep wearing these on repeat this summer.

gold Naot Dorith sandals
Naot Dorith sandals
Beige and White
Naot Dorith sandals

And I’ll also be wearing my cognac Naturalizer sandals (similar) for a third year. They’ve held up beautifully and I just love the vamp on these sandals. The diagonal strap across the top of the foot is so flattering, especially on my long size 9.5 feet, ha!

denim skirt // vest // t-shirt // similar Naturalizer sandals // tote

My exact Naturalizer sandal is no longer available, but I actually like this year’s Meesha leather sandal even more, especially since it has a slight heel. That English tea or cognac color continues to trend, and it looks great if you can wear sandals, belt and bag with this rich color.

denim skirt // vest // t-shirt // similar Naturalizer sandals // tote

By the way those Naturalizer sandals are on sale, and they also come in gold and other colors, as well as a pretty wheat woven fabric (full price), too. Very on trend! And yes, these are also very soft on the foot and comfortable.

But I’ve also purchased some new sandals for the spring and summer. Of course I received these from ME+EM as part of my collaboration with them. These pearl detail sandals are just exquisite and they come in black, too.

pearl detail sandals

The pearl detail sandals will definitely serve as my pair of dressier sandals for spring and summer. But I’ve ordered a few pair of more casual styles from Everlane. I’m getting the Day Twist Heel sandals in blush tan, the Day Twist Sandal in warm khaki and the Day Crossover Sandal in Sienna brown. I may end up sending one of those flats back, I just ordered both to be on the safe side. And I was really tempted by the City Crossover Sandal, which has a back strap. I thought of getting it in black, but in the long run I didn’t.

I also recently ordered and received these linen slides from Talbots. I had to go with the size 9 because they don’t carry a 9.5, and they fit perfectly. They’re much softer and easier to walk in than I had imagined.

Because I thought you might be shopping for sandals for spring and summer, too, I’ve put together a shopping boutique below with some of my favorites that I’ve come across. I haven’t tried most of these (although I have included the sandals above that I have in the boutique, too), but I always order by checking the size information as well as the customer reviews. Happy shopping!

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Blessed for My Day

“How beautiful are your feet in sandals, O prince’s daughter! The curves of your hips are like jewels, The work of the hands of an artist. ~ Song of Solomon 7:1

I thought you might get a grin out of today’s verse, so I shared it first. Indeed, I love that God acknowledges and rejoices in beauty. And you need to know that He thinks you are stunning. He created you for His good pleasure, after all. 

So get that pedicure and put you on some sandals. No excuses about stubby toes or bunions or other feet issues. Rejoice that you have feet! And know that even if you or others think you have funny looking feet, your God is delighted by them.

xoxo, Kay
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11 thoughts on “Let’s Shop for Spring & Summer Sandals

  1. So many choices of sandals. It snowed here the past 2 days and it is suppose to snow again today. Oh, Minnesota. Can hardly wait for sandal weather! You did get a chuckle out of me with the BFMD.

  2. Your blessed for my day did make me chuckle. I don’t like my bony feet but I’m grateful to be able to walk. Thank you for that reminder. I have a good collection of sandals that I am still wearing this year. Like you I can’t wear real flat shoes. It’s been chilly here in Texas so I am not ready for sandals till April when I have my pedicure appointment. You’ve given us a good selection.

  3. Loved the BFMD today!! We are planning a trip to Europe and will be doing a lot of walking. I know you wore the Naot sandals in London. Would you recommend the Naot sandals or Naturalizer sandals or Easy Spirit sandals for doing a lot of walking? Thank you for your suggestions.

    1. Definitely the Naot. I would not be able to walk all day in the Easy Spirits I own. And I feel like the Naturalizer would take a beating. The Naots felt comfortable but they also looked no worse for the wear.

  4. I’m on the hunt for some really comfy new sandals and I love these Naturalizer rattan slingback you’ve shown. Since you have this in a brown shade already, can you tell me if there’s any arch support at all? Thanks!

  5. One of my favorite subject, SHOES! What a great selection. I am having a hard time with flat sandals myself. I have boney, skinny , narrow feet, if they do not have cushion on the bottom I have purged them from my closet. No time to walk around hurting. Can’t wait to wear sandals myself!

  6. If like me, you have narrow feet and need good cushioned, walkable sandals, I highly recommend Munro Shoes/sandals. I have several pairs of both sandals and shoes and they are fabulous! Munro shoes come in a wide range of widths which is hard to find nowadays when everything is a “medium”. These are on the pricey side but they last forever and a high quality.

  7. Some Beauties there Kay ♥️also your toenail colour is lovely . I haven’t worn a mule type( or backless) shoe/sandal for years , I think I went over on my ankle and the mule sandals 👡 kept whooshing off my feet as I was walking 😂. How do you deal with this Kay ? is there a secret I don’t know about? please tell me it’s not just me. Your BFMD today made me smile 😀.

    1. I find that some mules and slides work and some do not. You definitely need them to fit nicely and not be loose. But I find it’s really a matter of trying it on to see.