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Look Chic in All Neutrals this Spring

March 7, 2024
This post is sponsored by Talbots

While I definitely enjoy the colorful blossoms blooming around me at this time of year, I still feel most like myself when I’m wearing neutrals. I just love wearing a nice combination of neutrals in a spring outfit. But that doesn’t mean my outfits have to be boring. I’ve learned some tricks over the past few years that will help you and me look chic in all neutrals this spring. And I found everything I needed for these spring looks at Talbots.

Look Chic in All Neutrals this Spring

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

Talbots is my go-to brand for modern, classic styles. This New England brand has been dressing the women in my family for over 75 years. My mom, my daughter and I all count on Talbots for their classic aesthetic, outstanding quality and beautiful, feminine designs.

Look Chic in Neutrals for Spring
Southampton pants in rattan // Johnny collar sweater (c/o) // jacquard mac coat (c/o) // quilted tote // earrings // necklace (not available – similar option and here in silver) // sunglasses // similar shoe option

And while I appreciate that Talbots always features beautiful garments in the trending colors of the season (as shown with their beautiful wisteria purple in my recent blog post), I’m equally glad that they offer a wide assortment of garments and accessories in a variety of neutrals as well. Plus, Talbots is a size inclusive brand, carrying many items in a wide range of misses, petite, plus and plus petite sizes.

Southampton pants in black // patch pocket sweater in fawn heather // Adrian bit leather flats in rattan (c/o) // quilted leather tote in rattan // earrings // Coffee to Cocktails necklace // sunglasses

Everything I’m sharing today can be found at I’ll share sizing and fit information with you if it’s relevant; otherwise assume that I found the garments to fit true to size. I can also assure you that I love each item I’m sharing (I always pick out my own selections in sponsorships, and only choose items that work nicely in my personal wardrobe). I’ll indicate gifted items with “c/o,” but I purchased most of these on my own because I truly shop Talbots more than any other store.

Now, let’s talk tips for looking chic in all neutrals this spring!

Chic in All Neutrals this Spring
Southampton pants in rattan // Johnny collar sweater (c/o) // jacquard mac coat (c/o) // quilted tote // earrings // necklace (not available – similar option and here in silver) // sunglasses // similar shoe option

Tip #1 – Choose items in beautifully pigmented neutrals.

One of the things I particularly appreciate about Talbots is that their fabrics are beautifully pigmented, whether they are a color or a neutral. Deeply pigmented fabrics translate as high quality, a little elegant. For instance, this Johnny collar sweater is such a deep, rich black. (It also comes in vibrant shades of pink and blue.)

Black Sweater for Spring

Tip #2 – Wear items with interesting details…but not too many.

Details such as the gold buttons on the Johnny collar sweater (c/o) above add interest and, in this case, a little light to an all neutrals outfit. I also appreciate the Johnny collar itself. It’s very on trend and adds a note of interest as well.

Tip #3 – Have beautiful skin toned shoes in your closet to complete your outfits.

I find it is absolutely crucial to have multiple pairs of skin toned shoes in my closet to create great outfits with pleasing proportions. The skin toned shoe helps create a visually elongated leg, making you look taller if you are petite.

Have beautiful flesh toned shoes in your closet to complete your outfits.

And when I say skin toned, I mean your skin tone. Below you see me wearing the Adrian bit leather flats (c/o) in rattan. They’re also available in black. These flats fit so nicely true to size, and they wear comfortably, too.

Neutral Shoes Make the Outfit

You absolutely could wear black shoes with the outfit above, and that would be very elongating, too. But if you want to keep a more streamlined closet, I suggest sticking with shoes in your skin tone.

Tip #4 – Add interest with a beautiful completer piece.

If you love wearing neutrals frequently, I think it’s all the more important to invest in a few completer pieces or outerwear that can add a little personality to your looks. This jacquard geometric print mac (c/o) definitely fits the bill.

Jacquard Mac Coat

The jacquard mac coat (c/o) looks equally stunning with my fawn heather patch pocket pullover underneath (shown above) or with my black johnny collar sweater (c/o) (shown below). And I surmise that it would look beautiful topping a bright color as well.

All Neutrals Spring Outfit
Southampton pants in rattan // Johnny collar sweater (c/o) // jacquard mac coat (c/o) // quilted tote // earrings // necklace (not available – similar option and here in silver) // sunglasses // similar shoe option

You could also wear it over a column of color. For instance, I’ll be showing it over a column of black with my black johnny collar sweater and my black Southampton pants in an upcoming YouTube video. And the rattan Southampton pants paired with the fawn heather patch pocket pullover look elegant under the jacquard mac coat, too.

Tip #5 – Accessorize with coordinating neutrals.

You certainly could add a bold colored bag here, say in red. But I generally prefer to keep my all neutrals look…well, neutral. So when I ordered the rattan Adrian bit leather flats I also ordered the quilted tote in the same color.

Neutral Accessories
Southampton pants in black // patch pocket sweater in fawn heather // Adrian bit leather flats in rattan (c/o) // quilted leather tote in rattan // earrings // Coffee to Cocktails necklace // sunglasses // jacquard mac coat (c/o)

The matching shoes and handbag are perfection. I can’t always find accessories that match like that, so when I do I snatch them up!

Tip #6 – Remember, your sunglasses count!

Nothing will ruin an all neutrals outfit faster than the wrong sunglasses. Sometimes we forget that adding a pair of sunglasses will make or break your outfit. And since I’m wearing sunglasses ALL THE TIME when I’m outside, I make sure I have the right ones for a variety of outfit types.

Sunglasses Make the Outfit

These Bridget cat’s eye sunglasses from Talbots are so on trend, but they also give me the 100% UV protection I need.

Tip #7 – Complete your outfit with minimal but impactful jewelry.

Maybe it’s just me, but I really prefer minimal but impactful jewelry with my all neutrals outfits. I think it keeps the look true to its minimalism roots.

earrings // necklace // sweater

The smooth links necklace I’ve shown here is out of stock in the gold, but available in a similar silver necklace. But I love the new coffee to cocktails double strand necklace from Talbots. And I’ve worn and enjoyed my classic gold hoops for so many years I can’t remember when I got them.

Southampton pants in black // patch pocket sweater in fawn heather // Adrian bit leather flats in rattan (c/o) // quilted leather tote in rattan // earrings // Coffee to Cocktails necklace // sunglasses

These outfits are perfect for church, work or dinner out this spring. And they’d make a perfect elevated travel capsule, too. Thanks so much to Talbots for sponsoring today’s blog post. And I truly appreciate you stopping in for a little style inspiration.

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Recently I read the account of the hurting father and his suffering son in Mark 9:21-29. Usually when we read this familiar story we are struck by the father’s desperate cry, “I do believe; help my unbelief!” And indeed I am grateful that Jesus moves in and works upon even our small faith. But this time as I read the account, my heart was drawn to the heart of this man. Not only had his son struggled with what manifested as seizures since childhood, but this father was surely emotionally and even physically exhausted from his son’s maladies as well.

It’s hard being a parent, isn’t it? Yes, it’s certainly a blessing and a joy as well. But when my children hurt, I hurt. And when we can’t fix their problems, especially those that affect them so profoundly, we carry that burden, too. When they were young and experienced broken hearts and bones, disappointments and struggles, we definitely tried our best to fix the things we could and we hurt over the others. But even as our children grow into adults and experience much more of life, we ache for them when they come up against hard things. What can we do? The same thing this man in Mark 9 did. We can take them to Jesus. And we can believe that He will work in their lives.

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14 thoughts on “Look Chic in All Neutrals this Spring

  1. Hi Kay.
    I love these items you’ve shown today. I’m trying to build up my neutral closet again.
    Thanks for all your hard work keeping us relevant as we age.

  2. I also love Talbots. It is the first place I shop when looking for new clothes, and I like their frequent pop up sales. My one dissatisfaction is they charge more for plus sizes, average of ten extra dollars for a blouse, for example.I realize it is slightly more fabric, but not all stores do this. Jjill has done away with upcharging. In this age of embracing all women of all sizes, I feel like larger gals are still being shamed by charging more for clothing than regular size ladies. Petites don’t get a price cut because they use less fabric. Just my two cents worth. I will still shop there, but it bugs me.

    1. I agree. I find it disgusting and demeaning. Being a slender petite, I have no skin in the game. But that doesn’t mean I can’t be irritated on behalf of those who are not! Good for JJill.

  3. Beautiful and so Classy , those outfits could take you to many events . I am loving and so intrigued by the ‘Dressing in Neutrals’ you do , Im trying but haven’t quite nailed it yet , but I will with your help and inspiration . Definitely more beautiful with the dainty jewellery , less is more so they say . Kay you have encouraged me to unpack all my dainty jewellery and Ive fallen in love with it all over again❤️Ive donated my bigger and funkier stuff to the Thrift Shop for someone else to enjoy wearing like I have . Your Devotional spoke to me today , we are supporting our young grandson through some really emotional turmoil and yesterday in desperation I asked God to help guide us and him to the right decisions . Today I feel a bit more peaceful and know with Gods help and guidance we will make it through 🙏🏻You are so right Kay when our young ones hurt we hurt more 💔❤️.

  4. In addition to all the great things you mentioned about Talbots, I really appreciate that they offer so many of their items in multiple colors. As a “Spring,” I can find clothes in “my” colors at Talbots. Talbots goes above and beyond to offer clothes for all color “seasons.” It is so nice to see a style I like and have the ability to buy it in a flattering color.

    1. I’m a spring too, and I agree that Talbot really helps us out. I got 2 tops in this season’s bright green! I wish they would have more true camel, though. It’s my best neutral (after denim 💕) and not always easy to find.

  5. I love the look of all the outfits and the tips. I have shopped at Talbots for 40 years. They supported small Petites early on when I could not get work clothes easily anywhere else. I still appreciate this and find their jeans fit me better than any other brand. My own issue with them is that they have not moved toward sustainable fabrics and practices as other brands have. That Johnny-collar top does not have a single natural fabric in it, Having said that, the clothes are well made and last forever. I’m going to try the accessories you’ve showed as I have some gaps in that area. Thanks for your hard work. (Oh, and I would love a discount for being an XSP – LOL)

  6. Talbots is my go-to store. Their quality and attention to detail keeps me coming back. Neutral wardrobe basics are such workhorses. I’m trying to focus on those and not get so drawn in to bright colors and patterns! BFMD really resonated with me today. My adult daughter has a chronic health condition that greatly affects her quality of life. And my momma heart breaks. I’ve prayed this father’s exact words and I’ve prayed Jesus’ words “not my will but Yours”. And no matter what I’m praying, God’s faithfulness doesn’t change. I’m so thankful for that.

  7. I have often prayed help my unbelief. You look so chic in the outfits. I especially like the 3rd photo of you with just the sweater and black pants. The black sweater is so nice with the gold buttons. Everything looks good.

  8. Kay, you look great in all of these outfits – especially the black pants and fawn heather sweater! That’s a keeper! I love neutrals too. And Talbots is one of the stores I order from often.

  9. Hi Kay, I too am a Talbots customer for many years from when I was a size 8-10& now as a plus size 18W. One of my pet peeve is also being charged more and often my choices are unavailable in plus sizes. This year I notice that many tops are cropped. That does not work for many body types. All of your choices look lovely& fresh on you. Looking forward to your choices for the Alaska trip.

  10. Hi Kay,

    While I love color, and feel my best wearing color, you have proven that a neutral outfit can be very chic. You’ve shown that by mixing the right neutrals, an outfit still has visual interest and looks very put together. I’m going to use your ideas to build a few outfits from my own best neutrals in my closet. My combinations would include ivory, camel, and chocolate brown. And the suggestion of shoes in your skin tone is a good one – it’s easy to make outfits using skin tone shoes. I think Naturalizer offers the same pumps and sandals in something like 6-8 different skin tone choices.

    Talbots -i love them and have shopped there for years. I do love that their sizing is very accommodating, as I am a petite. A couple of your commenters mentioned that Talbot’s also offers colors for all seasonal palettes, and I have found that to be true. I’m an Autumn, and have found they have carried chocolate brown, teal, ivory, coral, and a few other colors I can wear very well. The current offerings seem to be better for Springs (tangerine, geranium pink, spring leaves), Summers (lilac, blue iris, wisteria) and Winters (sapphire blue, pure white, black), but I always keep my eye on their new inventory. Plus, as you said, all their looks are classic – timeless, really – so they’re real wardrobe builders.

    Great post!

  11. I was looking for ideas what to wear to church this week, and this post was a great help! Neutrals it is😊