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2024 Style Trend to Try: Creative Layering

January 25, 2024
Sponsored by Kohl's and Collective Voice

I’ve been noticing a fun new style formula that I wanted to take a shot at. So today I’m teaming up with Kohl’s to share with you a great transition-into-spring outfit that incorporates this fun 2024 style trend to try: creative layering.

2024 Style Trend to Try Creative Layering

Interestingly, creative layering is not one of those trends I see on many trend report lists. But I’ve noticed this style formula pop up over and over on Instagram and on the street. And since it’s perfect for creating layered looks for those transitional weeks from winter to spring, I thought I should share it with you.

Creative Layering - Style Trend to Try for 2024
Levi’s jeans in Lapis Speed // similar leather belt // Henley ribbed tee // button-up shirt // blazer // earrings // shoulder bag // similar boots

The gist is we’ll be seeing outfit layers in new ways. For instance, you’re probably familiar with seeing a pullover sweater draped over the shoulders and perhaps tied loosely around the neck. But now it’s very on trend to wear two pullover sweaters draped over one shoulder and then have the arms of those sweaters tied together from the one shoulder and the opposing underarm. Make sense? I’ll share that formula of creative layering another day.

Creative Layering

But for today’s outfit I used a different creative layering formula. This style formula calls for a simple t-shirt of some kind with a button-up shirt layered loosely over it and a blazer topping them both. Sounds like a mouthful! But this trio of tops truly layers beautifully.

Creative Layering
Creative Layering
Creative Layering

Not only does this creative layering effect look effortlessly pulled together and casually chic, but it also provided the warmth I needed when I modeled this on a cold winter afternoon. So I know it will serve us well when the temperatures warm up just a bit and we are ready to wear our spring wardrobes.

Creative Layering
Levi’s jeans in Lapis Speed

My elevated casual outfit started with some really nice Levi’s jeans in the shade Lapis Speed. I’m wearing a size 10 and they’re a little roomy on me. But another trend you might be interested in is that we’re wearing our jeans a little less tight these days. I’m all in on that one, too! So I’ll stick with this size for a casual, loose fit. They’re extremely comfortable and soft, and they do have a bit of elastane for stretch, too. Kohl’s has these jeans in plenty of other colors to choose from, too.

Creative Layering

For my creative layering, I wore this light grey long sleeve Henley tee and topped it with a striped oversized long sleeve button up shirt. Both run true to size; I’m wearing a medium in each. And the quality is great on these elevated basics, by the way. I completed the creative layering with a fun plaid single-button longline blazer. And yes, I had plenty of room in the sleeves to accommodate those base layers, even though I have fairly large upper arms.

Creative Layering

Because there’s so much going on in the layers (but I absolutely love mixing the plaid and the stripes!), I kept my jewelry and accessories very minimal. I wore only these silverplated and crystal twist hoop earrings and completed the outfit with black leather booties (similar), a black leather belt (similar) and a black crossbody bag. Of course, I found everything at Kohl’s for this look and the prices were so reasonable.

2024 Trend to Try: Creative Layering
Levi’s jeans in Lapis Speed // similar leather belt // Henley ribbed tee // button-up shirt // blazer // earrings // shoulder bag // similar boots

I like shopping Kohl’s when I want to try out a new trend because they have a great selection of modern styles, but at reasonable prices. And of course you can also earn Kohl’s Cash as you shop and then use that for future purchases. Finally, right now Kohl’s has some amazing close-out deals with an extra 50% off, resulting in savings up to 85% off the original price. And you can get an extra 15% off markdowns with code CATCH15OFF at checkout.

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Let me know what you think about the creative layering style trend. Is this a style trend you’ll try for 2024? Like I said, there are other ways to layer creatively, too. Would you like to see me tackle one of the additional style formulas in this trend?

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17 thoughts on “2024 Style Trend to Try: Creative Layering

  1. Kay! I love mixing patterns and this is a wonderful example of that! This past weekend, during our freezing cold spell, I layered a red with thin white stripes turtleneck under my favorite Fair Isle cardigan that included that same red. Looked awesome and had some punch to it!! I also love layering stripes with florals. Thanks for being creative today!

  2. Like the trend you show here with tee under the button -down shirt unbuttoned and then the blazer over. I even like the mix of prints. I am not into the two sweater trends arms tied together over your shoulder. Too messy and would not be for me. I will pass on that one.

  3. I would love to see layer ideas. Living in Florida in the winter i layer all the time. Thanks for the great ideas!

  4. I love this and I’m going to try to see if I can do it with my blazers that I have. I am not good at it. I would love to see other layering ideas. I have not seen the sweater one you mentioned here in Tennessee.

  5. I do the layers except I sometimes hide one layer. I will start using my button up shirts. Thanks for the inspiration. You look so nice in the outfit. I do like Kohl’s. I think some of their clothes are very nice like Nine West and Lauren Conrad. I loved your video yesterday. So informative. I gave it a thumbs up. I’m also quiet about confrontation if sin. It’s easy for me with my family but harder with friends.

  6. Thank you for your posts. I look forward to them each day. I have learned so much from you. The Kohls posts are my favorite because I can justify buying some items at those prices. But, I can usually sub in less expensive items to somewhat achieve the more expensive looks also. Thanks for sharing with us!

  7. Hi Kaye, I discovered you this summer and so appreciate your insight on how to dress as an older woman. Your advice to select modern vs trendy styles really hit home.
    Thank you for the direction you offer!
    I will be attending graduations in NYC this May and would love for you to offer suggestions for this type of event!
    Love & Blessings!

    1. I generally do a “what to wear to a graduation” outfit or two in the early spring. Stay tuned! I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog.

  8. The layers you demonstrated are very fresh looking and do-able with other mixes as one of the other ladies suggested (stripes and florals). I have been working to expand my wardrobe with blazers and have had some disappointments with fit. I really do not like the particularly boxy blazers. Can you tell me if the plaid one you are modeling here fits somewhat close or is styled with some shape?
    Thank you again for all your insights and inspiration!

  9. Like others, I think the layering is a great idea and looks great on you. Does wearing an open shirt provide warmth or is this just for the look? As a traditional New Englander whose family was in the clothing industry, I’m not a fan of stripes and plaid together but think blue denim could be attractive as an alternative to the stripes.

  10. My layering generally involves a button up shirt with a floral or stripe, topped with a solid colored sweater and then a puffer vest for warmth. Or a turtleneck under a fair isle sweater and puffer vest. With blazers I tend to stick to a coordinating tee shirt or thin sweater underneath.. I’m not sure about the tee topped with a button up shirt (unbuttoned)and then a blazer. Looks like it would be bulky and not really very warm either. I’d probably wear a cashmere sweater with a blazer this time of year. And yes, I love to mix florals or paisleys with stripes in the same color family.

  11. I think that this trend of layering is very ugly. I would never consider wearing those pieces together. I don’t like that there are stripes with plaids. I also don’t like four pieces together-I would put a top and a blazer together-not a shirt, top, and blazer. To me it looks sloppy.

  12. I think this trend is ugly. I like a blazer with one classic top under it. I would never wear stripes with plaids for starter-and never a shirt that is open. The outfit does not look pulled together. It just looks sloppy.