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2 Affordable Spring Outfits I Can Recommend

March 26, 2024

As much as I love a good buy, I also do not like to fudge on fit and feel. It’s important to me that what I’m wearing feels good on my body and that it fits like it’s supposed to. Today I’m pleased to share with you two affordable spring outfits that truly check those two boxes and more.

Similar to Maeve Colette Pants
From Kohl’s: short sleeve t-shirt // Lauren Conrad Super High Rise Wide Leg Crop Pants // Nike Waffle Debut sneakers // Lauren Conrad Short Trench Coat // earrings

Last year I purchased a couple of fun, on-trend wide-leg pants from Anthropologie that I’ll still be wearing this spring. You can see those pants below in a couple of photos from last summer. Honestly, I don’t get to keep much in my wardrobe from season to season with this job, so I choose carefully what I hold over for another season. I love the feel and look of those Colette cropped, wide-leg pants by Maeve. And they’re one of Anthropologie’s all-time bestsellers, too.

Look Polished in Casual OUtfits
Colette wide-leg cropped pants by Maeve // straw bag // bracelet // earrings from last July HERE
Blue Colette Pants (not currently available in this color) //  Unstructured Blazer (58% off now) from last July HERE
Colette Pants //  Earrings // Sandals // Purse from last July HERE

Those Colette Pants are already hanging in my closet, ready to wear! They have lots of stretch, but look very polished. I like that they have a wide, straight leg, but not too wide. I think the pocket placement is on-trend but also very flattering. The Colette pants also come in linen this spring and summer.

But the Colette Pants are $120 and the Colette linen pants are $130-138. While I have truly enjoyed mine, I was delighted when I discovered a very similar pant by Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s, shown below. In fact, I’ve got two affordable spring outfits to share.

Similar to the Colette by Maeve, the Lauren Conrad wide-leg cropped pants
Similar to the Colette by Maeve, the Lauren Conrad wide-leg cropped pants // Nike Waffle Debut sneakers

All last year I had a contract with Kohl’s for a monthly sponsored blog post. I decided not to renew that contract this year because some months I found it very difficult to find something at Kohl’s that I could heartily recommend with integrity. I definitely want to be on the lookout for affordable, stylish options, but I also cannot point my readers or YouTube viewers to things that I wouldn’t wear myself. So this year, instead of publishing a monthly sponsored post with Kohl’s, I commit to doing my best to find affordable options from various sources – Kohl’s, J.Crew Factory, Banana Republic Factory, Gap Factory, Nordstrom Rack, Quince, etc. – that I can recommend confidently, but transparently, too.

Lauren Conrad wide-leg cropped pants
From Kohl’s: short sleeve t-shirt // Lauren Conrad Super High Rise Wide Leg Crop Pants // Nike Waffle Debut sneakers // Lauren Conrad Short Trench Coat // earrings

You can absolutely trust that any time I have a sponsored post, I am the one who selects the items I show and I tell you the truth about how they fit and feel. In fact, if I don’t love it, I don’t show it. I just don’t have the patience to do try-on hauls in which I show you the good, the bad and the ugly. So if something shows up on my blog or YouTube channel, you can know it gets my stamp of approval. But having a sponsor sometimes makes you feel like you’ve got your hands tied a bit. That’s why I didn’t want these “more affordable option posts” to be sponsored anymore.

That said, I’ll tell you that these Lauren Conrad wide-leg cropped pants are NOT the same quality as the Anthropologie Colette pants by Maeve. That somewhat mysterious “Only-at-Anthro Magic Fabric” they use in the Colette pants really is something special. And while these Lauren Conrad wide-leg cropped pants are constructed in the same fibers, the effect isn’t quite as polished and the fit isn’t quite as nice. BUT if you’re looking for an affordable option, this Lauren Conrad wide-leg cropped pant is a good one. It comes in this navy as well as a fun blue and bold pink.

Lauren Conrad wide-leg cropped pants
From Kohl’s: short sleeve t-shirt // Lauren Conrad Super High Rise Wide Leg Crop Pants // Nike Waffle Debut sneakers // Lauren Conrad Short Trench Coat // earrings

Before I move on to the second outfit I’m excited to show you, let me just say that this striped tee is a standout. It fits TTS. And the cropped trench (so ON TREND!) is a great little jacket. It runs true to size, but expect a very roomy, voluminous fit. Cropped trenches are everywhere right now, so this is a good one to grab!

Next up, I found a pair of jeans at Kohl’s in a similar look. Unfortunately, they’re no longer available. Or at least I cannot for the life of me find them on the website. I purchased them in store so you may have luck there.

jeans not available // sandals // graphic tee // Lauren Conrad unlined blazer

But I wanted to go ahead and show you the look because here the hero really is the Lauren Conrad unlined blazer. Also available in ivory, this rayon, linen, cotton and spandex blend blazer is lightweight and perfect for spring into summer. And the cheerful pink is a fun way to add a pop of color to your outfit. It fits true to size.

Rayon, linen, cotton, spandex
graphic tee // Lauren Conrad unlined blazer // earrings // shoulder bag (more economical option at Kohl’s)

I think wearing a cropped, modern jean with a graphic tee and a blazer is so fun and fresh. I do choose my graphic tees carefully. No crude sayings or angry tones. And I generally don’t care for them to be too silly. But I like very pared back black and white prints or something subtle and ladylike. I felt like this fresh picked flowers graphic tee fit the bill.

graphic tee
graphic tee // Lauren Conrad unlined blazer // earrings // shoulder bag (more economical option at Kohl’s) // jeans not available // sandals

Oh, I did also find these smart sandals at Kohl’s, and they’re very similar to others I’ve seen at higher price points. I found them to be very comfortable and easy to walk in. They fit true to size.


You know, quality is a big deal to me. Not only do I naturally gravitate to it (it’s a family curse!), but I just really cannot stand to wear anything that doesn’t feel good on my body. And I’m so committed to building a wardrobe that lasts, one that may be a little smaller but is very versatile and mix and matchable. But I also know that we can find good quality at all price points if we just search hard enough. I have found that if you choose simpler pieces, the quality is prone to be higher. Manufacturers have to scrimp somewhere if they’re going to keep items affordable, so the more complicated an item is, the more quality is sacrificed to keep the price low.

graphic tee // Lauren Conrad unlined blazer // earrings // shoulder bag (more economical option at Kohl’s) // jeans not available // sandals

So I just wanted you to know, dear reader, that I gave up that monthly sponsored post with Kohl’s intentionally, so I can keep these “affordable option posts” more real. It was important to me to be able to be completely transparent in these posts. Do me a favor. Let me know in the comments what retailers you like to shop for more affordable options. Thanks so much. Have a great day!

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36 thoughts on “2 Affordable Spring Outfits I Can Recommend

  1. Thank you for your transparency. I enjoy your Talbot’s posts, and I also shop at Gap, J Crew, and their factory outlets. And I love seeing some Anthropologie! I recently treated myself to one of their Somerset dresses. One question about your gold Naot sandals: Did you size up one? I feel like i read somewhere to do that with Naot’s? Maybe it was you? not sure. Thank you for your inspiration!

    1. I did size up but mainly because I wear a 9.5 and they don’t carry that. So I wear a 10. I’d check the reviews. I think some of them run smaller than others. I just ordered a pair of slide ones where everyone said they run a little narrow, but again I went up a half size so I think I’ll be okay.

  2. Hi Kay. Thanks for the affordable options today and I’m looking forward to future ones from J. Crew Factory, Banana Republic Factory, and Gap Factory where I often shop. I would only suggest you might add Ann Taylor Factory and Talbots Factory to your list for more affordable options. Thanks for all you do to for your readers!

  3. It’s nice to see more affordable clothing! With inflation and the cost of living rising, I need to be a good steward of what the Lord has blessed us with.

  4. APPLAUSE! I appreciate this post today and your perspective on quality and authenticity! I haven’t much been a Kohl’s shopper, but your choices from that store incite me to at least check out those particular items! They were really cute and you carried them off well! But within all that, I so appreciate the helpful comparison of the Anthropology brand vs the Kohl’s brand. We’re all busy and even reading (or perusing) blogs takes time. So it’s understandable that we woman come and go, as the blogs meet a need in our style, taste, and budget…. while not being too time-consuming! I find your blog, generally speaking, to check these boxes for my situation! That said, I do hope that your perspective and approach to blogging can provide what you need financially (as far as income to the family) while still being full-filling and authentic “to you”! I think I recall you having said “you do you”!! Well, I say that back to you, along with thanks for what you do and how you do it! Blessing and best wishes from E.TN !!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing. Don’t worry. I am still taking sponsored blog posts and videos, but I’m only working with sponsors that I can truly share freely about because I enjoy their brand so much. I was absolutely always truthful in my sponsored Kohl’s posts, too. But it was just a real struggle some months to find enough from there to put together a couple of good outfits. Most of my posts will continue to share more elevated, higher quality brands because I generally feel better about them personally. But when it comes to sharing things from more affordable stores I just need the freedom to draw those comparisons you appreciated from this post. Hopefully all that was clear as mud, ha! Thanks so much for your support. 🥰

  5. Hi Kay, I enjoy the more affordable option posts. I had pretty much forgotten about Kohl’s and J Crew Factory until I began reading your blog! I would love to see a post on LOFT. I mainly shop at Talbots, but I do love a good bargain. Once in a while I find something good at Target – last month I found a button-up and tank top that became instant favorites!
    Thanks for all you do. Your blog and videos have made dressing for MY day much easier and more fun!

  6. I like all the retailers you listed for budget-friendly options. On another subject, I am a subscriber but can’t get into your linked posts anymore. The “managed list” part of the website address kicks in my security alert (I use safari) and stops the process. I have to go to your website to get into your post. Please let your web manager know about this.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Jeanne. I’ll let my website manager know but I have a feeling it has to do with Safari. I’ve had one or maybe two other subscribers tell me they have the same issue. And come to think of it, I think the problem is not with my website but with Mailchimp, my email provider. So if you’re saying the problem comes when you click through the email link, yeah that’s Mailchimp. I’ll let them know. If you could send me a screenshot of what happens that would be most helpful.

  7. I so appreciate all your efforts in trying to find options for all of your readers. I do not shop at Kohls or the outlet stores because the quality is not always what I expect. I thank you for pointing out the differences in the quality of items in this post and being so very honest about it. I read all the posts because I enjoy seeing how you style an outfit regardless of price point on items. It is very time consuming and hard work posting your blog. Thank you for that and trying to help all of us dress for our day!!!

  8. Hi Kay
    Thank you for your honesty in today’s blog. I used to be an avid Kohls shopper and found myself the last two years barely finding anything I liked. I personally thought their quality and choices really diminished. When I do look for something I try and stick with their Vera Wang collection and Nine West. It seems like the quality is still there. Also because of my disability issues I am more of an online shopper and it seems like they’ve joined the ongoing trend to put junk on their website that you can find and do find on amazon in addition to what they only carried making it very complicated to shop online with them. I don’t have the time or patience to search through 5,000 T-shirts.
    Thanks annd anlway appreciative of all your hard work. It really starts my day in a fun and positive way. Especially your scriptures in the end.

  9. Thank you for your honesty, Kay. I respect your decision to stay true to your conviction that quality is important and you will not present items that you would not wear. To me that gives more validity to what you do share.

  10. Thanks for the good quality clothes you looked for and showed. I do like good quality clothes and shop mainly on sale at Talbots, JCrew, Ann Taylor, etc because these stores really do carry quality items and there are sales almost every week. I do not shop too much at Kohl’s for clothes, though have tried, but do not find much that I like or good quality. Thank you for picking these outfits out and showing us how you put them together. Gives us ideas. Great BFMD!

  11. Kay, thank you for your integrity and transparency — and all your work on showing us such a wide variety of price points. Some of your recent features are out of my price point, but I still find nice items at Loft (have to be careful there, too). Sometimes I try J. Crew Outlet for a change of pace. I’m not a preppy dresser, but I do find pieces there that are fun and different from the other retailers I mentioned. Like you said in an earlier post, if the items are outside my price range, I can still get ideas of how to create similar looks from my closet or other retailers. Th

    Thank you for the devotionals, too. They always it the spot!! 🙂

  12. I’m so happy you will be featuring the Factories, especially BR. I always find interesting clothes and accessories there. Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. Those outfits Kay are Lovely , just nice and simple but really nicely put together , and yes I agree with what you said about the graphic tees 👌that little jacket is gorgeous (they both are) the little cropped trench style♥️. It was lovely how you explained about the ‘Kohl’s’ Sponsored post , and that is why I love your Blog because of your Integrity and openness , you are really refreshingly honest and it is so good in this day and age 💐♥️. Really loved your ‘BFMD’ as well , that is me always carrying guilt around if I do something wrong 😑.

  14. Hi Kay, great post today. One of my go to affordable places to shop is Old Navy, for my grand kid’s soft cotton clothing, and they are great for women’s basic cotton tanks, athletic loungewear and their Wow straight jeans even come in short and hold up better for travel than my spendy jeans. Handsome leisure stuff for your guy too!

  15. I shop primarily at JCPenney and would love to see your ideas there because I don’t shop frequently anymore.

    1. P.S. I’ve noticed adaptive clothing on the JCP website for people with disabilities. I think that’s tremendous!

  16. Thanks for your post today. I actually went online and bought the entire first outfit! I appreciate your comments about why you choose what you do and your decision to leave Kohl’s. I rarely shop there because I don’t have the patience to find the gold nuggets. That being said, I bought a very cute Lands End bathing suit there last year. I shop at J Crew, Loft and Ann Taylor. And sometimes Macy’s online. But mostly at my age, I am trying to buy for sustainable fashion, the elegant classics. I don’t have your job so don’t need to switch it all out every year.

  17. Cute outfits – especially like the one with the striped t shirt. Thank you for sharing and being transparent. I love your style but I also love that you offer true guidance on how to put together a nice outfit and wardrobe. So many blogs and instagrammers seem like they’re just trying to sell whatever product offered a sponsored post. I never feel that way with you and I appreciate that very much. My go-to stores are Talbots, Banana Republic (regular and factory), J Crew Factory, Dillards and sometimes Loft. I did purchase the Levi’s you recently recommended and LOVE them!

  18. I admire you for not wanting to style clothes you wouldn’t buy just for a contract. I can’t find a lot at Kohl’s. I have a few pieces but I haven’t bought anything there since after Christmas. I went last week. I saw wide leg jeans but they didn’t fit well. My favorite stores are Loft, JCrew factory, Gap factory and Old Navy. They all carry modern petite clothing. I like Ann Taylor factory and Loft factory but you can’t buy on line anymore. I like Talbot’s but have to wait for clearance sales. I have heard good things about the Colette wide leg jeans. I enjoy your blog for the devotional and your styling tips. I also think you are a sweet lady and I like how you present things. You have a nice soothing voice too.

  19. Talbots is my go to store for most items. I’m retired, play a lot of golf and rarely have the need to dress up. My Talbots store has the best sales associates and often greet me by name; what can i say but i’m spoiled by that gesture. They are near a J Jill which I will pop into but I have not purchased from them in years. Years ago Kohls had fabulous tees and tanks I used for walking; now, not so much. I use Kohls as my Amazon drop off but lately their customer service has been beyond rude and even with a coupon I can’t find much. Thank you for being an honest blogger!

  20. Great post, Kay! I’m working on going for quality over quantity and long ago quit buying clothing at box stores. I’m so glad you stopped the regular sponsored posts for Kohl’s. Similar to other readers, I read just about everything you post because I like your thoughtfulness and the way you put outfits together–even if I wouldn’t buy certain things myself. I’ve actually found that I have similar things in my closet that I can sub out for the featured outfits. Thanks for all your work and good advice!

  21. Hi Kay,
    I appreciate your integrity and efforts to provide more affordable alternatives. My favourite store for affordable alternatives is Gap. And Gap is even more size inclusive than most clothing retailers: they offer just about everything in Tall size as well as regular, petite and plus.
    Thank you for your work!

  22. All I can say is thank you, it helps so much when I don’t have to decipher about the quality of the garment.

  23. Kay,

    Thank you. Loved your post. Thank you for comparing items. That way someone can decide which they would rather have. As for me I loved the graphic T and pink blazer. A blazer is something I normally don’t wear so I don’t want to make a big investment in one. The one you showed today looks casual and stylish but it’s so reasonably priced. I immediately ordered it.
    As for other stores I enjoy Loft, Old Navy for their jeans, and Macys.

    Have a blessed Easter. Enjoy your beautiful grandbaby!


  24. Thanks Kay! Completely understand and agree with your decision to drop a “contracted” sponsorship. You always do a great job keeping it real and honoring sponsorships. However, I think you are authentic without a need for obligations to a trusted brand. Stay true, obligations not necessary!

  25. I love to see a range of price points. I also value your insights. I tend to spend more on my bottoms (and buy less then tops) and spend less on tops (I find i like to switch those up more and have more). I shop nordstrom for my high end. and I also go to jcpenney, kohls, costco, columbia clothing co., loft. I am always up for trying a new place. I loved your blog post a ways back on quince. I really really liked the slip skirt and sweater you modeled. Yet I didn’t have a need in my life style so I had to work really hard not to buy it! But I am sooo remembering that store. About shoes, I too have feet issues and find that I buy orthodics to put in shoes and can almost buy shoes any where now. Although dsw, nordstrom, cabela’s and REI are my top favorites.

  26. The closest store to me is Kohl’s so it is convenient but I have found it hard lately to find much there. A few years ago they had some better lines that have been discontinued – when they first opened in our area they carried Villager – remember them?!? I did get two very nice solid color rayon and spandex tanks there a few weeks ago that were very attractively priced and will be fine but you really have to check the fabric and workmanship – I find the items they carry made in Vietnam tend to be the higher quality. Surprisingly, I have found some nice Izod items for my husband at Kohl’s that he has been satisfied with and that have held up well – he used to shop at Lord and Taylor for their Brown and Black label but that is gone, of course, and he was also loyal to Polo/Ralph Lauren and Joseph Bank, so I was surprised when the things I picked up at Kohl’s worked for him. Bottom line is – as you have pointed out – try to know quality, because I’ve even been disappointed in some things from supposedly higher-end stores, especially the so-called factory outlets which aren’t true factory outlets anymore for the most part but instead are often a kind of lesser parallel brand to the “real” stores of the same name, although there are perfectly fine things there, too, at times. Shopping is hard work!

  27. Hello, Kay !
    My favorite place (for true quality combined with (at times) fantastic value, is definitely B E L K ❣️🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  28. I enjoy your YouTube channel so much! Thank you for the longer ones and for the occasional bonus Saturday videos, too! I enjoyed you talking about spring in February. Your blog on bathing suits inspired me to shop early and I purchased my tankini before they ran out of my size. I’m going to pick up my Miracle Suit briefs at Talbots today while I can get it 40% off. But hands down, my go-to store is Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack. I also shop Talbots, Lane Bryant, and Johnny Was stores. Blessings!

  29. J Crew Factory, Loft, Quince, Nordstrom Rack. I occasionally buy from Amazon if someone I trust has recommended a piece.