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My Favorite Elevated Spring Outfit Formula

April 1, 2024

I live a pretty casual lifestyle since I work from home. And I attend a small house church, so I don’t even get that dressed up on most Sundays. But if I do need to look a little more polished, my favorite elevated spring outfit formula is my go-to. Can you guess what it is?

My Favorite Elevated Spring Outfit Formula

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I love wearing linen during the spring and summer. So my closet is filled with linen pants, both casual and a little dressier. For a more elevated look in the warmer months I opt for structured linen trousers with a tank top and coordinating blazer.

white lined linen pants // tank top (more economical option) // blazer (more economical option) // slingback pumps // tote no longer available // necklace // earrings // link bracelet // hinge bangle

These white lined linen pants from Talbots became fast favorites. I’ve already worn them a couple of times and we’re not even far into spring yet. See how I wore them with a bright green blazer in this previous post.

white linen pants
white lined linen pants // available in other colors // slingback pumps

The white lined linen pants are a great length for my 5’8″ frame, allowing me to wear a small heel. They run true to size; I’m wearing a misses 10. The pants are also available in petite, plus and plus petite sizes. And you can get these same pants in navy, lavender tulip and rattan, too.

white linen pants with blue tank and jacket

I’ve topped my linen pants with a soft blue tank top (more economical option) and coordinating blazer (more economical option), both from Veronica Beard. There just really is no comparison to the Veronica Beard Miller dickey jackets; the quality is amazing and the silhouette is timeless and so flattering on most body types. Check out this gorgeous barely orchid Miller dickey jacket. I have to sit on my hands to keep from ordering it!

That said, the Talbots double breasted blazer and coordinating tank is a truly great substitute at a lower price point. I’ve tried on both and can highly recommend them. I wear a misses 8 in both the Veronica Beard Miller dickey jacket and the Talbots double breasted blazer, so consider going with your lower size if you, like me, are on the fence between two.

slingback pumps
slingback pumps

I complete my favorite elevated spring outfit formula with nude pumps or, in this case, slingback pumps. These Sam Edelman Biankas come in several colors and skin tones, as well as metallics. I also have them in the gold leaf. They’re very comfortable and so chic. And yes, they stay on my feet very well.


I’ve accessorized this one-two-three elevated spring outfit formula with bright gold jewelry from Julie Vos. I wear her beautiful, substantial looking jewelry all year, but I think it works most beautifully with my spring and summer outfits.

Elevated Spring Outfit Formula

It’s smart to have easy outfit formulas that you know work for you and that you can create easily from the things in your wardrobe. Blazers are one of my signature items, so this formula is one I create on repeat. What is your favorite elevated spring outfit formula? I’d love to hear about it in the comments today.

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Even if you don’t have dark secrets – and let’s face it, many of us do! – you undoubtedly have things you’d never share with most of your friends or family. Those hidden thoughts, regretful memories, secret pasts and unnamed desires can eat away at us from the inside out, making us feel ashamed, untrusting and detached. Secrets can become the enemy’s fortress if we let them stay in the dark corners of our minds and hearts.

But there’s a way to bring those secrets out into the light so that the enemy must evacuate from them. No, you don’t necessarily have to tell them to someone – although that frequently does help. But you can always share your soul with the Lord. I’ve found that if I audibly speak to the Lord and share with Him my heart, the enemy has to flee. He lose control of those no-longer-hidden thoughts and memories and desires. And the Lord can then change those things that need to be changed and heal the wounds that need healing. 

Lord, all my desire is before You;
And my sighing is not hidden from You. ~ Psalm 38:9

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12 thoughts on “My Favorite Elevated Spring Outfit Formula

  1. Love the soft, baby blue with white. Pastels and light colors like beige and pale gray with white just look so cool and classy! I am also noticing your sling backs are suede. It seems that suede is like wearing white outside of Memorial Day to Labor Day. When I was younger, I was always told suede was for fall and winter. I am now seeing suede footwear running into spring and summer.

    The BFMD also resonates. As you said, we all have those unspoken, even unspeakable, thoughts that go through our heads. God knows these thoughts, without us even having to consciously share them. Knowing that he already knows of them both shames me, and at the same time, makes it easier to go to him and ask him redirect those thoughts, and to boot the devil out of my mind! Thank you for the reminder, and I pray you are blessed by your conference today.

    1. Hi Lori, I’m glad you enjoyed today’s post. Yes, wearing suede in the spring and summer was a stretch for me, too. But I’ve been noticing it everywhere for four seasons, so I decided to embrace it. Plus, this shade of shoe just really worked best for me, so I decided to get it and wear it for spring and summer despite my hesitations. I’m glad the blessing resonated with you. And thank you for sharing your thoughts. Blessings!

  2. I love the look of the matching blazer and top, Kay! It reminds me of the matching blazer and dress that was so practical back in my early office days. It was so useful at a conference when an evening look was needed for later in the day minus the blazer. Now I reach for unlined blazers and shirt jackets in linen, which, thanks to you, I now buy with the matching tee or tank to have an instant and elevated set.

  3. Really pretty outfit. The color looks gorgeous on you. I have the same problem. every time I see a blazer in a new color or style, I have to contain myself from ordering it. I like how you said you had to sit on your hands for the lavender blazer. Ha! Ha! Have a blessed day at the conference.

  4. This outfit formula got me thinking. I think a blazer looks so good and really like them yet I don’t wear the ones I already have. I realized my outfit I was most comfortable with is a shirt and cardigan(old style of cardigan). I just realized I kept trying to do that with the current short sweater styles and didn’t like it on me. It just doesn’t flatter on my body type. I realized I was trying to stick with my old outfit formula but with current style and I just realized why I wasn’t wearing the new sweaters I had bought. Now I will need to rethink my outfit formula! I didn’t realize I was stuck until today! Thanks for blog post! It helped me! I am not sure yet what my outfit formula will be, but I do want to feel pretty when I get dressed!

  5. I love the look of this outfit. My favorite color has always been blue and this is lovely. One suggestion I might make….linen clothes are suppose to wrinkle, however, I feel that it would look better if you steamed out the fold lines in the pants before showing them on the blog. I’ve noticed that with other outfits and feel it would be a nicer presentation. Not being critical, but hopefully helpful.

  6. Loved the look! I agree that linen (or gauze) is the perfect choice for warmer weather. But I question the white linen pants you are wearing. I see online that they are lined in polyester. For me that means a loss of breathability. I can already feel the sweaty legs on a humid day. I understand the need to line white pants, but maybe something in a cotton batiste would better suit. I’m on the hunt for that! Your comment?

    1. You know I really didn’t even realize they were lined until I was writing the post and reading the description of the pants on the website. I got up and checked because I just didn’t remember feeling a lining in them. Sure enough they are and the lining is luxuriously soft and light. It’s really not uncommon for pants to be lined in polyester because you definitely don’t want the lining to shrink when you wash the pants. I have generally stayed away from lined pants, but I will have no trouble wearing these through the summer. Not hot at all.

  7. Very nice outfit. Love the devotional. My favorite outfit for spring is wide leg slacks and a crop jacket or cardigan. If it’s cool I will wear my cotton sweaters. I love linen and cotton especially in summer. I also love gauze. For summer I prefer unlined blazers and jackets. Last summer it was so hot that anything long sleeve was just too hot to wear.

  8. I love blazers but they seem too structured now that I am retired. I moved from NY to sunny California where everything is super casual. It’s been almost 6 years but I think i have finally found my groove. I am loving sweater sets lately and I have purchased a couple from Talbots. To me they are versatile; wear them together or separate to corodinate with a blouse. I dress them up with my good jewelry and a pretty scarf and feel very pulled together

  9. Hi Kay you look stunning in that Pale Blue + White Outfit 💙🤍. Enjoy your Conference . Really enjoyed todays Devotional , lots of food for thought there .