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Our January 2022 Favorites

January 27, 2022

Since the end of the month is upon us, I thought it would be a good day to share my January 2022 Favorites as well as the top sellers for the month here at Dressed for My Day. These are Our January 2022 Favorites! They’re the items I’m wearing, using and loving, as well as the items my readers and YouTube viewers are purchasing the most through my links.

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

Our January 2022 Favorites

Each month I like to look back and consider the products, fashions and, sometimes, services I used and especially loved that month. This helps me to stay on track in building my personal wardrobe and creating my signature style. It also motivates me to evaluate my spending patterns and make adjustments as needed. You might want to do the same!

Because readers seem to have enjoyed this monthly post in 2021, I’m going to continue to provide it in 2022. Remember, I’m also sharing the top five purchased items through my affiliate links, too. These reflect the spending patterns and interests of my community here at Dressed for My Day and at my YouTube channel. So those are helpful insights, too.

My January 2022 Favorites

First up, my favorites. Now that we’re solidly into winter, I’m layering on the warmth and wearing lots of sweaters. I’m home a lot, and some days I just don’t get dressed very fancy. But the things that are bringing me the most joy are some that are a little more elevated. My list reflects both extremes.

Our January 2022 Favorites
multistrand necklace // cropped cashmere cardigan // midi slip skirt // floral essential shirt // black jean belt // suede knot loafers // black travel pants (cropped tapered travel pants) // cashmere snood // tinted mineral sunscreen // bateau neck tee

 multistrand necklace

I actually purchased this multistrand necklace last winter, but I’ve pulled it out and used it so much this winter so I wanted to include it in the list. My dark pink gemstone is no longer available, but it comes in a couple of other nice colors.

Flare Leg Jeans & Turtleneck Sweater
multistrand necklace

I purchased this multistrand necklace specifically for the purpose of wearing it with sweaters, mainly turtlenecks and mock turtlenecks. The three separate strands of the necklace can all be detached from the clasp and reassembled in whatever configuration you like. So you can wear each strand separately or grouped with one or two others. And in fact below you can see how I’ve linked this other necklace in with one of the strands.

Work from Home

cropped cashmere cardigan

I purchased this cropped cashmere cardigan several months ago now. But I’m wearing it more now than I did in the fall. I especially like its cropped length, which makes it work beautifully with skirts and pants without tucking.

Cropped length sweater with skirt
cropped cashmere cardigan // See the original post.

Above I wore the cropped cashmere cardigan with a camisole underneath. But I can also wear it open over a t-shirt or turtleneck for a completely different look. I also appreciate the fine gauge of this soft cashmere. It feels and looks a little on the dressier side. The cropped cashmere cardigan is still available in black and oatmeal canvas and rosy sand dune. Unfortunately, it is not marked down. I think I got it for 15% off through a special frequent buyer offer, but Everlane rarely runs true sales.

midi slip skirt

I made a few style resolutions this year, and one of them is to wear more skirts and dresses. Thus, I purchased this midi slip skirt along with this pleated midi skirt to work toward that goal. I think both will be versatile enough to wear year round, so I plan to share multiple ways to wear them through the seasons of this year. I figure even when they’re both sold out, most of the ways I style them will work with any slip skirt (in this case) or pleated skirt (in the case of this skirt) that you might have in your closet or find to purchase. I really could have listed this pleated midi skirt as a January favorite, too. I wore it to church last Sunday and enjoyed it so much.

Are Knee High Boots Out of Style?
midi slip skirt // See the original post for details.

I like the classic lines, beautiful blue and simple print of the midi slip skirt. It is lined and features an elasticized flat front waistband. It’s still available, but last I checked it wasn’t marked down. However, this similar plaid houndstooth midi slip skirt is 50% off with code FORECAST. I bought that skirt as well, but I returned it simply because I didn’t want two of the same silhouette. But it was a hard return! Meaning it was difficult for me to let it go. It would be very versatile year round, too.

floral essential shirt

At the same time I purchased the above skirts, I ordered this floral essential shirt. I showed all of those Ann Taylor pieces and more in this recent try-on session post. In fact, that’s another one of my style resolutions, to wear more button up shirts and blouses this year. Would you like to hear more about my style resolutions? Let me know and I can try to work up a blog post about that.

Out to Lunch with Friends
floral essential shirt // See the original post for details.

I wore the floral essential shirt out to lunch with friends in the outfit above. But I also wore the floral essential shirt in yesterday’s video. And yesterday afternoon we photographed it in a winter classics outfit for work, too. In fact, I wore the floral essential shirt all day yesterday with my white jeans. Lovely!

The shirt fits true to size, and I think it’s still available. It’s silky soft and such pretty colors.

black jean belt

Because I’m wearing a lot of jeans and tops this winter, I’m also wearing belts frequently. I love adding a belt to an outfit to give it a little more oomph.

Fall Sweater Outfit with Cropped Jeans
black jean belt // See the original post for details.

The Marisa black jean belt in the photo above is my favorite in my small collection right now. I love the gold buckle detail, the richness of the leather and the way it elevates any look. I’m wearing the size M/L.

suede knot loafers

I purchased these suede knot loafers for spring really. I have noticed that shoes in this shade tend to sell out fast, so as soon as I was able to get even a 25% break on them, I took the plunge. But since they arrived a couple of weeks ago, I find myself slipping them on frequently to wear here at home while I’m working. (I’m a “shoes on” gal. My husband tends to go barefooted or sockfooted around the house, but I prefer some shoes on my feet!) So even though I haven’t actually worn the suede knot loafers out and about, I’m already enjoying them.

suede knot loafers // See the original post for details.

Especially during early spring, before I’m ready to bare my toes, I think these pretty sand suede knot loafers will work perfectly with many outfits. They come in other shades, too, however. They run slightly large – a little wide – as you can probably detect in the photo above. But they don’t slip off my feet and they feel soft and comfortable, so I kept my usual size 9.5.

black travel pants

Because I do work from home, when I want to look a little more polished for my work day I tend to reach for my black travel pants. They look so sharp, but they are amazingly comfortable and easy to wear. They’re sold out completely, but Talbots did restock them once before, so maybe they will again.

Black Travel Pants
black travel pants // See the original post for details.

But since I’ve enjoyed these pants so much I recently ordered Talbots’ new jersey tapered travel pants. I’m hoping that these cropped length travel pants will be similar to the ones above and that I’ll be able to wear them when we travel to Florida later in February. My black travel pants fit true to size, so I ordered the medium in them, too. They’re both made of the same fabric (I think), so I imagine they will work similarly. The black travel pants are a substantial but lightweight fabric that would work for me year-round really. They’re nice for travel because they are polished enough for going out, but comfortable and practical enough for travel days, too. I wore them so much during my recent trip to Georgia.

Oh, and the black travel pants are not cheap. So watch for Talbots to offer a discount if you’re interested in the cropped length travel pants.

cashmere snood

I ordered this cashmere snood when Nordstrom was having their Half Yearly Sale after Christmas. I find myself reaching for it more than my scarves recently. It’s just more compact, and I like that feature when I already feel very bundled up. I love how the grey works so nicely with all of my coats, including my camel coat.

Camel and Grey Winter Classic
cashmere snood // See the original post for details.

They had grey cashmere snoods available yesterday, but today they’re gone. They do have three other great colors, including two nice neutrals, however. The cashmere snood is also reversible, showing a different knit weave on each side.

tinted mineral sunscreen

I’ve been changing up and refining my skincare routine recently. One of the new products (new to me) that I’ve been enjoying is this tinted mineral sunscreen by CeraVe. I was curious about how one tinted sunscreen could be a good shade for everyone, and I’m still curious about that, come to think of it. But it works for me! I guess it’s just barely tinted really, but it does look nice on. And I love the creaminess and the fact that its unscented.

tinted mineral sunscreen

The CeraVe tinted mineral sunscreen goes on very smoothly and absorbs into my skin quickly and easily. I don’t feel it at all once I’ve applied it. I apply the tinted mineral sunscreen after my moisturizer has had a moment to set and before my foundation (or primer on the days I use it). I think wearing sunscreen is so important, and I prefer a mineral sunscreen over a chemical one.

Would you like to hear more about my current skincare regimen? Let me know if that is something that interests you and I can try to get together a post.

bateau neck tee

Now here is something I wear almost every day, but you rarely see it, even in my Daily Outfits posts. I put on this grey or black bateau neck tee over my workout clothing almost daily. I wear it around the house pre and post workout, removing it to workout after warming up a bit. If I get out for a walk, I generally wear it, too.

Daily Outfits Winter 2021 12-21
bateau neck tee // See the original post for details.

In the photo above I actually wore the bateau neck tee with my joggers to visit an old friend. We both went super comfy that rainy day as we visited in her home. But usually I reserve this fairly upscale looking activewear top for pre and post workout. It is super soft and moisturewicking. And I love that it has the little thumb holes on the cuffs. I have the black and the grey.

So those are my favorites for the month of January. Let me know if you have any questions about them. Now, let’s move on to the reader favs for the month.

Your January 2022 Favorites

These are at least the most popular links that are resulting in purchases. And I have a feeling, most of the purchases have indeed been for these exact items. They’re winners in my book, too!

#5 – Mellani Bed Sheet Set

I think the Mellani Bed Sheet Set has made our top five list for the past three months, if not more. Truly, these are such great sheets at a great price. You don’t have to reserve them just for your own bed. At this price they’re a great sheet set for your guest beds, too.

Mellani Bed Sheet Set

#4 – Casual Washed Blazer

At the rate you ladies have purchased this Casual Washed Blazer over the past several months I’m surprised to find that they’re still in stock. I have the green, but maybe a lot of you purchased the navy. The green is still fairly well stocked, or so it appears.

Transition to Fall OUtfit
Casual Washed Blazer // See the original post for details.

I do love my Casual Washed Blazer in jungle green. And it’s really a great year round jacket in many climates. I’ll be pulling mine out and styling it again this spring for sure. It can be dressed up a little or dressed down, as I did here with this Sadie & Jane graphic tee. AND the blazer is marked down significantly and today you get an additional 50% off. Wowsa!

Casual Washed Blazer // See the original post for details.

Speaking of Sadie & Jane, Pam recently reached out to me with the idea of creating a special curated set of tees just for our Dressed for My Day community. Wow! I mean, other people can buy them, too. But she will curate the collection with us in mind. AND she’s creating a new tee especially for us! It’s going to have the much requested v-neckline and 3/4 length sleeves. I’ve requested a specific Bible verse for it, but I’m keeping that a secret for now. I’ll keep you posted.

#3 – Modern Ankle Jeans with Ribbon Tape

These Modern Ankle Jeans with Ribbon Tape have also been a favorite here at Dressed for My Day for some time now. I originally showed them back in July, I think. And unfortunately they are almost sold out.

What I Wore Saturday
Modern Ankle Jeans with Ribbon Tape

You can barely detect the ribbon tape along the sides of the legs in the photo above. But I find that feature to be very slimming and elongating. These are great jeans for spring and summer, so I’m glad so many of you snagged them. I bet you bought them in the Red Hanger Sale. That sale is ending soon by the way, but you can get an extra 50% markdowns today.

And if you’re interested in the jeans above, I can direct you to these similar modern ankle jeans. They just don’t have the ribbon feature.

#2 – Cambridge Pants

Now these are some great pants! I shared my Cambridge Pants from last year in my recent Winter Classics post on wearing grey and camel together in the winter.

Camel and Grey Winter Classic
Cambridge Pants // See the original post for details.

Honestly, they look so much better in real life than they do in the photo above. It was freezing and windy that day, and I was struggling to “model” with any grace. But these classic Cambridge Pants really have a beautiful drape and feel so comfortable, too. I think they’re showing up in tomorrow’s Daily Outfits post, too.

Camel and Grey Winter Classic
Cambridge Pants // See the original post for details.

The Cambridge Pants are not on sale, but they’re a great investment pant. Or watch for Talbots to offer a storewide discount soon. (TIP: Talbots frequently has flash sales on Sunday evenings.)

#1 – Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

Caslon Johnny Collar Top
Long Sleeve Polo Shirt // See the original post for details.

Isn’t this Long Sleeve Polo Shirt great? It’s so soft and comfy. Perfect for working from home or a casual outing. I love to wear it when I’m editing videos so I can get out for a few brisk walks throughout the day.

Work From Home Outfit by Zella
Long Sleeve Polo Shirt // See the original post for details.

I really enjoy wearing this Long Sleeve Polo Shirt with joggers for a pulled together casual vibe. It runs slightly large and is available in several nice colors.

Thanks so much for stopping in today. I hope you have a lovely day!

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14 thoughts on “Our January 2022 Favorites

  1. As do you, I love slip skirts and also pleated skirts. While you mentioned that it was difficult for you to return the black and white plaid slip skirt . . . you did the RIGHT thing! All the different patterns actually made my head swim! So . . . please enjoy the blue slip skirt that you kept! And one thing we must watch for with the accordion pleated skirts: the seams and the pleats must be lined up correctly with the band of the skirt! Otherwise, the pleats will look “skewed” and not quite right! I’m returning two of the skirts — just like yours — for that reason. (I ordered two different sizes.) I enjoy your up-beat, common sense attitude! And I’m WAY over 50!!

  2. PS from RORY. I ordered some of the Cereve tinted sunscreen. I hope Talbots restocks the travel pants. Thank you.

  3. I love your challenge and that you are adding more skirts. I have denim skirts in blue, black and white. It would be fun to see them styled. Also, the fact that you are wearing floral blouses, always a favorite of mine. My challenge over the past year, with your help, is buying different coats. I realized how much I have to wear a coat for the Michigan weather. It is ever changing wind, rain, sleet, snow, hot, cool, cold and freezing!!!!! So I have updated my different seasons of coats. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Hi! I have a question — who is your little friend in the picture with the bateau neck top? I don’t think we’ve been introduced!

  5. Hi Kay, love your video’s. I was wondering where you got your jogger’s from. Hopefully they aren’t real spendy.

  6. Thank you for your daily posts. I always look forward to reading your new ideas concerning fashion for the over 50. Your short devotion is what I most enjoy reading. I would love to read about your new skincare and makeup ideas!

  7. Kay, I liked the video about white jeans. I will apply the useful information you provided to wearing white denim skirts. I think your content and presentation both on your blog and your youtube channel are professional and interesting. You seem to be constantly improving. You’re inspiring, not just about fashion and style; your courage to do something new with excellence encourage me and I’m sure others as well. Thank you!

  8. Hi Kay, I love your style both on the inside and out. You are the whole package.

    I would love to see you consider a video on dressing from the bottom up. I’m casual but stylish. I love to wear everything in my closet so I try to buy with purpose. Not too little not too much. (A work in progress)

    I love to walk and one of my style requirements is that I’m wearing “cute” shoes, usually sneakers so I can walk up to 5 miles with out giving it a second thought. I do walk everyday and have many opportunities to just take off. So it goes that picking cute, non-exercise pants to go with those sneakers (especially since I don’t want more than 5 pairs) is a fashion challenge. My thought is that if I get those two things correct, the rest of the outfit comes together. I’m guessing your Talbot travel pants and Cambridge pants might be an option.

    My rut right now is that I have boring sneakers and I’m in a rut with pant choices. If this is a topic of interest to you and your viewers I would love to get your take on it. I’m 65 years old and a spontaneous walker. Thanks

    1. What a crazy coincidence! I just shot photos of a modern casual outfit with these sneakers in the sea salt and gold I’m wearing jeans and a fantastic blazer with it! I wanted to go ahead and tell you about it because I’m not scheduled to share that post for a couple more weeks. But I’ll be sharing these sneakers a lot this spring too.