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A Winter Classic in Camel and Grey

January 11, 2022
the Winter Classic Style Series 2nd annual

Hello ladies! Today I’m finally sharing another Winter Classic outfit for our second annual Winter Classics DFMD style mini-series. The biggest problem with this style series is that it is coldddd outside! Ha! So the weather doesn’t always cooperate with me getting these photos done. But a couple of days ago I braved the icy temperatures to photograph this oh so classic camel and grey winter outfit. I hope you love it as much as I do.

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Camel and Grey Winter Classic

Here’s how this works. Through February I’ll be sharing a series of modern winter outfits that are very classic in composition, coloring and garment selection. I’ll be creating outfits strictly from the items in my closet as inspiration. Yes, I’ll still be sharing new fashions here and there for the next couple of months, but The Winter Classics posts will give you outfit inspiration for which you can just “shop your closet.” I am linking to items that are available and substitutes for those that are not. But I also hope you get plenty of inspiration to work with what’s in your wardrobe already.

Wearing Camel and Grey this Winter

I’ve long admired the combination of camel and grey on others, but I don’t think I’ve ever tried it myself. Just this year I added quite a bit of camel to my wardrobe. So I thought it would be a good time to try this very modern color combination.

Camel and Grey Winter Classic
almond heather cashmere sweater // similar grey pants // steel grey booties // coat and here (not in camel presently) more options in the shopping widget below // necklace // earrings // snood // shoulder bag (more economical option)

Now I have had my camel coat for a little over a year. And this one is not currently available, but I’ll try to find others to include in the shopping widget at the end of the post. Of course, you can always flip the colors on the different elements in this outfit. So a grey coat over a camel sweater would create a similar effect.

Camel and Grey Winter Classic
almond heather cashmere sweater // similar grey pants // steel grey booties // coat and here (not in camel presently) more options in the shopping widget below // necklace // earrings // snood // shoulder bag (more economical option)

Anytime we combine two neutrals it can seem a little scary. But most neutrals work really well together if present them boldly and with confidence.

Camel and Grey Winter Classic

And the reason grey and camel look so lovely together is that they’re both often presented in similarly soft hues with medium to low intensity. In fact, I think one of the keys to creating this look is to keep the contrast in intensity low to medium. So I’m wearing garments and accessories with low and medium intensity, none with high intensity. Thus the contrast is low to medium. For more information on working with contrast in intensity to create cohesive outfits, check out this blog post or the following video.

Another key to combining two neutrals such as camel and grey (or black and navy, brown and navy, brown and black, etc.) is to include at least two garments or accessories in each of those neutrals somewhere in the outfit. That could be within a print or in solids, as I’ve done here.

Camel and Grey Winter Classic
almond heather cashmere sweater // similar grey pants // steel grey booties // coat and here (not in camel presently) more options in the shopping widget below // necklace // earrings // snood // shoulder bag (more economical option)

Creating cohesive, interesting looks like this one is one of the benefits of having a pared back color palette and then filling your wardrobe accordingly. At first I had planned to create this look with my grey v-neck sweater and my navy slacks. But then I realized I didn’t have a coat in either grey or navy. That makes sense because I’ve just recently added navy to my wardrobe and haven’t decided if I want to invest in a coat in that neutral yet. But you can see the dilemma it causes when you just add “all the colors” to your wardrobe. We really do much better and become less frustrated when we select a few neutrals and stick with them.

I talk more about choosing the colors of your wardrobe in this post, How to Choose the Colors of Your Wardrobe.

Camel and Grey Winter Classic

While you could create a similar look using camel and grey in different garments, I do think one choice I made is quite significant. And that is my choice of wearing shoes in the same color as my pants. My steel grey booties paired with my grey slacks (most similar I can find) create a long line of color for the best proportions.

Camel and Grey Winter Classic

And I bookended the look by adding a grey cashmere snood around my neck. Isn’t it so elegant? I neglected to take my gloves with me. The only grey gloves I own are fingerless, so I probably would have opted for my black gloves.

Camel and Grey Winter Classic
almond heather cashmere sweater // similar grey pants // steel grey booties // coat and here (not in camel presently) more options in the shopping widget below // necklace // earrings // snood // shoulder bag (more economical option)

I hope you enjoyed today’s Winter Classics post and got a little style inspiration from it. How will you shop your closet for a similar look? Remember, you could create similar looks with jeans or skirts, too. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Blessed for My Day

I’ll be honest, I bristle when other people hold me or my kids to a higher standard because my husband is a pastor. And really I do believe such double standards are not biblical. But I have to check myself when I start huffing and puffing at people’s expectations because there is indeed a higher standard…but it’s not set by other people. It’s set by God.

You see the truth is that God calls ALL of His children to a higher standard. We are told simply, “You shall be holy, for I am holy.” To be holy means to be separate, called out, unique and at the absolute highest standard. Our conduct and thoughts and attitudes are to be like God’s. We are not called to be holy because we are married to a pastor, the daughter of a civic leader or a Sunday school teacher. We are called to show the world a correct reflection of our Father in heaven. Today let’s examine our lives, not in the light of other people’s expectations, but in the light of God’s glory.

But as he who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, since it is written, “You shall be holy, for I am holy.” ~ 1 Peter 1:15-16

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29 thoughts on “A Winter Classic in Camel and Grey

  1. Kay, thank you for sharing this color combination! I have gray pants and a camel sweater that I haven’t worn together yet because I wasn’t confident that they would pair well . Now I know! I was lucky enough to find a camel and gray scarf from Kohl’s that will tie it all together. Have a great day!

  2. You look so elegant! I was purging my closet yesterday and was trying to put together a soft printed gray skirt with a camel top. This post inspired me! I was up until 1:00 this morning too and now up for the day at 5:00. I hope you can catch up on some rest today!

  3. This was very timely as I was thinking about neutrals this morning, I’ve decided to stop buying prints and patterns because a neutral palate makes getting dressed so easy. As you rightly say most of them compliment each other! Today I’m wearing a pale grey turtleneck sweater dark jeans and a navy coat and nay bootees. My bag is blue and camel and it all looks fine together. I love Blessed for my Day!

  4. I love the camel and gray together, though I have not done this combination together myself. Might have to give it a try, though I have a darker coloring, brunette, not blond. I love and do sometimes gray and navy together and I quite often do black and gray together. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Really liked the BFMD. Yes, it would be hard to be judged and your children because your husband is a Pastor. The bible says God is to judge us, not mankind. Bless you and your family and thank God for Pastors.

  5. Gorgeous color combo! Thanks for the suggestion – I wouldn’t have thought of putting camel and gray together. I also love camel and black together – so classy! I’ve wanted to add a camel sweater to my wardrobe this year. I’ve been looking but haven’t found “just the right sweater style in right shade of camel”! I’m being really picky but I know I’ll find it one of these days!

  6. I can see and feel my style changing due in part to your influence. I put on a Fair Isle sweater yesterday and it just didn’t feel right, and I did not like it. I think it had too many colors and didn’t feel refined. And I realized that is the word that describes how I want to dress. There is a place for color and print, but I think I mostly am now drawn to neutral colors and how to put them together. This helps, and I really like this outfit. I can duplicate it but I don’t have a camel coat, and that’s what I am missing in my closet. I do have a camel trench coat I bought last year, and that might work unless it’s too cold. Thank you for the inspiration! I totally agree with your BFMD. My husband and I taught our kids to live holy lives and not to bend and sway with our culture. I am 63 and I am teased by Christian friends when I don’t participate in unholy talk and activities. It seems like some Christians try to see how close they can get to the world so they don’t look different. I don’t want to live that way.

  7. Lovely outfit! I’m going to try a similar one this week only with a gray coat and camel, gray and black animal print scarf. I also like to combine camel and ivory. Thanks for the inspiration to combine items in our closets in new ways!

  8. I stayed up late to watch the entire game because it didn’t get good til the last ten minutes or so!Lots of drama toward the end! Congratulations! I was rooting for GA as Saban has had enough championships! (Aggie fan here)
    I don’t own camel but it looks really nice on you.

  9. Good Morning Kay,
    Thought of you the instant I saw the alert. Congratulations to the Georgia Dawgs on being the NEW College Football National Champions!! Well done.?????

    Thank you for the lovely and inspiring post. Elegant and subtle color combinations. Throughly enjoy all your encouraging, motivating posts and for “Blessed for My Day”. Always touches me and makes me pause to give thought to the message and how I can do better.

    My husband and I look forward to watching your videos together. You are so engaging and upbeat. Wonderful presentation.

    Thanks again!
    Warm wishes from Boston!!*

    *It’s 8 degrees @10AM!☃️

  10. Beautiful combination!! So elegant yet wearable!! I had to look up what a ‘snood’ was! Had never heard that term!! Fashion challenged, but learning!!!?

  11. I do have gray pants and a camel sweater, but nothing else to bring the two colors together. Looking for a camel coat that I can afford ?

  12. Unexpected combo! I have a camel trench coat, camel sweatshirt, grey jeans, grey knit cap, black boots so I’ll just have to take that look downtown. You are definitely uptown with that beautiful coat. I’m rural though so dressed up is not wearing a flannel shirt. ?

  13. I really like the camel and gray together on you. Beautiful outfit. I wasn’t sure I would like those 2 colors together but they look wonderful. I feel like I can never live up to God’s expectations. I’m always praying about the situation. I would like to feel better about this but I am not sure I ever will.

    1. Dear Rory,
      I just feel I need to encourage you. You already so live up to God’s expectations!! He loves you completely!
      He knows we cannot make ourselves Holy and right with Himself. No one can. Only He can do that. That’s why He sent His Son, to take all our bad behaviors, our addictions, our jealousies, our mean ways, our nasty side and pay the penalty for them. He took them, he bore the shame for us and took them off of us.
      What God expects of us now is to turn to Him for His Holy life. He wants to live His perfect life through us. He doesn’t want us to struggle and strain to live up to some perfect behavior. He wants us instead to say to Him…Father God, You know I am so weak and I can’t behave the way I should, but I come to You to let You make me the person You want me to be.
      I pray you get a grasp of this truth.

  14. I’ve been liking camel and gray together for a couple of years. I have a plaid scarf that combines those colors along with cream and a little bit of black. I like to wear the scarf with various outfits, but my favorite is a camel crew neck sweater, gray skirt, gray tights and shoes/booties. It feels so elegant and classy! I always get compliments when I wear that scarf with anything. I think it is the element that elevates my outfits from okay to AWESOME!

  15. It is a beautiful color combination. Wish I could wear camel but you are rocking it!
    I live in Michigan so understand about doing photo shoots outside at this time of year, especially this past week. I think we would all agree that if you want to do them inside we would totally understand.

  16. Kaye,
    Your look today is sophisticated and lovely. I don’t have much grey in my closet because it isn’t flattering near my face. It would be ok for pants but I never thought outside navy/black. Another winner look you have shown.
    It is unfair of people to hold you/children to a higher standard because your husband is a pastor. I agree that it isn’t biblical. Preconceived notions of people leading a church having a hotline to heaven is common too.
    We are human. We can’t be everything to everyone.

    1. Great post – love your camel coat and how you have paired it with grey! I’m going to try that cause I have camel now but not much grey as far as pants go. And thanks for the spiritual inspiration as well – what I call real spiritual not like what many folks talk about as spiritual.

  17. Kay I love your style aesthetic. The combination of grey and camel is beautiful. You look so lovely. I was wondering how you can combine navy and black. The navy blouse that you paired with your black watch plaid pants for Christmas was beautiful. Could you wear that same navy blouse with black pants? Would appreciate your styling advice.

  18. I have both camel and gray pieces that I pair with other things but never thought about putting them together. Thanks for a new (to me) idea!

  19. Kay, I’ve seen this “new” color combination, and realize it’s a bit of a balancing act, which you did so well! I also really appreciate that these are items we are pulling from our closets. In fact, this last year or so, possibly because I have done more that a bit of online clothes shopping, my mantra has been to “shop my closet” every time I see something I like! Sure enough, I already have something just like that and learn to combine or style it in a way I hadn’t thought of. This is so helpful, and also keeps us updating our looks in a current way, without just going out and buying more we don’t really need. In fact I recently bought a pair of navy workout leggings and returned them because that is not one of my basic neutrals, and I wanted to keep it simple and stay with just the colors I had. I like to simplify things whenever I can, life is complicated enough! Thank you for the clarity you bring to your readers!

  20. After I saw the beautiful outfit on you Kay, I got out my London Fog camel colored coat that my daughter bought for me at a 2nd hand store. It comes with a scarf of black, red, cream and camel plaid. Since a can’t wear grey around my face I used a red sweater and black pants ( I tried my light grey pants and it didn’t work) to complete the outfit. Now I have something else I can wear! Thanks!

  21. It’s so good to see you back in the blogging groove. We had a slow Christmas away from family and I missed you and your posts to start my day. Love your gray and camel look. Makes me want to buy some camel. But alas, I’m a complete washout in beiges. Maybe I need to try a little darker camel.
    Speaking of colors, I would so appreciate if you would write a post about what colors you like to wear in “the bleak mid-winter.” I love wearing fall colors in the fall, but in South Carolina we can’t layer up too much until November. In December I enjoy wearing bright, Christassy colors a good bit.
    But when my January Talbots catalog rolls in it’s usually full of well…camel and gray. Navy, black, and ivory. Softer, lighter shades of blues and pinks. I realize they are moving on, presenting a different palette that looks fresh so they will sell more clothes.
    I find myself mixing up the fall pieces layered up that I didn’t get to wear too much, the December brights, blacks and whites, and a few of the softer winter colors I’ve just recently started purchasing the last few years. Just wondering if you think about a particular seasonal palette for Jan-Feb, Or see it as a more eclectic time of year.

    1. Hi Lael. I actually just photographed another winter outfit today wearing a pretty blue. I think you’ll like it. I do tend to wear lots of neutrals in January. But I think brighter wintery colors are really nice. Colors like icy blue, red, bright pink and green.