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Get Ready for Valentine’s Day with Me

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January 24, 2022

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? I actually like this “greeting card holiday” and try to make it a little special. When our kids were growing up, I’d make heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast and something sweet and pink for dessert that night. Sometimes we’d bake pizzas in the shape of hearts, too, or we’d eat pasta and watch Lady and the Tramp or some other “romantic” Disney movie. But even with the kids gone, I like to make Valentine’s Day sweet and lighthearted. Maybe that’s my way of keeping the focus on others instead of building up romantic expectations that are somewhat unrealistic and self-centered. At any rate, I thought you might like to get ready for Valentine’s Day with me!

Get Ready for Valentine's Day with Me

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I like to wear something pretty and Valentine-y on February 14th. Yeah, I’ll even wear hearts and red and pink. I do try to keep from over-doing it on the theme related clothing. But a little bit can be sweet and fun.

It can also be fun to put some Valentine cards in the mail to friends and family. And of course, I like to get James a card. He probably doesn’t care if I do or not, but I like cards, so I get him one. And then, rather than going out to dinner on Valentine’s Day, we usually do something festive at home. He may grill steaks or I may make pasta. And we usually indulge in something sweet afterwards.

But the biggest problem for me with Valentine’s Day is simply that it sneaks up on me. So this year I’m going to be ready. Which means today is the day to order those cards, get something pretty to wear, buy a gift or two and plan that special meal. I’ve got everything you and I will need to get ready for Valentine’s Day below.

This year Valentine’s Day is on a Monday. So think about what your day will hold. Will you be meeting with friends for your weekly Bible study, going to work, taking care of grandkids, volunteering somewhere or just going about your day at home? Then plan how you can dress a little festive for your day. Purchase any cards or gifts you might want to send to grandkids, friends, parents or other loved ones. I’ve even got stamps for you!

Thanks so much for dropping in today. If you enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day, I hope today’s post has at least helped you start thinking about your celebration so that you’re ready to make the day fun and enjoyable for others in your life. Have a lovely day!

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14 thoughts on “Get Ready for Valentine’s Day with Me

  1. Good morning, Kay! I’m always amazed at how much content you provide! And with the variety of topics, you are knocking it out of the park in 2022!! Reading your posts each day is a lovely interlude of entertainment with a nice dose of information (or it could be said the other way around!). Thank you very much for your valuable contributions!!?

  2. Good morning! Once again what an enjoyable post. I also enjoy Valentines Day. Something that I do is try to cook an extra special meal for my family. My husband works all day so he comes home to a nice meal with the dining room table set with my best China, candles, flowers etc. Last year I made heart shaped rolls, beef Wellington, and many other sides. We finished the meal with homemade chocolate covered strawberries.
    I’ve been trying to decide what my dinner will be this year but haven’t come up with anything yet. I’m open to suggestions if anyone has any.

    Enjoy your day!

    1. Oh wow! You’ve inspired me. I’ve been wanting to try to make beef Wellington for years. Maybe this is the year! Thanks so much for sharing, Juliet. ❤️

  3. Good Morning Kay,
    My husband and I really do like to recognize one another even more on Valentines Day❤️

    We usually never go out but make a nice meal at home, just the two of us. He usually will grill something and I’ll make a salad and a side. We’ll sit and talk about past years and how much God has blessed our marriage……God truly brought us together and we both are very blessed having the same values.

    Enjoy your day with James❤️


    1. That sounds lovely, Holly. Thanks so much for sharing. I think it’s so important to pause and remember and rejoice occasionally. Have a wonderful day!

  4. I ❤ this sweet post, Kay, and am so excited to celebrate Valentines Day! Your inspiring posts brighten my day so much.! We were at an event in early December and 3 of us came down with covid and missed Christmas and New Year’s entirely. I am now coming around but still require much rest due to fatigue. Our friends were hospitalized for over a week. I would’ve been without good care at home.
    This week I plan to take down my tree and decorations and put up a little Valentines decor! Will sadly probably take me a full week with rest in between. This year I hope to make French dip sammies and baked heart-shaped crispy rosemary pototoes. Easy but cute, right? Wishing all you lovely ladies have a very Blessed Valentines Day, stay warm and please stay Healthy!

    1. I’m so sorry you’ve been ill. Hopefully you will regain your strength more and more with each passing day. But definitely be patient with yourself, as it sounds like you are. Your Valentine’s Day plans sound lovely. ?

  5. Oh, and many congrats to you and your husband on your daughters upcoming wedding. You will be a most stunning mother of the bride. Can’t wait to see pics!

  6. Love the idea of the French dip sandwiches and heart shaped potatoes. I might try that and make a chocolate cake for dessert. I am planning a Valentines party at church Saturday night before. A catered meal, of chicken and sides, A fluffy pudding cake desert, games etc. Will be nice to have something special for the event at church this year.
    I make greeting cards so already have my card made for my husband and my children’s families.

  7. Thank you ever so much, Kay. I’m definitely not pushing myself too hard after being so sick.
    Sherry, a chocolate cake for dessert sounds like just what the doctor ordered??
    Your church party sounds yummy too!