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Spring & Summer 2022 Fashion Forecast – Part 2

January 25, 2022

Last week I shared five fashion trends we’ll be seeing this spring and summer, four I consider to be highly wearable (if you so choose)and one I’ll be sitting out. I’m going to continue this trend for the next few weeks as we slowly build anticipation for the warmer months ahead. (See what I did there???) So hang with me for four more wearable spring and summer trends for 2022 as well as one more trend that, while quite doable for many of my readers, I’ll be sitting out.

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Part Two Spring and Summer 2022 Trend Forecast

Because these trends are taken from the catwalks of fashion week shows this past year, the clothing we’ll be talking about may not be available yet in much volume, if at all. So I’ll be sharing the photos I can find in my archives, on retailer websites and on a free data base that I have access to, and linking to what I can.

Finally, before I get started, let’s keep fashion fun. Trends are supposed to be fun options. No one should follow all of the trends. But I’m sharing a lot of trends over the next few weeks so that we can all pick a few…if we so wish…to participate in this spring and summer. I suggest looking for the ones that work best for your personal style essence, lifestyle, body type and coloring.

I’ll be sharing four that I think will work for some of us and one that I personally will opt out of. And I welcome your comments about the trends I share. But I do ask that we be gracious and remember that the very trend we may not care for, someone else may love and look great in. So I’d like for us to stay away from words like, “hate,” “ugly,” “ridiculous,” and so on. Trust me. I’m preaching to myself, too! Some of the trends I’ll be sharing are indeed pretty extreme. But let’s keep the conversation lighthearted and gracious.

Wearable Trends

Now you and I absolutely can wear whatever trends we like. There are no rules. But after blogging in this space for almost four years I have learned a thing or two about dressing our body shape and proportions, personal styling and lifestyle dressing. So I’m simply offering my two cents on the trends that I think may be most wearable for women over 50. Still, you’ll want to take into account your coloring, lifestyle, personal style aesthetic and body type.

Bold Stripes

Wait a minute. Haven’t we already been wearing stripes? Sure! Most wearable trends aren’t necessarily new things. They’re familiar style elements that are having a moment, you might say. So while stripes have been around forever and a fortnight, we’re going to see lots of them this spring and summer. And I for one am all for it!

Trends for Spring and Summer 2022
Long sleeve Breton top // striped long sleeve midi dress

I think I’ll go ahead a mention here that we’ll be seeing lots of bold, fun colors this spring and summer, too. Neutrals have had their moment, but color is back on the scene. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear your neutrals and look current. You absolutely can. But as the culture tries to climb out from under the heaviness of the past two years, we’re seeing a resurgence of cheerful, hopeful color.

And I think that’s one of the reasons stripes (among other prints) are trending. It’s just so fun to mix and present those bold colors in the format of stripes.

What I Wore to the Park
See the original post for details.

I hear from a lot of women, however, that they don’t feel they can wear stripes. Here’s the thing. You may not want to wear stripes at your broadest part of your body if that is an area you’d prefer to minimize. But remember, you can always add a cardigan or jacket over a striped top for a more slenderizing effect. And stripes worn strategically can actually help you creating the illusion of a great figure.

Where to start? If you’re interested in wearing stripes this spring and summer, begin by studying how others wear them strategically. I love having a couple of fun striped tees in my spring and summer wardrobe. They’re great for wearing under a slenderizing blazer, and they add more interest than a solid tee. But you can also look for striped accessories like shoes, handbags, scarves and even jewelry.

Denim Goes Dark

Actually the trend in denim is…anything goes! Truly. I think we can all put down our weapons and stop fighting over which silhouette of denim is best because we’re going to find every shape and length of jeans imaginable in the stores and on the streets.

Trends for Spring and Summer 2022
Super Soft Girlfriend Jeans in Dark Indigo // Levi’s Wedgie High Waist Straight Leg Jeans // High Rise Boot Crop Jeans

That said, there is one style of denim that will look a little more dated this spring and summer: extremely tight and body forming skinny jeans. Yes, you can still wear skinny jeans. But if you want to look more up to date, opt for the newer skinnies, which are usually a little wider at the ankle, just grazing the leg there rather than encasing it, and have a higher rise.

Casual Friday OUtfit
See the original post for details.

So since anything goes, if you want to add something more current to your denim collection what should it be? You might want to go darker. While we’re still seeing light wash and mid wash denim abound, we’re going to see a resurgence of dark wash denim. I think that’s because there’s a renewed desire to “get dressed.” And dark wash jeans just feel and look a little more elevated, more dressed up.

And yes, we’re still seeing distressing, raw hemlines, embroidery, you name it! So there are plenty of options for us all to choose from. Below I’m sharing a shopping widget filled with denim in darker washes.

Where to start? If you’re interested in wearing up-to-date denim, consider how well yours are serving you presently. Does the rise work for your body proportions? High rise works best for so many women, unless you have a very short torse. So look for jeans that work best for your body type. Then consider adding a pair in a darker wash if you don’t have those. You’ll be able to create more polished looks with these jeans while still looking casual and chic.

Ruffles Big and Small

Another trend that we’ve been seeing and is sticking around is ruffles. And just when you think surely they’ll settle down a little, they just get bigger and fuller and more…more…well, just MORE!

Trends for Spring and Summer 2022
Ruffle Detail Drop Waist Dress // Ruffle Sheath Dress // Ruffle Pintucked Popover Shell // Ruffle Detail Long Sleeve High Low Dress // Heirloom Dot Ruffle Blouse

I show all the looks above just to show the diversity and the extent of this trend. But I generally think for most of us less is more when it comes to ruffles. Unless ruffles and all things ultra feminine are your signature marks, I’d suggest wearing this trend in small, subtle, but significant strokes.

Make sure your ruffles are well placed. Remember, they’ll not only add flirty fun, but they also add volume and draw the eye. So if you are large in the bust, you probably don’t want ruffles smattered across the chest. And if your shoulders are already broad, then you may not want ruffly accents there either.

the blouse
See the original post for details.

I’ve tiptoed into this trend a bit in the past year. I loved the blouse above with its subtle, soft ruffle at the v-neck and the flounce at the waist. Those ruffles work for me because I’m small in the bust and don’t have a large waist. But the trick to wearing ruffles is to look for garments that have them placed strategically in a way that is best for you.

Where to start? If you’re interested in wearing ruffles this spring and summer, start noticing the placement of ruffles on various garments. Determine now where you do and do not want to wear ruffles on your body. Then stick with those guidelines…even when you find that darling blouse with the prettiest colors in the world…but with ruffles in all the wrong places. Ha! Also factor in your personal style essence. If you like to look more classic or elegant, you may prefer just a small row of ruffle down the front button placket or along the cuff of your sleeves. But if you love the feminine style essence, look for larger, flowy ruffles, but still well placed.

Illusion Prints

We might initially balk at the bold, loud prints that we’ll see more of this spring and summer. But some of these prints will be illusion prints, and they can serve a purpose when dressing in a way to optimize your assets. Illusion prints are those where the designs are carefully placed, creating an artistic effect. I’ve collected a few in the graphic below.

Linen Midi Shirt Dress // Run Free Print Shirt // Cuffed Ponte Midi Dress

We’ll generally see this artistically and strategically placed prints in dresses and tops, but we might see some in pants, too. I’m not sure we’ll be the ones wearing those pants, but who knows! I think that we’ll see wearable brands such as Talbots and Chico’s, maybe even Loft and J.Jill with items in illusion prints. For instance, I got this dress from Chico’s several years ago.

Mosaic Print Dress for Chico's for ease and style
See the original post for details.

And this dress came from Talbots last year.

Ally Pumps
See the original post for details.

But I also think this kimono qualifies as an illusion print. It doesn’t attempt to flatter the body the way a dress would, but the print is definitely placed in a way that tells a story and creates specific lines.

Animal Print
See the original post for details.// Similar kimono on sale

Prints are generally less dressy than solids, and that’s definitely the case with illusion prints, too. But the more artistic they are, the more they raise the bar. Generally, illusion prints may also be more expensive. Why? Simply because they require more fabric to create. The manufacturers have to either print the fabric accordingly or they have to line up various fabrics to create the artistic garments, therefore adding to the cost.

I think illusion prints can be an especially desirable trend for us over 50 women because, strategically done, they can help us minimize and accentuate accordingly.

Where to start? If you’re interested in wearing illusion prints this spring and summer, simply keep an eye out for them. Watch for them to pop up in dresses and tops, maybe even shorts or skirts. Know your body type! That’s going to be key as you choose a printed garment that best accentuates the positives and downplays the negatives. You may want an illusion print that creates the illusion of a defined waist, a larger bosom, wider shoulders or height. Choose carefully, but have fun with this trend, too.

The One I’m Sitting Out

I’m sharing five upcoming trends for spring and summer each week. The four above are trends I think will be very wearable. That simply means we can take the extremes we see on the runways and translate them easily into wearable streetwear that makes sense for our season in life, our lifestyles and our body types.

But I’m also sharing one upcoming trend that I’ll be sitting out. That doesn’t mean you have to, of course. But I will explain why I won’t be participating.

Low Rise Jeans and Pants Return

After all the hype around high rise jeans and pants, we’re seeing a resurgence of the low rise again. I love my high rise jeans and pants. They work best for my hour glass body shape and perfectly for my balanced proportions. They keep my tummy tucked in so that it doesn’t over flow into a muffin top, too. Ha! Plus, I think high waist jeans and pants create a long leg more effortlessly than even mid rise options.

But I’m hearing that we’re going to start seeing more low rise options again.

Low Stride Jeans from Gap // 1822 Denim Butter Skinny Jeans // Low Stride Jeans from Gap

But really I don’t expect to see a lot of older women returning to low rise jeans. Now if you have a short torso, you may love your low rise jeans. But probably mid rise jeans serve you well, too. And I don’t think we’re going to see low rise jeans flood the market like they did back in the 90s. They’re probably going to be the jeans, like those above, that have a very hip, youthful vibe to them, too. So I’m not sure that’s the style most of us will gravitate to.

What this means for us. Because low rise jeans are returning to the market (maybe – so they say…) we’ll want to be even more vigilant about rise measurements when shopping for denim. Really we all need to know the rise that works best for our body type and shop by that measurement already. For instance, I really love a jean or pant with at least a 10 3/4″ rise and I’ll wear them with an 11″ plus rise. The rise is the measurement from the crotch seam to the top of the waistline on the pants. I suggest you get out your favorite pants and/or jeans and simply take this measurement. Then look for those measurements in the information box when you’re shopping online. The measurement is not always provided, but it’s definitely easier to find online than in the store.

Thanks for Stopping in for our Trend Forecast

Thank you for stopping in. I hope this post was fun for you. And maybe it warmed you up a bit, too! I’d love to hear your thoughts or field your questions. Let’s just keep the comments fun and lighthearted, shall we? Have a great winter day!

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25 thoughts on “Spring & Summer 2022 Fashion Forecast – Part 2

  1. Kay, Thank you so much for your Blessing of the Day!! I’m struggiling with looking down that road that looks more appealing. You pointed out it’s alright to see it as tempting , just don’t walk down that road!! I also may add, don’t look too long!! Amen!!

  2. Love the idea of the jeans going darker wash. I too think they look more dressy and put together. I also really like the high rise jeans, even though I am short, I am long waisted and the low waisted jeans in the past do not fit me right. I was always pulling them up and then wouldn’t wear them. I planned on getting a new pair of jeans in the darker high waist again this year, just have to decide which ones. Love stipes in tees etc and some ruffles. I have the ruffle flowered top from last year, Nordstrom’s that you showed. I won’t do too much ruffle though. Overpowers me. I bought the paisley dress from last year and love. Glad the illusion print dress is still in, as I planned on still wearing it. Bold prints are nice for summer if you like the look.
    Thanks for the BFMD. You are right. which path to follow can be a challenge, need to ask for His guidance.

  3. I recently saw something on Facebook that certainly rings true “It was easier being in my 20s in the 70s than in my 70s in the 20s”. I wore the low-rise jeans then but my muffin top would definitely not look good exploding over the top now!

    1. Laura
      Love that statement….how true.
      Always have loved the darker wash jeans, my thighs look bigger in the light wash.

  4. I just returned from a short vacation in Laughlin, Nevada. I felt good in my clothes, but the pictures of me were blah. Could you do a short blog on how to look better in pictures? I think you are adorable!

  5. No more low rise jeans for me! I only wear high rise these days! I’m looking forward to wearing the two kimonos I purchased after seeing them on you.

  6. No low rise for me! I prefer dark wash denim, always have. I think my coloring looks best with saturated colors. How can one dabble in illusion print in a small scale? Large prints seem to overwhelm me, arriving before I do! Not sure how to do that one.
    Great Post!

  7. I am rather straight until the tops of my thighs so I am so happy to see the return of high rise jeans! Midrise and low rise fall down on me and I must wear a belt (added bulk around my middle). I have already bought a couple of pair! 🙂

  8. I love everything you are wearing and the links you are sharing. I want them all. 🙂 The only trend I’m not going to follow is the low rise jeans. I never liked them. And since I’m getting close to sixty I will definitely not going to embrace it now. I’m looking forward to Spring and these fun and femimine trends.

  9. Once again, a great post! I really like stripes, and will probably purchase the Biden striped tee. I am short and larger on top, so I will mostly just wear ruffles at my wrists and neck. I have never stopped wearing darker jeans—I wear light, dark, and in between, depending on the top I choose. No low rise for me. In fact, just this morning I pulled out my first pair of Paige jeans I ever purchased that has a mid to low rise, to give away or sell. And since I am only 5’1”, the print dresses are not for me.
    As for BFMD, my husband has always said that when a decision has to be made, or you come to that fork in the road, the “hard” decision is usually the right one.

  10. I love the small interesting prints, so that’s a hit with me. I also wear striped tees – yay! And I do like darker wash jeans! High rise rules the day! Maybe if enough women insist on the higher rise the low rise will quietly disappear. Lol.
    Thank you so much for sharing your ideas too.

  11. Kay, I am really enjoying these posts! As you said, trends are just that, trends. I am happy that we can chose the ones we will and will not try. I will definitely keep wearing pants/jeans with a higher rise because that is what works for me and what I find to be more comfortable. I hope that you have had a great day!

  12. I agree no low rise jeans for me! I have a longer torso so this is not the best plus for me it always reminds me of being a teenager in the 70s. While that was a fine time I am not that age now!

  13. Love the first four items. I can easily wear all of those. Low rise jeans are out for me. I already disliked them the first time they were in fashion. I’m fairly tall with an hourglass figure and also have a longer torso. High rise jeans suit me best.

  14. I’m loving these posts! I like all these trends. I’m petite, so the prints just depend on the individual item. I will not be wearing the low rise again!

  15. Kay, I’ve been a follower of your for years and always look forward to Saturday mornings with your blog. I’ve been wanting to ask for your help for awhile now. I am an elementary-school teacher, in my mid-50’s, trying to stay current and not frumpy. My problem is that I will not show my legs at work or in public due to the large amount of varicose veins and spider veins.
    I would really appreciate some ideas for long skirts, dresses, flowy pants as you begin to think about the spring/summer fashion. Thank you so much.

  16. I like all of the trends here, especially the illusion prints. I actually have a pair of pants and could never figure out what the print was. Now I know! And I’m glad to see they are in fashion now. There is one trend that seems to be an issue for everyone, and that is the rise of jeans. I just cannot understand why manufacturers don’t just make all rises for all heights and all body types. I am very petite, under 5′, with a short waist. I loved wearing low rise because on me they were actually mid-rise and no one knew it. But when high rise first came out, I bought a pair that actually fit me just on or slightly above my waist. But then, when it became a trend, manufacturers added 3″ to the rise which made it impossible for me to continue with high rise, even with petite (which is another story). Why don’t they just make low, medium and high and let us figure out what works best? And I have a question about exactly where high rise is supposed to sit – is it right on your belly button, or on your natural waist or above your natural waist? I was determined to wear more high rise and ended up buying 2 pairs in a girls size 14 (can you believe it). And they fit. One rise is just about 8 3/4″ and it sits just on my natural waist; the other is 9 1/2″ and is over my natural waist. But I’m not sure if this qualifies as a true high rise. Any help?

    1. Hi Donna. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and conundrum. I’m sure others can relate. Low, mid and high rise are all relative terms. So while different pants will have a rise at a variety of inches, you should shop for the rise (in inches) that works best for your body type. If it fits at the navel or above on you, then that is a high rise on you. If it fits slightly below the navel on you, say an inch or two below, then that is mid rise on you. And if it fits two or more inches below the navel on you then that is low rise. So it’s really smart to measure the rise in the pants that you’re wearing and determine from those measurements what you want to shop for. You can simply get your favorite jeans and pants out, measure them from the crotch seam to the top of the waistband and that’s your number. Unfortunately not all manufacturers share the exact number of inches in the rise information, but many do. And often you can ask for clarification on the website if needed. So when we talk about low rise jeans being back in we mean two things. First, we will be seeing styles where the Jean is meant to ride low. But second that means that women like yourself will be able to find jeans that fit you like a high or mid rise jean more easily. They may be labeled as a low rise, but actually fit you like a mid to high rise. So this is really good news because it means that manufacturers are indeed listening to women and realizing that we are all proportioned differently.

  17. This information is so helpful! I am thinking about my spring wardrobe, and these tips are terrific. Stripes, ruffles, and dark wash denim are going into my wardrobe plan! And maybe some illusion prints. They are so memorable that I have to absolutely LOVE the item for it to be a good addition to my wardrobe. I too will skip the low rise jeans. I never found them to be comfortable to wear.
    I do have a question: The examples all showed horizontal stripes. Are vertical stripes not trending for spring, or is it just coincidence that the images were for horizontal stripes?
    And I also loved the Blessed for my Day. What a perfect picture of how to walk with the Holy Spirit. Thank you, Kay.