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2nd Annual Winter Classic Style Series

December 16, 2021
the Winter Classic Style Series 2nd annual

Welcome to Dressed for My Day! You stopped in on a great day because we’re beginning a new style series today. I’m reprising last year’s popular Winter Classics style mini-series and deeming it our 2nd Annual Winter Classics DFMD Style Mini-Series. I know so many of my readers enjoyed this series last year, and it provided me a bit of a reprieve from showing so many new things. Plus, it challenged me to create new, modern, but classic outfits from my own closet.

Here’s how this works. Now through February I’ll be sharing a series of modern winter outfits that are very classic in composition, coloring and garment selection. I’ll be creating outfits strictly from the items in my closet as inspiration. Yes, I’ll still be sharing new fashions here and there for the next couple of months, but The Winter Classics posts will give you outfit inspiration for which you can just “shop your closet.”

Explore Ohio Friday

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For today’s winter classics outfit I’m sharing what I wore on a recent Explore Ohio Friday when James and I visited a nearby town. When we moved here two and a half years ago from Arizona, we decided to set aside every second Friday to get out and explore the area. I generally refer to those days as Explore Ohio Fridays, but in truth we sometimes venture into nearby Kentucky and Indiana. And we sometimes bump them to Saturday or Thursday!

Visiting Waynesville

On this day we started with coffee at Kava Haus Coffee in Wilmington, Ohio. It’s located in an old house that actually used to be a crematorium. Now I guess it’s more of a cream-atorium. Ba dump bump! I don’t usually take my coffee sweet, but on this day I enjoyed one of their holiday specialties, the Nutty Russian. It was indeed a tad sweet for me, but quite delicious.

Coffee at Kava Haus

Then we took a drive through farm land to Waynesville, Ohio, where we dropped in at one antiques shop after another. There were also shops that sold hand-crafted furniture, candles, woven goods and candy. We just enjoyed walking around and exploring. Our agenda is usually very simple and we keep expectations low, savoring whatever the day brings rather than setting ourselves up for disappointment.


We stopped in at a local tavern for burgers around lunch time. And we snapped a few photos for today’s post. Then we took the scenic route home and stopped for another coffee (straight up this time!) in Goshen at Goshen Grind. Yeah, we’re all about the coffee! Especially on a cold dreary day like this one was.

Goshen Grind

I pulled classic but very comfortable pieces from my closet for my outfit Friday. Interestingly, I find that I wear jeans on these Explore Ohio Fridays less frequently than you might expect. I do wear them occasionally, but I find knit pants like these Talbots travel pants to be much more comfortable and easy to wear. I’m so disappointed to report that they seem to be sold out. They had them in every size when I checked a couple of days ago. Wowsa! They restocked once before; maybe they will again.

Black Travel Pants

The beauty of the travel pants is that they really are perfect for travel, even a day trip. They’re comfortable, feature elastic in the back of the waistband, but also a smart zipper and hook fly, wipe off easy in case of a spill and go with absolutely everything. Anyhow! The gist of this blog post is supposed to be about how I put together a winter classics outfit from my closet, so let’s carry on.

(You could swap in these Everyday Stretch straight leg pants or my favorite fleece lined pants or other comfy black slacks here!)

Camel and Black

In brief, I’m finding you just can’t beat black pants and a soft neutral colored sweater. I chose to wear my camel crewneck sweater with 3/4 sleeves, but you could achieve a similar look with a solid sweater in soft or medium grey, ivory or even a heathered green. Sure, you could certainly wear a “colored” sweater, but it wouldn’t really duplicate this look. The beauty of this outfit is that I kept the pants, sweater and quilted coat neutral, adding the color in the scarf alone.

Winter Classics

I’ve discovered that it’s not a stretch at all for me to wear a cashmere scarf like this one even after removing my coat. Since moving to Ohio, I’m just colder in the winter. My mom even wore a similar scarf the entire time she was visiting in our home recently. I say all this to say that reserving the color for the scarf works for me, especially on a day outing like this one.

Winter Classics Outfit

I completed the look with my black Chelsea boots (similar or more economical) and a black faux leather tote (love this bag!). Then I accessorized with classic gold hoops with a bit of filigree, a coordinating filigree bangle and a pendant necklace (similar option) that picks up the neutrals in my outfit. Before heading out the door I added my Nordgreen Philosopher watch with my gold band. (Use code KAYHRMS to receive 15% off your order; order by December 20 to receive by Christmas.)

Jewelry for Winter Classic Outfit

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and that you’re looking forward to more in our Winter Classics Style Mini-Series. If you’d like to check out last year’s winter classics outfits as well as future posts (once they’re posted!), click HERE.

Winter Classics Outfit

Also, I’d love to hear from you if you have a particular garment (that I have in my closet!) that you’d like to see styled in this series. For instance, last year a reader requested to see Donegal wool trousers styled a couple of ways. I obliged with this post and this one.

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Blessed for My Day

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Sometimes we do indeed create our own hardship. But many other times God calls us to shine forth like lights in the darkness as we walk daily and obediently through the “nights” of this life. Here’s what you need to cling to today. You are favored. God will grace you with everything you need to carry on. And, two, the Lord is with you. You are not alone on this difficult path. Lean into Him and trust that He will use even this to His glory and your good.

In the sixth month of Elizabeth’s pregnancy, God sent the angel Gabriel to Nazareth, a town in Galilee, to a virgin pledged to be married to a man named Joseph, a descendant of David. The virgin’s name was Mary. The angel went to her and said, “Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you.” ~ Luke 1:26-28

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21 thoughts on “2nd Annual Winter Classic Style Series

  1. Good morning Kay,
    I really enjoy this series. Looking forward to a Talbot’s sale to snag a scarf or two. Do you still have the cute longer sweaters from Talbot’s last year? They were in the red family. Living in Michigan I’m all about laying. Have a blessed time looking for a wedding gown. My lovely daughter in law invited me to come with her parents on that special day. I was so excited to be included. Happy times.

    1. Hi Cyndi. Thank you. I have a long red cardigan from Talbots last year. Is that the one? Otherwise I don’t think I have a long red sweater.

      1. I love this! And I love the refined snuggliness of your whole ensemble. Blessings and encouraging favor over you, sweet sister!

  2. I am looking forward to this series. It must be tiring to always buy new things to show. If you are like me, it gets to the point that you really like the things in your closet and don’t really want to keep buying new things. It will be nice to see the outfits you come up with, and we all probably have similar things in our closet, since we follow you and have similar taste.
    Your BFMD has been on target for my life lately. We have been dealing with a family crisis for over two years, and things just keep getting worse instead of better. It’s hard not to give up sometimes, but I know God sees all and is at work. Thank you for the encouragement.

  3. Safe travels Kay. I remember how fun it was to go wedding dress shopping with my daughter in law, her mother and my daughter last year. Congratulations to all of you. Rain is predicted for Saturday but a rainy day in Georgia is still a great day!

  4. Loved your outfit and series. I love the classic look you put together. I too wear black slacks a lot instead of jeans, for a change of my look, when I do not feel like wearing jeans. I wear black pants and my gray cashmere sweater, but yesterday I wore my bright blue one and for Monday red one, both from Talbots, from last year. Same style. I just needed color on those gloomy days, but I do like the neutral look you choose.
    Love the BFMD. Have a great time in Georgia with Abigail and hope she finds a beautiful dress, as beautiful as she is.
    Praying for a good flight.

  5. I love the shopping-from-my-closet series! I enjoy getting outfit inspiration ideas from you and I always love to hear your thought process on how you pull outfits together. Then, I take those ideas to my own closet and create outfits from things I already own and work well for my climate (I live in Texas – it’s going to be 72 deg today?!?!). I really appreciate your thoughts on buying fewer, but classic, pieces – it has changed the way I buy clothes. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. A love,y classic look that inspires me to give scarves a try again. I bought a beautiful one in. Cashmere that I want to wear more often. The weather just won’t cooperate. Looks like high seventies for Christmas. I am moving in the direction of less Jean more knit in my pants. If I wear something all day and don’t think about it, I’m buying more of thst. ?

  7. Praying for a very smooth flight today and when you and Abigail fly back to OH. Oh, what an exciting time! I enjoy this series because it inspires me to create more outfits with items that are in my closet. I really like the outfit you wore on your and James last outing. I am hot natured, so adding color with a scarf isn’t something I can’t do.

  8. Congratulations on the upcoming wedding. My two daughters were married 9 months apart and it took me years to recover! LOL…I have the black watch plaid green/navy/black pants from Talbots and I’d love to see them styled with different tops and sweaters or jackets. I can’t seem t0 wear them except with a green or navy sweater…I love this idea to style thiings we share or are looking to add to our closets!

  9. Very lovely on you. Classic looks. I like when you shop your closet. I would like to see the outfit with a red sweater. I like bright colors on you. Looks like a fun day.

  10. I am really going to enjoy this series; I love being creative too!
    YourBFMD was so appropriate for this time of year when our expectations can be so high for the PERFECT Christmas. I hold to the birth of Jesus to be my reason for a beautiful Christmas.
    Enjoy your special time choosing that lovely dress.
    Merry Christmas????

  11. Excellent post, Kay! You always look pulled together with just the correct amount of elegance. Sweaters and scarves are my favorites. The best part is you used the clothing and accessories you have in your closet to create this classic look.
    Safe journey to visit Abigail. Enjoy this special time together. Abigail will be such a beautiful bride.
    Thanks for BFMD.

  12. Kay, My husband and I are chosen with several things that are very hard indeed!! Thank you for reminding me today that the LORD is with me!! I needed that today!! We must carry on and pray He is glorified through these hardships!!

  13. Congratulations to Abigail and the family! Enjoy your time together with family at this Christmas time! Looking forward to the series for the winter. I just want to be warm, mainly. Thank you.

  14. Hi Kay, I’m in Wisconsin and especially loved your post today. You look great and the idea of you and James exploring and being spontaneous, I felt as if I was on the ride with you. The shops are so cozy and it’s also a dreary windy day here in Madison WI. I don’t wear jeans because I don’t find them comfortable so it’s very nice to see “regular” pants in your wardrobe. I especially love your plaid scarf. Have a wonderful time with your family and be safe out there.

  15. I like the outfit you featured today. It is casual but classy too. You always look so good and inspire me to do be thoughtful about putting things together.

    Thank you too for your inspirational message. I think it is a message we must all remember to frequently remind ourselves.

  16. I have loved all your posts, thank you! Wonder if you ever feel the pressure to look perfect when you walk out the door? Don’t you want to just wear a sweatshirt and jeans and call it good? My mother was always dressed for her day, a perfect outfit. Sometimes I just can’t and I think that’s ok. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  17. We live in Zanesville Ohio. Home of Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl with amazing homemade ice cream and an interesting Y Bridge. You should also check out Walnut Creek and Holmes County( Amish country). Love that you are a Christian! Love your posts, blog, and videos . God bless you and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    1. Hi Tami. Thanks so much for these suggestions. We’ve driven through Amish country once but it was in winter and I’d like to go again in spring or even summer and spend a little more time. And we’re all for trying good ice cream.