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Work from Home Outfits that Keep You Moving

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January 12, 2022
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How’s your work week going? Whether you headquarter from a home office like I do or work around the house occasionally, I’ve got some fun work from home outfits to share with you today. These outfits by Nordstrom’s house brands help me to feel focused and professional while I’m at my desk, but then they motivate me to get up and move occasionally throughout the day, too. And that kind of motivation and focus are key for me in WFH outfits.

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Work From Home Outfit that Keeps You Moving
Zella high waist slim joggers // polo knit top // Zella no-show sneaker socks // similar sneakers // earrings // similar necklace // beaniesimilar beanie // similar coat

If my workday is so packed that I need to get to my desk first thing in the morning, I dress in something that will allow me to get out for quick walks throughout the day. If I don’t move a little throughout the day I develop pain in my legs, shoulders and back. Plus, they say sitting is the new smoking! So I try to move throughout the day even though I have to spend large chunks of time in my desk chair.

Work from Home with Zella Joggers

What we wear prepares us for what’s ahead, whether that’s a walk in the rain, a moment of stillness or a hike up a mountain. Zella is created with comfort innovation and performance technology for women, men and kids—a wardrobe of progressive designs that makes us feel strong, balanced, engaged in the now and ready for what’s next. Life is lived in motion. Zella is made to move.

~ Nordstrom website

But since I do have the luxury of working from home, I generally choose to be comfortable, too. And that’s why Zella separates are such a smart choice for me. They provide both comfort and motivation to move. But because these pieces are also created with style and quality, I can feel focused and on task, capable and presentable. That’s important when I need to be creative and sharp.

Work From Home Outfit by Zella
Zella high waist slim joggers // polo knit top // Zella no-show sneaker socks // similar sneakers // earrings // similar necklace

For a day of video editing I may choose to wear my Zella high waist slim joggers. They fit true to size and also come in grey. Here I’m wearing them with a super soft and cozy polo knit top also from a Nordstrom house brand, Caslon. This stretchy knit top, which features a trending Johnny collar, also comes in grey, olive green and black. I’m wearing a medium, but I might could have sized down to a small for a slightly trimmer fit.

Caslon Johnny Collar Top
Zella high waist slim joggers // polo knit top // Zella no-show sneaker socks // similar sneakers // earrings // similar necklace

If I keep my athletic socks on and my sneakers (similar) close by, I’m more apt to get out and move at least a few times throughout the day. Here I’m wearing my Zella no-show sneaker socks. They really stay in place nicely under my sneakers.

Out for a Walk in a Flash
Zella high waist slim joggers // polo knit top // Zella no-show sneaker socks // similar sneakers // earrings // similar necklace // beaniesimilar beanie // similar coat

When I’m hoping to get a strength training workout in during my work day, I opt for leggings and a tank top that will stay out of my way while working out. But I layer on something like this Zella Restore Soft Sweatshirt while I’m working. I’m also wearing the Restore soft lounge longline bra underneath. It supports lightly, but also feels very comfortable. I don’t like to wear a full support sports bra all day; they’re just too snug for a full work day. But this longline bra feels great for all-day wear.

Zella Leggings and Sweatshirt
Zella high waist jacquard ankle leggings // Zella Restore Sweatshirt // Zella tank top // Restore soft lounge longline bra // Adidas Edge Lux 4 running shoes // Bomba socks (similar Zella socks)

I selected these Zella high waist jacquard ankle leggings because I wanted something besides a solid, but I still wanted something rather subdued. They have a very subtle blue and black jacquard pattern that is barely distinguishable, but just enough to feel a little special. These ankle leggings run true to size; I’m wearing a medium very comfortably. Don’t size up. They’re not at all binding or tight, but they do feel appropriately supportive and soft.


By the way, I’m 5’8″ and these Zella high waist jacquard ankle leggings work for me very well. Sometimes leggings and tights can gape at the crotch or run short on us taller gals. But these have a comfortable high waist and are a good length.

The Zella Restore Soft Sweatshirt also fits true to size and comes in several great colors and neutrals. It is sooo soft and fits nicely over a close fitting or lightweight tee or tank.

Zella Sweatshirt

I also purchased my Adidas Edge Lux 4 running shoes in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. They’re still available in the same grey as well as black and white options. These soft fabric shoes work great for indoor or outdoor exercise and run true to size. I’m wearing my Bomba socks that I purchased during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. They’re great socks and you’ll find similar ones here. But you could also opt for the similar Zella socks, which feature moisture-wicking fabric and that same cushioned tab to protect your heels.

Adidas Shoes and Bomba Socks

My Zella tank top is very lightweight and purposefully has large arm holes for easy movement during weight training workouts. It’s available in three colors. I’d originally ordered the navy to wear with my navy and black leggings and navy sweatshirt, but the medium was too large so I returned it for a small and opted for the black since it was available at my local Nordstrom store for same day pickup. I love that I can order online with Nordstrom and pick up at my nearby store. But remember, shipping and returns are always free with Nordstrom. That makes it super easy and convenient to shop Nordstrom.

Zella Tank Top
Zella high waist jacquard ankle leggings // Zella tank top // Restore soft lounge longline bra // Adidas Edge Lux 4 running shoes // Bomba socks (similar Zella socks) // earrings // similar necklace

Another great perk of shopping Nordstrom is their rewards program, the Nordy Club. You can earn points toward Nordy Notes with each purchase. You’ll also receive other benefits such as double points days and exclusive and early access to events and sales. Learn more about the Nordy Club here.

BONUS: Just through January 17, Nordstrom is offering 20% off most Zella merchandise. Some items are marked down even more.

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So today, whether you are whistling while you work or sighing under your breath, let me encourage you to renew your commitment to please the Lord with your efforts. Remind yourself that you serve the Lord, not man nor woman nor self. And aim to present Him with excellence in all your assignments. More importantly, ask the Lord to give you a glimpse of the eternal nature of your work, and seek to invest well in that which is lasting and holy.

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20 thoughts on “Work from Home Outfits that Keep You Moving

  1. Good morning, Kay! Thanks for another nice post. I’ve already gone to the Nordstrom website to take a closer look at several of the pieces you highlighted. I definitely need to improve my “home” wardrobe! On another topic, could you tell me where you found your beautiful desk chair shown in one of the photos? I’m looking for a replacement and just love yours!

  2. Hi Kay! I love Zella. I have the live in joggers in black and just received the grey on sale! They’re super comfortable and I found as we travel around that the black joggers are always in my suitcase. And as for blessings in whatever you do, Amen! That goes even for us who are retired. As always thanks for what you do!

  3. I like your desk and office chair! Would love to see a post on how you have your office space set up. I struggle with my desk/office space layout. I’m retired now, but about to embark on a volunteer opportunity that will require much work, so I need to get my office space in great shape. I’ve never felt like my desktop space is large enough to be comfortable and functional for me.
    Have a blessed day!

  4. Sure do love these workout clothes Kay…..I feel like when we have nice clothes to work out in we will feel more happier and get in a better workout and feel better about ourself!

    I would like to also say how much I love the great pics from inside the house to standing in the doorway…… seeing these on the blog! Great photos (a tip of the cap to James)!


  5. I love both outfits! And I love your desk and chair! Do you know if it’s still available and if so, where it can be purchased? Have a wonderful day Kay!

    1. Huh. No I’ve never had that problem. I’m not even sure what that would mean. But I haven’t had any problems with the fabric.

  6. Hi Kay-
    I’ve followed a few other content creators who cover similar topics. You are the only one I check in with daily. I love your fun and practical approach. Your tips are great too but I truly love your short devotional each day. I can relate:) finally, would you share your weight routine sometime? Blessings!

  7. I have been wearing Zella clothes for several years and love everything I’ve purchased. I have one top that is lined with Berber, so it keeps me really warm on the super cold days. I ordered two items earlier this week from Nordstrom. Your desk chair is beautiful! Have a great day!

  8. Good Afternoon Kay!
    That sweatshirt is adorable! What size did you order? Thanks so much, I look forward to your blog everyday!

  9. I found my living room had a dusting of white on my hardwood floors from something and couldn’t figure what. Then it dawned on me My Sheep socks shed. I think it’s bound to happen. It’s the nature of the material but it’s all usually fine after a washing. Same goes for the pants. As my Mama use to say, “It all comes out in the wash”.

    1. Hi Sharon. Thanks for being so conscientious about that. But you don’t have to do a thing. If you click through my link and make a purchase I will automatically get the commission. The links do all the work. ?

  10. Thank yo Kay for this Work at Home info. I try to always dress comfortably for my day at home but I also need to look good so I am ready for whatever may come my way. I also always like to put some makeup on, even if it is only lipstick. If I am alone all day it does not matter. I want to look good for myself. It helps me to feel good about myself.

    I have a question I hope you will answer. I love to wear chinos and I would like to know if it is okay to wear them in the winter. For me they are very comfortable and I can dress them up or down. Your opinion would be very helpful.

    1. Hi Elaine. I’m so glad you enjoyed the the post. Yes, I think chinos are good year round pants as long as they work for your climate. I find them to be too thin for me here in Ohio. But if you are comfortably warm in them, definitely wear them. I love chinos. ?

  11. Thanks for a great post Kay. I wanted to let you know how your simple idea of dressing presentably yet also to exercise later in the day has been such a help to me, mentally and physically. I used to think that if I couldn’t exercise in the morning because of commitments, then my exercise window was gone for the day. A post you did awhile back (and this reminder post) helped me think outside the box. I can still look presentable for an appointment, or a Zoom meeting while taking time at another point or two in the day for a quick walk outside, a mile on the treadmill, or a quick spin on the recumbent bike during a phone call. Thanks for helping me stay healthy and age gracefully!!!