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My Daily Outfits 12/21/21 – 01/03/22

daily outfits
January 6, 2022

Welcome to Dressed for My Day! It’s time for me to share my daily outfits again. Many of you seem to enjoy this format, so I’ll keep sharing this post each week again through 2022. Normally they’ll probably be on Friday. I am switching the name of the posts up, just for the sake of changing things up a bit and making all things fresh and new. Ha! But these outfits are indeed how I really dressed for my day.

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My Daily Outfits Winter 2021-2022

What I Wore Tuesday, December 21

In my last How I Really Dressed for My Day post I shared my packing list and what I wore for my trip to Georgia. I think I said in that post that there were a few things I hadn’t worn in my suitcase. But that changed. Indeed, I wore every garment I packed except my silky ivory bow neck blouse.

Tuesday was a rainy, cool day and I was visiting a dear friend in her home over breakfast. So I opted to go super casual and comfortable, and I was so glad I did. She did the same! Wearing my black joggers and bateau neck tee felt perfect for the day.

Daily Outfits Winter 2021 12-21
black joggers // bateau neck tee // Adidas running shoes // red plaid cashmere scarf

I don’t think I even bothered to wear any jewelry. If I did I must have added it after this photo was taken. But I did manage to add a little color with my red plaid cashmere scarf. That was the only additional warmth I needed on this particular day. Oh, and that bateau neck tee is still available in both black and grey. It has thumb holes in the sleeves, a touch I always appreciate in a similar shirt. And it’s oh so soft and easy to wear for a great athleisure look.

My Daily Outfit for Wednesday, December 22

On Wednesday, Abigail and I flew home to Cincinnati. Again I wore my black travel pants, this time with my brown urbanite button up shirt. When we left Georgia it was quite warm and it wasn’t especially cold in Cincinnati either. So this pairing worked beautifully. My urbanite button up shirt comes in several other great colors and is such a perfect travel shirt. It runs true to size for a slightly oversized fit.

Daily Outfits Winter 2021 12-22
black travel pants // brown urbanite button up shirt // black Chelsea boots (another option more in stock) // black quilted coat // red plaid cashmere scarf // similar brooch // Maggie small hoop earrings // customized Elisa multistrand necklace // black tote

I look a little worse for the wear, but I actually felt very comfortable and pulled together that day. Of course these photos were taken after the long trip home. I did wear my black Chelsea boots and black quilted coat (restocked in misses sizes!!!) because they would have taken up too much room in my suitcase. And that black faux leather tote served me so well on this trip!

How I Really Dressed for Thursday, December 23

I’m not really sure what we did that Thursday, but obviously we got out to go somewhere. I’m sure we at least grabbed a good coffee at one of our many favorite Cincinnati coffee shops. I felt festive but also comfortable in my black jeans (no longer available) and red and pink mock neck pullover sweater (similar).

Daily Outfits Winter 2021 12-23
black jeans (no longer available) // red and pink mock neck pullover sweater (similar) // black Chelsea boots // Daphne topcoat (no longer in this color) // similar JOY pin // snowflake earrings // similar red bag

I surprised even myself by topping this one-two look with my soft pink Daphne topcoat (no longer in this color). Don’t you love the combination of red and pink? I think the black jeans and boots really ground this rather ethereal look really well. But the JOY pin (similar ) and snowflake earrings keep the outfit fun and seasonally appropriate.

What I Wore Christmas Eve

I think we took it easy Christmas Eve and also got in a walk. So I never really got dressed for my day until I readied for our Christmas Eve service and dinner. I wore my black watch plaid velveteen pants with my navy tiered tie neck top.

Daily Outfits Winter 2021 12-24
black watch plaid velveteen pants // navy tiered tie neck top // Sacchetto Ballet Flats (use code SARAHFLINT-BAKAYH for $50 off your first pair of Sarah Flint shoes) // customized Elisa multistrand necklace // Sophee crystal drop earrings // black leather belt // black hobo bag (more economical option) // similar black coat

I completed the look with a black leather belt (which I tucked into the belt loop properly after taking this photo!), my black leather Sacchetto Ballet Flats (use code SARAHFLINT-BAKAYH for $50 off your first pair of Sarah Flint shoes) and my black overcoat. My coat is so old I don’t even remember where I got it – probably Macy’s. But it serves me well and I just don’t see the point in buying another one. I think it has a bit of a retro vibe to it. (By the way, it’s the mirror that’s dirty, not my clothing. Ha!)

What I Wore Christmas Day

By the time Christmas rolled around we had become sure that Andrew, Abigail’s fiancé, would not be joining us due to illness. We had planned to lay pretty low that day anyhow, but I think the atmosphere was a little more subdued with the realization that he wouldn’t be coming in the next day. So I just spent the day in loungewear.

cotton-cashmere blend joggers // cotton-cashmere blend dolman tunic // similar bracelet // Maggie small hoop earrings // gold loafers no longer available (great gold option)

After working with Chico’s several times this year, they reached out to me in December offering a gift of my choice. I chose these cotton-cashmere blend joggers and the coordinating cotton-cashmere blend dolman tunic. They are so soft and comfortable. They fit true to size (I’m wearing a 1 in both) and come in several other colors, too. I finished my look with my gold loafers. I’m not sure I would wear this out, but it felt perfect for Christmas day at home. These gold quilted Keds sure would be fun with this combination.

By the way, Chico’s is having their semi-annual sale with savings up to 60% off.

What I Wore to Church Sunday

Of course, the next day was Sunday. I decided to try a column of navy under my Veronica Beard wool blazer. (I have GOT to clean that mirror! I’m so sorry.) I wore my Talbots dark wash straight leg jeans (curvy fit) and my navy Audrey cashmere sweater.

Daily Outfits Winter 2021 12-26
Veronica Beard wool blazer // Talbots dark wash straight leg jeans (mine are actually in the curvy fit but that was a mistake) // navy Audrey cashmere sweater // Chelsea boots (another option more in stock) // similar Tory Burch bag // similar earrings // necklace // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your order)

I completed the look with brown accessories – my Tory Burch Kira bag (new version), my Chelsea boots and my, watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your order). I added simple gold hoops (similar earrings) and a gold bolo necklace.

I always love creating a column of color. It’s a great slenderizing trick, but it’s also just so chic. If you have a navy sweater, this is a great way to wear it.

What I Wore Tuesday

We actually had a couple of days last week when we just all three stayed in our pajamas and close to the fire. It was pure bliss. We had originally scheduled to go on a little trip with the kids, but since Andrew was sick, we cancelled that. It’s hard for me to really take time off at home – I tend to get busy with things or meander into my office. So I really tried to stay away from the office and just chill. Success!

But Tuesday we did get dressed. We went to a couple of Cincinnati sites with Abigail, including the Cincinnati Union Terminal Museum Center and another coffee shop. So I wore my Talbots jeans and a cashmere hoodie I’ve had a couple of years now. Of course you know I had on my Banana Republic Tru Hue Essential camisole underneath.

Daily Outfits Winter 2021 12-28 a
Straight leg jeans // similar cashmere hoodie (more economical option) // Sorel Lenox lace-up all-weather boots (similar) // earrings

I love, love, love wearing this cashmere hoodie. The photos below don’t really do it justice. Admittedly I don’t wear it real often because it’s no longer available, and I try to wear things that are still in stock pretty often. But if you’re interested in a similar hoodie I found this luxurious one at Nordstrom and this one at a more economical price.

I played around a little with tucking it in or not. Which do you like better?

J.Crew jeans // similar cashmere hoodie (more economical option) // Sorel Lenox lace-up all-weather boots (similar) // earrings // similar hobo bag // quilted jacket with faux shearling trim

I ended up leaving it untucked. And I added my quilted jacket with faux shearling trim when I was outside. Unfortunately this jacket just sold out. I purchased it because I wanted a coat option that is in the brown family.

What I Wore New Year’s Eve Day

I think I spent Wednesday and Thursday in either pajamas or workout clothes. But Friday we headed out for a favorite coffee shop with Abigail. This is a terrible photo of me, but it’s the only one I have of the outfit I wore that balmy day. We didn’t go anywhere except the coffee shop, so I think I spent most of the day cuddled up in front of the fire.

Daily Outfits Winter 2021 12-31
black joggers // graphic t-shirt // sweater // sneakers // earrings no longer available // sunglasses

And then that evening we watched the Georgia Bulldogs whoop up on the Michigan Wolverines in the Orange Bowl. Go Dawgs!

How I Dressed for the First Day of 2022

Saturday Abigail and I ventured out to the mall to make a few returns and for her to look at a few things. We really didn’t stay long, but it was nice to get out a bit. Proud of my Georgia football victory the night before, I wore my Georgia sweatshirt and my black fleece lined pants.

Daily Outfits Winter 2022 01-01
black fleece lined pants // similar Blondo lace up boots // similar earrings

What I Wore to Church Sunday

Sunday we went to church and Andrew drove up to join us for lunch. (This work from home thing is great for working while you travel! We’ve all four been working a little or all of every day this week.) Any how, I wore my black Nic+Zoe straight leg pants with a black cashmere turtleneck under my camel coat (not currently available in this color).

Daily Outfits Winter 2022 01-02 a
black cashmere turtleneck // black Nic+Zoe straight leg pants // camel coat (not currently available in this color) also here in a pretty green // leopard print pumps (similar) // tortoiseshell link necklace (similar option) // similar earrings //

I added a splash of interest to the outfit with my leopard print pumps (similar) and a tortoiseshell link necklace (similar option). And before I left home I draped my red plaid cashmere scarf around my neck and grabbed my Michael Kors black satchel (similar or more economical).

black cashmere turtleneck // black Nic+Zoe straight leg pants // camel coat (not currently available in this color) also here in a pretty green // leopard print pumps (similar) // tortoiseshell link necklace (similar option) // similar earrings // red plaid cashmere scarf // Michael Kors black satchel (similar or more economical)

I really prefer this outfit for when I’m going to be wearing my coat more. I think it looks nice without it, but not especially great.

What I Wore for an Outing on Monday

With Abby’s fiancé here, our spirits lifted a bit and we were ready to get out and about more. We all had to work a little that morning, but then we journey out into the cold for coffee…in Kentucky!…and some scenic viewing spots along the Ohio River. Then we stopped for barbecue at one of our favorites, Eli’s BBQ.

I bundled up in jeans, a long sleeve white tee and a camel cashmere sweater. My camel boots are from last year, but these are similar (but not available in camel).

jeans, a long sleeve white tee and a camel cashmere sweater // camel boots (these are similar but not available in camel) // red plaid cashmere scarf // coat (more options) // earrings no longer available // similar bracelet

I topped this simple look with my black coat (more options) and red plaid cashmere scarf. I think I added this beanie before I left the house.

And that’s it for today! I did get dressed for my day yesterday, but I plan to wear that outfit in an upcoming fashion post, so I’ll save it for later. Thanks so much for stopping in today. Have a great one!

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I have unpacked baggage. No, literally, I have an unpacked suitcase in my room. It’s been sitting there for two weeks now. Yeah, I’m pretty bad about unpacking from trips. But likewise I know I have some unpacked baggage in my mind, too. Studies show that the events surrounding our earliest memories sometimes continue to weigh on us throughout our lives unless we take the time to unpack them.

My childhood was good. But sometimes we attach feelings and thought patterns to things we misunderstood from a child’s vantage point. We end up carrying around fears, anxieties, insecurities and even anger that we packed on because we haven’t taken those misunderstood memories to source of light in order to unpack them and put them where they belong. Maybe it’s time to unpack those things that are causing these emotions. If you, like me, have some anxieties, insecurities, fears or anger that follows you around and weighs you down, ask the Lord to help you unpack the memories or faulty thinking that may be attached to them. Then ask Him to speak truth over them. When we know the truth – biblical truth – we can be set free.

Behold, you delight in truth in the inward being,
    and you teach me wisdom in the secret heart. ~ Psalm 51:6

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26 thoughts on “My Daily Outfits 12/21/21 – 01/03/22

  1. I really enjoyed your post today. I liked all of the outfits. I especially liked the pink coat and sweater. Stunning. I like bright colors on you. I liked the camel coat and the black tneck and black slacks, very classy. Have a fun day and I hope that you don’t get snowed in.

    1. Thank you Rory. I always like color on me, too, when I see these photos. I just enjoy wearing neutrals so much. I have on camel and brown today. Ha! But I do need to push myself to wear my color probably. What about you? What do you like wearing? Neutrals or colors or both?

  2. Hi Kay,
    Love these posts. I just purchased the Nic and Zoe black pants and absolutely love them! I also have the fleece lined pants from Talbots in black and cream. Love those, too. I wore the black pair in the fall for golf and they were great.
    Mary Beth

    1. LOL! Well, we’ll see. We definitely have a hard time with Bama. But I’m really hoping we can pull one out this time. Enjoy!

  3. Hi Kay Seeing your blog is like visiting with a good friend each day! You’re so down to earth and honest. I love that Pink sweater on you. Don’t know if I’d be brave enough to try those colors however……maybe. Your Tory Burch bag is almost identical to one I had in HS in the early 60’s. It’s funny how styles reappear. Thank you for all your good and fun advice!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind and encouraging words, Bonnie. I’m very glad you enjoy visiting the blog. And that’s just how I see it, too. At this point I really feel like I’m writing to friends when I type out each post. ?

  4. I love the ‘How I dressed” posts! I have learned a lot since I started reading your blog. Thank you! I’m short and I want to do the column of color more.

    You are right about how our past can affect us. My mother left when I was five. This was in the sixties and I was the only one at school without a mother at home. The Lord watched over me and knowing Him healed so much! I was almost kidnapped as a child and dragged into a parking lot when a teenager (I got away from him thankfully-screaming worked). This made me overly fearful and watchful. Professional counseling helped a lot-the Lord led me to it, I was not really thinking I needed it. God is good and the many verses talking about His Care and Love are very precious to me.
    God bless you this year and have fun planning the wedding! I have four daughters and one son. Four are married. I enjoyed planning the weddings. I had to keep reminding myself that it was my daughter’s wedding and she gets to pick what she wants (within budget). I felt like my priority was making sure the guests were comfortable and fed well.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing Karin. What a testimony of God’s healing power. It sounds lot you’ve done a lot of intentional work replacing the lies with truth. I think that’s so powerful. One day, when we’re in the presence of the Lord, we’ll be completely free of our faulty thinking. Hallelujah.

  5. Loved, loved your pink coat! A question I always have is how you keep your very light suede camel footwear from soiling. I always use protector, but as soon as I touch my heel of one foot to the toe of another or just plain wear them, I have dark spots that never come clean. I realize this is a first world problem, but am still curious.

    Thank you for your BFMD today. I very much enjoyed.

    1. Hi Barbara. Yes, I do spray my suede shoes with a protector and that works pretty well. If I do get a scuff with wear I usually use a small brush to brush out the loose particles and that does the trick. Otherwise my only tip is to be sort of careful about where you wear them.

  6. I like the brown cardigan with pockets. They only have silver left. Red and pink is so much fun. There are certain color combos that just uplift my spirits. A yellow blouse with my faded denim jacket, Brown pants with the new pretty muted pinks. Looking forward to the new year. So many clothes, so little time.?

    1. Hahaha! I agree! I’m already getting a little impatient for spring. But I know that’s not productive at all because there’s a lot of cold weather still to get through here.

  7. Hi Kay I enjoyed the post of what you wore. I loved the jackets and how it completed the outfit. I’m on the search for low healed booties. I Also found comforting your thoughts about how we are so influenced by our past if we’re not careful to work thru our hurts and baggage. I’m so glad we have a God who sympathizes and understands us and heals us.

  8. Kay, I loved your outfits with” with black watch pants, with your blazer and with your camel coat!! Your Blessing of the Day was wonderful!! All so true!!

  9. Enjoyed your post! I tried on those black watch pants – I really wanted them but they were too long and slightly too big on me and there were no others. So I bought a plain navy cord pair of pants – probably more useful as they are not seasonal. I love your camel coat – I also have one. But one thing I have to say is that I’m not a fan of pink and red together- that’s just me so don’t take this as a mean comment. Have fun wedding planning!

  10. Really like your thoughts BFMD I too think we catty around emotional baggage from your childhood. I like how you said we have to unpack our baggage. Give God our anxiety, insecurities, and other things that have bothered us in the past.
    I like Sunday and Mondays pose the best. I know it was casual around your house at Christmas but I thought some of the outfits were too casual for me
    Really love your camel cost with your
    Black. Looked so nice on you
    Mondays outfit was nice too
    Glad Andrew could join you and you all could Spend some time together

    1. Thank you, Sherry. We’ve had such a nice time with them. They were supposed to leave today but decided to stay a couple more days. So they’re leaving early Saturday morning now. ?

  11. I really enjoyed this post. And the insight into unpacking baggage…2022 …a year to grow closer to the Lord and get ready for a new journey!