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What to Pack for Your Beach Vacation

June 3, 2020

Happy video day, dear gal! I’m so glad you joined me here at Dressed for My Day for a little style inspiration. And have I ever got some outfit inspiration for you today!!! I’m answering a question from one of the gals in my Dressed for My Day private Facebook Community and sharing what to pack for your beach vacation! Cue the sun and the crashing waves!

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What to Pack for Your Beach Vacation (1)

Here’s the reader request that prompted today’s post: (I had asked for suggestions for upcoming videos)

“Maybe packing ideas/outfits for a very casual beach vacation with adult children & grandchildren. We take many photos. Each year I seem to be wearing the same/similar clothes. I usually wear clothes that can be laundered easily. I never refuse a hug even if little hands & faces are covered with ice cream.”

~ a Dressed for My Day reader

What a sweet request. We used to take a family vacation like that when my kids were growing up. My parents would rent a large house for my family and my brother’s family. It was noisy, messy, fun and not without surprises. We endured a big tropical storm one year!

Besides the fact that my reader’s request resonated with me, I also happened into Talbots this weekend just as they were unloading the new summer line. It’s quite late coming in, you know. But oh my! It is gloriously bright and sunny and fresh. That’s when I knew I wanted to share these new colorful pieces with you all in a capsule wardrobe for that family beach vacation. I could just visualize my reader sporting this wardrobe while she handed out Popsicles to her grandkids, snapped those family photos around sandcastles or walked on the beach with her husband.

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I hope you enjoy today’s video about what to pack for your beach vacation. Oh, and even if there’s no beach in your near future, you’re going to love these colorful, summery styles!

Shop the Video

If you click on through to YouTube, you can check the Description Box for all the shopping links and sizing information. But I don’t mind giving you that here, too. I simply tell you where it is on the YouTube page in case you choose to return to it for future reference.

Plus, here’s a shopping widget with all of the items from the video, including the dress I’m wearing:

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I’ve also updated my Shop My Talbots Favorites page. So be sure to check in there before you begin shopping the FRIENDS & FAMILY SALE. Finally, tomorrow I’ll be posting My Fitting Room Session with many more of the new Talbots summer fashions.

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25 thoughts on “What to Pack for Your Beach Vacation

  1. LOVE everything you showed us today from Talbot’s new summer line. Of course, I had to get a few pieces!! Taking our first little get-away in our RV in a week and a half. Just praying my order gets here before we leave. Visiting Turner Falls in OK. It’s the tallest waterfall in the state at 77 feet! I’m a native Oklahoman have never been there! In fact, there is a LOT to see here that we’ve never explored. No time like the present to do that! Have a great day, Kay!

    1. Wonderful! And guess what? I’m planning upcoming posts with more vacation wardrobes and one of them is for camping/glamping! I do hope you get your new items in time for vacation too. But if not you’ll certainly enjoy them later too. ?

    1. Me, too! Love your outfit ideas and I love Talbots! Thank you for so many “carry-on only needed “outfit options!

  2. Kay, I absolutely love your videos and this one is perfect timing. Just as you described in the video, my entire family is heading to Outer Banks, NC in just a little over a week for vacation. This gives me some great ideas on what to pack and what I might need to get yet. Thanks for all you do to inspire us to look and be our very best! You are a wonderful blessing and example!

  3. Everything is lovely!! You are a natural in front of the camera- love these videos! I want it all-

  4. Love this video! Please do more of “What to Pack for Vacations”. I always pack way too much and do not wear half of what I pack!
    Diane Davis

  5. Great looks!! I agree on the jewelry…every time I pack jewelry to match different vacation outfits, I never wear it all. I usually wear maybe two pairs of earrings and 1 or 2 necklaces!

  6. How do you do it? Your videos just get better and better. I always pack too much. Thank you so much for teaching us how to pack. Not sure where we’ll be going yet but thanks to you I won’t take everything I own. HAHA
    Thanks for BFMD also.
    Suzanne Kerr

  7. Wow, fabulous video today, Kay! Loved it! It really makes me want to go to the beach. Thanks also for the packing list, perfect! Have a blessed day!

  8. We’re going to the beach next week but I think I might need to add a raincoat to my wardrobe. There’s a tropical storm headed our way ?

  9. Kay, I loved the video. Great suggestions for traveling to the beach or otherwise. I would like to know about the print dress you are wearing in the beginning of the video. It was really cute as well. Thanks

  10. Hi! I loved the video – I wish we were headed to the beach soon, but it probably won’t be until next year. This year we are planning a Colorado cabin trip at the end of August – after the college kids head back to school. I should be a nice relaxing time for the two of us after having the college kids here 6 months for “Spring/Covid-19/Summer break” They are fun to have home, but boy do they eat a lot!! It is pushing 100 degrees here in Kansas this week so warm weather looks are always welcome. Thanks!!

  11. I love these outfits – makes me glad summer is here! I really loved how cute you look in the sunhat!

  12. I loved this video and I can see you are getting more comfortable with each new video. The pieces you shared today are all so cute and perfect for vacation – or staycation. But when you showed all the outfits you could make with just a few items I knew my Talbots card was gonna see some action, LOL. I would have certainly ignored the orange shorts if I saw them in the store but now they are calling my name. Talbots is my favorite place to shop and I can’t wait for the stores to reopen in our area. Thank you for always sharing your style and your heart.

  13. I love a capsule wardrobe like this because it comes in handy to have a few pieces that interchange when you have to pack for a hurricane. You just grab your vacation wardrobe and pack it. This has everything I would need if we have to be awhile.
    I love the white jeans look with the stripe tops. They feel fresh and new. You are Looking pretty in all of them.

  14. Kay, this video was awesome! My favorite one so far! I love how you made so many outfits with minimal pieces! I was just in our Talbots yesterday to get a gift card and pay my bill. I could see all bright colors you MODELED just by glancing around. You are getting more professional with each video!

  15. I am loving your videos! The one last week was so helpful, I didn’t think you could top it, but this one was just as great! I too have 8 young grandchildren And have recently retired and moved closer to them so we can enjoy making Fun memories together! I have found it a bit of a challenge dealing with a more casual wardrobe while still wanting to look “ put together” . Thank you for all of your helpful tips! Hope to be looking good while enjoying Callaway Gardens this summer ! ?

  16. Awesome video Kay!!! You could be a professional vacation packer. Great job….
    I enjoyed this. ~?Lisa?~